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New Books and Resources March 2012

Call Number
A - General Works

AM7 .C77 2009 Unbound by place or time : museums and online learning

AM7 .W55 2009 Life stages of the museum visitor : building engagement over a lifetime

AM133 .B83 2007 Collection conundrums : solving collections management mysteries

AM133 .S56 2006 Things great and small : collections management policies
B - Philosophy, Psychology, Religion

BF175.4.P45 S76 2011 World, affectivity, trauma : Heidegger and post-Cartesian psychoanalysis

BF408 .G365 2003 Discover your genius : how to think like history's ten most revolutionary minds

BF575.H27 C85 2008 Flow : the psychology of optimal experience

BF611 .I94 2011 The art of choosing

BF637.C6 C75 2011 Integrative counselling skills in action

BF637.N4 F57 2011 Getting to yes : negotiating agreement without giving in

BF698.35.I59 C35 2012 Quiet : the power of introverts in a world that can't stop talking

BF721 .P4813 1969 The psychology of the child

BF723.C5 N87 2011 Threads of thinking : schemas and young children's learning
CURR-COLL BF1576 .S33 2011 Witches! : the absolutely true tale of disaster in Salem

BL65.H5 S33 2009 Sacred schisms : how religions divide

BL80.3 .H86 2010 The book that changed Europe : Picart & Bernard's Religious ceremonies of the world

BL390 .P37 1991 A world theology : the central spiritual reality of humankind

BM645.S9 A44 2009 After the Holocaust : the Book of Job, Primo Levi, and the path to affliction

BS2506.3 .L37 2010 The Apostle Paul in the Jewish imagination : a study in modern Jewish-Christian relations

BT304.9 .A44 2009 Alternative Christs
C - Auxiliary Sciences of History
D - History: General and Old World

DA590 .S55 2012 Elizabeth the Queen : the life of a modern monarch

DC33.3 .B45 2009 A social and cultural history of early modern France

DF234 .A4857 2009 Alexander the Great : a new history

DG223.3 .L38 2009 Roman passions : a history of pleasure in Imperial Rome

DS558 .G7313 2009 War without fronts : the USA in Vietnam

DS559.5 .M358 2011 What it is like to go to war
E - History: America

E78.G73 D835 2010 Grand procession : contemporary artistic visions of American Indians : the Diker collection at the Denver Art Museum

E78.G73 D835 2010 Grand procession : contemporary artistic visions of American Indians : the Diker collection at the Denver Art Museum

E98.S6 I53 2009 Indian slavery in colonial America

E99.N3 O88 1992 How the stars fell into the sky : a Navajo legend

E99.N3 W437 2009 Dreaming of sheep in Navajo country

E169.12 .B7818 2011 Suicide of a superpower : will America survive to 2025?

E176.1 .A28 2011 The challenge of the American presidency : Washington to Obama

E176.2 .B67 2011 The politics of the president's wife

E184.A1 W573 2012 Dear White America : letter to a new minority

E807.1 .B43 2010 Eleanor Roosevelt : transformative first lady

E807.1.R48 O34 2010 She was one of us : Eleanor Roosevelt and the American worker

E904.B87 A3 2011 Spoken from the heart

E904.B87 G47 2004 The perfect wife : the life and choices of Laura Bush

E909.O24 W55 2010 Michelle Obama : the first lady in photographs
F - History: America
CURR-COLL F334.B657 B755 2011 Black & white : the confrontation between Reverend Fred L. Shuttlesworth and Eugene "Bull" Connor
G - Geography, Anthropology, Recreation

G70.212 .S649 2011 Spatial data infrastructures in context : north and south

G155.A1 S6688 2011 Stories of practice : tourism policy and planning
  G155.A1 W364 2010 Tourist cultures : identity, place and the traveller
  G530.T6 W515 2011 How to survive the Titanic : the sinking of J. Bruce Ismay
  GE45.S73 C43 2011 Statistical methods for trend detection and analysis in the environmental sciences

GV558 .G64 2010 Gold medal physics : the science of sports
H - Social Science

HA32 .C76 2008 How to use SPSS : a step-by-step guide to analysis and interpretation

HA32 .C76 2008 How to use SPSS : a step-by-step guide to analysis and interpretation
  HC110.P6 S465 2008 Scratch beginnings : me, $25, and the search for the American dream
  HD30.2 .C6695 2011 Information and the modern corporation
  HD31 .G2473 1993 Organizing for the future : the new logic for managing complex organizations
  HD38.5 .W387 2011 Ways out of the working capital trap : empowering self-financing growth through modern supply management
  HD58.8 .C4635 2000 Every business is a growth business : how your company can prosper year after year
  HD61 .O83 2011 Pandora's risk : uncertainty at the core of finance
  HD62.5 .F493 2011 The benevolent dictator : empower your employees, build your business, and outwit the competition
  HD6464 .F58 2010 From artisan to worker : guilds, the French state, and the organization of labor, 1776-1821
  HD9870.5 .L46 2011 Cotton
  HF5382.6 .V57 2011 The female leadership paradox : power, performance, and promotion

HF5415.32 .B435 2011 Unthinking : the surprising forces behind what we buy
  HF5549.5.I6 P678 2012 Are you smart enough to work at Google?
  HF6161.T63 M69 2011 Destination brands : managing place reputation
  HG231 .W75 2012 The end of money : counterfeiters, preachers, techies, dreamers--and the coming cashless society
  HG353 .S35 2011 Paper money collapse : the folly of elastic money and the coming monetary breakdown
  HG2563 .L46 2011 How Wall Street fleeces America : privatized banking, government collusion and class war

HM511 .N93 2012 Public sociology : research, action, and change
  HM1033 .S6423 2011 Social psychology and evaluation
  HM1236 .W55 2012 People will talk : the surprising science of reputation
  HN57 .B6583 2012 The real change-makers : why government is not the problem or the solution

HN59.2 .B28 1994 America : to pray? or not to pray?

HQ766.5.U5 Z67 2012 Birth control

HQ767.15 .S383 2012 Understanding abortion : from mixed feelings to rational thought

HQ767.9 .P36 2011 A child's world : infancy through adolescence

HQ789 .C46434 2011 Children's rights in practice

HQ800.4.U6 K56 2012 Going solo : the extraordinary rise and surprising appeal of living alone

HQ1061 .I5558 2011 An introduction to gerontology

HQ1149.B425 B76 2011 Early modern women in the low countries

HT151 .L344 2011 Leadership and place

HV6457 .W66 2009 Lynching and spectacle : witnessing racial violence in America, 1890-1940

HV6535.F6 B786 2010 Murder in the M*etro : Laetitia Toureaux and the Cagoule in 1930s France
J - Political Science
  JC596 .A44 2011 Unpopular privacy : what must we hide?

JC599.U5 F415 2011 Manufacturing hysteria : a history of scapegoating, surveillance, and secrecy in modern America

JK1976 .H47 2012 Congressional elections : campaigning at home and in Washington

JK2356 .C73 2011 The conservative ascendancy : how the Republican right rose to power in modern America

JV6453 .E88 2009 Imaginary lines : border enforcement and the origins of undocumented immigration, 1882-1930
K - Law

K3280 .L47 2010 Religion in legal thought and practice

KF2915.N8 L33 2011 Law for nurse leaders : a comprehensive reference
L - Education

LB1025.3 .E24 2008 School : an introduction to education

LB1025.3 .J336 2002 Methods for teaching : promoting student learning

LB1028 .C572125 2010 Your education research project handbook

LB1028 .S14 2011 The Sage handbook for research in education : pursuing ideas as the keystone of exemplary inquiry

LB1050.455 .S95 2011 Connecting content and academic language for English learners and struggling students, grades 2-6

LB1060 .C364 1999 Multiple intelligences and student achievement : success stories from six schools

LB1139.5.L35 M67 2012 Literacy development in the early years
AV LB1528 .D48 2006 Developing independent learners [videorecording]

