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Crime Alert: Stephenville Campus

The University Police Department is currently investigating an allegation of sexual assault which occurred within campus housing in the early morning of August 05, 2013. In this incident, the alleged suspect was known to the victim.

In order to minimize your chances of becoming a victim, please follow these safety tips when dating:

  • Do not let alcohol or other drugs decrease or interfere with your ability to take care of yourself and make sensible decisions.
  • Do not accept beverages from someone you don't know and trust. Always watch your drink and never leave it unattended, at any time.
  • Follow your instincts. If a place or the way your date acts makes you nervous or uneasy, get out. If you need to call a friend to escort you home, don't hesitate to do so.
  • Check out a first date or a blind date with friends. Meet in and go to public places. Don't leave a social event with someone you have just met or don't know well.
  • When attending a social gathering with friends, when they leave, you leave with them.

For personal safety tips please call:
Tarleton Police Department