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New Resources - Februrary 2010

Call Number
A-General Works

AM7 .K38 1990b History curatorship

AM11 .C63 2010 Do museums still need objects?

AZ999 .B89 2008
Deadly decisions : how false knowledge sank the Titanic, blew up the shuttle, and led America into war
B - Philosophy, Psychology, Religion

B187.L6 J635 2009
Listening to the logos : speech and the coming of wisdom in ancient Greece

BD171 .F77 2009
From truth to reality : new essays in logic and metaphysics

BF39.2.A52 G66 2009
Data analysis for experimental design

BF109.A1 B56 2002
Biographical dictionary of psychology

BF444 .K5513 2009
The overflowing brain : information overload and the limits of working memory

BF575.H27 D54 2008
Happiness : unlocking the mysteries of psychological wealth

BF698.95 .B87 2008
Evolutionary psychology : the new science of the mind

BF723.D3 D53 2008
The colors of grief : understanding a child's journey through loss from birth to adulthood

BF723.R57 D34 2009
Raising children who soar : a guide to healthy risk-taking in an uncertain world

BF1779.F4 B79 2008
An introduction to feng shui

BJ1611.2 .G67 2009
Training camp : what the best do better than everyone else : a fable about excellence

BL221 .M43 2009 The only true God : early Christian monotheism in its Jewish context

BL820.O7 M37 2009
The Orpheus myth and the powers of music

BR516 .M379 2009
A field guide to the culture wars : the battle over values from the campaign trail to the classroom

BT712 .S56 2009
God vs. Darwin : the war between evolution and creationism in the classroom

BX4659.U6 M67 2009
Saints of California : a guide to places and their patrons

BX6480.A25 F56 2008
Love unbounded : the influence of First Baptist Church on Abilene, Texas
C - Auxiliary Sciences of History
D - History: General and Old World

D387 .R36 2009
1848 : year of revolution

D521 .S855 2009
World War One

D550 .D68 2008
The Brusilov offensive

D570.9 .K63 2009
On the Western Front with the Rainbow Division : a World War I diary

D783 .M667 2009
Presumed lost : the incredible ordeal of America's submarine POWs during the Pacific War

D790.263 20th .N65 2009
Mighty by sacrifice : the destruction of an American bomber squadron, August 29th 1944

D804.3 .H355 2008
Why we watched : Europe, America, and the Holocaust

D811 .E3224 2010
Letters to Lee : from Pearl Harbor to the war's final mission

D818 .M37 2009
Some measure of justice : the Holocaust era restitution campaign of the 1990s

DD257 .B47 2009
Germany 1945 : from war to peace

DG261 .W95 2008
Caesar : a life in western culture

DG271 .R5 2008
The language of empire : Rome and the idea of empire from the third century BC to the second century AD

DS102.95 .S33 2009
Israel vs. Utopia
E - History: America

E99.H79 C73 2009
At Standing Rock and Wounded Knee : the journals and papers of Father Francis M. Craft, 1888-1890

E165 .R513 2009
The golden age of the classics in America : Greece, Rome, and the antebellum United States

E169.12 .B335 2007
An inconvenient book : real solutions to the world's biggest problems

E176.1 .G829 2009
Inventing the job of president : leadership style from George Washington to Andrew Jackson

E184.A1 A447 2009
Blurring the color line : the new chance for a more integrated America

E184.H9 R36 2009
From a far country : Camisards and Huguenots in the Atlantic world

E184.V53 A35 2009
Little Saigons : staying Vietnamese in America

E185.89.I56 O53 2010
Black conservative intellectuals in modern America

E185.97.D73 G664 2009
In the shadow of Du Bois : Afro-modern political thought in America

E185.97.T8 R63 2000
Only passing through : the story of Sojourner Truth

E211.P143 B43 2009
Glenn Beck's common sense : the case against an out-of-control government,  inspired by Thomas Paine

E380 .C655 2009
Vindicating Andrew Jackson : the 1828 election and the rise of the two-party system

E470 .S89 2009
A savage conflict : the decisive role of guerrillas in the American Civil War

E475.27 .G794 2009
Vicksburg, 1863

E580.4.T4 M366 2009
Sacred memories : the Civil War monument movement in Texas

E591 .G35 2008
Encyclopedia of Civil War shipwrecks

E605 .D88 2009
In the shadow of the enemy : the Civil War journal of Ida Powell Dulany

