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Political Science Internet Resources

Christy Tabors

This page contains links to web sites outside of Tarleton.

The links are provided as a convenience for research.

Tarleton has no control over, and is not responsible for the content found on external sites.

Please contact the subject-specialist librarian if you have research questions, would like library instruction, or have material purchase requests.

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Political science subcategories:


Avalon Project - The mission of this Yale University project is to archive law, history, economics, politics, diplomacy and government documents. The site is divided into pre-18th century, 18th century, 19th century and 20th century documents, with an emphasis on, but not limited to Western and American historical documents. The site includes: the Athenian Constitution, Rights of Man, Communist Manifesto, the U2 Incident, and a large collection of World War II documents.

Archive It -

Government Information - From the University of Texas General Libraries, this site includes links to: agencies, executive branch, courts, Congress, major databases, historic US documents, other sites, Texas, local and state, foreign, and international agencies.

Law Library of Congress - includes U. S. law as well as laws of other countries and multinational law.

Richard Kimber's Political Science Resources - From the University of Keele, UK, this site is nearly comprehensive in its coverage of global politics and government.


Chiefs of State and Cabinet Members of Foreign Governments - A directory of heads of state and more, around the world, updated weekly.

CIA Publications - Access the CIA publications: The World Factbook, Factbook on Intelligence, Chiefs of State and Cabinet Members of Foreign Governments, Handbook of International Economic Statistics, Intelligence in the War of Independence, The Balkans Regional Atlas and more.

CIA World Factbook - An excellent overview of countries from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, including information on flags, geography, people, government, economy, transportation, communication, and defense. Contains summary profiles of individual countries, with maps and current information.

The Electronic Embassy - This site has links to foreign embassies on the Web, information from the Washington DC community, business and trade organizations, information on US Federal Executive agencies, Congressional foreign affairs personalities, committees and issues and international and non governmental organizations involved in foreign affairs.

Political Database of the Americas - This award winning project of Georgetown University's Resource Unit on Democratic Governability at the Center for Latin American Studies, the Unit for the Promotion of Democracy of the organization of American States (OAS), and the Canadian Foundation for the Americas (FOCAL) tends to emphasize Latin American politics, but all of the Americas are covered. Get general information, elections, government branches, political parties, international affairs, and miscellaneous political data on each country, in your choice of English, French, Spanish or Portuguese. Note: Some of the links may be to Spanish language only sites; dates of coverage vary.

Political Maps of the World - Offers "general" and "peacekeeping" maps prepared by the U. N. Cartographic Section.

Political Parties - From the University of Keele, UK, this searchable page lists political parties around the world.

United Nations - The UN has created a site rich in international information, including peace and security, economic and social development, international law, human rights, and humanitarian affairs information, as well as UN news and UN documents.

   U. N. Statistics Division- Latest statistics from the United Nations.

U. S. Department of State - This first-rate resource includes: Policy- Hot Issues, Topics, Remarks, Testimonies and Briefings, Publications and Digital Diplomacy for Students; Services- Visitor Information, Travel, Business, Per Diem Rates, Living Overseas, Career Opportunities and Employee Services; Regions- Regional Affairs and US Missions, The Department- Secretary of State, Organization and People, Directory and Event Calendar; and Outreach- Secretary of State, Press Briefings, Speeches and Testimonies, Publications, Press Statements, and Town Meetings.

World Political Documents

Worldwide Election Guide - covers all national-level presidential, parliamentary, and legislative elections. It also has information on important national referenda. Other elections (e.g., local, municipal, mayoral) may also be occasionally included.

Worldwide Parliaments Database - general information on each of the Parliament's chambers, including a description of the electoral system, the results of the most recent elections, information on the presidency of each Chamber, and information on the mandate and status of members of Parliament.


Political Theory

Economic Policy Institute - a nonprofit, nonpartisan think tank that seeks to broaden the public debate about strategies to achieve a prosperous and fair economy.

Institute for War and Peace Reporting - an independent educational charity that supports democratization and development in crisis zones by providing an international platform, professional training and financial assistance to independent media, human rights activists and other democratic voices.


Elections - From the Office of the Secretary of State, get the latest on Texas elections, including results, upcoming elections, election forms, state and district elected officials, laws and procedures and more.

Texas Constitution - From the Texas Legislative Council and West Publishing
Company, get the text of the constitution.

Texas House of Representatives - Get information on the Speaker of the House, committees, legislation, house membership, or listen to live or archived RealAudio broadcasts of Committee Meetings

Texas Judicial Server - Courts of the State, including the Supreme Court of Texas, Court of Criminal Appeals and Appellate Courts. Also included: Support Organizations, Special Notices and Additional Information.

