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Undergraduate Degrees

Undergraduate Degrees Offered:

Undergraduate Degree Program

Watermark logoDear Future Student:

Welcome to Tarleton State University, Criminal Justice Program. Your interest in a criminal justice degree is consistent with a growing national trend of career seeking high school graduates. Choosing to pursue a degree in this field will lead to exciting and rewarding work in public service. Our criminal justice program provides students with a broad-based education and is designed to give you the skills and knowledge required to successfully navigate the local, state or federal competitive process to enter and advance in a criminal justice profession.

In addition to the high academic credentials of our faculty, many have work experience as police officers, correctional staff and the practice criminal law. Sharing classroom time with faculty that can integrate the textbook with professional practice provide valuable insight into the justice system that is not available at many institutions. The Criminal Justice Programs offers on-line, hybrid and face-to-face courses, as well as the placement of internships in the area of your interest. You will have the opportunity to be part of the on campus Criminal Justice Association and Alpha Phi Sigma, the National CJ Honor Society.

Our program and structure will provide you with the opportunity for interaction and the development of friendships among other students with the same interest. This networking will endure long after graduation. The entire criminal justice field offers tremendous employment opportunities and job security.  If you have the interest in learning the criminal justice system coupled with a desire to make an academic commitment you have the ingredients necessary to earning a criminal justice degree from Tarleton State University.

Please consider this letter an open invitation to contact a Tarleton State University Criminal Justice Program Advisor at 254-968-9024 to discuss your future.