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Council of Chairs

The Council of Chairs (CofC) functions in an advisory capacity to the President and Executive Cabinet, and is comprised of the President’s Chief of Staff and the chairs or co-chairs of the Academic Assessment Committee, Budget Advisory Council, Strategic Enrollment Management Advisory Committee, University Evaluation and Effectiveness Committee, and the University Planning Council, all of whom are appointed by the President.

The council functions to continuously improve the university by enhancing the integration, alignment and proactive nature of the institutional effectiveness, strategic planning, resource allocation and implementation processes. The council will be process-focused in advising the cabinet on opportunities to

  • Strengthen mutually supportive linkages among planning, resource allocation, assessment and implementation processes
  • Balance operational excellence in daily management with persistence of vision, to sustain progress toward achievement of long-term objectives
  • Evaluate and improve the planning process so as to help facilitate data-driven, mission-focused decision-making and policy deployment through every organizational level
  • Strengthen alignment among university strategic plan, academic plan, capital development plan, technology plan, accreditation/compliance/accountability, and facilities (campus master) plan considerations
  • Develop evolutionary processes characterized by nimbleness and flexibility, allowing for proactive and timely action upon opportunities that arise outside the normal planning cycle
  • Build and manage consensus and shared purpose in effectively engaging university stakeholders through inclusive and transparent communication/feedback processes

Council of Chairs Members:

  • Haynes, Michael
  • Heller, Nate
  • LaTouche, Jason
  • Savage, Donna
  • Sundarrajan, Sankar
  • Taylor, Diane
  • Weissenburger, David
  • McGregor, Kyle - ex officio