LB1573 .F638 2009 The Fountas and Pinnell leveled book list K-8+
  LB1573 .R48 2012 Teaching children to read
AV LB1573.7 .R433 2009 Reading the world [videorecording]
AV LB1576 .D154 2007 The daily 5 alive! [videorecording]
AV LB1576 .I667 2009 Intermediate daily 5 [videorecording]
AV LB1576 .W785 2010 Writing with mentors [videorecording]

LB1727.I4 S42 2011 "Neoliberalization" as betrayal

LB2805 .F297 2011 The brain and strengths based school leadership

LB2822.6 .A83 2011 Leading and managing in the early years

LB2831.8 .A76 2011 Communicate and motivate

LB3013.3 .C558 2011 Columbine a decade later

LB3051 .W87 2012 Time for action

LC214.23.L56 A53 2010 Little Rock
LIMITED   LD5271.T35 G7|Z2011 The Grassburr.
M - Music and Books on Music
  ML410.S978 S65 2010 Sun-Ra

ML420.S565 S6 1985 Frank Sinatra, my father
  ML420.S565 Z44 1997 The way you wear your hat
  ML457 .M39 2011 Musical performance
  ML965 .G83 2010 A history of the trombone
  ML3792.S72 G53 2011 The Starday story
N - Fine Arts
  N6537.H566 K35 2011 Alexandre Hogue
  N6603.6 .Q45 2010 Queloides
CURR-COLL NC975.5.S39 A2 2011 Drawing from memory
P - Language and Literature

PE1155 .G78 1997 The accidental zucchini : an unexpected alphabet

PE1155 .S5 1996 Tomorrow's alphabet

PE1241 .C58 2007 Quirky, jerky, extra perky

PE1450 .T755 2007 The girl's like spaghetti

PE1591 .C554 2008 Stroll and walk, babble and talk

PE1591 .G42 2007 Little sister, big mess!

PE1595 .C58 2005 How much can a bare bear bear?

PN149.9.O53 L39 2011 Jackie as editor : the literary life of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis
CURR-COLL PN1982.S27 S84 2011 Balloons over Broadway

PN1993.5.U6 D475 2011 21st century Hollywood

PN1995.9.C66 B49 2012 Crime

PN1995.9.T43 P75 2012 Digital visual effects in cinema

PN1998.3.C352 F57 2011 The films of James Cameron
PN6728.S26 G35 v.7 The Sandman
PQ2668.A434 S2713 2004c Sarah
PR2622 .V65 2011 Volpone : a critical guide
PR6062.E33 C66 2001b The constant gardener
AV PR6068.U88 P75 2004b The princes of Ireland
PS3545.I32165 D5 2001 The disappearing alphabet
PS3552.R68529 R68 2007b The rope walk
AV PS3553.R264 C47 2008b Chasing darkness [sound recording]
PS3557.R213 F55 1999 Flicker flash
PS3573.H47477 D79 2006 Dry ice [sound recording]
AV PS3601.R576 M47 2011b Mercy kill
PZ7.C1725 Pi 2004 Pinduli
PZ7.C21476 Pap 1986 Papa, please get the moon for me
PZ7.H1164 Am 1998 Among the hidden
PZ7.P2447 Re 2009 Reading makes you feel good
PZ7.S52865 Rai 2000 The rain came down
PZ7.S55987 An 2008 Antsy does time
PZ7.S55987 Do 2001 Downsiders : a novel
PZ7.W7547 Fo 1988 Follow the drinking gourd
PZ8.W424 Li 1999 Little Red Riding Hood
PZ8.1.A213 Bo 1991 Borreguita and the coyote
PZ8.1.D2885 En 1998 The enormous potato
PZ8.3.B92 Bu 1999 Butterfly house
Q - Science

Q175.3 .R42 1981 Reduction, time, and reality

Q181 .U78 1997 User-friendly handbook for mixed method evaluations

QA9 .D68 2011 Proofs and algorithms

QA113 .C74 1986 Ten black dots

QA403.5 .S443 2011 Fourier series in several variables with applications to partial differential equations

QC256 .S32 1998 The magic school bus in the Arctic

QC773.A1 C66 2005b 109 East Palace [sound recording]

QE514 .F75 2011 Frontiers in geochemistry
QH352 .B73 2001 Mathematical models in population biology and epidemiology
QH582.4 .W65 2009 How we live and why we die
QK661 .R45 1995 The magic school bus plants seeds
CURR-COLL QL737.P98 O257 2011 The elephant scientist
QL793 .A38 2011 The afterlives of animals
QP33.6.M36 K44 2004 Mathematical physiology
QR251 .L38 2012 Medical parasitology
R - Medicine

RA645.5 .R53 2011 Special events medical services

RA645.8 .P67 2011 Preplanning for EMS

RC76 .J374 2012 Pocket companion for physical examination & health assessment
RC86.7 .I563 2012 Advanced emergency care and transportation of the sick and injured
RC86.7 .S35 2007 First responder
RC87.9 .P37 2004 Paramedic : airway management
RC339.52.F73 Y68 1988 Anna Freud : a biography
RC569.5.C55 M55313 1997b The drama of the gifted child
RD97 .S6874 2009 Sports first aid and injury prevention
RJ245 .C44 2013 Certified pediatric emergency nurse (CPEN) review manual
RJ253.5 .C47 2012 Certification and core review for neonatal intensive care nursing
RM170 .A49 2001 Intravenous therapy for prehospital providers
RT50.5 .F73 2011 The nurse's social media advantage
RT55 .M64 2012 Mosby's comprehensive review of nursing for the NCLEX-RN examination
RT55 .N77 2012 Test success
RT55 .R564 2012 NCLEX-PN practice questions
RT55 .S487 2012 Saunders Q&A review for the NCLEX-RN examination
RT62 .T56 2012 Lippincott's review for NCLEX-PN
S - Agriculture
  S494.5.U72 L33 2011 The urban food revolution

SF956 .R44 2010 Rehabilitating the athletic horse
T - Technology

T14.5 .V35 2011 Our war on ourselves : rethinking science, technology, and economic growth

T49.5 .G45 2008 Innovate Like Edison : the five-step system for breakthrough business success

T55 .G586 2011 Occupational safety and health for technologists, engineers, and managers

T57.77 .N44 2010 Stochastic network optimization with application to communication and queueing systems

