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Welcome to the official website of the Tarleton Upward Bound Project!

Upward BoundUpward BoundUpward Bound


summer program dates announced

The Upward Bound summer program will begin on Sunday, June 5th.  Underclassmen and Non-Bridge seniors program dates are June 5-July 1.  Bridge students program dates are June 5-July 6.  Please start making summer camp and vacation plans around these dates.


Current Students

All students - 3rd six weeks Report Cards are past due.  Please email Report Cards or grades to 

Prospective Students

Next student recruitment cycle will be in October 2016.


Senior Parents- please come with your student to the January and February meetings if you have your taxes filed and are ready to submit your child's FAFSA.

Target School Counselors / Teachers

Thank you for your support in the recruitment process.  We are excited to serve new students from your school!