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2011-2012 Applied Learning Experiences

Applied Learning Experiences approved for 2011-2012 are:

Undergraduate Research

  • Debussey + Japan - Dr. Teresa Davidian - Fine Arts (COLFA)
  • Social Media Research Conference - Dr. Jennifer Edwards - Communications (COLFA)
  • Social, Political, and Protest Songs - Dr. Vicky Johnson - Fine Arts (COLFA)
  • Particle Based Simulation of an Oscillating String - Dr. Denise Martinez - Engineering and Physics (COST)
  • Particle Modeling Optimization on a CUDA-enabled High Performance Cluster - Dr. Richard Reese - Engineering and Physics (COST)
  • Undergraduate Research Experience in Psychology* - Dr. Kim Rynearson - Psychology (COED)
  • Development and Evaluation of Project-based Laboratory Experiments in Organic Chemistry - Dr. Lance Whaley - Chemistry, Geosciences, and Environmental Science (COST)
  • Particle Modeling Applications - Dr. Bryant Wyatt - Mathematics (COST)

Service Learning

  • Professional Development I - Understanding Learners** - Dr. Melissa Becker and department faculty - Curriculum & Instruction (COED)
  • Keeping Tarleton REAL Healthy - Ms. Bridgette Bednarz and Ms. Jean Montgomery - Nursing/Student Health Center (COED/Student Affairs)
  • Health and Fitness Testing of Clinical Exercise Research Facility Clients - Jennifer Blevins - Kinesiology (COED)
  • Speaking Out for Others: Using Persuasive Skills in the Real World - Ms. Tracey Holley - Communications (COLFA)
  • Mentors with Merrett - Ms. Leslie Mills - Tarleton - Fort Worth Campus (COED)
  • Tuscaloosa Fraternal Service Immersion - Mr. Johnny Robinson - Student Leadership Programs (Student Affairs)
  • TaRleton Equine Assisted Therapy (TREAT) - Dr. David Snyder - Animal Science (COAES)
  • McLennan Community College Student Counseling Center - Dr. Allison Stewart - Psychology/MCC University Center (COED)


  • Leadership Learning Community** - Johnny Robinson - Center for Student Engagement (Student Affairs)
  • Residential Leader** - Gary Stout, Kayla Batterton, Faith Stiffler, Ben Kunze, Michelle Reid- Residential Living and Learning (Student Affairs)
  • Student Service Learning and Philanthropy Project - Mr. Reggie Hall - Management, Marketing, and Administrative Systems (COBA)
  • LEADS** - Mr. Johnny Robinson and  Ms. Betsy Ball - LEADS Program w/ Management (COBA/Student Affairs)


  • MMAS Internships - Mr. Dan Dudley - Management, Marketing, and Administrative Systems (COBA)
  • Summer Theater Internship - Dr. Mark Holtorf - Fine Arts (COLFA)
  • Construction Services Internship - Larry D. Smith - Construction Services (Finance and Administration)
  • Internship-Ag Extension, Industry, and Communications - Dr. Wayne Atchley, Dr. Sandy Johnson Graham, and Dr. Ashley Lovell - Agricultural and Consumer Science (COAES)
  • Engineering Technology Projects - Dr. George Mollick - Engineering Technology (COST)
  • Career Services Employer Recruitment and Promotions** - Ms. Katrina Phillips and Mr. Dan Dudley - MMAS/Career Services (COBA/Student Affairs)
  • Engineering Capstone Projects** - (COST):
    • ENVE: TBA
    • ENPH: TBA

Study Abroad/ U.S.

  • Experience and Interact with the International Leaders in the Astronomy Research Community - Dr. Mike Hibbs - Engineering and Physics (COST)
  • Scottish Studies Program - Dr. Eric Morrow - Social Sciences (COLFA)
  • International Terrorism: The Case in Ireland - Dr. Dean Minix - Social Sciences (COLFA)
  • Choir Tour Ireland - Dr. Chuck Rives - Fine Arts (COLFA)
  • COBA Study Abroad-Australia - Ms. Betsy Ball and Dr. David Deviney - MMAS (COBA)
  • British Romantic Poets - Dr. Marcy Tanter - English and Languages (COLFA)

* non-grant experience

** renewal