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Freshman Representative Council

freshman rep council

About Us

The Freshman Representative Council is the premier way for incoming freshman to get involved on campus. It is a select group of individuals chosen through an application and interview process to represent the entire freshman class through the Student Government Association.

Freshmen Representative Council is a freshmen leadership opportunity through TSU’s Student Government Association. FRC is committed to getting its members involved and connected on campus by participating in activities such as:

  • Midnight Breakfast- FRC plans, prepares, and cooks purple pancakes during Midnight Breakfast for TSU Homecoming.
  • Sixth Grade Day Away- FRC members help plan the event as well as lead a group of local sixth graders around campus to help them begin thinking about their future goals and how they would like to attain them.
  • FRC’s Mentor program- The members of FRC will be given the chance to work closely with members of the SGA Executive Council to help them learn the ropes of student government. They will get the chance to help their mentors with their projects throughout the year.
  • FRC Applied Learning Experience- This ALE is approved as an official Leadership experience that is recognized by Tarleton State University.  Through this program members will learn about leadership theory, be guided through the reflection process, and hear from various Student Life Staff members around campus on subjects including professionalism, expectations of being a leader, and StrengthsQuest.
  • FRC Senate/House participation- FRC members are required to attend Senate or House meetings each week to actively represent the needs of the freshmen class.
  • FRC Office Hours- Each FRC member is required to fulfill (2) two office hours each week.

FRC is a vital part of the Student Government Association at Tarleton and is the premier way to get involved as a freshman on Tarleton’s campus.  Our aim is to invest in and empower highly motivated and talented students to pursue leadership roles in all areas of campus life.


2014-15 Co-Vice Presidents of FRC

  • Hailey Kane
  • Keauno Perez

2014-15 FRC Members

Alexis Grabuck
Amanda Burdick
Bethany Myers
Brady Witcher
Brayden Doty
Brianna Bondy
Brittney Phillips
Brooke Gardner
Brooke Williams
Carli Burnett
Catherine Combs
Charles Velasquet
Christopher Schufford
Conner Sherman
Dyllan Sledge
Emilee White
Emily Cowart
Emily Holt
Garrett Barnard
Heath Holbrook
Heather Weir
Jacklynn Green
Jacob Weideman
Jarret Holt
Jaycie Green
Jeremy Taulton
Jessica Rhodes
Josue Garay
Katlyn Martin
Kevin Finn
Lane Mitchell
Melina Mueller
Miranda Cristan
Rachel Stanton
Ryan Cox
Stefanie Lewerenz
Steven Chavama
Tamera Owen
Taylor Craig
TJ Bent
Troy Kelly
William Smith