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Login instructions for Spring 2014 students.

First time students for Spring 2014 may access the Alcohol Edu course January 10, 2014.

The course has two sections, both of which must be completed to fulfill this university requirement.  To complete Part 1, follow the instructions below.  You will need a computer with internet access and audio capabilities:

 1. Go to:

 2. Under “New User” enter the following Login ID: C228529A

 3. Click “Sign Up” and follow the on-screen prompts to set up your personal account.

 4. After setting up your account, the next time you log onto AlcoholEdu, you will need to log in as a “Returning User” and will enter the same email address and password that you created when you first logged into the course.

 5. Part 1 of the course takes about 3 hours to complete and we recommend that you take it in multiple sittings.  However, although you can log in and out at any time, it is best to do so at the end of each section.  Section ends are marked with a “Next” button.  If you log out before clicking on the “Next” button, you will have to repeat the section that you have just completed when you log back in.

 6. Part 1 ends with Survey 2 and an Exam.  You will need to earn a grade of 75% or higher to pass and receive credit for the course.  Part 1 of the course is due January 26, 2014.

 About 30 days after you complete Part 1, you will receive an email with instructions on how to complete Part 2 (which takes about 15 minutes).  Deadline for Part 2 is March 28, 2014.

What if I have technical problems?

  •  The AlcoholEdu Online Technical Support Center is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Simply click on the “Technical Help” button located in the upper right-hand corner of your AlcoholEdu page.  You do not have to be logged into the course to access the Technical Support Center.

 Other helpful information:

  • The login information and instructions above will also be emailed to you beginning January 10, 2014, using only your "go-account" email.
  • Your "go account" email was provided to you by Tarleton during orientation. No other email address will be used to communicate about AlcoholEdu.
  • Login instructions are effective beginning January 10, 2014 (if you try to login before January 10, you will likely get an error message)

Note: the 2014 version of AlcoholEdu is not available until January 10, 2014.  If you try to complete any other version of AlcoholEdu (eg from last year), you will not get credit.

Please note that AlcoholEdu includes three surveys that measure students’ alcohol-related attitudes and behaviors.  All survey responses are confidential.  Tarleton will only receive information about the student body as a whole and will not see individual students’ answers.  You can feel confident that providing truthful answers – no matter what they are – will not put you at any risk for repercussions.