T65 .H58 2010 Holistic engineering education : beyond technology
T173.8 .C685 2011 User unfriendly
TA403.6 .H36513 2009 The science of construction materials
TD192 .N36 2011 Nanotechnology for environmental decontamination
TK5101 .L46 2004 Communication networks
TK7871.9 .P815 2010 Understanding modern transistors and diodes
TL220 .W495 2006 Who killed the electric car? [videorecording]
TT505.A1 D54 2011 The poetry of fashion design
TT515 .B48 2002 Power sewing step-by-step
TT630 .P36 2012 Pink and blue
U- Military Science
V - Naval Science
Z - Library Science
  Z305 .H39 2010 Lost illusions
U. S. Documents
ELECTRONIC A 1.107:748 eg Profile of hired farmworkers, 1994 annual averages
ELECTRONIC A 1.150: eg Secretary's weekly radio address
ELECTRONIC A 1.68:1556/2008 eg Housing programs
ELECTRONIC A 1.68:1678/2004 eg Providing rural America with essential utility services
ELECTRONIC A 1.68:1789 eg Assistance for rural electric utilities
ELECTRONIC A 1.68:1873 eg USDA Rural Development housing vouchers
ELECTRONIC A 1.68:2010 eg Onionweed
ELECTRONIC A 1.68:2011 eg Distance Learning and Telemedicine Program
ELECTRONIC A 1.68:2013 eg Community-Oriented Connectivity Broadband Grant Program
ELECTRONIC A 1.68:2041 eg Community facilities loans and grants for rural libraries
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:100 eg Diseases of North American forest trees planted abroad
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:101 eg Wood
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:103 eg Insecticide recommendations of the Entomology Research Branch for the control of insects attacking crops and livestock
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:104 eg Glossary of terms used in forest fire control
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:105 eg Protecting perishable foods during transportation by truck
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:106 eg 4-H club entomology leaders' manual
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:107 eg Conservation irrigation in humid areas
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:108 eg Distribution of the varieties and classes of wheat in the United States in 1954
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:109 eg New index numbers of farm marketings and home consumption
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:110 eg Forest nursery practice in the Lake States
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:111 eg Patent manual
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:112 eg State egg laws and regulations
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:113 eg Compilation of statutes relating to soil conservation, marketing quotas and allotments, soil bank, crop insurance, sugar payments and quotas, price support, Commodity Credit Corporation, and related statutes as of January 1, 1957
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:114 eg Bamboos of the genus Phyllostachys under cultivation in the United States
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:115 eg Hog shelters and equipment for southern states
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:117 eg Maintaining produce quality in retail stores
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:119 eg Bovine brucellosis in the United States
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:122 eg Sugarcane
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:123 eg Result demonstration manual for extension workers
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:124 eg Compilation of Agricultural marketing agreement act of 1937
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:125 eg Bending solid wood to form
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:126 eg Test methods with plant-regulating chemicals
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:20 eg The principal laws relating to the establishment and administration of the National forests and to other Forest Service activities
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:21 eg List of sires proved in dairy-herd-improvement associations, 1951
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:22 eg Lettering for extension visual aids
ELECTRONIC a 1.76:24 eg Harvesting and cleaning grass and legume seed in the Western Gulf Region
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:25 eg Recommended specifications for standard packs, containers, and packaging materials for poultry and poultry products
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:26 eg How to make circular letters attractive
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:27 eg Small sawmill operator's manual
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:28 eg Market diseases of tomatoes, peppers, and eggplants,
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:29 eg Folic acid content of foods
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:30 eg Manual for testing agricultural and vegetable seeds
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:31 eg Poultry grading manual
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:33 eg Organization of 4-H club work
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:34 eg Composition of foods used in Far Eastern countries
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:35 eg Workers in subjects pertaining to agriculture in land-grant colleges and experiment stations, 1951-52
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:36 eg Suggestions for improving services and facilities at public terminal stockyards
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:37 eg Manual on safety for workers in chemical laboratories, pilot plants, chemical storerooms, mechanical shops
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:38 eg First aid for flooded homes and farms
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:39 eg Growth of selectively cut ponderosa pine stands in the Upper Columbia Basin
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:40 eg Preservation treatment of wood by pressure methods
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:41 eg Check list of native and naturalized trees of the United States (including Alaska)
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:45 eg Career service opportunities in the United States Department of Agriculture
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:46 eg Mosquitoes of the Northwestern States
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:47 eg Directory of Activities of the Bureau of Plant Industry, Soils, and Agricultural Engineering 1952
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:50 eg Workers in subjects pertaining to agriculture in land-grant colleges and experiment stations, 1952-53
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:51 eg Federal and state standards for the composition of milk products
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:52 eg The small timber owner and his federal income tax
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:53 eg Forestry for 4-H Clubs
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:54 eg Cheese varieties and descriptions
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:55 eg Television for you
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:56 eg Proceedings of national food and nutrition institute, December 8, 9, 10, 1952, Washington D.C
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:57 eg Farm planners' engineering handbook for the upper Mississippi region
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:58 eg Grasses introduced into the United States
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:59 eg Grain grading primer
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:60 eg Diagnosis and improvement of saline and alkali soils
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:61 eg A manual on conservation of soil and water
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:62 eg Consumption of food in the United States, 1909-52
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:63 eg Workers in subjects pertaining to agriculture in land-grant colleges and experiment stations, 1953-54
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:64 eg Analytical tools for measuring demand
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:65 eg 4-H club insect manual
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:66 eg The commercial storage of fruits, vegetables, and florist and nursery stocks
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:67 eg Application of probability area sampling to farm surveys
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:68 eg Fertilizer use and crop yields in the United States
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:69 eg Chemicals evaluated as insecticides and repellents at Orlando, Fla
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:70 eg Small sawmills
