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Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I obtain approval to bring my emotional support animal (ESA) to campus?

Also referred to as companion or therapy animals, Emotional Support Animals (ESAs) fall under the direction of FHA/HUD regulations, not ADA. Requests to bring animals to campus to serve as ESAs are handled using the same process as any other accommodation request. Appropriate evidence demonstrating a direct connection between the disability and need for the accommodation should be provided to CAAT. HUD provides the this example letter for guidance.

How do I take my TSI exam?
You will need to complete the TSI Pre-Assessment, which will provide answers to most of the questions that you may have about the Texas Success Initiative and the Assessment. Once we have received confirmation of your completion of the Pre-Assessment, you will be contacted to schedule a testing appointment.
How do I pay for my TSI Exam?
You can pay in the cashiers office with cash/check, or you can pay online with credit/debit card. Please be sure to have your receipt with you at the time of testing.
What is a valid ID?
Your proof of identification must have your picture and name on it. If you are using your drivers license, please make sure that it is current; we are unable to use expired identification.