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New for 2013-2014

Customized Verification Requirement

The Department of Education, as in the past, will be selecting FAFSA records for our office to verify data elements reported on the FAFSA. What our office will be required to verify will be specific to the student applicant as instructed by the Department of Education. The Department of Education will randomly sort the FAFSA's into 5 different categories. The documents that are requested from one student will not necessarily be the documents requested for another.

IRS Data Retrieval System

As in the 2012-2013 year, the IRS Data Retrieval System can be used to complete the income section of the FAFSA. Tax filers are advised to file their 2012 income tax return as early as possible and file electronically as this will facilitate the use of the IRS Data Retrieval System when completing the 2013-2014 FAFSA. It will also minimize the need to obtain a Tax Transcript from the IRS should the record be selected for verification.