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Bachelors of Science in Criminal Justice

Welcome to the Criminal Justice Bachelors of Science Programs

Dr. Alex del Carmen
Executive Director and
Professor of Criminal Justice

Tarleton State University is nationally recognized in the field of academic education.  The Bachelor of Science degree is designed to merge academic knowledge with applied experience.  The program offers courses encompassing a variety of components that prepare students for career entry, promotion, federal employment and/or graduate study.

Admission Requirements

The Bachelor of Science degree is structured as a 120 credit program.  Admissions to the Texas A&M University System and any of its sponsored programs is open to qualified individuals, regardless of race, color, religion, sex, national origin or educationally unrelated handicaps.  Classes are offered at the main campus in Stephenville, the Forth Worth, Midlothian and Waco campuses.  Many classes are offered online.


The program has nationally recognized faculty members who are known for their teaching, research and experience.  Classes are taught and internships are directed and supervised by highly credentialed academics. Many professors have backgrounds and practical experience in areas of policing, corrections, security, military, law, probation and homeland security.  The scholars teaching in this broad-based degree program prepare students to enter a chosen profession, law school or a graduate program with appropriate skills and confidence.

Texas is Changing

Over the last decade Texas has experienced an increase in population, development and commerce.  Criminal Justice and homeland security issues and problems have become more complex.  The challenges associated with this change directly affect the Criminal Justice system including new law enforcement issues, lack of correctional resources, cultural conflicts and international urban stress.  These challenges are among the many that contribute to necessary transformation, change and progress for personnel within the Criminal Justice system.

The Criminal Justice degrees provide qualified students with an educational environment that is rarely available at other colleges and universities.  The highly credentialed and practical experienced faculty are coupled with a curriculum that has been designed to provide students with a relevant quality education.

Tarleton State University is a supporter of, and participant in, the process of providing higher education to present and future employees of the Criminal Justice system.  It is committed to providing a quality education to the men and women seeking to enter, improve, or advance in this honorable profession.