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Strategy Leaders


The 2015-2020 Strategic Plan, Tarleton 2020: Student Focused – Value Driven, was released on November 1, 2013.   The 20-month planning process included numerous public forums and campus meetings, and hours of discussion and effort across the university community. The result is an ambitious new long-term plan focused on four goals, Academic Innovation, Student Transformation, Distinctive Engagement, and Exemplary Service.  These goals and their strategies are designed to establish Tarleton as the “premier, student-focused university in Texas and beyond.”

For each initiative in the plan, the Executive Cabinet identified Strategy Leaders who are charged with implementation of an assigned strategy.  These Strategy Leaders provide quarterly reports to their respective Vice Presidents. In addition, they meet together on a regular basis in order to discuss implementation issues, provide project updates, and collaborate as a group. Below you will find some highlights in the implementation process.

Highlights (August 2014)

  • Contracted a consultant out of Atlanta, Ga., Russell Wright, to perform a feasibility study on the Athletics department and evaluating the necessary steps to complete the process to make the move up to NCAA Division I. (DE3.d)
  • Visiting other NCAA Division I member schools in order to gain insight to what they are doing at that level. (DE3.d)
  • Hispanic enrollment this past fall reached 14.5% of the total number of undergraduate students at Tarleton.  This is an increase of 5% over the previous year.  Our target is to reach 25% by 2020.  (ST3.c)
  • Requested funds for FY15 for Alcohol/Other Drug and Violence Education and Services position (pending final approval of the budget).  This position will be responsible for developing and maintaining a comprehensive, holistic wellness program focusing on alcohol and other drug as well as violence prevention and education efforts. (ST3.d)
  • Hired Harry Battson, the AVP for Marketing and Communications effective May 1, 2014. (DE2.a)
  • Realized over 1,500 Mobile Welcome Center inquiries through March as they establish a baseline for measurement. (DE1.a)
  • A Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) Showcase is planned for an administration and faculty audience with a October 2014 target date. (AI2.a)
  • Eleven of twelve participants in SoTL are on tenure-track and using the SoTL work to bolster their promotion packet via professional presentations and academic publications. All of the Colleges are represented and four members presented at the 11th Annual Excellence in Teaching Conference. (AI2.1)
  • To work towards diversity-focused programming for Tarleton State University, the Office of Diversity and Inclusion sponsored the Sponsored the first Leaders 4 Diversity Conference in April. Organized by the Office of Diversity and Inclusion, over 80 students, faculty, and staff attended the conference. In addition to the ODI efforts, the International Programs office sponsored their second annual Holi Festival in April, with slightly over 350 students, faculty, and staff in attendance. (A13.b)
  • The Center for Academic Readiness and Success and the Academic Resource Center directors and staff began their faculty pilot cohort for the first stages of the retention software, Starfish. This retention software will enable faculty and staff to refer students to services and programs on campus for early alert purposes and to streamline academic support for these students. (ST3.e)

List of Leaders (Updated December 2014)

Strategy Leader
Academic Innovation
AI1.a. Evaluate the academic program inventory for additions and deletions. Diane Taylor
AI1.b. Expand engineering and health profession programs. Karen Murray
AI1.c. Expand graduate programs.  Add masters and select doctoral. Barry Lambert
AI2.a Expand the mission of the Center for Instructional Innovation (CII) to encourage cross-disciplinary collaboration, promote scholarship of teaching and learning, and implement best practices in teaching and learning. Kelley Shaffer
AI2.b. Use the campus master plan as a guide to pursue campus enhancements. Design new spaces to support blended and hybrid learning and redesign old spaces to incorporate these features. Tye Minckler
AI2.c. Increase the use of flipped and hybrid courses. Kelley Shaffer
AI3.a. Use predictive modeling to continually identify emerging risk factors and possible gaps in provision of student support programs.   Jennifer Edwards
AI3.b. Develop and implement innovative mechanisms to proactively connect students to appropriate academic support programs Jennifer Edwards
AI4.a. Strengthen the quality of teaching, research and service programs. Karen Murray
AI4.b. Strategically hire faculty focused on emerging program needs and based upon a philosophical student-focused approach. Karen Murray
AI4.c. Create an innovative Think Tank (Greater Expectations) focused on academic achievement and student success. Jennifer Edwards
AI4.d. Strategically recruit higher ability students. Javier Garza
Student Transformation
ST1.a. Require a minimum of 3 Applied Learning Experiences (ALEs) for every student to include an internal/external internship; a multicultural experience through a service learning or study away/abroad; and a third proposed by the student as meeting the ALE objectives. Wayne Atchley
ST1.b. Develop innovative alternatives to replace traditional developmental education. Jennifer Edwards
ST1.c. Implement a first-year seminar that increases learning and study skills in the discipline. Diane Taylor
ST1.d. Expand proactive academic advising. Rusty Freed
ST2.a. Develop and implement a comprehensive co-curricular program that reinforces student learning outcomes. Darla Doty
ST2.b. Implement Strengths based development among students to engage and connect them with a transformative experience. Darrell Brown
ST2.c. Increase participation in Tarleton's Living-Learning Community program. Bobby Waddell
ST2.d. Enhance the impact of the residential experience on student engagement and success. Bobby Waddell
ST3.a. Enhance the impact of the university’s core values on student success. Darla Doty
ST3.b. Increase enrollment of international students. Jennifer Edwards
ST3.c. Achieve Hispanic-Serving Institution (HSI) status. Javier Garza
ST3.d. Implement a comprehensive holistic wellness program. Stephanie Robertson
ST3.e. Implement multicultural programming that will reach more students with greater impact.  Lora Helvie-Mason
Distinctive Engagement
DE1.a. Strengthen partnerships with community colleges, universities and P-12 systems.  Kim Rynearson
DE1.b. Strengthen and increase mutually beneficial partnerships with business/industry, agencies, & non-profit organizations. Kyle McGregor
DE1.c. Establish a center for community engagement. Denae Dorris
DE1.d. Implement a comprehensive capital campaign.  Kyle McGregor
DE2.a. Launch a marketing and branding campaign.  Harry Battson
DE2.b. Implement solutions to improve communication processes, to include social media. Harry Battson
DE3.a. Enhance the external recognition of Tarleton programs.  Harry Battson
DE3.b. Enhance the national reputation of distinctive academic programs. Karen Murray
DE3.c. Enhance the national reputation of distinctive co-curricular competitive programs. Darla Doty
DE3.d. Enhance the national reputation of Tarleton athletic programs.  Lonn Reisman
Exemplary Service
ES1.a. Pursue the Malcolm Baldridge National Quality Award. Elaine Chew
ES1.b. Incorporate service standards into position descriptions and annual reviews. Angie Brown
ES1.c. Implement ongoing assessments of constituent service satisfaction. Mike Haynes
ES1.d. Develop training to support service culture. Angie Brown
ES1.e. Reorganize orientation to include service standards. Angie Brown
ES2.a. Identify and resolve service risks, problems and opportunities. Tye Minckler
ES2.b Develop leading edge IT infrastructure and support. Becky Gray
ES2.c. Use Six Sigma, Lean or other efficiency practices to implement solutions. Elaine Chew
ES3.a. Enhance the sustainability program at Tarleton. Kent Styron
ES3.b. Incorporate sustainability into the curriculum.  Barry Lambert

Meeting Notes