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:71 eg Seeding rangelands in Utah, Nevada, southern Idaho and western Wyoming
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:72 eg Wood handbook
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:73 eg Wood-frame house construction
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:74 eg Energy value of foods
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:75 eg Egg grading manual
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:76 eg Directory of organization and field activities of the Department of Agriculture, 1955
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:77 eg Outlines for 4-H club grain grading demonstrations
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:78 eg Workers in subjects pertaining to agriculture in land-grant colleges and experiment stations, 1954-55
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:80 eg Commercial vegetables for fresh market usual planting and harvesting dates and principal producing areas
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:81 eg Cattle shelters and equipment for southern states
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:82 eg Methods for evaluating irrigation systems
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:83 eg Charting the seasonal market for meat animals
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:84 eg Graphic analysis in economic research
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:85 eg Vegetables for commercial processing
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:86 eg United States standards for containers, packing materials, and packs for shell eggs
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:88 eg Rangeland improvement through seeding and weed control on east slope Sierra Nevada and on southern Cascade Mountains
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:89 eg Seeding in the southwestern pine zone for forage improvement and soil protection
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:90 eg Sheep shelters and equipment for southern states
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:91 eg Measuring the supply and utilization of farm commodities
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:92 eg Volume tables for Pacific Northwest trees
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:93 eg A graphic method of interpreting response to fertilizer
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:94 eg Computational methods for handling systems of simultaneous equations
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:95 eg Workers in subjects pertaining to agriculture in land-grant colleges and agricultural experiment stations, 1955-56
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:96 eg The DHIA supervisor's manual
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:97 eg Pantothenic acid in foods
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:98 eg Chemistry and technology of citrus, citrus products and byproducts
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:99 eg Modernizing cotton gins
ELECTRONIC A 1.76;44 eg Canning in glass jars in community canning centers
ELECTRONIC A 13.110/13:R 10-TP-98 eg Birch aphids
ELECTRONIC A 13.114/2:AL 5/ eg The year in review
ELECTRONIC A 13.151/5:RMRS-P-3 eg The future of arid grasslands
ELECTRONIC A 13.2:B 85/9 eg Spruce budworm
ELECTRONIC A 13.2:B 98/CHIPPE. eg Butterflies of the Chippewa National Forest
ELECTRONIC A 13.2:B 98/GREEN eg Butterflies of the Green Mountain National Forest
ELECTRONIC A 13.2:B 98/HOOSIER eg Butterflies of the Hoosier National Forest [
ELECTRONIC A 13.2:B 98/HURON eg Butterflies of the Huron-Manistee National Forest
ELECTRONIC A 13.2:B 98/OTTAWA eg Butterflies of the Ottowa [
ELECTRONIC A 13.2:B 98/SHAWNEE eg Butterflies of the Shawnee National Forest
ELECTRONIC A 13.2:B 98/SUPERI. eg Butterflies of the Superior National Forest
ELECTRONIC A 13.2:C 61/3 eg National roadmap for responding to climate change
ELECTRONIC A 13.2:L 11/2010-2013 eg Master agreement between FS and NFFE
ELECTRONIC A 13.2:P 65/25 eg Record of decision and finding of nonsignificant forest plan amendment for the Pinale*no ecosystem restoration project
ELECTRONIC A 13.36/2:SO 8/5 eg Sources and science
ELECTRONIC A 13.78:NRS-18 eg The use of Bacillus thuringiensis kurstaki for managing gypsy moth populations under the Slow the Spread program, 1996-2010, relative to the distributional range of threatened and endangered species
ELECTRONIC A 13.78:RMRS-RP-89 eg Detrimental soil disturbance associated with timber harvest systems on national forests in the Northern Region
ELECTRONIC A 13.78:SRS-50 eg Site establishment practices influence loblolly pine mortality throughout the stand rotation
ELECTRONIC A 13.79:RMRS-RN-43 eg Using QuickBird imagery to detect cover and spread of post-fire straw mulch after the 2006 Tripod Fire, Washington, USA
ELECTRONIC A 13.79:RMRS-RN-46 eg Bioenergy production systems and biochar application in forests
ELECTRONIC A 13.80/31: eg Virginia's forests
ELECTRONIC A 13.80/32: eg Wyoming's forest products industry and timber harvest
ELECTRONIC A 13.88: eg Publications of the Northeastern Forest Experiment Station
ELECTRONIC A 13.88:FPL-GTR-173 eg Fuels for schools
ELECTRONIC A 13.88:FPL-GTR-194 eg Live load distribution on longitudinal glued-laminated timber deck bridges
ELECTRONIC A 13.88:FPL-GTR-200 eg Heat treatment of firewood
ELECTRONIC A 13.88:FPL-GTR-202 eg Installation, care, and maintenance of wood shake and shingle siding
ELECTRONIC A 13.88:FPL-GTR-203 eg Physical deterioration of preservative treated poles and pilings exposed to salt water
ELECTRONIC A 13.88:PNW-GTR-800 eg Washington's forest resources, 2002-2006
ELECTRONIC A 13.88:PNW-GTR-832 eg Socioeconomic assessment of Forest Service American Recovery and Reinvestment Act projects
ELECTRONIC A 13.88:PNW-GTR-850 eg Northwest forest plan, the first 15 years (1994-2008)
ELECTRONIC A 13.88:PNW-GTR-852 eg Ecosystem services as a framework for forest stewardship
ELECTRONIC A 13.88:PNW-GTR-853 eg Northwest Forest Plan--the first 15 years (1994-2008)
ELECTRONIC A 13.88:PNW-GTR-854 eg Synthesis of knowledge of extreme fire behavior
ELECTRONIC A 13.88:PNW-GTR-855 eg Responding to climate change in national forests
ELECTRONIC A 13.88:RMRS-GTR-219 eg Population and harvest trends of big game and small game species
ELECTRONIC A 13.88:RMRS-GTR-254 eg The national tree-list layer
ELECTRONIC A 13.88:RMRS-GTR-258 eg Geomorphology, hydrology, and ecology of Great Basin meadow complexes
ELECTRONIC A 13.88:RMRS-GTR-263 eg High resolution interpolation of climate scenarios for the conterminous USA and Alaska derived from general circulation model simulations
ELECTRONIC A 13.88:RMRS-GTR-264 eg Climate change on the Shoshone National Forest, Wyoming
ELECTRONIC A 13.88:RMRS-GTR-265 eg Rocky Mountain Research Station invasive species visionary white paper
ELECTRONIC A 13.88:RMRS-GTR-267 eg Validating visual disturbance types and classes used for forest soil monitoring protocols
ELECTRONIC A 13.88:RMRS-P-41 eg Fuels management
ELECTRONIC A 13.88:SRS-120 eg Xylem transport models optimize effectiveness of systemic insecticide applications for controlling hemlock woolly adelgid (Adelges tsugae)
ELECTRONIC A 13.88:SRS-140 eg Southern pine beetle II
ELECTRONIC A 13.88:SRS-141 eg Forecasts of county-level land uses under three future scenarios
ELECTRONIC A 13.88:SRS-143 eg Appalachian National Scenic Trail pilot survey
ELECTRONIC A 17.34: eg Chefs move to schools
ELECTRONIC A 17.35: eg Recipes
ELECTRONIC A 57.91/2:TX-PM-10-02 eg Pollinator plants for Texas conservation practices
ELECTRONIC A 57.91/2:TX-PM-10-5 eg What are plant ecotypes?
ELECTRONIC A 77.720/3:AV 5/4/ eg Pathotype analysis of avian influenza vaccine candidate viruses ... annual report
ELECTRONIC A 77.720/3:F 73/ eg Biotherapeutics development against foot-and-mouth disease in swine ... annual report
ELECTRONIC A 77.720/3:F 73/2/ eg Characterization of local isolates of foot-and-mouth disease viruses and development of vector based vaccines ... annual report
ELECTRONIC A 77.720/3:F 73/3/ eg Developing predictive tools for prevention of foot-and-mouth disease ... annual report
ELECTRONIC A 77.720/3:F 73/4/ eg Understanding local and systemic protective responses against foot-and-mouth disease virus infection in cattle
ELECTRONIC A 77.720/3:IN 3/ eg Influenza pandemic preparedness ... annual report
ELECTRONIC A 77.720/3:IN 3/2/ eg Study of influenza A viruses ... annual report
ELECTRONIC A 77.720/3:N 43/ eg Development of reagents and protocols for diagnostics and imaging of Newcastle Disease virus ... annual report
ELECTRONIC A 77.720/3:N 43/2/ eg Study of influenza and Newcastle Disease viruses circulating in Asia ... annual report
ELECTRONIC A 77.720/3:P 86/ eg Development of alternative approaches to antibiotics for controlling bacterial respiratory pathogens in poultry ... annual report
ELECTRONIC A 77.720/3:R 44/ eg Countermeasures to control and eradicate Rift Valley fever (RFV) ... annual report
