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Program Details & Requirements

Interested in high school teaching? Consider being a Renaissance Scholar! Renaissance Scholars are academically talented students interested in teaching at the high school level. A 3.0 GPA is required and participation in the Honors Program is strongly encouraged.

Why become a Renaissance Scholar?

  • Meet other future secondary teachers
  • Interact with a faculty mentor in your academic area
  • Increase your eligibility for scholarships
  • Graduate with a unique distinction
  • Attend special fellowship activities
  • Network with educators in public schools
  • Become highly prepared for success in the teaching profession
  • Increase marketability by earning your teacher certification in two fields

If becoming a Renaissance Scholar seems like the right path for you, please fill out our Intent to Participate form.

Role of the Renaissance Scholar

While at Tarleton State University

  • Maintain and overall GPA of 3.0
  • Seek certification in two teaching areas, when possible
    • Possible multiple certification fields
      • History and English
      • Mathematics and Physics
      • Physical Science
      • Composite Science
  • Participate in Renaissance Scholars Student Organization
    • Attend Renaissance Scholars Student Organization meetings
    • Attend at least one Renaissance Scholars Sponsored Event per long semester
    • Participate in one outreach event per long semester
    • Submit Participation Report to Renaissance Scholars Project Director each semester
  • Meet with Faculty Mentor at least once per semester
    • Make appointment with faculty mentor each semester
    • Submit Mentor Report to Renaissance Scholars Project Director each semester
  • Participate in Professional Organization(s) or Programs
  • Participate in Professional Development Opportunities
  • Recruit/Mentor other possible Renaissance Scholars