The following composition is but a glance into the brilliant minds of representative members of the Tarleton faculty

(with some assistance from another department, rumor has it). 

This peculiar parody was a part of the most recent Faculty Halloween Recital -

 an annual event of some renown and reputation.





We're crazy, mad, psychotic

Insaniac, neurotic

Our voices are robotic

We're the music faculty.


The women have moustaches,

The men have awful rashes,

No one ever washes,

We're the music faculty.


Da da da da

(d e f# g)




Da da da da

(e f# g# a)




Da da da da, da da da da, da da da da

(e f# g# a, e f# g# a, d e f# g)




We're gonna start the show now,

It's really gonna blow now.

Perhaps you'd better go now,

We're the music faculty.


[After the show Reprise]


Our show was not extensive,

At least, it's not expensive;

It was truly just offensive -

We're the music faculty.






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