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About Langdon Review

Langdon Review has three separate yet connected parts: a journal, a festival, and a Writer-in-Residency program.

  • Langdon Review of the Arts in Texas is an annual journal of Tarleton State University providing an overview of the year’s most exciting cultural accomplishments in Texas. This effort is possible due to a generous grant by the Inge Foundation. For subscription information, please email:
    • Regarding submissions for the Langdon Review of the Arts in Texas: Unsolicited manuscripts will not be accepted; however, individuals wishing to submit proposals for consideration should follow these guidelines.
  • Langdon Review Weekend is an annual literary and arts festival that takes place the first Wednesday thru Saturday after Labor Day. The "Weekend" kicks off Wednesday evening, at the Dora Lee Langdon Cultural and Educational Center in Granbury, Texas, for most of the festivities. This festival is when the co-editors unveil the year's Texas Review of the Arts in Texas journal. Click here for the MapQuest link to the Langdon Center.
  • Langdon Review Writer-in-Residence program is a special two-week retreat for someone interested in a dedicated time away from the proverbial hustle and bustle of it all, for a time of creative focus and production. In 2014, the Granbury Wine Walk provided money to help us establish this new initiative. We will be accepting applications until July 15, 2016 for our third year's residency in 2017.

Registration Fees for Langdon Review Weekend, September 7-10, 2016.

--our 13-year anniversary!--

  • All events (Wednesday - Saturday morning): $110.00 (Includes publication party, readings, speakers, picnic, brunch, & Langdon Review of the Arts in Texas)
  • One-day pass (Thursday or Friday): $75.00 (Includes readings, speakers, picnic or reception, & Langdon Review of the Arts in Texas)
  • Individual/Additional Brunch Tickets: $15.00
  • Individual/Additional Picnic Tickets: $12.00

Email for more information.