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Reference Internet Resources

Jodie Baker

This page contains links to web sites outside of Tarleton.

The links are provided as a convenience for research.

Tarleton has no control over, and is not responsible for the content found on external sites.

Please contact the subject-specialist librarian if you have research questions, would like library instruction, or have material purchase requests.

Christy Tabors
Reference Department - Office 110C
phone: 254-968-1895

Help is also available by using the Ask a Librarian page, emailing, calling (254) 968-9249, or coming into the library.

Reference subcategories:

General Reference - This is an automatic converter for different kinds of measurements such as: torque, power, frequency, speed, sizes, cooking, computer storage, currency, and more. - The Internet Dictionary - an online dictionary of Internet terms, it contains thousands of words and definitions that describe the online world of business, technology, and communication. Including a large collection of Chat Acronyms and Smilieys, NetLingo is also available as a book. - This site has a first-rate collection of reference links, including dictionaries, atlases, almanacs, facts, thesauri, quotations and much more.

TexasOnline - the official Texas state web site.


Information Please Almanac - The online version of the print publication. Restrict search to general almanac, entertainment, sports, dictionary, encyclopedia, all sources (default), or browse the subject categories.

The Old Farmer's Almanac - Get Today in History, Today in Weather History, Advice of the Day, Question of the Day, Gardening Advice, Cooking Tips, Weekly Wisdom, Tide Info and much more.

Texas Almanac - the home to anything and everything about Texas.

Biography - from the Biography Channel this site has over 20,000 brief entries. Browse the alphabetical listing or perform a search.

Distinguished Women of Past and Present - An award winning site with links to biographies of women of note through the ages.

Internet Movie Database Advanced Name Search - Search for biographies on people in the movie industry.

Monarchs of Britain - Monarchs are covered with brief biographies from 802 AD, to current.

The Nobel Prize Internet Archive - This commercial site lists links to Nobel Prize winners in a alphabetical listing, or access the winners by subject category.

POTUS - From the Internet Public Library, POTUS (Presidents of the United States) this site includes not only links to biographies, but also to historical information, audio and video files.

The Presidents of the United States - From the White House, biographies on US presidents, past and present.

The Prime Ministers - Part of the larger the Britannia history web site, get brief biographies on Prime Ministers of Great Britain, from Sir Robert Walpole (1721-1742) to the current Prime Minister.

WebMuseum Artist Index - Each artist page includes a brief biography, significant contributions and graphic files of the artist's work.

Colleges and universities

College Rankings - From US News, get rankings by: National and Regional, Top Public Schools, Special Rankings, Unranked Specialty Schools, Ranked Specialty Programs, State-by-State Rankings, and Rank-O-Rama.

CollegeSource Online - Part of the larger subscription Career Guidance Foundation web site, this page is a free service that allows users to search for US colleges and get profile information. Note: Online catalogs are available to subscribers only.

US News Education - From US News, this site has a wealth of information on college. Choose from: Get Into College, Beyond College, Financial Aid, Alt.Campus or search for information on a specific school. Also includes the latest US News college and graduate school rankings.

ETSNET - Get information on AP, GMAT, GRE, SAT, TOEFL, the PRAXIS series, financial aid and colleges.

Graduate School Rankings - From US News, get graduate school rankings by degrees.

Peterson' - Find out what colleges offer which degree programs.

Princeton Review Online - Access information by selecting: Go to College, Go to Grad-School, Be a Doctor, Be a Lawyer, Get a Career, Go to B-School. From there, get the relevant information, such as college admissions, rankings, testings and more. - This nearly comprehensive award winning commercial site includes information on study abroad programs, consumer information, chat forum, related links and more, but perhaps of most interest, the handbook, which covers information on cultural differences, health, safety, legalities, credit, costs and more.

Consumer information

Best Hospitals - US News ranks the best hospitals in the US, as well as the best hospitals for 12 different specialty areas. 

Better Business Bureau - Locate your local BBB, get information on current scams, alerts and news, access business and charity reports, and access the BBB library of publications, which includes items like Tips for Consumers: Buying Computers By Mail.

c|net Reviews - From c|net, get reviews and comparisons of computers and peripherals.

Consumer Reports Online - The online version of the print publication, general information is free, the actual reports are available by subscription only.

Consumer World - This site has nearly comprehensive links to consumer news, agencies, resources and more.

Edmund's Automobile Buyer's Guides - The online version of the print publication, get information on new and used vehicles, see road test results, get buyer's advice and more.

Kelley Blue Book - The online version of the print publication, get used and new car values. 

Publications.USA.Gov - serves as a central source of information about federal government publications helpful to citizens. Publications are free when available.


Copyright and Fair Use - From the Stanford University Libraries, FindLaw, and the Council on Library Resources. Find information on: Primary Materials; Current Legislation, Cases and Issues; Resources on the Internet; and Overview of Copyright Law.

Copyright Society of the USA - Get information on: Statutory and Legislative Materials, Case Law and Courts, U.S. Government Sites, International Agreements and Treaties, Organizations and Associations, Licensing Organizations, General Copyright and Licensing Information and more.

