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Testing Protocol for Students with Disabilities

Center for Access and Academic Testing Protocol

Students requesting testing accommodations in the suite of Center for Access and Academic Testing must obtain an “Examination Request Form”.  The form maybe picked up at CAAT in Math 201.

  1. Please complete all student information at the top of the request form. CAAT is open from 8-12 & 1-5 M-F. An exam will ONLY be given from 12-1 if the instructor designates that hour. Please use the Time Schedule provided to complete your request.
  2. Once the student portion is complete, the student must have the instructor’s portion filled out completely with a signature.
  3. Student should return the “Examination Request Form” to CAAT at least one week before exam date. (Most exam dates are on the class syllabus!)
  4. Students are responsible for bringing all approved items with them to the exam unless provided by instructor. The Center for Access and Academic Testing does not provide calculators or scantrons.
  5. The Center for Access and Academic Testing reserves the right to deny a request if the following protocols are not followed or if it is not turned in within a reasonable time to provide the accommodation(s) needed.
  6. If a student is more than 15 minutes late (according to CAAT time) the exam will not be administered until the instructor has given permission to do so.
  7. Please remember that there are no cell phones, food or drinks (including water) allowed in the testing rooms.
Monday, Wednesday, Friday
ClassTime Time & 1/2 Stop Time
8:00-8:50 25 9:15
9:00-9:50 25 10:15
10:00-10:50 25 11:15
11:00-11:50 25 12:15
12:00-12:50 25 1:15
1:00-1:50 25 2:15
2:00-2:50 25 3:15
3:00-3:50 25 4:15
Tuesday, Thursday
ClassTime Time & 1/2 Stop Time
8:00-9:15 40 9:55
9:25-10:40 40 11:20
10:50-12:05 40 12:45
1:00-2:15 40 2:55
2:25-3:40 40 4:20

Contact Info

Coordinator of Student Disability Services


Math Building, Room 201

Mailing Address:

Box T-0780
Stephenville, TX 76402