E757 .M65 2009
Theodore Roosevelt, the Progressive Party, and the transformation of American democracy

E807 .B735 2008
Traitor to his class : the privileged life and radical presidency of Franklin Delano Roosevelt

E843 .C67 2008
The Kennedy family album

E882 .P67 2009
The leadership of George Bush : an insider's view of the forty-first president

E903.3 .L48 2010
On floods and photo ops : how Herbert Hoover and George W. Bush exploited catastrophes

E907 .M66 2009
Catastrophe : how Obama, Congress, and the special interests are transforming-- a slump into a crash, freedom into socialism, and a disaster into a catastrophe-- and how to fight back
F - History: America

F277.W33 C66 2008
Coming through : voices of a South Carolina Gullah community from WPA oral histories

F386.6 .M395 2008
Braggin' on Texas

F388 .D43 2009
Lone Star lost : buried treasures in Texas

F390.W322 H86 2009
Peg Leg : the improbable life of a Texas hero, Thomas William Ward, 1807-1872

F391 .C7837 2009
Time of the Rangers : Texas Rangers : from 1900 to the present
F864.P27 K395 2007
Rough, tough Charley
G - Geography, Anthropology, Recreation

G530.T6 L96 1992
Titanic : an illustrated history

GC11.2 .B584 2002
The blue planet [videorecording] : seas of life

GE140 .W365 2009
Green intelligence : creating environments that protect human health

GN281 .P339 2008
Darwin's legacy : scenarios in human evolution

GN480.35 .Z45 2008
Polygamy : a cross-cultural analysis

GR615 .T46 2008
Wish : wishing traditions around the world

GT2850 .E876 2009
Foods of association : biocultural perspectives on foods and beverages that mediate sociability

GT2850 .J64 2010
Foodies : democracy and distinction in the gourmet foodscape

GT2850 .M375 2009
Just food : where locavores get it wrong and how we can truly eat responsibly

GV706.5 .S73899 2009
Sporting rhetoric : performance, games, and politics

GV1132.A4 E97 2009
Muhammad Ali : the making of an icon

GV1781 .B35 2009
Ballroom, boogie, shimmy sham, shake : a social and popular dance reader
H - Social Science

H550.8 L613PR txdocs
Liability protection for children's immunization providers

H550.8 V133MA txdocs
Vaccine management : recommendations for handling and storage of selected biologicals

H600.5 T312N 2005
Texas newborn screening program : a practioner's guide

HB119.A2 F685 2009
Economists and societies : discipline and profession in the United States, Britain, and France, 1890s to 1990s

HC79.C6 P45 2009
Branding the man : why men are the next frontier in fashion retail

HC79.T4 B79 2010
Wired for innovation : how information technology is reshaping the economy

HC79.T4 V465 2009
Design-driven innovation : changing the rules of competition by radically innovating what things mean

HC106 .F45 2009
America rising : power and political economy in the first nation

HD30.2 .M387 2009
Enterprise 2.0 : new collaborative tools for your organization's toughest challenges

HD30.255 .W57 2009
Green recovery : get lean, get smart, and emerge from the downturn on top

HD30.28 .M842 2009
Getting to plan B : breaking through to a better business model

HD57.7 .G6639 2009
Transforming toxic leaders

HD58.8 .O72842 2009
The organization of the future 2 : visions, strategies, and insights on managing in a new era

HD62.4 .C35 2008
A very short, fairly interesting and reasonably cheap book about international business

HD2741 .M223 2008
Corporate governance : promises kept, promises broken

HD6053 .A65 2009
Public economics and the household

HD6095 .V37 2009
Breadwinners : working women and economic independence, 1865-1920

HD9660.M473 S864 2009
The match king : Ivar Kreuger, the financial genius behind a century of Wall Street scandals

HD9696.8.U64 T955 2009
Twitterville : how businesses can thrive in the new global neighborhoods

HD9736.C62 H37 2009
The China price : the true cost of Chinese competitive advantage

HF352 .B47 2008
A splendid exchange : how trade shaped the world

HF5386 .B573 2009
Be the hero : three powerful ways to overcome challenges in work and life

HF5387 .G645 2008
Temptations in the office : ethical choices and legal obligations

HF5415.32 .D43 2009
You are what you choose : the habits of mind that really determine how we make decisions

HF5415.33.U6 E47 2009
Shoptimism : why the American consumer will keep on buying no matter what