ELECTRONIC A 77.720/3:R 44/2/ eg Rift Valley fever virus ... annual report
ELECTRONIC A 77.720/3:R 44/3/ eg Evaluation of Rift Valley fever (RVF) veterinary diagnostic reagents ... annual report
ELECTRONIC A 77.720/3:R 44/4/ eg Expansion of the Kenyan Rift Valley fever (RVF) veterinary surveillance program to include wildlife species ... annual report
ELECTRONIC A 77.720/3:SW 6/2/ eg Swine genomics and biodefense countermeasures discovery ... annual report
ELECTRONIC A 77.734/3:F 66/ eg Novel strategies and technologies for management of water molds and foliar blights affecting floral crops... annual report
ELECTRONIC A 77.734/3:F 94/ eg Identification resource for the fruit fly species of Anastrepha ... annual report
ELECTRONIC A 77.734/3:F 96/ eg Biology and control of fungal associates of Ambrosia beetles ... annual report
ELECTRONIC A 77.734/3:IN 7/2/ eg Identification of insects and mites of importance to quarantine and biosecurity ... annual report
ELECTRONIC A 77.734/3:IN 7/3/ eg Biologically based techniques for control of insect pests ... annual report
ELECTRONIC A 77.734/3:ST 5/ eg Research on natural enemies of brown marmorated stinkbug and soybean aphid in Korea ... annual report
ELECTRONIC A 77.734/3:ST 5/2/ eg Mechanisms of stink bug outbreaks associated with Bt cotton ... annual report
ELECTRONIC A 77.734/3:W 41/4/ eg Reduced-tillage weed management for organic farming... annual report
ELECTRONIC A 77.739: eg National Advisory Council for Office Professionals and Organizational Secretarial Advisory Councils annual report
ELECTRONIC A 77.739: eg National Advisory Council for Office Support Professionals and Organizational Secretarial Advisory Councils annual report
ELECTRONIC A 77.739: eg National Secretarial Advisory Council and Organizational Secretarial Advisory Councils annual report
ELECTRONIC A 92.59: eg Quick stats
ELECTRONIC A 93.45/7: eg Farm business economics report
ELECTRONIC A 93.60:16/V.1-2 eg The emergency food assistance system
ELECTRONIC A 93.73/2:86 eg How much time do Americans spend on food?
ELECTRONIC A 93.73/2:87 eg Identifying overlap in the farm safety net
ELECTRONIC A 93.73:122 eg The expansion of modern grocery retailing and trade in developing countries
ELECTRONIC A 93.73:126 eg Alternatives to a state-based ACRE program
ELECTRONIC A 93.73:127 eg Nitrogen in agricultural systems
ELECTRONIC A 93.73:128 eg Direct and intermediated marketing of local foods in the United States
ELECTRONIC A 93.74:57 eg Low-income women's experiences with food programs, food spending, and food-related hardships
ELECTRONIC A 98.2:EA 8/3 eg Eat smart--farm fresh!
ELECTRONIC A 98.27:B 37 eg Serve more dry beans and peas for healthier school meals
ELECTRONIC A 98.27:C 82 eg Meeting the challenge of rising food costs for healthier school meals
ELECTRONIC A 98.27:F 26 eg Limit saturated fat & cholesterol for healthier school meals
ELECTRONIC A 98.27:F 26/2 eg Trim trans fat for healthier school meals
ELECTRONIC A 98.27:F 44 eg Include fiber-rich foods for healthier school meals
ELECTRONIC A 98.27:F 94 eg Jazz up your menu with fruits for healthier school meals
ELECTRONIC A 98.27:M 59 eg Use low-fat milk, cheese, and yogurt for healthier school meals
ELECTRONIC A 98.27:SA 3 eg Be salt savvy--cut back on sodium for healthier school meals
ELECTRONIC A 98.27:SCH 6 eg Just the facts!
ELECTRONIC A 98.27:V 52 eg Vary your vegetables for healthier school meals
ELECTRONIC A 101.31:G 76/2010 eg Grasshoppers and Mormon crickets
ELECTRONIC A 101.31:IM 7/4 eg Questions and answers
ELECTRONIC A 110.1/2: eg Annual report
ELECTRONIC A 110.29:B 39 eg Ground beef and food safety
ELECTRONIC A 110.29:B 39/2 eg Corned beef and food safety
ELECTRONIC A 110.29:D 85 eg Duck and goose from farm to table
ELECTRONIC A 110.29:EG 3 eg Shell eggs from farm to table
ELECTRONIC A 110.29:F 73 eg FSIS food recalls
ELECTRONIC A 110.29:G 53 eg Goat from farm to table
ELECTRONIC A 110.29:IN 7 eg Inspection & grading of meat and poultry
ELECTRONIC A 110.29:L 16 eg Lamb from farm to table
ELECTRONIC A 110.29:T 32 eg Countdown to the Thanksgiving holiday
ELECTRONIC A 110.29:T 84 eg Turkey raised by the rules
ELECTRONIC A 110.29:V 48 eg Veal from farm to table
ELECTRONIC A 110.8:C 77/2011 eg Cooking for groups
ELECTRONIC A 114.2:B 78/2 eg Advancing broadband
ELECTRONIC A 114.2:L 78 eg Guaranteed rural housing loans
ELECTRONIC E 1.177:DOE/GO-102011-3421 eg Measure guideline
ELECTRONIC E 1.177:DOE/GO-102011-3441 eg Strategy guideline
ELECTRONIC E 1.2:B 52/28 eg New frontiers in characterizing biological systems
ELECTRONIC E 9.16:NREL/TP-5000-47773 eg Gearbox Reliability Collaborative (GRC) description and loading
ELECTRONIC E 9.16:NREL/TP-5000-52353 eg Turbulence-turbine interaction
ELECTRONIC E 9.16:NREL/TP-5000-52616 eg Applications of systems engineering to the research, design, and development of wind energy systems
ELECTRONIC E 9.16:NREL/TP-5400-52905 eg National 2010-2011 survey of E85
ELECTRONIC E 9.16:NREL/TP-5500-52234 eg Condensing hybrid water heater monitoring field evaluation
ELECTRONIC E 9.16:NREL/TP-5500-52791 eg Laboratory test report for six Energy Star* dehumidifiers
ELECTRONIC E 9.16:NREL/TP-5500-53066 eg Developing a cost model and methodology to estimate capital costs for thermal energy storage
ELECTRONIC E 9.16:NREL/TP-5600-52349 eg SunLine Transit Agency advanced technology fuel cell bus evaluation
ELECTRONIC E 9.16:NREL/TP-5600-52641 eg Codes and standards requirements for deployment of emerging fuel cell technologies
ELECTRONIC E 9.16:NREL/TP-6 A 20-50710 eg Using net-zero energy projects to enable sustainable economic redevelopment at the former Burnswick Air Naval Base
ELECTRONIC E 9.16:NREL/TP-6 A 20-52978 eg Enabling greater penetration of solar power via the use of CSP with thermal energy storage
ELECTRONIC E 9.16:NREL/TP-6 A 20-52983 eg Procurement options for new renewable electricity supply
ELECTRONIC E 9.16:NREL/TP-7 A 10-53369 eg Solar technology acceleration center (SolarTAC)
ELECTRONIC E 9.16:NREL/TP-7 A 30-53430 eg Kaneohe, Hawaii wind resource assessment report
ELECTRONIC E 9.16:NREL/TP-7 A 40-51296 eg Solar ready
ELECTRONIC E 9.17:NREL/CP-5000-53500 eg Comparing state-space multivariable controls to multi-SISO controls for load reduction of drivetrain-coupled modes on wind turbines through field-testing
ELECTRONIC E 9.17:NREL/CP-5000-53567 eg Atmospheric and wake turbulence impacts on wind turbine fatigue loading
ELECTRONIC E 9.17:NREL/CP-5500-51589 eg IEA BESTEST multi-zone non-airflow in-depth diagnostic cases
ELECTRONIC E 9.17:NREL/CP-5500-51674 eg An analysis model for domestic hot water distribution systems
ELECTRONIC E 9.17:NREL/CP-5500-51836 eg OpenStudio
ELECTRONIC E 9.17:NREL/CP-5500-52389 eg Three-dimensional numerical evaluation of thermal performance of uninsulated wall assemblies
ELECTRONIC E 9.17:NREL/CP-5500-53463 eg Symmetrical and unsymmetrical fault currents of a wind power plant
ELECTRONIC E 9.17:NREL/CP-5500-53464 eg Variable frequency operations of an offshore wind power plant with HVDC-VSC
ELECTRONIC E 9.17:NREL/CP-5500-53514 eg Effective ancillary services market designs on high wind power penetration systems
ELECTRONIC E 9.18:NREL/SR-5500-50907 eg Impacts of improved day-ahead wind forecasts on power grid operations
ELECTRONIC E 9.22:NREL/PR-5500-53410 eg The distribution of wind power forecasting errors from operations systems
ELECTRONIC E 9.22:NREL/PR-5500-53701 eg Building Energy Simulation Test for Existing Homes (BESTEST-EX)
ELECTRONIC E 9.28:NREL/PO-5500-53526 eg Revealing the impact of climate variability on the wind resource using data mining techniques
ELECTRONIC E 10.2:L 62/2/2010 eg Transforming the lighting landscape
ELECTRONIC E 10.2:L 62/8 eg The race to replace the common light bulb
ELECTRONIC ED 1.136/7:2004-458 eg Mathematics highlights 2003
ELECTRONIC ED 1.2:SCH 6/41/SPAN./ENG. eg Does your school need a fresh start?
ELECTRONIC ED 1.2:ST 1/4 eg Stafford loan forgiveness program for teachers
ELECTRONIC ED 1.8:C 83/16/2010 eg Entrance counseling guide for direct loan borrowers
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13/21:GAO-12-67 SP eg Transportation security information sharing
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-05-219 eg Adult drug courts
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-12-10 eg Gender pay differences
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-12-100 eg U.S. Postal Service
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-12-107 eg Tennessee Valley Authority
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-12-114 eg Homeland defense and weapons of mass destruction
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-12-116 eg Drug shortages
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-12-117 eg Initial pilot training
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-12-118 eg Commercial spectrum
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-12-132 eg DOD financial management
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-12-14 eg Coast Guard
