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The Texas A&M University System Outsourcing Study

On September 28, 2012, Texas A&M University System Chancellor, John Sharp, announced to system regional university presidents the hiring of Phillip Ray to assist the regional universities with operational assessments and determine if outsourcing can bring greater efficiencies to campus services such as dining, catering, grounds, maintenance and custodial services. Tarleton’s Vice President Tye Minckler and Vice President Rusty Jergins met with divisional employees from these service areas and collected feedback that will be helpful to the leadership as the study progresses. This web page will serve as a portal of information and announcements for employees regarding the outsourcing study

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This area will be updated as questions are submitted or as information becomes available.

  1. What service areas are being considered for outsourcing?
    Answer: Environmental Services, Grounds, and Maintenance. Tarleton currently outsources Bookstore and Dining Services. 
  2. What is the timeline for the study and when will I know if my job will be outsourced?
    Answer: The System sent a request to Tarleton on October 1, 2012 asking for information about Tarleton’s insurance, pay and leave benefits. This information was due back to the System by October 25, 2012. Tarleton is not sure how fast or slow the study will progress, but administrators will keep employees informed as more information is gained. 
  3. What will happen to my TRS Service if I am not eligible to retire and how will my retirement transition?
    Answer: At the point of separation from Tarleton, your current retirement account will remain with the Teacher’s Retirement System (TRS). If you do not meet the TRS retirement eligibility rules, but are vested with five years of TRS creditable service, you may leave your account intact and retire from TRS at the time in the future that you meet the eligibility rules. Your TRS retirement account must be left intact. If you withdraw the money from your TRS account, you will forfeit retirement benefits and will only receive a payment for the amount of your contributions into the TRS account plus applicable interest. If you withdraw your account instead of retiring, you will not receive the employer contribution.
  4. Will I be paid my TAMUS vacation balance?
    Answer: Unused vacation leave at the time your employment ends with Tarleton State University, will be
    paid to you. Employees with less than six months of state service at the time of separation will not be eligible for the payout.
  5. Will I be paid for the balance of my overtime?
    Answer: You will be paid for the balance of your federal comp time which was time earned when you worked more than 40 hours in a work week. You must use the remaining balance of your state comp which was time earned when your work time plus paid leave or holidays total more than 40 hours in a work week. If your state comp time is not used, you will lose it. Work with your supervisor to get approval, if possible, to use any state comp time before your employment ends with Tarleton.
  6. What will happen with my TAMUS tax saver?
    Answer: If the transition happens mid-year, you can be reimbursed for eligible claims incurred before terminating from the plan unless you elect to continue making contributions for the remainder of the plan year through COBRA. If the transition happens at the end of this fiscal year, you may submit claims through November 15, 2013.
  7. Will me or my dependents still be eligible for the Employee Spouse/Child scholarship?
    Answer: No. Tarleton Employee Spouse/Child Scholarship is only available to Tarleton employees budgeted at 50% or more.
  8. What about Tarleton email account access? Using wi-fi?
    Answer: This question is currently under investigation by university officials.
  9. If I am within 2 years of retirement and decide to stay with Tarleton, does everything stay the same...vacation, benefits, etc.?
    Answer: Yes.
  10. What happens if I don’t pass the background check being done by Compass?
    Answer: At TAMU, results were reviewed on a case by case basis for appropriate resolution.
  11. What happens to student workers?
    Answer: At TAMU, Student workers were also employed by SCC/Compass Group.
  12. Can I use sick leave toward buying an additional year of service under TRS?
    Answer: Employees with 50 days or 400 hours of accumulated state sick leave may purchase one year of TRS service credit provided they are eligible to retire without purchasing the year. The cost to purchase the year is the actuarial present value of the increased standard annuity benefit resulting from the additional year. Employees should contact TRS directly at 1-800-223-8778 to request a bill and discuss steps to payment for the amount of your contributions into the TRS account plus applicable interest.
  13. Will I still have access to the Tarleton pool and Rec Center?
    Answer: Access to the Sports Rec Center is being investigated by university officials. The Tarleton swimming pool will continue to be available to the public at public rates.
  14. Who represents us (facilities workers)?
    Answer: Tye Minckler and Rusty Jergins represent the group to the President. They will make sure there is no bias in that representation.

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