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Records Management

Information is contributed to the LEAP database electronically via agencies’ records management systems (RMS). We realize that some agencies do not have records management systems, and that some agencies have RMS that are not capable of electronic data transfer. All agencies that participate in Tarleton’s Rural Law Enforcement Initiative have access to the LEAP database, regardless of whether they have records management systems or contribute information.

UpshawAs much information as possible must be available in order to maximize database effectiveness. For that reason we encourage agencies to contribute information to LEAP. The transfer of information to LEAP is a two step process. First, the agency’s RMS vendor’s system must be integrated with LEAP. More than twenty RMS systems are currently integrated. After an RMS vendor’s system is integrated, that vendor’s customer agencies may be integrated individually. Once the vendor and agency are integrated, data transfer is automatic. No hardware or software is installed at the agency. No additional work is necessary. It is not necessary for law enforcement agency employees to enter any information into the LEAP database.

In many cases agencies simply cannot afford the cost of records management systems. In order to increase the number of agencies that are able to contribute information to LEAP, Tarleton has funds available for limited financial support for agencies that cannot afford the cost of RMS. Tarleton began financially assisting agencies with records management systems fees during October, 2008. Since then, our initiative assisted 28 agencies with the acquisition of records management systems. Financial contributions in this area total more than $75,000.

Tarleton’s Rural Law Enforcement Initiative is grant funded through the United States Department of Justice/Bureau of Justice Assistance. Financial assistance exists only as long as funding is available to Tarleton.

Records Management - A sample line graph, an officer using the system, and a sample table of records