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-12-143 eg Postsecondary education
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-12-15 eg Federal Housing Administration
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-12-150 eg For-profit schools
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-12-151 eg Dodd-Frank Act regulations
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-12-155 eg Station fire
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-12-158 eg Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-12-162 eg International Space Station
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-12-168 eg Delphi pension plans
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-12-173 eg State Small Business Credit Initiative
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-12-174 eg Coast Guard
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-12-178 eg Strategic sourcing
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-12-183 eg Small Business Lending Fund
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-12-193 eg User fees
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-12-195 eg Recovery Act
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-12-201 eg Foster children
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-12-210 eg IT Dashboard
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-12-22 eg Arizona border surveillance technology
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-12-225 eg Pediatric medical devices
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-12-269 eg Border security
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-12-282 eg National Aeronautics and Space Administration
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-12-31 eg DOD health care
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-12-32 eg National Institutes of Health
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-12-34 eg Vacant properties
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-12-35 eg Foreign assistance
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-12-38 eg Medicaid
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-12-39 eg Higher education
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-12-40 eg Higher education and disability
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-12-41 eg Mississippi River
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-12-43 eg International climate change assessments
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-12-44 eg Transportation security information sharing
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-12-45 eg Highway emergency relief
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-12-46 eg Food and Drug Administration
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-12-47 eg Port Security Grant Program
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-12-48 eg Next Generation Air Transportation
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-12-49 eg Ginnie Mae
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-12-53 eg Adult drug courts
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-12-55 eg Biosurveillance
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-12-56 eg Intragovernmental revolving funds
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-12-57 eg Federal contracting
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-12-60 eg Transportation security
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-12-61 eg Medicare
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-12-63 eg Mental health and substance use
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-12-64 eg Compacts of Free Association
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-12-66 eg Immigration benefits
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-12-68 eg Haiti reconstruction
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-12-7 eg Information technology
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-12-70 eg Nuclear fuel cycle options
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-12-71 eg Nuclear nonproliferation
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-12-73 eg Arizona border region
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-12-77 eg Environmental justice
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-12-78 eg Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Program
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-12-79 eg Green building
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-12-8 eg Cybersecurity human capital
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-12-83 eg Defense Contract Management Agency
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-12-88 eg Defense contract audits
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-12-93 eg Medicare Advantage
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-12-94 eg Federal Employees' Group Life Insurance
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-12-96 eg Federal Bureau of Investigation
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-12-98 eg Adoption tax credit
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-12-99 eg Arlington National Cemetery
ELECTRONIC GA 1.2:AU 2/14/2011 eg Government auditing standards
ELECTRONIC GA 1.41:587098 eg PCAOB rulemaking docket matter 037
ELECTRONIC GA 1.41:GAO-12-106 R eg U.S. Customs and Border Protection's border security fencing, infrastructure and technology fiscal year 2011 expenditure plan
ELECTRONIC GA 1.41:GAO-12-131 R eg Options for collecting revenues on liquidated entries of merchandise evading antidumping and countervailing duties
ELECTRONIC GA 1.41:GAO-12-152 R eg Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business Program
ELECTRONIC GA 1.41:GAO-12-166 R eg Health care coverage
ELECTRONIC GA 1.41:GAO-12-189 R eg Hardrock mining
ELECTRONIC GA 1.41:GAO-12-192 R eg Transportation security infrastructure modernization may enhance DHS screening capabilities, but it is too early to access results
ELECTRONIC GA 1.41:GAO-12-204 R eg Earned Import Allowance Program for Haiti
ELECTRONIC GA 1.41:GAO-12-215 R eg Managing for results
ELECTRONIC GA 1.41:GAO-12-221 R eg Medicaid
ELECTRONIC GA 1.41:GAO-12-230 R eg Key controls NASA employs to guide use and management of funded Space Act agreements are generally sufficient, but some could be strengthened and clarified
ELECTRONIC GA 1.41:GAO-12-243 R eg Broadcasting Board of Governors should provide additional information to Congress regarding broadcasting to Cuba
ELECTRONIC GA 1.41:GAO-12-62 R eg Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan
ELECTRONIC GA 1.41:GAO-12-9 R eg Review of U.S. response to the Honduran political crisis of 2009
ELECTRONIC GA 1.41:GAO-12-90 R eg Private health insurance
ELECTRONIC GA 1.5/15:GAO-12-252 CG eg Anticipating and meeting accountability challenges in a dynamic environment
ELECTRONIC GA 1.5/15:GAO-12-268 CG eg Effective government in a time of significant challenges
ELECTRONIC GA 1.5/2:GAO-12-187 T eg Next Generation Air Transportation System
ELECTRONIC GA 1.5/2:GAO-12-200 T eg Office of Science and Technology Policy
ELECTRONIC GA 1.5/2:GAO-12-203 T eg Deepwater Horizon
ELECTRONIC GA 1.5/2:GAO-12-205 T eg Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business Program
ELECTRONIC GA 1.5/2:GAO-12-206 T eg Federal courthouse construction
ELECTRONIC GA 1.5/2:GAO-12-212 T eg Federal Employees' Compensation Act
ELECTRONIC GA 1.5/2:GAO-12-213 T eg DOD supply chain
ELECTRONIC GA 1.5/2:GAO-12-226 T eg OPM retirement modernization
ELECTRONIC GA 1.5/2:GAO-12-232 T eg Acquisition workforce
ELECTRONIC GA 1.5/2:GAO-12-234 T eg Delphi Corporation
ELECTRONIC GA 1.5/2:GAO-12-236 T eg Environmental Protection Agency
ELECTRONIC GA 1.5/2:GAO-12-238 T eg Climate change adaptation
ELECTRONIC GA 1.5/2:GAO-12-239 T eg DHS research and development
ELECTRONIC GA 1.5/2:GAO-12-245 T eg Suspension and debarment
ELECTRONIC GA 1.5/2:GAO-12-249 T eg Compact of Free Association
ELECTRONIC GA 1.5/2:GAO-12-254 T eg Coast Guard
ELECTRONIC GA 1.5/2:GAO-12-270 T eg Foster children
ELECTRONIC GA 1.5/2:GAO-12-276 T eg National Capital region
ELECTRONIC GA 1.5/2:GAO-12-277 T eg Federal Housing Administration
ELECTRONIC GA 1.5/2:GAO-12-278 T eg Veterans Administration procurement
ELECTRONIC GA 1.5/2:GAO-12-279 T eg Recovery Act
ELECTRONIC GA 1.5/2:GAO-12-287 T eg Visa Waiver Program
ELECTRONIC GA 1.5/2:GAO-12-288 T eg Medicaid program integrity
ELECTRONIC GA 1.5/2:GAO-12-292 T eg Fraud detection systems
ELECTRONIC GA 1.5/2:GAO-12-302 T eg Homelessness
ELECTRONIC GA 1.5/2:GAO-12-315 T eg Drug shortages
ELECTRONIC GA 1.5/A-2:B-402198.2 eg Medical Development International, Inc.
ELECTRONIC GA 1.5/A-2:B-404496.3 eg TeleCommunication Systems Inc.
ELECTRONIC GA 1.5/A-2:B-404885.2 eg Six3 Systems, Inc.
ELECTRONIC GA 1.5/A-2:B-404905.3/B-404905.4 eg SECO Systems, Inc.
ELECTRONIC GA 1.5/A-2:B-405077.2 eg Data Solutions & Technology, Inc.
ELECTRONIC GA 1.5/A-2:B-405123 eg Vital Link, Inc.
