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Photos on Websites: Less is More

When you take pictures on your camera, the pictures are saved in high resolution. High resolution photos are great for printing, but they are far too large for websites. They take an incredibly long time to load on your website, and this frustrates anyone trying to view your website and may discourage them from coming back. Web Services suggests two ways to resolve this.

  1. If you are not creating a gallery, you still need to resize the photos to a reasonable, web-friendly size. This includes faculty/staff/student directory photos. We recommend using FastStone Photo Resizer. Our FastStone Photo Resizer instructions include the sizes you should use when posting on your website.
  2. If you are creating a gallery, it is better to host the photos on an image hosting website such as Flickr and link to them from there. You can create your own FREE account.

How popular are slideshows these days? Actually, they are starting to lose their appeal. Consider if you will that you are forcing someone to click through a number of photos. The more you have, the more they have to click through which is frustrating as well as time consuming in this busy world. Users want content now. They want to get to the point. Instead of 20 pictures, think more along the lines of 5 pictures. Less is more.