HF5415.5 .S37 2005
The superior customer revolution : how would your customers rate your service-- ? Really? : plus the sixteen keys for sucess

HF5429.215.U6 R67 2009
Boom-town : how Wal-Mart transformed an all-American town into an international community

HF5718 .G68 2010
Just listen : discover the secret to getting through to absolutely anyone

HF5718.22 .A86 2009
The backchannel : how audiences are using Twitter and social media and changing presentations forever

HG220.A2 S74 2009
Money, markets, and sovereignty

HG2563 .S26 2009
Do they walk on water? : Federal Reserve chairmen and the Fed

HG5993 .K45 2009
Foreign investment & domestic development : multinationals and the state

HM621 .S2274 2009
Unsuspecting souls : the disappearance of the human being

HM816 .C37 2009
Boys gone wild : fame, fortune, and deviance among professional football players

HM851 .B375 2004
The network society

HM1106 .B53 2009
Consequential strangers : the power of people who don't seem to matter-- but really do

HM1111 .I36 2009
Strangers in a strange lab : how personality shapes our initial encounters with others

HM1206 .D55 2009
How fantasy becomes reality : seeing through media influence

HQ29 .L488 2009
Insatiable wives : women who stray and the men who love them

HQ515 .P37 2009
Parents and children communicating with society : managing relationships outside of home

HQ630.15.F58 M87 2008
Art, marriage, & family in the Florentine Renaissance palace

HQ759 .L44 2009
In her own sweet time : unexpected adventures in finding love, commitment, and motherhood

HQ777 .S56 2009
The curse of the good girl : raising authentic girls with courage and confidence

HQ792.U56 L48 2008
So sexy so soon : the new sexualized childhood, and what parents can do to protect their kids

HQ798 .W544 2002
Queen bees & wannabes : helping your daughter survive cliques, gossip, boyfriends, and other realities of adolescence

HQ799.2.M352 U68 2009
The young and the digital : what the migration to social-network sites, games, and anytime, anywhere media means for our future

HQ799.2.P6 C38 2009
Consuming politics : Jon Stewart, branding, and the youth vote in America

HQ801 .K444 2009
Love is not enough : what it takes to make it work

HQ1064.U5 S6822 2009
Elderburbia : aging with a sense of place in America

HQ1090 .R43 2009
Reconceiving the second sex : men, masculinity, and reproduction

HQ1236 .H67 2009
Created equal : voices on women's rights

HQ1397 .C43 2010
The mathematics of sex : how biology and society conspire to limit talented women and girls

HV40 .K715 2007
Introduction to social work and social welfare : critical thinking perspectives

HV91 .K349 1986
In the shadow of the poorhouse : a social history of welfare in America

HV636.N4 H37 2008
Diary from the dome : reflections on fear and privilege during Katrina

HV741 .C75 2010
Children at risk : the precarious state of children's well-being in America

HV4229 .W65 2009
Women and addiction : a comprehensive handbook

HV4708 .M45 2009
The sciences of animal welfare

HV4999.W65 B75 2009
Women, girls, and addiction : celebrating the feminine in counseling treatment and recovery

HV6401 .W45 2008
Crimes against nature : environmental criminology and ecological justice

HV6432.7 .I447 2009
The impact of 9/11 on the media, arts, and entertainment : the day that changed everything?

HV6437 .K56 2009
Gangs : a reference handbook

HV6692.M33 A78 2009b
Too good to be true : the rise and fall of Bernie Madoff

HV7936.P8 M67 2009
Beyond no comment : speaking with the press as a police officer

HV7936.R3 G56 2009
Racial profiling : research, racism, and resistance

HV8699.U5 A725 2008
Race, class, and the death penalty : capital punishment in American history

HV9104 .A612 2009
Dispatches from juvenile hall : fixing a failing system

HV9468 .G543 2009
Executed women of the 20th and 21st centuries
J - Political Science

JA66 .D84 2008
Loneliness as a way of life

JA85.2.U6 W56 2010
Winning with words : the origins and impact of political framing

JC573.2.U6 L48 2009
Liberty and tyranny : a conservative manifesto

JC599.U5 B45 2009
And justice for all : the United States Commission on Civil Rights and the continuing struggle for freedom in America

JK2316 .A76 2009
Remaking the presidency : Roosevelt, Taft, and Wilson, 1901-1916

JN9670 .M67 2008
Soft borders : rethinking sovereignty and democracy

JS395 .T76 2008
Political monopolies in American cities : the rise and fall of bosses and reformers

