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Dr. Robin Hoover

About the Speaker Symposium Lecture Series

Presentations and receptions are free and open to the public.  We welcome all faculty, staff, students and members of the community.

Who: Dr. Robin HooverDr. Robin Hoover
September 16, 2014, 7:30 p.m.
O. A. Grant building, Room 119

Join us to hear Dr. Robin Hoover speak about immigration reform.


Dr. Robin Hoover is a native of Big Spring, Texas, the son of two public servants.  He attended Texas Christian University for both undergraduate and graduate work.  TCU conferred the Bachelor's Degree in Religion and Journalism ('74) and the Master of Divinity with an emphasis in social ethics in ('79).  Texas Tech conferred the PhD in Political Science in the sub-discipline of Religion and Politics.  His dissertation focused on politics of religious denominations that work in the area of human migration.  

Dr. Hoover served six Disciples congregations as pastor over the span of more than 33 years, retiring at the end of 2013.  Additional employment has been in the areas of sales, journalism, nursing service, photography, commercial construction and more.  In each of his pastorates, Hoover had the occasion to lead the congregation in major facilities construction projects.  Both pastoral work and preaching have been recognized by peers as substantial and professional.  Hoover is well read in Neo-Orthodox, Systematic, Liberation, Empire, and Postmodern theologies.  Tying those perspectives to matters of public policy, social science, and ethics, Hoover provided his congregations with rolling commentary on community life and access to the public debates of the day. Hoover served the larger expressions of the church and engaged in ecumenical and inter-faith activities.  

Since 1986, his work has focused on serving as an advocate for migrating peoples whether they be refugees, seekers of political asylum, victims seeking the protection of the Violence Against Women Act, or the undocumented migrants dying in large numbers along the United States border with Mexico.  He has met and served migrating people from all over the world and often provided personal and pastoral care and religious service to these persons.  His work has brought him significant media, academic, and international recognition by political leaders.  He is the only non-Mexican to receive the prestigious National Human Rights Award of Mexico.  He is sought after as a guest lecturer and keynote speaker for university events and programs.