The Copyright Website - All about copyrights, including famous Hollywood infringements, the basics of copyright, Internet and software issues, fair use and more.

Crash Course in Copyright - From UT Austin, like it says, a crash course. The site is organized into details, background, and outside references.

Ten Big Myths about Copyright Explained - Myths about copyright and the Internet, such as "If it doesn't have a copyright notice, it's not copyrighted."

Title 17 of the US Code - Based at Cornell's Legal Information Institute, get the text of the US copyright code.

United States Copyright Office - From the Library of Congress, an excellent resource on copyright. Find copyright basics, the law, forms, pending legislation and much more.


Britannica Online - an excellent source of information online.

The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy - Maintained at Stanford University, this site has an editorial board from Universities around the world. This site is still under construction, but the topics that are currently covered, such as category theory and pantheism, have impressive in-depth information.

Financial Aid

College Board's MyRoad - Graduate and undergraduate scholarship search. 

FAFSA - From the US Department of Education, you can now apply for the Free Application for Federal Student Aid online! Select FAFSA on the Web to apply online, FAFSA Express to download software that allows the user to apply electronically, or The FAFSA Form in PDF, which allows user to print out a form to be mailed in. Note: Read the browser information to see if your browser is compatible with FAFSA on the Web. This is affected by browser version as well as type of security on browser.

fastWEB! - Personalized scholarship search primarily for undergraduates. 

Financial Aid for Students - From the US Office of Postsecondary Education, get financial aid information.

Foundation Center - This excellent resource is an independent nonprofit information clearinghouse established in 1956. The Center's mission is to foster public understanding of the foundation field by collecting, organizing, analyzing, and disseminating information on foundations, corporate giving, and related subjects.

Scholarship Scams - Information about scholarship scams.

Student Guide - From the U.S.. Department of Education, get helpful information on loans and scholarships.

Government Information

Congressional Directory - A search engine for Congressional information.  

FedWorld - Search federal government sites as well as read the latest reports from government agencies.

GPO FDSys - A great resource for government information on the Internet, it includes access to documents form: Bureau of Land Management, Budget of the United States Government, Fiscal Year 1998, CBDNet (Commerce Business Daily), Congress of the United States, Department of Interior, Office of Inspector General, Food and Drug Administration, General Accounting Office, National Archives and Records Administration's Office of the Federal Register, Office of Technology Assessment, and more.

Library of Congress' Official Federal Government Web Sites - Includes links to executive offices and agencies, independent agencies, boards, commissions and committees, quasi-official agencies, as well as the judicial and legislative branches.

National Archives and Record Administration - Search for information on "historically valuable records" of the Federal Government as well as the Federal Register and the U.S.. Government Manual.

National Criminal Justice Reference Service (NCJRS) - is a federally funded resource offering justice and substance abuse information to support research, policy, and program development worldwide.

NAICS - Government classification of industries useful for searching other resources for business information.

Texas State and Local Government on the Net - Links for Local City and State Resources, Statewide Offices, Legislative Branch, etc.

US Department of State - Information on foreign policy, foreign business, and travel advisories for foreign travel.

Handbooks, guides, and Manuals

CIA World Factbook- A CIA publication, this site gives an excellent overview of countries from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, including information on flag and map, geography, people, government, economy, transportation, communication, and defense.

Merck Manuals -as part of that effort, continues to proudly provide all of The Merck Manuals on a not-for-profit basis as a service to the community. Additionally, The Merck Manual, The Merck Manual of Medical Information--Second Home Edition, The Merck Manual of Geriatrics, The Merck Manual of Health & Aging, and The Merck Veterinary Manual are available on Merck's internet site at

Occupational Outlook Handbook- From the U.S.. Department of Labor. Great source for information about career information by occupation.


Amendments to the Constitution - Read the full text from the National Archives.

The Bill of Rights - Read the full text from Cornell Law School.

Code of Federal Regulations - Search the Code of Federal Regulations from GPO Access.

The Constitution of the United States - choose to read the Constitution in different formats from the Law Library of Congress.

EPA Laws & Regulations - Get Regulations and Proposed Rules, Codified Regulations and Legislation.

Federal Rules of Evidence - From the Legal Information Institute, this site contains the bulk of the Rules, and includes: definitions of terms as used in sections of the Rules, Impeachment by Evidence of Conviction of Crime, Disclosure of Facts or Data Underlying Expert Opinion and more.

GLIN, Guide to Law Online - This guide by the US Law Library of Congress is composed of guides to the US, Nations of the World and Multi-national & International Legal Sources.

Guide to Nations of the World - Part of the GLIN, Guide to Law Online project, this guide covers nations & some associated jurisdictions, from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe.

Guide to Multinational & International Sources - Part of the GLIN, Guide to Law Online project, this guide includes Abstracts of Laws of Many Nations, Political System & Economics, International Organizations, Government Officials, Human Rights/Civil Rights, and International & Comparative Law Reviews.