JV6602 .W56 2009
Women's migration networks in Mexico and beyond

JZ1310 .L35 2009
Hierarchy in international relations

JZ1405 .L44 2009
The dynamics of diplomacy

JZ1480.A5 T69 2009 Toward a new public diplomacy : redirecting U.S. foreign policy
K - Law

K3842 .I47 2009
Import safety : regulatory governance in the global economy

KF373.B355 P39 2009
Quest for justice : Louis A. Bedford Jr. and the struggle for equal rights in Texas

KF1290.S66 N64 2009
Managing risk in sport and recreation : the essential guide for loss prevention

KF4770 .B487 2009
Art and freedom of speech

KF4772 .N86 2009
Virtual freedom : net neutrality and free speech in the Internet age

KF8205 .P63 2009 Broken landscape : Indians, Indian tribes, and the Constitution

KFT1275 .S56 2009 Texas legal research

KL4345 .B47 2009 Genos dikanikon : amateur and professional speech in the courtrooms of classical Athens
L - Education

L1400.8 AN13PRC 2007 txdocs
Analysis of proposed constitutional amendment, May 12, 2007, election

L1400.8 AN13PRC 2009
Analyses of proposed constitutional amendments, November 3, 2009, election

L1801.7 H816F NO.80-3 txdocs
Texas budget highlights, fiscal 2008-09

L1801.7 H816F NO.81-4 txdocs
Texas budget highlights, fiscal 2010-11

L1801.7 H816SEF NO.81-7 txdocs
Vetoes of legislation, 81st Legislature

L1801.7 H816SEF NO.81-8 txdocs
Constitutional amendments proposed for November 2009 ballot

LB1028.3 .C636 2009
Rethinking education in the age of technology : the digital revolution and schooling in America

LB1029.R4 S235 2009
Making RTI work : how smart schools are reforming education through schoolwide response-to-intervention

LB1029.S53 A425 2009
Learning online with games, simulations, and virtual worlds : strategies for online instruction

LB1033.5 .E9 2008
Exploring talk in schools : inspired by the work of Douglas Barnes

LB1137 .M23 2009
A mandate for playful learning in preschool : presenting the evidence

LB1590.3 .W3697 2009
Teaching for thinking today : theory, strategies, and activities for the K-8 classroom

LB1731 .S5253 2009
Teaching and learning in public : professional development through shared inquiry

LB1751 .J46 2007 Leading effective meetings, teams, and work groups in districts and schools

LB1775 .W44 2004
What great teachers do differently : fourteen things that matter most

LB1776.2 .S865 2009
More best practices for elementary classrooms : what award-winning teachers do

LB2805 .C445 2009
Introduction to educational leadership and organizational behavior : theory into practice

LB2805 .L49 2005
20 strategies for collaborative school leaders

LB2806 .A25 1997
Problem analysis : responding to school complexity

LB2806.4 .Z47 2004
Supervision across the content areas

LB2822.82 .B445 2009
Small schools, big ideas : the essential guide to successful school transformation

LB2831.92 .I83 2005
Smart, fast, efficient : the new principal's guide to success

LB2831.92 .Z46 2007
The principal as instructional leader : a handbook for supervisors

LB3012.5 .S48 2009
Making large schools work : the advantages of small schools

LC173 .R53 2009
Policy and performance in American higher education : an examination of cases across state systems

LC212.8 .A27 2010
Acting out! : combating homophobia through teacher activism

LC212.92 .S29 2008 The gender gap in college : maximizing the developmental potential of women and men

LC213 .S67 2000 The universal right to education : justification, definition, and guidelines

LC213.22.T4 B87 2009 Espoused values and demonstrated behaviors of middle school leaders : an impact on the racial achievement gap

LC213.22.T4 B87 2009 Espoused values and demonstrated behaviors of middle school leaders : an impact on the racial achievement gap

LC221 .F56 2006 School-community relations

LC3621 .D39 2009 The biracial and multiracial student experience : a journey to racial literacy

LC3715 .G56 2009 Global perspectives on multilingualism : unity in diversity

LC3969 .H69 2008 Understanding response to intervention : a practice guide for systemic implementation

LC4065 .O27 2010 Students with disabilities can meet accountability standards : a road map for school leaders

LC4713.4 .R37 2009 ADHD and social skills : a step-by-step guide for teachers and parents

