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About Texans4Christ...

We welcome all college students from any background into our ministry. We are not perfect by any means, but are learning to Love God and Live Christ-like. We are a ministry that is learning to be disciples, grow in the spirit and build a relationship with our eternal father.

Texans 4 Christ campus ministry strives to be a place where relationships are nurtured between college students and God. Many people will explain that the "College Experience" will enable you to become a better person. It is in college you will learn to be independent, successful and maybe even wealthy. While this may seem like every person's dream, our ministry focuses on community, self-sacrifice, spiritual formation and bearing fruit that reflects God's glory. We believe that life's truest accomplishment can only be seen by walking with God in our every day life.

We don't have all the answers and we are a ministry that has serious and light moments. We have experiences that are memorable and fun, but also believe that rest and prayer are important for our faith journey.

Check us out! Be Loved! And find God!

Our motto is "Taking Christ to Tarleton," and we hope that can be seen not only by our advertising, but more importantly by our lives.