Guide to United States Law - Part of the GLIN, Guide to Law Online project, this guide includes US Constitution & legal system, US code & federal legislative process, US executive agencies & regulations, US law, US court & decisions, US states & territories, US criminal justice system, US law reviews online, NAFTA, Native Americans, other US Law guides & lists, and general reference sources for the US.

Historic File of Supreme Court Decisions - This searchable site is part of FedWorld and archives the full text of Supreme Court opinions dating from 1937 through 1975. There are also links to other sites which archive Supreme Court decisions.

International Law - From the United Nations, get information on The International Court of Justice, Law of the Sea, Codification, Development and Promotion of International Law, Treaties, International Trade Law, International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY). - From the New York Law Publishing Company, this excellent resource has links to decisions of the US Supreme Court, statutes, regulations, related links, and recent articles from New York Law Publishing Company publications.

Public Laws - Search Public Laws from the National Archives and Records Administration.

State Law, State Government & Legislative Info - From the Washburn Law School, enter search terms or browse by state.

State Statutes on the Internet - From the Legal Information Institute, browse by topic.

Supreme Court Decisions - Recent and selected historical case decisions, plus biographies of current justices.

Thomas Legislative Information on the Internet - The Library of Congress' excellent site for finding US legislative information. Coverage includes: Floor Activities - House and Senate, Major Legislation, Enacted into law, Bill Summary & Status, Bill Text, Public Laws By Law Number and much more.

United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime- This resource includes country-specific information, international statistics and research sources, constitutions, treaties, laws, court decisions, links to other relevant sites and more. Documents on site include Minimum Rules for the Treatment of Prisoners, Annex to Resolution on Measures Against International Terrorism and more.

United States Code - Get the text of the code from Cornell University.


National Atlas of the United States - make your own map by theme or by geographic area of the United States.

National Map - from the USGS.

The Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection - This map world-renowned map collection at the University of Texas, Austin has put many of their maps online, including maps of: Africa, Americas, Asia, Australia and the Pacific, Europe, Middle East, Polar Regions and Oceans, Russia and the Former Soviet Republics, United States (more than 300 maps), Texas, Texas Counties, The World, World Cities, and Historical Maps. Also of interest are the Electronic Cartographic Reference Resources, which includes links to online gazetteers, distance calculators, time zones, sun and moon rise/set calculators, map projections, bibliographies, glossaries and guides.


Periodic Table of the Elements - This site was developed by the Chemical Science and Technology Division of Los Alamos National Laboratory. Covering elements from hydrogen to element 110, the color coded chart shows which family of elements each belongs to. Click on an element to find out its history, sources, forms, compounds, uses, isotopes and costs (where known). The source materials used are the CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics and the American Chemical Society.

Zip Code Finder -from the USPS.


Best Places to Live in America - From CNN/Money Magazine, criteria used to rate cities in the US include weather, crime, quality of life, and economy.

Tour Texas - gateway of Texas travel.

Phone Numbers

Internet 800 Directory - Comprehensive listing of 800 and 888 phone numbers.

SuperPages - Locate businesses across the US and view a map of its location.

Switchboard - Find people in the US by name, city and state are optional.

The Ultimate White Pages - From InfoSpace, search for names, Email addresses, Net phones, or for celebrities.

The Ultimate Yellow Pages - From InfoSpace, search for businesses by category, name, for a near address, or for a map.


Bartlett's Quotations - Searchable 1901 edition of the famous quotations book.


American FactFinder - American FactFinder is your source for population, housing, economic and geographic information.

Bureau of Labor Statistics - Current statistics about employment and the economy.

Bureau of Justice Statistics - This excellent government resource offers information on: crimes and victims; drugs and crime; criminal offenders; the justice system; law enforcement; prosecution; courts and sentencing; corrections; links to other crime and justice resources; and much more. Of special interest are the many documents archived here, such as: The World Factbook of Criminal Justice Systems; Bureau of Justice Statistics Fiscal Year 1996: At a Glance; and Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics.

Bureau of Transportation Statistics - Statistics and information on all aspects of transportation from bicycles to airplanes.

Consumer Price Index - From the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Statistical Abstract of the US - The most commonly requested data about the population, compiled from US census. New data is no longer collected as of 2012.

Tax Stats- From the IRS, get statistics on individuals (summary information on many individuals combined, not specific individuals), corporations, partnerships, excise taxes an more. Available in Lotus or Excel spreadsheets.

White House - From the White House, this excellent resource has press releases and briefings from today, this week and White House Virtual Library for older material, current issues and events, and economic, social statistics and federal statistics.


Official US Time - This public service is cooperatively provided by the two time agencies of the United States: a Department of Commerce agency, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), and its military counterpart, the U. S. Naval Observatory (USNO).

World Clock - Current local time in cities worldwide, in all time zones with Daylight Saving Time accounted for.

World Time Zone -- Presented on maps for specific regional locations in both 12-hour (am/pm) format and 24-hour format, provides local time for over 35,000 locations (representing all countries) around the World.