LC5141 .B35 2009 Puzzling moments, teachable moments : practicing teacher research in urban classrooms

LD5309 .B33 2009 Building leaders, living traditions : the Memorial Student Center at Texas A&M University
M - Music and Books on Music

ML38.B43 W64 2009
Back to the garden : the story of Woodstock

ML60 .K18 2009
A language of its own : sense and meaning in the making of Western art music

ML410.S3 Y78 2009 Schubert : a survey of his symphonic, piano, and chamber music

ML420.S77 M37 2009
Runaway dream : Born to run and Bruce Springsteen's American vision

ML2054 .L47 2009 Kander and Ebb

ML3526 .A44 2009 The disco files 1973-78 : New York's underground, week by week

ML3792.M47 C66 2009 Our noise : the story of Merge Records, the indie label that got big and stayed small

MT1 .S34 2010
Facing the music : shaping music education from a global perspective
N - Fine Arts

N71 .B37 1993
Art & fear : observations on the perils (and rewards) of artmaking

N330.5 W291E 2006 txdocs
Water education field guide : TCEQ guide for engaging 4th-8th grade students in hands-on field study of Texas waters

N330.7 R339 NO.234 2009/07 txdocs
Industrial and hazardous waste : rules and regulations for small-quantity generators

N5273.2.G65 F87 2008 The art of Mantua : power and patronage in the Renaissance

N6490 .T784 2006 New media art

N6494.M78 R88 2005 New media in art

N6535.H68 K36 2009 No zoning : artists engage Houston

N6853.W38 A4 2009 Watteau, music, and theater

NA7235.T4 C37 2005 Dream homes of Texas : an exclusive showcase of Texas' finest architects and builders

NB198.6 .V58 2009 Vitamin 3-D : new perspectives in sculpture and installation

NC790 .K67 2009 Capturing nature's beauty : three centuries of French landscapes

ND497.B16 P49 2008 Francis Bacon : studies for a portrait : essays and interviews

ND623.B25 L56 2008 Federico Barocci : allure and devotion in late Renaissance painting

ND623.T5 C3513 2009 Tiepolo pink

ND1313.2 .R46 2008 Renaissance faces : Van Eyck to Titian

NK2110 .M572 2009 Modern luxury

NK7398.T5 A4 2009
American luxury : jewels from the house of Tiffany

NX456.5.D3 H46 2009
Dada's women
P - Language and Literature

P92.L3 H36 2009
The handbook of Spanish language media

P94.6 .E43 2010
Electronic elsewheres : media, technology, and the experience of social space

P96.C742 U67 2011
Media and criminal justice : the CSI effect

P96.H632 U64 2010
Queer temporalities in gay male representation : tragedy, normativity, and futurity

P96.P73 M44 2010
Trauma and media : theories, histories, and images

P400.8 B48CO 2005 txdocs Big Country angler's guide : tips and opportunities

P400.8 W574Q txdocs
Where have all the quail gone? : the Texas Quail Conservation Initiative : a proactive approach to restoring quail populations by improving wildlife habitat

PA6556 .R43 2009
Recognizing Persius

PE1083 .E44 2009
Romanticism and the rise of English

PE1128.A2 H3836 2010
Teaching English language learners across the content areas

PN1991.3.U6 B46 2009
The NBC Advisory Council and radio programming, 1926-1945

PN1992.3.U5 S32 2009
Global TV : new media and the Cold War, 1946-69

PN1997.2 .I64 2009
Inglourious Basterds : a screenplay

PN2287.Z5 M67 2008
Ziegfeld : the man who invented show business

PN3355 .C265 2009
Write like the masters : emulating the best of Hemingway, Faulkner, Salinger, and others

PN3355 .M675 2009
Thanks, but this isn't for us : a (sort of) compassionate guide to why your writing is being rejected

PN4055.U5 E27 2009
A nation of speechifiers : making an American public after the Revolution

PN4129.15 .B47 2010
Confessions of a public speaker

PN4181 .Q56 2009
Debating in the World Schools style : a guide

PN4874.G398 A25 2009
What the dog saw and other adventures

PN6131 .M35 2009
Yours ever : people and their letters

PQ7296 .J6 1951
Obras completas de Sor Juana In*es de la Cruz

PQ7296 .J6 1989
Obras completas

PQ7296 .J6 1999
Obras completas

PQ7707.D57 L48 2008
Cry for me, Argentina : the performance of trauma in the short narratives of A*ida Bortnik, Griselda Gambaro, and Tununa Mercado

