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  • Matthew Hallgarth

    Matthew Hallgarth

    I've been at Tarleton for three years now through the GI bill. I chose Tarleton because I work here too, so taking classes here was a no-brainer. I love the size of Tarleton, it gives you the small town feel, and the community is full of spirit. I've met some great fellow students that I hope succeed in their plans. I will help them anyway that I can.

    One of the greatest lessons I have learned and had the greatest impact on me while being a Graduate Student has been those who don't study history are doomed to repeat it. My favorite part about being a Graduate Student is learning stuff...learning is a great blessing of being a human. I participate in research here at Tarleton as well. The academic life demands research, and it makes us better teachers to be up on current issues in the discipline.

    Tarleton has six core values, one of them being civility. Civility means to be courteous and genteel despite how you feel. It charges citizens with the moral responsibility to have good manners in the public sphere. Civility is a decision and not a feeling.

    Graduate Student

    MA History

  • Rudy Tarpley

    Rudy Tarpley

    "Graduate education puts our students in a circle that differs from an undergraduate education. We have the opportunity to discuss issues in a deeper context. Many of our graduate students come from the classroom, industry, and extension office. These experiences make for meaningful discussions when evaluating important issues in agricultural and extension education. Tarleton has a national reputation in agricultural education. I was excited to join a team that has produced so many quality agricultural educators over the years. With a small campus environment, I love that I can meet with any faculty or administrator face-to-face. All of the professors in the College of Agriculture are tied for first place. They are responsible for teaching future agriculturists about food on the table, clothing on our backs, roofs over our heads, and fuel in our homes. They are producing 23% of the nation's workforce They make America strong and they keep the globe fed. Dr. Sandra Graham helped me immensely during my first semester here. She helped me learn the value of a Tarleton education, the importance of Tarleton's history, and the difference that Tarleton makes in the lives of her students.

    I love that our students love to start and finish their academic careers at Tarleton. My students are GREAT. My students have knowledge, skills, and experiences that will make a positive difference in the world. The same qualities that made my students choose Tarleton are the same qualities that will make them successful in life. I love teaching graduate classes. I teach a leadership class in the fall where I make it clear that the 1st amendment of the United States constitution is in full effect... they are free to speak on any topic at any time. When we let true freedom of speech ring out, our student' enthusiastically stand solid on their beliefs and convictions."

    Ph.D., Agricultural Education

  • Credence Baker

    Credence Baker

    What do you value most about Tarleton?

    "I love that I get to work with colleagues and students who are committed to learning and researching together. Conducting research allows me to keep up to date in my field and informs my own teaching. Educational technology is continually changing, thus my students, colleagues and I are conducting  research on effective integration strategies (regardless of the latest tool), barriers that exist in education for leveraging technology in the classroom, and assessing and improving the self-efficacy of educators in implementing technology for teaching and learning."

    What advice do you have for future Tarleton Graduate Students?

    "I've learned that students with intellectual curiosity, who seek out their own learning paths (beyond what's prescribed in the syllabus) get the most out of their time spent in graduate   school. Communicate early and often with your academic advisor, map out a timeline for completing your program, and make sure you can carve out dedicated time to focus on your studies. Ask yourself what  it is that you hope to gain by the end of your program, and then pursue opportunities-in every course, project, and interaction that you have-to hone your knowledge and skills, build your professional network, and achieve your educational goals."

    Assistant Professor

    Ph.D., Instructional Design & Technology

  • Austin McCulluch

    Austin McCulluch

    "I completed my Bachelor's Degree from Tarleton so I knew the opportunities that are available to students who are willing to work for them. The Kinesiology faculty and staff are genuine and will challenge you to work harder than you believed you could. My favorite professor is Dr. Priest in the Department of Kinesiology. Through numerous one-on-one interaction with Dr. Priest, he has challenged me and guided me to strive for success that I had never considered before. I found my true passion and determined my ultimate career goals because of his support."

    Austin McCulluch

    M.S. Kinesiology

  • Afshan Nayani

    Afshan Nayani

    "After completing my undergraduate studies in Mathematics and Actuarial Science from University of Toronto, Canada, I started exploring my options to continue and develop academically. After looking into the outstanding Mathematics Department here at Tarleton State University, I felt I might have found my place. Today I know I did!  TSU offers much more than merely classrooms, it offers spirit and an excellent community that makes learning interesting. It has helped me grow academically and personally, with experiences that will follow me into the real world. Being a Graduate Teaching Assistant taught me how much the faculty invests in training its instructors and in preparing the students for tomorrow’s world. This in turn enriched and broadened my educational experience. I have learnt to apply my knowledge through experiences like giving presentations, working in teams, and active involvement in discussion. I feel better prepared to get into the workforce because of it.  My advice to prospective students is that, when you come to the TSU, don't be afraid to venture out and join clubs and societies. You will experience living amongst people from many nationalities and make lifelong friends. Coming here was the best decision I've made so far.

