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Issues Found with Spelling & Link Checker in Cascade

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Issues Found with Spelling & Link Checker in Cascade

Web Services has been working with Hannon Hill (creators of Cascade Server) to try to resolve some issues a few Cascade users have found with checking for spelling errors and external links. These are mainly issues that we consider to be an extreme, such as:

  • Very long pages that crash during the Spell Check
  • Pages with more than 40 external links that crash during the Link Check

We were able to experiment with the Link Checker issue during the past 6 months by making all external links come up as "false positives." That is, Cascade claimed all your links were broken links in order for your pages to "properly" submit without crashing to be published. This has caused you problems checking to see if your websites are up-to-date, and we now have more than 4,000 broken links across the Tarleton website based on our most recent site scan.

It is very important to provide our constituents with current, accurate, and timely information. We have reverted back to our original Cascade settings, so your web pages can be properly checked for broken links. A few links may still be false positives that you will need to check manually (e.g., any link that starts with "//" will still come up as a false positive), but you will get a far more accurate assessment of the conditions of your pages when you update them. This means that the few pages on the Tarleton website that were crashing before will start crashing again with the Link Checker.

We advise the following when you are creating/modifying your pages if your page is crashing during either the Spelling or Link Checker:

Ask "What is the purpose of this page?"

What are the goals you are trying to set for the page? What measurable results did you want from providing this page? Are they answered by a web page, or are they better suited for another format? Contact Web Services to discuss options for redesigning this area of your website.

Ask "Is there a better way to organize the content on this page?"

If you have multiple links on your page, are they organized in a logical and meaningful manner within the context of your content? Are they repetitive, the same links appearing multiple times across that single page? You may, for example, need to separate the content to more than one page. Contact Web Services to discuss options for redesigning this area of your website.

As always, if you come across any errors in Cascade, please report them to Web Services ( or 254-968-1819), so we may look into these issues and report them to Hannon Hill if needed.