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Meet Hank Baldree

Hank BaldreeThe Theater Program at Tarleton State University provides comprehensive studies in performance, design, and technical elements. Hank Baldree, a sophomore from Lipan, Texas, has immersed himself in his classes which prepare students for a deadline-driven, production-oriented career. Tarleton Theater creates an environment that allows students to take creative risks as part of the learning process, and Hank has selected to concentrate on sound design. He is a member of Tarleton Players and represents this group in the Student Government Association House of Representatives.

Hank took a few moments to talk about his life as a Tarleton student.

1. Favorite Professor

My Favorite professor is Prudence Wehnert-Skinner, because I admire her devotion to her students and to the theatre. She has taught me a great deal about technical theatre.

2. Favorite subject to study within your major

My favorite subject to study in my major is sound design because I love being able to convey so much emotion through the sounds and music of a theatrical production.

3. Favorite subject outside your major

I really enjoy math and physics courses. They have helped me a great deal in the physics and math for the Theatre.

4. Favorite theater at Tarleton moment

My favorite theatre moment at Tarleton is when I got to go to the USITT (United States Institute of Theatre Technology) Annual Convention in Milwaukee Wisconsin. I was able to learn so much from theatre professionals and other theatre students.  

5. Favorite on-campus place to study

My favorite on campus place to study is upstairs in the Library - usually at one of the computers or back behind the bookcase hidden way in the back. This is normally the quietest place in library and also where I can get more of my work done.

6. Favorite off-campus place to eat and/or hang out

My favorite place to eat during the semester is Beans and Franks. It is within walking distance and they have great food and awesome coffee!

7. Favorite out of class book to read

Even though I don’t get a lot of time to read outside for class my favorite thing to read are plays -  my favorite one being The Scottish Play (Macbeth).

8. Favorite musicians/band

My two favorite Musicians would have to be Danny Elfman and Hans Zimmer. I am trying to become a sound designer and they are the two that really inspire me.

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