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Core Curriculum Student Learning Outcomes

Critical Thinking/Problem Solving – the application of both qualitative and quantitative skills analytically and creatively to subject matter in order to evaluate arguments and to construct alternative strategies

  1. Synthesize and integrate information is the process of critical thinking
  2. Apply a problem solving process (i.e.; scientific process) to an identified situation
  3. Support results with evidence or logical argument

Communication – the ability to communicate both orally and in writing in clear, coherent and persuasive language appropriate to purpose, occasion, and audience and the ability to analyze and interpret various forms of communication tools

  1. Demonstrate effective audience centered communication skills
  2. Effectively articulate a reasoned position orally and in writing
  3. Demonstrate proficiency in the use of the tools of language
  4. Analyze, interpret a variety of material, integrate information, and data using a variety of communication tools including graphical representations and technology

Diversity – Develop broad and multiple perspectives on the individual relationship to the larger society and world in which he or she lives and demonstrate responsibility for living in a culturally and ethnically diversified world.

  1. Communicate tolerance and appreciation of different cultures and viewpoints
  2. Examine the evolution/process of U S policy in the world relating to issues of environment, human rights, and appreciation of cultural differences
  3. Recognize the role of diversity in a civilized society

Technology- demonstrate basic technology literacy skills in word-processing, presentation, computation and spread sheet, communication, and library research data bases.

  1. Use and apply word processing, presentation and spreadsheet software in various contexts.
  2. Gather research from credible sources electronically.
  3. Use web-based technologies to communicate effectively.
  4. Use technology and information ethically and legally.