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Direct Athletics


How to Submit Entries - Track & Field

Each coach must have a DirectAthletics username and password for his/her team. If you don't know your username and password, click HERE. You will use the same account to enter all meets run through DirectAthletics.

**NOTE ABOUT MEN'S AND WOMEN'S ACCOUNTS: You control only one gender at time, so you will complete the below steps for your Men, and then switch to your Women's team and repeat the process (or vice versa). The team you are controlling is listed on the blue navigation bar across the top of your account, for example:

Sport: Track & Field Team: Guilford (M)
This indicates that you are controlling the Guilford MEN'S team (M=MEN). To switch to your Women's team, you would select "Guilford (W)".

Before entering an athlete into a meet, you must add all attending athletes to your roster. If an athlete is already on your roster (from previous seasons or meets) you do not need to add him/her again.
1) Upon logging in, click the TEAM tab. (New users will automatically be in the TEAM module)
2) If you have used DirectAthletics before, you will see your existing athletes on your roster. New Users should click the green "Add Athletes" link.
3) Click the green "Add Athletes" link under the Team Roster header. Select an approximate number of athletes you would like to add (you can add more at any time).
4) Enter your athletes' First Name, Last Name, and School Year and click "Submit".
5) You may add, edit or delete athletes on your Team Roster at anytime by clicking the TEAM tab. To add athletes, click the green "Add Athletes" link at any time. To delete or edit athletes, check the box to the left of each athlete(s) and then click the red "Delete Selected" link or the blue "Edit Selected" link respectively.

Once your athletes are added to your roster, you must submit your entries.
1) In the HOME tab (under Upcoming Meets) or in the SCHEDULE tab, click the green Register button next to the meet you wish to enter.
2) If prompted, choose an entry method. We HIGHLY Recommend using the NEW, "Enter by Athlete" method.
3) Follow onscreen instructions for submitting your entries. You will see a running tally of your entries on the right side of your screen.
4) When you are finished with your entries, click the "Finish" link.
5) You will see a list of your current, submitted entries. Click the appropriate link to receive an EMAIL confirmation or a PRINTABLE confirmation.
6) To edit your existing entries, click the blue Edit Entries button next to the meet name on your Upcoming Meets or complete Schedule.