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Visioning for the Future

We improve lives and, ultimately, society by providing an outstanding learning, teaching, and research environment for Tarleton students and creating a safe, enjoyable, and positive setting for all. We build future leaders and model excellence in work and character. Our core values include honesty, trust, respect, and integrity.”

Visioning Event Details

Visioning Session groupOver the past three weeks, the employees being affected by the outsourcing of services were asked by Tye Minckler, Vice President for Finance and Administration, and Rusty Jergins, Vice President for Student Life, to come together to define their vision for the future as they transition to employees of SSC Service Solutions.

Although participation in this effort was voluntary, approximately 80 employees met to answer the following four key questions during the first meeting.:

  • How do we change lives and society?
  • How do you see the future?
  • What core values are important to you?
  • What stories do you have that help describe Tarleton?

Following the first meeting, the facilitators reviewed all of the information gathered and identified the common themes that occurred across all of the groups. That information was presented to the participants at the second meeting. Visioning Session groupAt that second meeting, the participants again broke into small groups and refined the information into a vision statement, selected the core values they felt were most important, and identified the story that best personified Tarleton.

At the third meeting, held on March 4, the participants gave a final review of the vision statement, core values, and Tarleton culture story. During this meeting, the participants took the time to identify key personal attributes that exemplified how they live the vision now and how they planned to carry that future on as SSC employees.

Mr. Minckler commended the meeting participants on their positive and professional attitude regarding the development of their vision for the future.  Many participants noted that the vision statement and core values really capture what makes Tarleton a special place to work, regardless of their employer.

Employee Comments

Signed Vision StatementI have worked on projects involving multiple companies and the projects that were always most successful had a jointly developed vision shared by everyone involved. I feel this was a necessary step in our transition.

– Larry Smith

I was originally concerned about this change, but now I feel more comfortable and approach it with a smile.

– Chris Stalker

Through the visioning discussions I found out just how much people appreciated the quality of work we deliver and I was pleased to hear how many shared my passion for what I do.

– Linda Dorman

I really connected with the statement that we build future leaders and model excellence in work and character.

– Thresia Derrick