Texas Legislature Online - From the Texas Legislature, this site includes links to: Texas Senate, Texas House of Representatives, Lieutenant Governor, Speaker of the House, Legislative Budget Board, Legislative Reference Library, State Auditor's Office, Sunset Advisory Commission, The 75th Legislature, searchable bills and more.

Texas Senate - Take a virtual tour of the capitol or view images; access FAQs or the Citizen's Handbook; get committee and agenda information; or get information on the Lieutenant Governor and Senators.

Vernon's Texas Statutes - From the Texas Legislative Council and West Publishing Company, get the text of all of the statutes.

United States

Biographical Directory of the U. S. Congress - contains congressional biographies, 1774 to the present.

The Charters of Freedom - From the National Archives and Records Administration, view images of the original documents, and read the The Declaration of Independence, The Constitution, The Bill of Rights, and the Magna Carta.

Congressional Research Service Report - from the University of North Texas

Core Documents of U. S. Democracy - "The basic Federal Government documents that define our democratic society," including the constitution, the bill of rights, selected Supreme Court decisions, the budget, census catalog, and the US Government Manual.

Democratic National Committee - From the Democratic Party, includes a national calendar of events, Democratic National Committee information, Democratic Party history and more.

FirstGov - This site, which consolidates 20,000 government Web sites, allows Internet users to search for government information by topic.

GPO Access - A great resource for government information on the Internet, it includes access to documents form: Bureau of Land Management, Budget of the United States Government, Fiscal Year 1998, CBDNet (Commerce Business Daily), Congress of the United States, Department of Interior, Office of Inspector General, Food and Drug Administration, General Accounting Office, National Archives and Records Administration's Office of the Federal Register, Office of Technology Assessment, and more.

Guide to United States Law - Part of the GLIN, Guide to Law Online project, this guide includes US Constitution & legal system, US code & federal legislative process, US executive agencies & regulations, US law, US court & decisions, US states & territories, US criminal justice system, US law reviews online, NAFTA, Native Americans, other US Law guides & lists, and general reference sources for the US.

Historic File of Supreme Court Decisions - This searchable site is part of FedWorld and archives the full text of Supreme Court opinions dating from 1937 through 1975. There are also links to other sites which archive Supreme Court decisions.

Library of Congress' Official Federal Government Web Sites - Includes links to executive offices and agencies, independent agencies, boards, commissions and committees, quasi-official agencies, as well as the judicial and legislative branches.

Meet The Mayors - Includes photos, city population, phone and fax numbers, next election dates, email addresses, and a link to the relevant city's Website.

National Political Index - Divided into 32 categories, this site is virtually comprehensive in its coverage of US political and government resources, including: hourly political headlines, federal elected officials, state and local officials, tracking congressional legislation, voting booths and polls, on-line political magazines, political newsgroups, political think tanks, reporters' resources and even political humor.

Republican National Committee - From the Republican Party, includes Republican National Committee information, the GOP Newsstand and more.

RollCall - The people, politics, and process of the U.S. Congress, including major news stories that the big-city dailies miss.

Roper Center for Public Opinion Research Public Opinion Matters - access to information from polls about the U. S. Government, economic, social and other important topics.

State Statutes on the Internet - From the Legal Information Institute, browse by topic.

Thomas Legislative Information on the Internet - The Library of Congress' excellent site for finding US legislative information. Coverage includes: Floor Activities - House and Senate, Major Legislation, Enacted into law, Bill Summary & Status, Bill Text, Public Laws By Law Number and much more.

U. S. Elections

  • Congressional History - official vote counts for federal elections, collected and published by the Clerk of the House; contains official vote counts for federal elections from the official sources among the various states and territories.
  • Electoral College- a variety of information and statistics on presidential elections,past and present:
  • Historical voting tables - contains registration and voter turnout rates for the total civilian noninstitutional population of the U. S., including noncitizens; since 1966.
  • American National Election Studies - high quality data on voting, public opinion, and political participation that serve the research needs of social scientists, teachers, students, policy makers and journalists concerned with the theoretical and empirical foundations of mass politics in a democratic society.

U.S. Government Information - From the Government Printing Office. Contains the full-text of the Congressional Record, Congressional Bills, Public Laws, Federal Register, GAO Reports, and the United States Code. Dates of coverage vary.

U. S. House of Representatives

U. S. Senate

White House Policies and Initiatives - From the White House, this excellent resource has information about the various issues facing the U. S.