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Welcome to Enrollment Management

Tarleton State University Graduation

Office of the Associate Vice President, Enrollment Management

Mission: The mission of Enrollment Management at Tarleton State University is to use evidence-based strategies to attract and retain a population of students who meet the university's overall and programmatic goals for quality, quantity, and diversity.

The offices comprising Enrollment Management will serve as a model of collaboration in providing a cohesive, supportive, and seamless network for students from their first inquiry through graduation. Each member of the Enrollment Management team will strive to achieve optimal enrollments through progressive recruitment and retention efforts. As a division centered around collaboration and information management, EM will seek to exert a positive influence in optimizing enrollment at every level.

We are the Tarleton "storytellers", spreading the word about how great a university Tarleton is!

Expect to see us at a high school or community college near you!

(800) 687-4878
(254) 968-9845

We're here to help you, entering freshmen and undergraduate transfers, join the Tarleton family!

The smiling faces in our office will help you complete the application process.

(800) 687-8236
(254) 968-9125

Tarleton offers $4 million a year in scholarships!

We can help you find out if you are eligible for some "college cash" at Tarleton!

(254) 968-9922

There are many ways to pay for college.

We can show you your options, including the new Texan Tuition Guarantee!

(254) 968-9070

We are responsible for registration, transcripts, and graduation.

We will work with you - from start to finish - to help you make your Tarleton experience a success!

(254) 968-9121

Enrollment Management Staff

Dr. Javier Garza

Dr. Javier Garza

Assistant Vice President for Enrollment Management


Office: Tarleton Center, RM 105A

Phone: 254-968-0787

Sarah Lockenour

Sarah Lockenour

Executive Assistant to the Assistant Vice President of Enrollment Management

Office: Tarleton Center, RM 105

Phone: 254-968-0787

Carrie Noll

Carrie Noll

Enrollment Data Support Specialist I


Office: Tarleton Center, RM 121

Phone: 254-968-9308

Sherri Keene

Sherri Keene

Enrollment Data Support Specialist II


Office: Tarleton Center, RM 117

Phone: 254-968-1844