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Organized Research Grant Awards 2013-2014

Principal Investigator



Hussain Jafri COBA/AEF Undocumented Workers in the Agricultural Labor Markets of Border States
Sudarshan Kurwadkar COST/ENCS Evaluation of Removal of Low Level Antibiotics from Drinking Water using Laboratory Developed and Commercially Available Activated Carbon
Lesley Leach COE/EDL Longitudinal STEM Trajectories of Rural Females
Donald McGahan COAES/EAM Total Carbonate Movement and Associated Phosphorus into a Winthorst Soil of North Central Texas
Jesse Meik COST/BIOL Development of a Mass Database for Studies of Energetics, Sexual Dimorphism, and Body Size Evolution in Amniotes
Susan Rugari COST/NURS Utilizing Child-centered Play Therapy Tenets to Train Volunteers in a Therapeutic Riding Program
T. Wayne Schwertner COAES/ASWM Habitat Utilization of Crested Guineafowl in an Agricultural Matrix in Northeastern Swaziland
Janice Speshock COST/BIOL In Vivo Assessment of the Efficacy of Silver Nanomaterials as Antibacterial Agents
Rajani Srinivasan COST/CHEM Plant-Derived Polysaccharides as a Non-Toxic Gene Delivery System for Cancer Treatment
Kartik Venkataraman COST/ENCS Modeling Nitrate Contamination of Groundwater: Implications for Aquifer Monitoring and Management
Richard Winton COST/MATH Intersections of Subcontinua in a Homogeneous Continua