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PHP Graduates

Selected Whereabouts and Accomplishments

Student Semester Academic Program
Kelly Annestrand          Spring 2016                 Social Work
Ivan Salazar Fall 2015 Business Administration
entered fall 2013
Student Semester Academic Program
Kristen Gray Spring 2016 Accounting
Jennifer Hayes Spring 2016 Interdisciplinary Studies
Erica Laborde Spring 2016 Biomedical Science
Entered Spring 2013
Student Semester Academic Program
Ashley Kerley Fall 2015 Animal Science
Entered Fall 2012
Student Semester Academic Program
Samantha Ballard Fall 2015 Criminal Justice
Cameron Cooper Fall 2015 Ag Economics
Cody Earp Spring 2016 Chemistry
Abigail Fesmire Spring 2016 Nursing
Brandi Fleming Spring 2016 Psychology
Ashley Hession Spring 2016 Kinesiology
Conner King Spring 2016 Computer Science
Emma Krahn        Spring 2015 Music
Christopher Marble Spring 2016 Physics/Mathematics
Rachel Remmele Summer 2015 Ag Services & Development
Arianna Smith Spring 2016 Animal Science
Entered SPRING 2012
Student Semester Academic Program
Courtney Brown Spring 2015 Biomedical Science
Creed Cahill Fall 2013 Criminal Justice
Christopher Coan Fall 2014 English
Ashley Musgrave Spring 2015 Biomedical Science
Entered Fall 2011
Student Semester Academic Program
Tiana Blackmon Summer 2014 Agronomy & Range Management
Jessa Davis Spring 2015 Nursing
Alaina Ferguson Fall 2014 Mathematics
Kelsie Gray Spring 2015 Nursing
Caitlyn Lasater Fall 2014 English
Alyssa Lowe Fall 2014 Psychology
Sara Mappes Spring 2015 Animal Science
Morgan Mee Fall 2014 Animal Science
Makenzie Mitchell Summer 2014 Kinesiology
Entered spring 2011
Student Semester Academic Program
Hunter Boatman Spring 2014 Nursing
Joshua Chapman Spring 2014 Biomedical Science
Brenda Chavez Spring 2014 Biomedical Science
Caitlin Golightly (Duncan) Fall 2015 Nursing
Emily Hallgarth Summer 2014 Art
Entered Fall 2010
Student Semester Academic Program
Sophia (Sands) Buckman Spring 2014 Music
Tracy Hughes Spring 2013 Pre-vet
Shelby Nix Spring 2014 Biomedical Science
Ashley Parker Spring 2013 English
Jeanette Sands Spring 2014 Chemistry
Ian Troub Fall 2013 Communications
Jacob White Fall 2013 Wildlife Management
Entered Spring 2010
Student Semester Academic Program
Amber Dayhare Spring 2013 Mathematics/Physics
Seth Gaston Summer 2013 Economics
Chelsea Gray Spring 2013 History
Nikki Hudson (Wilson) Spring 2012 Biology
Alexandria Wright Spring 2013 Biology
Entered Fall 2009
Student Semester Academic Program
Rebecca Ator Spring 2013 Mathematics
Ryan Cheek Spring 2013 History/Political Science
Jaylan (Moore) Roan Spring 2014 Music
Entered Spring 2009
Student Semester Academic Program
Carlee Olson Fall 2012 Music
Angela Reppa Fall 2011 Mathematics
Melissa Rose Fall 2011 English
Entered Fall 2008
Student Semester Academic Program
Caroline Cavin Summer 2011 Psychology
Caitlyn Cooper Fall 2011 Agronomy & Range Management
Cletus Fuhrmann Spring 2012 Physics
Shayla (Priddy) Hoffman Spring 2012 Mathematics
Briana Jamison Fall 2011 Pre-vet
Ashlee Noblin Spring 2011 Management
Rachel Offutt Summer 2011 Fashion Merchandising
Sara (Uptergrove) Roberts Spring 2012 Interdisciplinary Studies
Natalie Rose Spring 2013 Music
TraeAnn Schlemmer Fall 2011 Ag. Economics
Jacob Wright Spring 2013 Music
Sarah Zeisler Spring 2012 Pre-vet
Entered Spring 2008
Student Semester Academic Program
Luisa Cossio Van Marweijk Fall 2011 Political Science/Spanish
Shelby East Spring 2011 Pre-vet
Jackie Reynolds Summer 2010 Economics
Rijo Santhosh Summer 2011 Computer Science/Chemistry
Sarah (Martin) Swofford Spring 2010 Psychology
Julie Vrazel May 2010 Ag Services & Development
Entered Fall 2007
Student Semester Academic Program
Aimee Ayton Fall 2010 Mathematics
Kaylie Carrico Summer 2011 Theatre
Lauren Darling Spring 2011 History
Douglas Knauth Fall 2010 Computer Information Systems
