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Current Scholars

Role of the Renaissance Scholar

While at Tarleton State University

  • Maintain and overall GPA of 3.0
  • Seek certification in two teaching areas, when possible
    • Possible multiple certification fields
      • History and English
      • Mathematics and Physics
      • Physical Science
      • Composite Science
  • Participate in Renaissance Scholars Student Organization
    • Attend Renaissance Scholars Student Organization meetings
    • Attend at least one Renaissance Scholars Sponsored Event per long semester
    • Participate in one outreach event per long semester
    • Submit Participation Report to Renaissance Scholars Project Director each semester
  • Meet with Faculty Mentor at least once per semester
    • Make appointment with faculty mentor each semester
    • Submit Mentor Report to Renaissance Scholars Project Director each semester
  • Participate in Professional Organization(s) or Programs
  • Participate in Professional Development Opportunities
  • Recruit/Mentor other possible Renaissance Scholars

Current Scholars should make sure they print out a participation record as well as a mentor/scholar report to hand in at the end of the semester.

Rachel Schuster receiving her Renaissance Scholar Pin Sarah Davis receiving her Renaissance Scholar pin

Mathematics major Rachel Schuster and English major Sarah Davis receiving their Renaissance Scholar pins from their mentors.

Shayla Priddy Hoffman giving her speech.

Special speaker and former Tarleton graduate Shayla Priddy Hoffman giving her speech.

Beatiz Lopez receiving her Renaissance Scholar pin Beatriz, Jericha, and Ellen listening intently to Shayla Priddy Hoffman's speech. 

Beatriz Lopez receiving her Renaissance pin and three Renaissance Scholars, Beatriz, Jericha, and Ellen, listening intenly to Shayla Priddy Hoffman.

Deven Harper and Maria Belknap sitting with Dean Styron to have their dinner.

Students got to eat their dinner and visit with their Deans and mentors. Pictured above are music majors Deven Harper and Maria Belknap with Dean Styron of COLFA.

Sarah Brown visiting with Dr. Smith Jericha Hopson Receiving her Renaissance Scholar pin

History major Sarah Brown visits with Dr. Smith during dinner, and Agricultural Education major Jerica Hopson receiving her Renaissance Scholar pin from her mentor.

Dean Burk visiting with Shayla Priddy Hoffman Ellen Aguilar with her mentor, Dr. Low

Dr. Burk, Dean of the COE visits with Shayla Priddy Hoffman and Shayla's husband Kyle while Geosciences major Ellen Aguilar stands with her mentor Dr. Art Low.