ELECTRONIC GA 1.5/A-2:B-405164 eg MEDI-e-ImageData Corporation
ELECTRONIC GA 1.5/A-2:B-405220 eg Eagle Creek marina.
ELECTRONIC GA 1.5/A-2:B-405280 eg Serco Inc.
ELECTRONIC GA 1.5/A-2:B-405303.2/B-405303.3 eg Globecomm Systems, Inc.
ELECTRONIC GA 1.5/A-2:B-405310 eg J & J Maintenance, Inc.
ELECTRONIC GA 1.5/A-2:B-405310.2 eg Y&K Maintenance, Inc.
ELECTRONIC GA 1.5/A-2:B-405319 eg Henry Schein, Inc.
ELECTRONIC GA 1.5/A-2:B-405327 eg Brooks Range Contract Services, Inc.
ELECTRONIC GA 1.5/A-2:B-405348 eg Luke & Associates, Inc.
ELECTRONIC GA 1.5/A-2:B-405354/B-405354.4 eg MPC Containment Systems, LLC
ELECTRONIC GA 1.5/A-2:B-405377 eg The McConnell Group, Inc.
ELECTRONIC GA 1.5/A-2:B-405384 eg Paragon TEC, Inc.
ELECTRONIC GA 1.5/A-2:B-405400.1/B-405400.2 eg Supreme Foodservice GmbH
ELECTRONIC GA 1.5/A-2:B-405423 eg Outdoor Venture Corporation
ELECTRONIC GA 1.5/A-2:B-405450 eg ArmorWorks Enterprises LLC
ELECTRONIC HE 20.3152: K 54/2010 eg What you need to know about kidney cancer
ELECTRONIC HE 20.3152:C 16/39/ eg When cancer returns
ELECTRONIC HE 20.3152:EA 8/2/2011 eg Eating hints
ELECTRONIC HE 20.3152:F 77 eg Making a difference in cancer
ELECTRONIC HE 20.3152:T 71/3/2010 eg When someone you love is being treated for cancer
ELECTRONIC HE 20.3158:R 11/ eg Radiation therapy and you
ELECTRONIC HE 20.3302:C 49/4/SPAN. eg Lo que usted debe saber sobre la cistitis intersticial (s*indrome de vejiga dolorosa)
ELECTRONIC HE 20.3323:G 21/6 eg Upper GI series
ELECTRONIC HE 20.3323:G 21/7 eg Lower GI series
ELECTRONIC HE 20.3326:D 54/4/2008 eg Prevent diabetes problems
ELECTRONIC HE 20.3326:D 54/4/2008/LGE eg Prevent diabetes problems
ELECTRONIC HE 20.3326:D 54/5/2010 eg Prevent diabetes problems
ELECTRONIC HE 20.3326:D 54/5/2010/LGE eg Prevent diabetes problems
ELECTRONIC HE 20.3352:R 29/ eg Reproductive Sciences Branch, NICHD
ELECTRONIC HE 20.3502:G 28 eg Genes at work in the brain
ELECTRONIC HE 20.3502:ST 8/14 eg Stroke
ELECTRONIC HE 20.3520:AM 9/2010 eg ALS
ELECTRONIC HE 20.3520:AN 3/ eg Cerebral aneurysms fact sheet
ELECTRONIC HE 20.3520:C 43/ eg Chiari malformation fact sheet
ELECTRONIC HE 20.3520:H 99/ eg Hydrocephalus fact sheet
ELECTRONIC HE 20.3520:M 18/ eg Machado-Joseph disease fact sheet
ELECTRONIC HE 20.3520:M 52/SPAN. eg Meningitis y encefalitis
ELECTRONIC HE 20.3520:M 99/2/ eg Myasthenia gravis fact sheet
ELECTRONIC HE 20.3520:P 15/ eg Progressive supranuclear palsy fact sheet
ELECTRONIC HE 20.3520:P 84/3 eg Post-stroke rehabilitation
ELECTRONIC HE 20.3520:SP 4/2/ eg Spinal muscular atrophy fact sheet
ELECTRONIC HE 20.3520:SY 8/ eg Syringomyelia fact sheet
ELECTRONIC HE 20.3520:V 44 eg Vasculitis syndromes of the central and peripheral nervous systems
ELECTRONIC HE 20.3852:OL 1 eg There's no place like home--for growing old
ELECTRONIC HE 20.3861:D 83/2011 eg Older drivers
ELECTRONIC HE 20.3952:D 84/7/2011 eg Drugs
ELECTRONIC HE 20.3952:D 84/9 eg Heads up
ELECTRONIC HE 20.3952:M 33/4/2011 eg Marijuana
ELECTRONIC HE 20.3965/2:C 73/2010 eg Comorbidity
ELECTRONIC HE 20.3967:M 56/ eg NIDA notes articles. Methamphetamine
ELECTRONIC HE 20.3967:W 84/ eg NIDA notes articles. Women
ELECTRONIC HE 20.418:11/2001 eg KAP keys for clinicians
ELECTRONIC HE 20.418:13/2001 eg KAP keys for clinicians
ELECTRONIC HE 20.418:16/2001 eg KAP keys for clinicians
ELECTRONIC HE 20.418:17/2001 eg KAP keys for clinicians
ELECTRONIC HE 20.418:18/2001 eg KAP keys for clinicians
ELECTRONIC HE 20.418:2/2001 eg KAP keys for clinicians
ELECTRONIC HE 20.418:24/2001 eg KAP keys for clinicians
ELECTRONIC HE 20.418:26/2001 eg KAP keys for clinicians
ELECTRONIC HE 20.418:28/2001 eg KAP keys for clinicians
ELECTRONIC HE 20.418:6/2001 eg KAP keys for clinicians
ELECTRONIC HE 20.418:7/2001 eg KAP keys for clinicians
ELECTRONIC HE 20.418:9/2001 eg KAP keys for clinicians
ELECTRONIC HE 20.423/2-2: eg Treatment episode data set (TEDS). Discharges from substance abuse treatment services
ELECTRONIC HE 20.423/2-3: eg Treatment episode data set (TEDS). State admissions to substance abuse treatment services
ELECTRONIC HE 20.423/2: eg National admissions to substance abuse treatment services
ELECTRONIC HE 20.6209/3-2:46 eg HIV risk-related behaviors in the United States household population aged 15-44 years
ELECTRONIC HE 20.6209/4: eg Current estimates from the National Health Interview Survey, United States
ELECTRONIC HE 20.6209/4: eg Current estimates from the Health Interview Survey, United States
ELECTRONIC HE 20.6209:1/47 eg Collecting medication data in the 2004 National Nursing Home Survey
ELECTRONIC HE 20.6234/2: eg Death in the United States
ELECTRONIC HE 20.6234:36 eg Hypertension, high serum total cholesterol, and diabetes
ELECTRONIC HE 20.6234:50 eg Obesity and socioeconomic status in adults
ELECTRONIC HE 20.6234:51 eg Obesity and socioeconomic status in children and adolescents
ELECTRONIC HE 20.6234:52 eg Blood lead and mercury levels in pregnant women in the United States, 2003-2008
ELECTRONIC HE 20.6234:55 eg Young adults seeking medical care
ELECTRONIC HE 20.6234:57 eg Health insurance affects diagnosis and control of hypercholesterolemia and hypertension among adults aged 20-64
ELECTRONIC HE 20.6234:58 eg U.S. teenage birth rate resumes decline
ELECTRONIC HE 20.6234:59 eg Vitamin D status
ELECTRONIC HE 20.6234:60 eg Recent decline in births in the United States, 2007-2009
ELECTRONIC HE 20.6234:61 eg Dietary supplement use among U.S. adults has increased since NHANES III (1988-1994)
ELECTRONIC HE 20.6234:63 eg Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease among adults aged 18 and over in the United States, 1998-2009
ELECTRONIC HE 20.6234:65 eg Community health centers : providers, patients, and content of care
ELECTRONIC HE 20.6234:66 eg Use of the Internet for health information
ELECTRONIC HE 20.6234:67 eg The changing profile of autopsied deaths in the United States, 1972-2007
ELECTRONIC HE 20.6234:68 eg Childbearing differences among three generations of U.S. women
ELECTRONIC HE 20.6234:73 eg Prevalence of complex activity limitations among racial/ethic groups and Hispanic subgroups of adults
ELECTRONIC HE 20.6234:76 eg Antidepressant use in persons aged 12 and over
ELECTRONIC HE 20.6234:78 eg Residential care facilities
ELECTRONIC HE 20.6234:80 eg Three decades of twin births in the United States, 1980-2009
ELECTRONIC HE 20.6234:81 eg Drug poisoning deaths in the United States, 1980-2008
ELECTRONIC HE 20.6234:83 eg Health and access to care among employed and unemployed adults
ELECTRONIC HE 20.6502:B 52 eg Having a breast biopsy
ELECTRONIC HE 20.6524: eg Diagnosis and treatment of erectile dysfunction
ELECTRONIC HE 20.6524:181 eg Outcomes of community health worker interventions
ELECTRONIC HE 20.6524:183 eg Vitamin D and calcium
ELECTRONIC HE 20.6524:187 eg Treatment of overactive bladder in women
ELECTRONIC HE 20.6524:188 eg Impact of consumer health informatics applications
ELECTRONIC HE 20.6524:192 eg Lactose intolerance and health
ELECTRONIC HE 20.6524:195 eg Inhaled nitric oxide in preterm infants
ELECTRONIC HE 20.7002:AS 8 eg Strategies for addressing asthma within a coordinated school health program
ELECTRONIC HE 20.7056:AR 7 eg Arthritis pain reliever
ELECTRONIC HE 20.7056:B 73 eg Be brave
ELECTRONIC HE 20.7056:D 54/5 eg A Change for life
ELECTRONIC HE 20.7056:OB 2 eg The Obesity epidemic
ELECTRONIC HE 20.7056:T 22 eg A Message to health care professionals
ELECTRONIC HE 20.7061/2: eg CDC works for you 24-7
ELECTRONIC HE 20.7061/3: eg CDC's health out loud
ELECTRONIC HE 20.7061/4: eg Bridging the health literacy gap
ELECTRONIC HE 20.7061/5: eg Genomics and health impact blog
ELECTRONIC HE 20.7061/6: eg CDC Injury Center
ELECTRONIC HE 20.7061/7: eg Preventing chronic disease dialogue
ELECTRONIC HE 20.7061/8: eg Public health matters
ELECTRONIC HE 20.7061/9: eg Safe healthcare
ELECTRONIC HE 20.7102:F 51/4 eg Fire fighters exposed to electrical hazards during wildland fire operations
ELECTRONIC HE 20.7114/3:D 35 eg The most powerful thing
ELECTRONIC HE 20.7114/3:F 82 eg Caution
ELECTRONIC HE 20.7115:63 eg Occupational exposure to titanium dioxide
ELECTRONIC HE 20.7131:9681 eg Demands on the knee during kneeling and squatting activities common to low-seam mining
ELECTRONIC HE 20.7321: eg Health protection perspectives
ELECTRONIC HE 23.1202:AD 7/29/SPAN. eg Adopc*ion de "necesidades especiales"
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.15:101089 eg An algorithm for the systematic disturbance of optimal rotational solutions
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.15:101706 eg The Aerospace Energy Systems Laboratory
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.15:102088 eg Fundamental tribological properties of ion-beam-deposited boron nitride films
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.15:102151 eg A simple, mass balance model of carbon flow in a controlled ecological life support system
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.15:102343 eg An integrated methodology for optimizing structural composite damping
