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Rural Living Internet Resources

Jodee Tennyson

This page contains links to web sites outside of Tarleton.

The links are provided as a convenience for research.

Tarleton has no control over, and is not responsible for the content found on external sites.

Please contact the subject-specialist librarian if you have research questions, would like library instruction, or have material purchase requests.

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Rural living subcategories:


Center for Rural Affairs - a private, non-profit organization, is working to strengthen small businesses, family farms and ranches, and rural communities.

National Rural Education Association - is the oldest established national organization of its kind in the United States. Formerly known as the REA, the Association traces its origins back to 1907 when it was originally founded as the Department of Rural Education.

Rural Information Center Publications - From the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), get documents such as: Affordable Community Housing, Leadership Development, and Rural Youth Employment.

Rural Policy Research Institute - The Rural Policy Research Institute is an independent, non-partisan research consortium which tries to provide objective analyses of the impacts of public policies on rural people and places. The resources are divided into the main categories of Policy Resources, Publications, Rural Calendar and Rural Policy Context and contain some excellent information.

Texas Rural Communities - The main site for a group of sites sponsored by TRC, Texas Rural Communities, Inc. is a nonprofit organization serving rural Texas communities. Access Texas Rural Education Center, BluebonNET, InterActive Vacation, Successful Economic Strategies, and more.

Rural School and Community Trust - is a national nonprofit organization addressing the crucial relationship between good schools and thriving communities. Our mission is to help rural schools and communities get better together.

Upcoming Rural Conferences - From the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), and updated on the 1st and the 15th of every month, get rural conference information.


Rural Resources Online - From the National Rural Development Partnership, find links to: Internet Directories on Rural Issues, Governmental/Extension Resources on Rural Issues, Agricultural Issues, Rural Telecommunications, Rural Health, Rural Education Rural Economic, and Development Resources.

United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) 

Future Farmers of America - Student organization for those interested in agriculture and leadership.

Criminal Justice

National Center for Rural Law Enforcement - is a university-based organization committed to helping rural law enforcement agencies meet this challenge. One, simple statement—Serving the Needs of Rural Law Enforcement—comprehensively describes the important function that the NCRLE serves in strengthening the law enforcement profession in America's small towns and rural communities. By utilizing innovative strategies and a staff of experienced professionals, the Center provides educational and training opportunities, research, technical assistance, and technical integration services customized to meet the needs of rural law enforcement agencies across the country.

Economic Development

Development Ideas That Work - From the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), read case studies of effective rural development projects. Categories include: Administrative Efficiency, Aging, Arts, Business, Community and Economic Development, Child Care, Communications and Technology, Community Development, Disaster Relief, Environment, Health Care, Home Rehabilitation, Housing, Job Training, Nutrition, Partnership, Recycling, Social Services, and Youth.

Federal Funding Sources for Rural Areas - From the National Agricultural Library, the federal funding programs available to rural areas included in this document were selected from the Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance 1997. Users may download a zipped file of the entire document, search by keyword or access a list Federal Funding Sources.

Rural Development - From U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), this site includes: Rural Development Programs and Assistance, Development Ideas That Work, Rural Development Regulations, State-by State Office Listings, 1996 Farm Bill: Rural Highlights, Water 2000 Initiative Community Development and more.

USDA Economics, Statistics, and Market information System - nearly 2500 reports and datasets from the economics agencies of the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). Retrieve lists by title, subject or agency or search by keyword. Topics covered include: Field Crops; Weather; International Agriculture; Livestock, Dairy and Poultry; Specialty Agriculture; Trade Issues; and more.

Health Care

Funding Resources - From the Rural Information Center Health Service (RICHS), an excellent collection of documents and links to rural health funding.

National Center for Farmworker Health - This nonprofit organization out of Austin, Texas was formed in order to keep computerized medical records for migrant farm workers.

National Rural Health Association - This organization helps rural healthcare workers across the country. The site includes links to rural health information.

Office of Rural Health Policy - promotes better health care service in rural America. Congress charged the Office with informing and advising the Department of Health and Human Services on matters affecting rural hospitals, and health care, coordinating activities within the department that relate to rural health care, and maintaining a national information clearinghouse.

Resource Center for Rural Behavioral Health - From the American Psychological Association (APA), access the Rural Health Bulletin, rural health Internet links, and more.

Rural Information Center Health Service - The Rural Information Center Health Service (RICHS) is a joint project of the Office of Rural Health Policy, DHHS, and the National Agricultural Library (NAL), USDA which collects and disseminates information on rural health issues. Probably of most interest are Rural Resources and Internet Links.

Texas Rural Health Association - is a nonprofit organization whose primary goal is to improve the health of rural Texans. The TRHA is composed