    I am proud to be part of an Institution that caters to the people, and not to matter……Bleed Purple!!!"

    Graduate Student
    MS, Mathematics

  • Annette Albrecht

    Annette Albrecht

    "I believe that Tarleton State University provides graduate students from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences the opportunity to develop into leaders within the counseling profession. The Tarleton counseling faculty members provide the appropriate balance of challenge and support in order to help students accomplish their academic goals. Graduates of the Tarleton counseling program develop the knowledge, skills, and abilities to be excel as professional school and mental health counselors."

    Ph.D., Counseling

  • Arielle McEwin

    Arielle McEwin

    "Tarleton State University has helped me build both professional and personal relationships that will last a lifetime. The research that I am a part of addresses poignant worldwide issues in my field, which will give me the skills needed to enter the current industry settings. The education and training I am receiving in my graduate program has helped me turn my passion into a fulfilling career."

    Graduate Student
    MS, Animal Science

  • James Peiskee

    James Peiskee

    "Why Tarleton?

    There were several reasons, but I decided on Tarleton for my graduate degree mostly because of the faculty. I have come to know most of the mathematics faculty very well, and I am still amazed by how invested they are in their teaching. All my professors have been easily approachable and always willing and able to explain a concept that I am having difficulty with, while at the same time encouraging independent learning.

    They are not only passionate teachers, but also active researchers; I have worked with one of my professors on a project involving disease modeling, and I intend to begin this summer on my next project of interest.

    Attending Tarleton has been (and will be) a wholly positive experience for me. It is a huge part of who I am, and I feel it has a lot to do with my success as a student.

    My current plans are to go on and obtain a Ph. D. in mathematics, and do research in whatever area I decide to specialize in. There is no doubt in my mind that my Tarleton education and the meaningful connections I’ve made with faculty and other students will prove invaluable to me in the future."

    Graduate Student
    MS, Mathematics

  • James A. Reed

    James A. Reed

    I came to Tarleton to receive an education, and instead I received one of the most fulfilling and rewarding experiences of my academic career. At Tarleton, I grew not only as a student but as individual. The reason for me is simple: you are given an enormous opportunity inside and outside the classroom to grow beyond your degree. Faculty, staff, and fellow students go out of their way to create a learning environment full of opportunities and engagement for a total college experience; I owe my success to this difference.

    Involvement in academics and activities outside the classroom is available to every student within the gates of Tarleton. The Tarleton Experience gives its students the ability to grow, find their passion in life, and achieve beyond your typical degree program. The leadership, philanthropic, and interpersonal skills I have gained here at Tarleton are second to none. These experiences made the difference in my fundamental development and educational pursuits, as it challenged me to expand my horizons. In my time here, I have served as the Student Body Vice-President, a three year member of the Student Government Association Executive Council, co-founded two student organizations, served on numerous other student groups and university committees, received the Dr. Wanda Mercer Tarleton Legend Award, and was a recipient of the highest award bestowed on any student at Tarleton: the John Tarleton Spirit Award. All of which I owe to the individuals at Tarleton - faculty, staff, and students alike, who create a learning environment built on a resilient academic experience that is second to none.

    I would deeply encourage any student to seek out the Tarleton Experience. Once you become a student here are Tarleton, you are forever part of something greater than yourself, you become a member of a Family, the Tarleton Family. This bond is built the moment you walk through the gates of Tarleton as a freshmen, and it is carried with you far beyond your graduation from this great university as an alumni.

    MS, Agriculture
    BBA, Finance
    BS, Agriculture Economics

  • Keith Emmert

    Keith Emmert

    "The faculty of the mathematics department at Tarleton State University teach because they love disseminating knowledge to students.  Small class sizes allow us to better meet the individual needs of our graduate students and help them to grow in knowledge and ability into functioning mathematicians.  We are able to provide a diverse educational experience spanning the traditional courses such as real analysis and algebra to more modern courses such as biomathematics and data mining to modern teaching pedagogy.  For the more research oriented student, we provide the option of a Thesis where original research is conducted.  For students wishing to concentrate on teaching, a concentration with mathematics education courses is available.  For students who desire traditional employment, they can pursue a standard masters program which emphasizes modern computing techniques or intern in a data mining company.  The faculty of the mathematics department stand ready to give students the key to their dream career."

