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Peace Officer Exemption Form

Peace Officer Exemption Information

To be eligible for the exemption, a Peace Officer must:
  • Be employed as a Peace Officer by the State of Texas or by a political subdivision of Texas
  • Apply for admission and be accepted to the university
  • Provide the Criminal Justice Department proof of employment as a currently paid Peace Officer (required each semester in which the exemption will be used).

A letter from the employer on official letterhead, an email from your employer’s official email account, or a recent two week pay stub will fulfill the above requirement.

  • Have a degree plan on file in the Registrar’s Office for an eligible Criminal Justice degree program at the institution:
    • BS, Criminal Justice
    • BAAS, Criminal Justice Administration
  • Apply for the exemption at least one week before the last day of the institution’s regular registration period for that semester
  • Submit the completed Application for Texas Peace Officer Exemption
  • Be in compliance with the institutions financial aid satisfactory academic progress requirement

Not all tuition and fees may be covered by the exemption.  Students are responsible for any additional tuition and fees that may not be covered.

  • The date you submit your application will be used to determine the eligibility of courses. 
  • No more than 20 percent of the maximum student enrollment designated by the institution for a given law enforcement or criminal justice class may receive an exemption under this program (this will be determined on a first come, first serve basis).
  • Only undergraduate courses pertaining to the major requirement of criminal justice degrees are eligible for the tuition and laboratory fees exemption.

For information and questions please contact Sharon Johnson at 254-968-9024 or