Jillian (Dean) McAngus Fall 2010 Biomedical Science
James Peiskee Fall 2011 Mathematics
Jessica Woodard Spring 2011 History
Entered Spring 2007
Student Semester Academic Program
Lydia Colvin Spring 2010 Spanish
Entered Fall 2006
Student Semester Academic Program
Amanda (Couch) Allen Fall 2009 Geoscience
Sarah (Barmore) Byrd Spring 2010 Horticulture
Crystal (Sims) Ceynowa Fall 2009 English
Zane Christian Spring 2010 Ag Economics
Kaylyn Howard Spring 2008 Music
Rachael (Crouch) Mayfield Spring 2010 Biology
Rebecca (Frazier) Puckett Fall 2009 English
Sarah (Wells) Warren Spring 2010 Interdisciplinary Studies
Entered Spring 2006
Student Semester Academic Program
Bailey Pearson Spring 2009 English
Entered Fall 2005
Student Semester Academic Program
Megan (Chrismon) Becker May 2009 Interdisciplinary Studies
Aileen (Blum) Farrar May 2009 English
Kimberly Fehlis May 2008 Spanish/Biomedical Science
Jedidiah Gohlke May 2009 Mathematics
Rebecca (Garrett) Harris May 2010 Art
Jessica (Moorhouse) Hutchinson May 2009 Accounting
Will Mayfield December 2009 Mathematics/English
Katrina (Windham) Phillips December 2008 Business
Kevin Woller May 2009 Engineering Physics
Entered Spring 2005
Student Semester Academic Program
Amanda McWhirt December 2007 Horticulture
Entered Fall 2004
Student Semester Academic Program
Adrian Dunson May 2008 Chemistry
Jessica Farrar May 2008 English
Cassie (Cox) Honolka May 2008 Biology
Lindsay (Wright) Hope May 2008 Communications
Jennifer (Dalecki) Kelly December 2007 Biology
Jennifer (Young) Kiser December 2007 Mathematics
Amanda (Vineyard) Pogue May 2008 Exercise & Sports Studies
Garrett Rosser December 2007 Biomedical Science
Rachel (Howell) Thiel August 2008 Finance
Melissa (Gilbert) Vaughn May 2007 Mathematics
Trevin Vaughn May 2007 Economics/Management
Elizabeth Watson May 2008 Biology
Entered Spring 2004
Student Semester Academic Program
Hannah Scott May 2007 Political Science
Entered Fall 2003
Student Semester Academic Program
Kelly Anderson May 2006 Psychology
Ashley Burnham August 2007 Animal Science
Tara (Clary) Cully December 2006 Animal Biology
Kellie Dodson May 2007 Biomedical Science
Matthew Gilbert May 2007 Engineering Physics
Marlow (Robitaille) Griggs May 2007 Biomedical Science
Megan (Williams) May December 2006 Interdisciplinary Studies
Alyssa (Hardy) Motley December 2007 Biology
Stephen Myers May 2007 Engineering Physics
Amanda Odiorne May 2007 Nursing
Marie Skaggs May 2007 Nursing
Heather (Gamblin) Thompson May 2007 Interdisciplinary Studies
Entered Fall 2002
Student Semester Academic Program
Joseph Gilbert May 2006 Engineering Physics
Kallen Hayes December 2006 Horticulture
Aeliya (Jafri) Jaffar May 2005 Biology
Cassi (Rowland) Jones August 2007 Music
Adeliade Odoteye May 2005 Accounting
Mica (Hassler) Parsons May 2006 Theatre
Leslie Raddatz May 2006 Interdisciplinary Studies
Evan Stenmark May 2006 Engineering Physics
Eileen Stock May 2005 Mathematics
Stephanie (Trevino) Taylor May 2006 Mathematics
Brandie (Allen) Wolf May 2006 Geoscience
Entered Fall 2010
Student Semester Academic Program
Kimberly (Oosten) Byford May 2004 Marketing
Margaret (Peggy) (Neill) Cagle May 2005 Geoscience
Laura Clark August 2003 Biology
Amanda (Baulch) Johnson December 2004 English
David (Chase) Kincannon May 2004 History
Sheena Lewis December 2004 Criminal Justice
Erika (Dean) Peters May 2005 Mathematics
Entered Fall 2000
Student Semester Academic Program
Julie Allen December 2004 Nursing
Desiree Beauchamp May 2003 English
Kristina (Heinsen) Guess May 2004 Political Science
Patricia (Henley) Hernandez May 2003 Ag. Services & Development
Sabina Landeros May 2003 Political Science
Jana (Farrill) Morrelli May 2004 Marketing
Tiffany Nations December 2004 Biology
Melissa (Owens) Reasoner May 2004 Marketing
Jonathan Schneider May 2004 Management
Heather (Harris) Smith December 2005 Music
Cheryl (Beeler) Stenmark August 2003 Psychology
