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Research Data

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Did you know...

The "College Effect" might have affected you..

Without any intervention of some kind, abstainers decline by about 45%. In plain terms, 45% of the students who don't drink, start drinking between July and October. If that sounds bad, heavy episodic drinkers also INCREASE by 115% over that time period! Most students start college expecting that "everyone" is doing it and then might feel pressured to fit in. What do you think?
What causes this huge increase?


57% of students are non-drinkers...

These percentages represent Tarleton students' consumption rates:

We've all heard the phrase "EVERYONE'S DOING IT!"
According to Tarleton students, there are only 43% of students who drink.
I guess the question is, "Who is your perception of everyone"?
If you only hang out with drinkers, then everyone IS drinking.
If you only hang out with non-drinkers, then everyone is NOT drinking.
Who is everyone to you?

pie chart with data

62% of students feel that they HAVE TO drink to feel more attractive...

These percentages represent Tarleton students'

positive expectations when they drink alcohol:
If you rely on alcohol for the above reasons, then what will happen when you need to feel outgoing, attractive, or confident without alcohol. What happens when you start interviewing for jobs or giving company presentations. Start your life out right! Get involved on campus, meet friends, and take advantage of these 4 years!

Don't miss out on the organization and leadership opportunities!

outgoing chart

68% of students expect that they will do something they regret when they drink...

These percentages represent Tarleton students'

"negative" expectations when they drink alcohol:

68% of Tarleton students feel like if they drink, they probably will do something they regret and 23% believe they could be taken advantage of sexually! Would you want your sister, daughter, or best female friend to go out and drink if you knew that there was a 23% chance that she would be taken advantage of sexually? Well, now you know.

It's your call...

regret chart

39% of students have missed a class because of alcohol...

These percentages represent the career and academic related consequences that Tarleton students faced as a result from drinking:

(in the last TWO WEEKS)

Everyone says college was the best 4 years of their lives! If this is true, then don't let it pass you by! It's no secret that thousands of students get kicked out of college each year for low grades or low attendance. Don't let this happen to you! You can't have fun if you only get to be in college for a semester! Put school first and these really can be the best 4 years of your life!

class chart

38% of students frequently ride with someone who has been drinking...

These percentages represent the negative consequences that Tarleton students actually face as a result from drinking: (in the last TWO WEEKS)

We would like to commend you for keeping the drinking and driving at a fairly low number! At the same time, people sometimes say that their designated driver is usually the "least drunkest" person of the group. Remember that even one drink can affect your reaction time. Do not risk your life or your future with one quick regrettable decision.

Use TAT for a free ride home!

drinking and driving chart

86% of students frequently do NOT drink so they can be the designated driver...
choosing a drink chart
only 3% of students think that frequently getting drunk is okay...

Only 43% of students drink and only 3% of students think that frequently getting drunk is okay. You might think that this can't be real! Well, this is as real as it gets and these numbers once again show the often distorted view of the norm. It's just another reminder that your fellow classmates are aware that they CAN and they WANT to have a good time without getting drunk all the time. See what there is to do around here!

opinion chart

only 5% of drinking occurs on campus...

These percentages represent Tarleton students' location of drinking:

Tarleton students are once again illustrating their drive to maintain a safe campus by the low numbers of students who drink on campus.

As far as off-campus drinking percentages, don't forget about the possibilities of receiving a MIC, MIP, or a Contributing to a Minor citation. It IS illegal to even be around alcohol under the age of 21!! If you're not too sure about the laws, check out the Texas Alcohol Laws or Tarleton's Code of Student Conduct.

drinking location pie chart


Where does this data come from?

The information contained on this page is based on Tarleton State University's AlcoholEdu 2009-2010 data.

How are these questions presented?

Each question is asked with a mean response, a 7 point scale, with 1=never and 7=always.

How are the responses calculated?

Information is based on 1,007 Tarleton State University 2009 first year students that selected 3 and above for each question.

What is a heavy Episodic drinker?

An Episodic drinker would be a woman who has 4 or more drinks and a man who has 5 or more drinks in one day.

What is a problematic drinker?

A problematic drinker is a woman who has 8 or more drinks and a man who has 10 or more drinks a day.

What is an abstainer?

A student who does not drink at all.