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Cascade Server Versus Firefox 11

If your Firefox browser was automatically updated to Firefox 11.0 recently, you’ll notice that you can’t see anything in the WYSIWYG sections when you Edit a page, even when something is there:

Firefox 11 Bug that makes content in the WYSIWYG box disappear.

This is a known bug, and Hannon Hill is working on fixing it. In the meantime, there is a simple workaround in Firefox 11.0.

Click on the triangle on the bottom right of the WYSIWYG box and drag it to resize the box. Your content will suddenly appearClick and drag the bottom right corner of the box, and content will reappear in the WYSIWYG box.

If you haven’t been updated to Firefox 11.0, yet, you can stop if before it happens by changing the Update options. See the Mozilla Support information for details.