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Core Values

Our four core values are...

  1. Friendship- We hold a strong bond with one another and hope to continue this bond as long as this fraternity strives. Here with Delta Chi you always have a hand extended your way looking to help you. It is a brotherhood for a life time when you are a Delta Chi not just for your college career.
  2. Character- With Delta Chi we strive to build your character and help create you into someone with a strong will and outgoing personality. When you graduate and enter the real world it helps to have great character and we help you to gain and accomplish that.
  3. Justice- We started as a law fraternity but grew and still believe in justice. Not only do we believe that the law must be obeyed but we believe in self integrity in school and in your job. We believe that if you are going to carry out a task it must be done the right way. We harm no one and see it be fair for everyone.
  4. Education- As brothers we hold each other to the highest level when it comes to our education. Before anything else we do as a fraternity, school comes first. Education is extremely important to all of us, it is of course the main reason we are all here attending school.