    Associate Professor
    Ph. D., Applied Mathematics

  • Kristyn Hammond

    Kristyn Hammond

    "As an undergraduate, I chose Tarleton because I was looking for a school with community and tradition, where I would be valued as an individual. As a graduate student, I remained at Tarleton for the educational experience and professional challenge the program would provide. Today, working toward completing my Master’s Degree in English, I cherish the education I have earned at Tarleton and the invaluable professional experience I have received as a graduate assistant for the Department of English and Languages. Most of all, I value the encouragement and support I have received from my advisors, professors, and mentors during my tenure at Tarleton State University."

    Graduate Student
    MA, English

  • Pam Winn

    Pam Winn

    "The Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies provides a personal touch in a high-tech world.  In a time when graduate education is essential to staying competitive in the job market, Tarleton blends high technology delivery with professor expertise; integrated, field-based learning opportunities; and personal access to faculty and staff via technology or face-to-face.  Our 30-hour Master’s degree offers busy professionals a variety of venues and delivery methods to expand knowledge, enhance careers, and network with fellow educators.  Students seeking a doctorate in Educational Administration engage instructional formats with a cohort of like-minded professionals and a highly accomplished faculty.  Across Texas, Tarleton excels at teacher and administrator preparation, achieving some of the highest pass rates in the state.  A low student-teacher ratio provides opportunity to build lasting mentor relationships and leave your educational experience feeling enriched and empowered.  At Tarleton, you are a name, not a number."

    Assistant Professor
    Ed. D., Educational Leadership & Policy Studies

  • Richard Winton

    Richard Winton

    "Although some might consider this something of a cliché, something that made a huge difference in my own personal development that we offer in our program is a great deal of personal attention and one-on-one interaction with our graduate students. We are abnormally approachable and accessible to our students.

    We have a number of faculty involves in very serious research. This research naturally spills over into the graduate (and sometimes undergraduate) classroom, as several of us have involved students in our research. The range of research areas within our department include, but are not limited to, applied mathematics, mathematics education, biomathematics, probability theory, statistics, algebraic group theory, algebraic ring theory, topology, continuum theory, number theory, cryptology, astrophysics and other areas. We have a very active department with exciting dynamics going on all the time. All of the faculty involved in these research areas are ready, willing, and able to work with students.

    We interact extremely well as faculty colleagues, which only enhances the work environment for our students. At least twice that I know of, a graduate student has wanted to change research advisors due to the discovery of a new class of mathematics that really motivated them. Understandably they were “scared to death” about offending their original advisor. In both cases the original advisor assured the student that it was a positive thing to discover a class of mathematics that was new to them and excited them. They were encouraged to pursue their interests with their new advisor with an assurance that the faculty understood and that no feelings were hurt.

    It can be a little difficult to be "unique" when having common academic experiences in fundamental areas of mathematics is important. However, we do have a couple of aspects that I believe do make us somewhat unique. There are opportunities in our program to pursue research in cryptology, which is not always common for schools our size. Much more important is our graduate track in data mining. This track offers some relatively large graduate assistantships ($25000 I believe). Furthermore, data mining is a new emerging field of mathematics which has VERY SERIOUS applications to an enormous number of diverse areas, from marketing to serious national security implications involving secrecy and antiterrorism. This is certainly the aspect of our department that most makes us stand out."

    Ph.D., Mathematics

  • Sara Taylor

    Sara Taylor

    "I believe that Tarleton students receive a truly outstanding education.  We are committed to the philosophy that meticulous recognition of material alone is not enough to be successful in today’s professional environment.  To prepare for the challenges that face students as they complete their education begin their professions, they must understand the underlying principles and be able to apply them to unique situations.  Tarleton faculty are prepared to help our students achieve this kind of mastery in their chosen field.   We have the state of the art facilities and the background to help our students be outstanding."

    Assistant Professor
    Ph. D., Medical Laboratory Sciences

  • Tim Huebner

    Tim Huebner

    "I chose Tarleton State University in 1979 for my undergraduate degree because of a visit to the campus and the friendly students.  I graduated three years later in 1982.  In 2001 I needed to return to school to further my career as a Professional Aquarium Keeper.  I had to take some classes at a local Community College to prove to myself I was still capable of learning and competing in the class room. It was so much fun, I jumped at the chance to return to Tarleton in 2008 when they began offering graduate level biology classes by Interactive Television from the Hickman Building at the Southwest Fort Worth Campus.  I have been taking one class per semester while working full time and raising two teenage sons.  Returning to school helped me get promoted at work even before finishing my Master’s degree, but I am enjoying the experience so much I am determined to finish!"

    Graduate Student
    MS, Biology