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Responsive Website Conversion Project

Web Services is working on a project to:Responsive Web Design

  1. Make's web pages "responsive"
  2. Reorganize content on to a more intuitive, service-oriented structure

Responsive web design will allow Tarleton's website to be viewable on multiple screen sizes by shuffling and resizing content (or "squishy" as we like to call it.) This means that there will no longer be a need for a separate mobile website ( because the main website will reorganize to fit in your mobile device and ANY size device, for that matter.

TAMU recently presented on the subject of responsive web design in the presentation "Best of Both Worlds." To get a better idea of what responsive web design is and how the process of implementing a responsive web site may work at Tarleton, please view the recorded webinar. The webinar recording can be viewed streaming or downloaded at:

Where are we at?


Fall 2015

  • Conversion to Responsive Format
    • Outreach (all related locations)
    • Graduate Studies
    • COE (college, departments, and related organizations)
    • COST (college, departments, and related organizations)
    • COLFA (college, departments, and related organizations)
    • COAES (college, departments, and related organizations)
    • COBA (college, departments, and related organizations)

How can I prepare?

Thanks for asking!

There are a couple of ways you can prepare your department, organization, or faculty web site for the conversion:

  • Begin cleaning up the content on your existing website, regardless of how old and outdated your current design is. If all of your website content is already up-to-date at the time of conversion, it will help your project move faster.
  • Begin collecting ideas on how you might want to reorganize your content. We will give you the opportunity to completely reorganize your website once we get to you in the timeline. We will contact you to schedule a consultation when we are ready to start in your area.
  • Decide who will take on each role regarding the conversion project and ongoing updates for your unit. Review roles and responsibilities outline
  • Email Web Services and let us know who the main point of contact is for your web site content so that we can more efficiently work with you.
  • Please be patient with us during this process. We will do everything we possibly can to meet your needs during this time, but please realize that we might delay some requests for website organization changes or revamps until we get to you in the responsive project timeline.