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Tips and Tricks

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Cool Accessibility Trick in Cascade

If you are trying to copy and paste content that looks like it is all in uppercase letters, there is a really cool website out there that can convert your text, whether it is just a word or an entire paragraph:

  1. Paste the text into the first field:
    Convert your text
  2. Select "Sentence case" and then click Convert!
    Select Sentence case
  3. Copy the text you see appear:
    Copy the text
  4. Paste the text in the page you are editing in Cascade Server:
    Paste the text in the page
  5. Highlight the section that needs to be in all uppercase letters:
    Highlight the section
  6. The select "alluppercase" from the style list:
    Select alluppercase

This is very cool because this makes your text accessible to the blind! Find out more about this and other tricks you can use to make your websites accessible here: