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New Faculty Research

Dr. Karen Murray, Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs, the Offices of Sponsored Projects, Faculty Research, Student Research & Creative Activities, and College of Graduate Studies host a New Faculty Research and Grants Orientation.

The goal is for faculty members to become familiar with Tarleton resources available to assist in their research aspirations. We present an overview of the grant and research services and support provided, and introduce faculty members to the staff that offer their expertise.

Grantsmanship School

The Office of Faculty Research offers the Grantsmanship School each summer for a select group of faculty representing each of the academic colleges. Participant selection is competitive and only ten seats are available. College Deans nominate faculty for consideration during the spring semester and participants are selected by OFR staff. The pool of nominees normally comes from new or recent hires, but any faculty member is eligible.

Participants are required to attend three full-day training sessions, one during each month of the summer period. They also work independently and/or collectively with OFR staff with the goal of developing an externally-sponsored grant submission. Participants receive the salary equivalent of a quarter-time release from summer teaching, funded by the Provost, Dr. Karen Murray.

School alumni represent an elite faculty group that serve as research mentors across campus and willingly assist others with sponsored project development.

Faculty with interests in the School should communicate a desire to participant to their department head.

Grantsmanship class

Summer 2014 Alumni

Tod Farmer (EdL), Kimberly Guay (ASVT), Kristin Herrmann (BIOL), Gaye Hubble (C&I), Trinette Jones (ASVT), Jesse Meik (BIOL), Del Nagy (CIS), Michael Neerman (MLS), Anthony Pursell (FA), Catherine Ronck (GEOL), Misty Smith (SW), and Jun Xu (ET).

Summer 2013 Alumni

Dr. Ebony Hall; Dr. Rajani Srinivasan; Dr. Omar Esqueda; Dr. Arthur Young; Dr. Genevieve Aglazor; Dr. David Frazier; Dr. Kartik Venkataraman; Dr. Sarah Maben; Dr. Jonali Baruah

Summer 2012 Alumni

Dr. Janice Speshock; Dr. David Kattes; Dr. Jason Sawyer; Dr. T. Wayne Schwertner; Dr. Kendra Bowen; Dr. Laurie McAdams; Dr. Julie Merriman; Cristi Horton; Dr. Gloria Fragoso-Diaz