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REAL Outcomes

The student learning outcomes (SLOs) expected from applied learning experiences are as follows:

  • Students will analyze how this applied learning experience enabled them to apply what they learned from their courses, both in major and core curriculum areas, and from their extracurricular experiences to the real world.
  • Students will evaluate how the applied learning experience expanded their views of academic, political, social, cultural, and/or economic environments and prepared them to contribute more meaningfully to a global society.

Students must provide at least one written analytical reflection in their e-portfolio that answers, at a minimum, two prompts related to the SLOs. The experience supervisor will evaluate the reflection using a standard rubric.

In addition, each applied learning office has also established SLOs for their particular area. Contact the ALE area director for additional information.

Furthermore, providing a transformation experience and helping the student achieve these SLOs will also facilitate the professional growth of the experience supervisor. Thus, an outcome related to faculty/staff development is also anticipated:

  • Faculty/staff supervisors will teach and model for students the intellectual practices needed to analyze connections between content knowledge and real-world phenomena.