Benjamin Swaim May 2004 Political Science/Economics
Karla Tschirhart May 2004 Accounting
Kelli (Gaither) Wakefield December 2004 Geoscience
Entered Fall 1999
Student Semester Academic Program
Liana (Stone) Bramlett May 2003 Music
Nikki (Harris) Groth May 2003 Interdisciplinary Studies
Elizabeth (Bolden) Howe December 2003 Interdisciplinary Studies
Johnathan Jones May 2003 Music
Mason Kuettel May 2003 Mathematics
Jennifer (Tucker) Lestico December 2002 Biology
Emmeken Otte May 2003 Animal Biology/Chemistry
Entered Fall 1998
Student Semester Academic Program
John Hughes August 2002 Psychology/Spanish
Jason Mogonye May 2002 Animal Biology
Entered Fall 1997
Student Semester Academic Program
Kristi (Slaughter) Boyd May 2001 Mathematics
Robert Brown December 2000 Computer Information Systems
Amber (Dawson) Lesley December 2000 Animal Biology
Nathan Lesley December 2000 Animal Biology
Dana (Harris) Manning August 2000 Biology
Esther (Allen) White August 2000 Dietetics
Entered Fall 1996
Student Semester Academic Program
Trina Geye August 1999 Psychology
Jennifer (Till) Henry December 2001 Nursing
Charles Manning May 2000 Chemistry
Joelle (Naccache) Ogletree December 1999 English
Julie Seifert May 2000 Mathematics
Jylyce (Venable) Staples May 2001 Music
Shannon (Pittman) Turner May 2000 English
Entered Fall 1995
Student Semester Academic Program
Angela (Stahlecker) Roberson May 2000 Biology
Entered Fall 1994
Student Semester Academic Program
Keith Ballentine August 1997 Chemistry/Math
Lonnie Hammonds December 1998 Chemistry
Adam Smith December 1998 Accounting/English
Entered Fall 1993
Student Semester Academic Program
Crystell (Anz) Billman May 1997 Animal Biology
David Boyanton December 1997 Mathematics
Pauline (Truesdale) Couch December 1998 Biology
Deirdra Dufault May 1996 Biology
Tony Landes May 1997 Industrial Technology
Heather Wright May 1997 Animal Science
Entered Fall 1992
Student Semester Academic Program
Dusty Maston May 1996 Chemistry
Jason Power May 1996 Music
Jennifer Richardson December 1995 History/Government
Entered Fall 1991
Student Semester Academic Program
Amy (Hofsommer) Engelberg May 1994 Finance
Wayne Keith May 1995 Physics
Dawn Sand May 1994 Animal Science
Entered Fall 1990
Student Semester Academic Program
Noble Acuff December 1992 English
Rhett Guthrie May 1994 Mathematics
Kevin Hunt May 1994 Chemistry
Amy (Neeb) Norman May 1994 Communications
Michael Waid May 1994 Computer Information Systems
Mark Washington August 1993 Human Resource Management
Entered Fall 1989
Student Semester Academic Program
Monty Ray May 1993 Computer Information Systems
Tommy Richardson May 1993 English
Brent Rosenquist August 1993 Chemistry
Renee (Boles) Seals May 1993 Biology
Entered Fall 1988
Student Semester Academic Program
David Bixler May 1992 Physics
Amy (Landry) Kaarlela August 1992 Hydrology & Water Resources
Kimberly (Kraatz) Leaverton December 1991 English
Lisa Lopez-Camarillo May 1992 Biology
Sherri (Simmons) Rogers May 1992 History
Entered Fall 1987
Student Semester Academic Program
Natalie (Adcock) Boyd May 1991 English
Rebecca (Bullock) Gattis December 1992 Government
Bradley Kinney December 1991 Exercise & Sports Studies
Entered Fall 1986
Student Semester Academic Program
Monica (Wilson) Henderson December 1990 Mathematics
James Parkey May 1990 Biology
Toni (Randall) Rhodes May 1991 Accounting/CIS
Tommie Stilwell May 1990 Animal Science
Tracy Totten August 1990 Mathematics
Entered Fall 1985
Student Semester Academic Program
Laurie (Harveson) Barker May 1990 Exercise & Sports Studies
Joy (Jorgensen) Bowen December 1988 Interdisciplinary Studies
Toni (Johnson) Christian May 1989 Accounting
Rachel (Howell) Coffman May 1989 General Business
William Crews December 1989 Accounting
Thomas Fleischer May 1989 History
Lori Hicks December 1989 Biology
Greg Lancaster December 1988 Mathematics
Jennifer (Stuart) Tiller December 1989 English
Scott Walker May 1989 Music