PR451 .B64 2009
The age of eclecticism : literature and culture in Britain, 1815-1885

PR478.W67 C36 2009
The Cambridge companion to the literature of World War II

PR2065 .A15 1992
The prose Alexander of Robert Thornton : the Middle English text with modern English translation

PR2993.I3 R33 2009
The apologetics of evil : the case of Iago

PR3069.A38 C53 2009
Wrinkled deep in time : aging in Shakespeare

PR4037 .C65 2009
A companion to Jane Austen

PR6063.A2474 Z85 2009
Bernard MacLaverty

PR9199.3.A317 O97 2008
The outlander : a novel

PS147 .S46 2009
A jury of her peers : American women writers from Anne Bradstreet to Annie Proulx

PS3144.W3 Z78 2010
King of the lobby : the life and times of Sam Ward, man-about-Washington in the Gilded Age

PS3505.A87 Z734 2009
Seeking life whole : Willa Cather and the Brewsters

PS3552.A45 Z697 2009
A historical guide to James Baldwin

PS3553.R597 F68 2009
Four freedoms
PS3562.E9465 V47 2005
Vherses : a celebration of outstanding women

PS3563.C337 Z66 2009
Understanding Cormac McCarthy

PS3563.C337 Z76 2009
Reading the world : Cormac McCarthy's Tennessee period

PS3569.T736 O5 2008
Olive Kitteridge
CURR-COLL PZ7.B737514 Unc 2008
Uncle Bobby's wedding
Q - Science

QA21 .G696 2009
Routes of learning : highways, pathways, and byways in the history of mathematics

QA76.9.C64 R63 2009
Emergent computer literacy : a developmental perspective

QA276.45.R3 P48 2009
Dynamic linear models With R

QA279.5 .B649 2010
Understanding computational Bayesian statistics

QA279.5 .D37 2009
Modeling and reasoning with Bayesian networks

QB52 .K26 2009
The cosmic connection : how astronomical events impact life on Earth

QB107 .M37 2009
Decoding the heavens : a 2,000-year-old computer--and the century-long search to discover its secrets

QB721 .S43 2009
The greatest comets in history : broom stars and celestial scimitars

QB857 .B58 2008
Shrouds of the night : masks of the Milky Way and our awesome new view of galaxies

QC173.454 .S26 2009
Advanced condensed matter physics

QC231 .P37 2009
Good vibrations : the physics of music

QC611.6.S9 R54 2009
Electrons and phonons in semiconductor multilayers

QC903 .C557 2009
Climate change and the media

QD505 .W35 2009
Fundamentals of asymmetric catalysis

QE747.N6 K838 2008
The paleontology of New Mexico

QH76.5.W34 W555 2008
The American West at risk : science, myths, and politics of land abuse and recovery

QH366.2 .F675 2009
Form and function in developmental evolution

QH431.A1 A3 V.63
Ion channel diseases

QH541.5.C6 D47 2010
Coyote at the kitchen door : living with wildlife in suburbia

QH541.5.M3 S58 2009
Sustaining the world's wetlands : setting policy and resolving conflicts

QH546 .F667 2009
Dazzled and deceived : mimicry and camouflage

QK115 .S38 2007
Savannas, barrens and rock outcrop plant communities of North America

QL49 .J455 2008
How many ways-- can you catch a fly?

QL430.5.S65 C36 2008
Wolfsnail : a backyard predator

QL520.2.A1 P38 2009
Dragonflies and damselflies of the West

QL737.C22 G449 2008
The wolves are back

QL737.C22 U73 2008
Yellowstone wolves : a chronicle of the animal, the people, and the politics

QL737.P925 S63 2009
The smallest anthropoids : the marmoset/callimico radiation

QL737.P98 B73 2009
Elephants on the edge : what animals teach us about humanity

QL737.R652 R69 2009
The North American porcupine
QP88.5 .E65 2005
Epidermal cells : methods and protocols
R - Medicine

RA395.A3 B68 2009
The heart of power : health and politics in the Oval Office

RA395.A3 H385 2008
Health at risk : America's ailing health system--and how to heal it

RA784 .Z68 2009

RA785 .K46 2004
The complete doctor's stress solution : understanding, treating and preventing stress and stress-related illnesses

RA1057.55 .L96 2008
Truth machine : the contentious history of DNA fingerprinting

