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Group Counseling

Remember group therapy in the old Bob Newhart show, the one where he was a psychologist? Maybe you have seen group therapy portrayed in movies, where group members are destructive and lash out at one another. Many people form a poor impression about group from what they see in the media. The truth is that group therapy is much more than just a bunch of people sitting around feeling awful. It is a supportive and stimulating environment for personal development, relationship building, and skill improvement. The great advantage of group is that you can not only count on the expertise of the psychologist or counselor who facilitates the group, you can also give and receive valuable understanding, support and advice from others who share similar struggles.

Typical groups cover such themes as learning to be assertive, improving body image, eating disorders, relationships, mind-body wellness and chronic pain management. Each group usually runs for 1.5 hours once per week, and are scheduled to accommodate the majority of group members. You will never be required or pressured to disclose anything you do not wish to discuss. If you don’t see a group you would like to have offered, please contact us at 968-9044 and make a request. We are always open to suggestions.