RA1242.D48 B45 2009
DES daughters : embodied knowledge and the transformation of women's health politics

RB38.25 .B63 2009
BOR study guide : clinical laboratory certification examinations

RB40 .C576 2010
Clinical chemistry : techniques, principles, correlations

RC451.4.P54 R83 2009
A cop doc's guide to public-safety complex trauma syndrome : using five police personality styles

RC470 .A87 2009
Assessing impairment : from theory to practice

RC537 .S52 2009
Before Prozac  : the troubled history of mood disorders in psychiatry

RC569.5.E48 L53 2010
The favorite child

RM222.2 .M483 2009
Master your metabolism : the 3 diet secrets to naturally balancing your hormones for a hot and healthy body!

RM301.27 .C5635 2009
Statistics applied to clinical trials

RM735.7.G37 H675 2006
Horticultural therapy methods : making connections in health care, human service, and community programs

RM735.7.G37 H68 1998
Horticulture as therapy : principles and practice
S - Agriculture

S548.4 .A88
Proceedings of the ... conference and annual meeting

S930 .T37 2009
The conservation program handbook : a guide for local government land acquisition

SB63.M22 W56 2008
Wangari's trees of peace : a true story from Africa

SD143 .B46 2008
Forests forever : their ecology, restoration, and protection

SF767.5 .E43 2010
Essentials of domestic animal embryology

SF781 .I524 2009
Infectious disease management in animal shelters
T - Technology

T55.3.S72 G85 2010
Guidelines for process safety metrics

TA190 .B47 2009
A pocket guide to business for engineers and surveyors

TD427.H3 G45 2009
Groundwater contamination : discretization and simulation of systems for convection-diffusion-dispersion reactions

TD645 .W293 2003
Wastewater engineering : treatment and reuse

TH443 .G575 2010
Construction safety and the OSHA standards

TH880 .W663 2009
The nature of a house : building a world that works

TJ808 .H44 2009
The grand energy transition  : the rise of energy gases, sustainable life and growth, and the next great economic expansion

TK5103.485 .E43 2010
ZigBee wireless sensor and control network

TL540.C825 R53 2009
Nancy Batson Crews : Alabama's first lady of flight

TP1180.B55 Y8 2009
Biodegradable polymer blends and composites from renewable resources

TR659.8 .L53 2009
Twilight visions : surrealism and Paris

TR820 .S78 2009
John Gutmann : the photographer at work

TS157 .W57 2010
How to implement lean manufacturing

TT157 .H665 1998
How to use Dinah Zike's big book of books [videorecording]

TT507 .S25 2009
Field guide : how to be a fashion designer

TX546 .T55313 2009
The science of the oven

TX657.K4 R34 2004 Dutch ovens chronicled : their use in the United States

TX749.5.B43 S63 2008 Hamburger : a global history

TX770.P34 A43 2008 Pancake : a global history

TX770.P58 H45 2008 Pizza : a global history

TX773 .B8835 2009 Mrs. Rowe's little book of Southern pies

TX945.5.C66 H87 2009 The Columbia Restaurant : celebrating a century of history, culture, and cuisine
U- Military Science

UA23 .I49 2008
Inside defense : understanding the U.S. military in the 21st century

UA661 .M58 2008
England's last hope : the Territorial Force, 1908-14

UG740 .C55 2008
Shield of dreams : missile defense and U.S.-Russian nuclear strategy
Z - Library Science

Z675.G44 S93 2004
The librarian's guide to genealogical services and research
Texas Documents
C2600.4 UN1P 2009 txdocs
Unclaimed property, Texas statutes, Title 6, Property Code, Chapters 72-76
TX-DOCS C2600.5 I58 txdocs International Fuel Tax Agreement : Texas guidebook
TX-DOCS C2600.5 UN1EL 2009 txdocs Unclaimed property electronic reporting specifications 2009
TX-DOCS C2625.5 P945G 2005 txdocs Property classification guide : reports of property value
TX-DOCS C2625.5 P945G 2008 txdocs Property classification guide : reports of property value
TX-DOCS C2625.5 P945G txdocs Property classification guide. Reports of property value
U.S. Documents
A 13.78:SRS-5
Choosing a transformation in analyses of insect counts from contagious distributions with low means [microform]
US-DOC a 13. 88: SRS-19 An interim old-growth definition for cypress-tupelo communities in the Southeast
US-DOC A 93.73:64 The Use of Markets to Increase Private Investment in Environmental Stewardship


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