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.15:102350 eg Study of deposition of YBa2Cu3O7-x on cubic zirconia
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.15:102356 eg Optical dispersion relations for "diamondlike" carbon films
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.15:102361 eg Quotient-difference type generalizations of the power method and their analysis
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.15:102367 eg Application of a hybrid generation/utility assessment heuristic to a class of scheduling problems
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.15:102390 eg Creep strength and niobium alloys, Nb-1%Zr and PWC-11
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.15:102397 eg STOVL propulsion system volume dynamics approximations
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.15:2003-212108 eg Strength, fracture toughness, and slow crack growth of zirconia/alumina composites at elevated temperature
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.15:2003-212124 eg A wind tunnel study of icing effects on a business jet airfoil
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.15:2003-212520 eg Electrical systems analysis at NASA Glenn Research Center
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.15:2005-213162 eg KC-135 and other microgravity simulations
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.15:2005-213341 eg Inorganic photovoltaics materials and devices
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.15:2005-213363 eg Packet-based protocol efficiency for aeronautical and satellite communications
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.15:2005-213369 eg Investigation of exoskeletal engine propulsion system concept
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.15:2005-213599 eg A study of cavitation-ignition bubble combustion
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.15:2005-213806 eg Hydrodynamics of packed bed reactor in low gravity
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.15:2005-213824 eg By different cellular mechanisms, lymphatic vessels sprout by endothelial cell recruitment whereas blood vessels grow by vascular expansion
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.15:2005-213832 eg Approaches to validation of models for low gravity fluid behavior
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.15:2005-213835 eg Crack driving forces in a multilayered coating system for ceramic matrix composite substrates
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.15:2005-213877 eg Modeling and development of a magnetic bearing controller for a high speed flywheel system
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.15:2005-213913 eg Thermal structures technology development for reusable launch vehicle cryogenic propellant tanks
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.15:2005-213914 eg Small aircraft transportation system, higher volume operations concept
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.15:2011-215876 eg Failure assessment diagram for brazed 304 stainless steel joints
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.15:2011-216225 eg Teledyne Energy Systems, Inc., proton exchange member [i.e. membrane] (PEM) fuel cell engineering model powerplant
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.15:2011-216340 eg Collocation and Galerkin time-stepping methods
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.15:2011-216783 eg Characterization testing of the Teledyne passive breadboard fuel cell powerplant
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.15:2011-216785 eg A lunar surface system supportability technology development roadmap
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.15:2011-216894 eg SCience Hybrid Orbiter and Lunar Relay (SCHOLR) architecture and design
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.15:2011-217020 eg A CFD analysis of hydrogen leakage during on-pad purge in the ORION/ARES I shared volume
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.15:2011-217021 eg A hybrid power management (HPM) based vehicle architecture
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.15:2011-217031 eg Numerical simulations of two-phase reacting flow in a single-element lean direct injection (LDI) combustor using NCC
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.15:2011-217038 eg Implementation of enhanced propulsion control modes for emergency flight operation
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.15:2011-217129 eg Capability extension to the turbine off-design computer program AXOD with applications to the highly loaded fan-drive turbines
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.15:212166 eg Simulation of fatigue crack initiation at corrosion pits with EDM notches
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.15:87690-PT.1-3 eg 1984 direct strike lightning data
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.26:161978 eg Development of a qualification standard for adhesives used in hybrid microcircuits
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.26:166568 eg Impact of flying qualities on mission effectiveness for helicopter air combat. Vol. 1
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.26:168334 eg Aviation-fuel property effects on combustion
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.26:175523 eg The microwave propagation and backscattering characteristics of vegetation
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.26:176524 eg Theoretical studies of chromospheres and winds in cool stars
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.26:176544 eg Study of travelling interplanetary phenomena (ST1P) workshop travel
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.26:176544 eg Study of travelling interplanetary phenomena (STIP) workshop travel
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.26:176604 eg Shear layer excitation, experiment versus theory
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.26:176606 eg Modelling direction [i.e. directional] solidification
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.26:176652 eg Effect of flow oscillations on cavity drag and a technique for their control
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.26:176807 eg Thematic Mapper studies of Andean volcanoes
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.26:177042 eg Emission of methane and other trace gases from the Amazon varzea
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.26:177206 eg Channel flow modeling of impingement cooling of a rotating turbine blade
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.26:177222 eg Studies of dynamo field structure and related effects
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.26:177223 eg Improvement of ion thruster design
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.26:177226 eg Preliminary assessment of soil moisture over vegetation
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.26:177236 eg On the electromagnetic scattering from infinite rectangular conducting grids
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.26:177260 eg De-icing of the altitude wind tunnel turning vanes by electro-magnetic impulse
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.26:177263 eg Theoretical study on the effect of the design of small (milli-newton) thruster jets on molecular contamination for the space station
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.26:177265 eg A simulation analysis of the fate of phytoplankton within the mid-Atlantic Bight
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.26:177272 eg Study on using a digital ride quality augmentation system to trim an engine-out in a Cessna 402B
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.26:177274 eg Integrated risk/cost planning models for the U.S. air traffic system
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.26:177275 eg Investigation of the dayside boundary region of the magnetosphere
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.26:177277 eg An optimization model for the U.S. air-traffic system
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.26:177287 eg An investigation of the marine boundary layer during cold air outbreak
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.26:177294 eg Research on enhancing the utilization of digital multispectral data and geographic information systems in global habitability studies
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.26:177328 eg An experimental study of airfoil-spoiler aerodynamics
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.26:177335 eg Wind tunnel acoustic study of a propeller installed behind an airplane empennage
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.26:177336 (V.1-2) eg Experimental study of main rotor tip geometry and tail rotor interactions in hover
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.26:177394 eg Study of new systems concepts for a Titan atmospheric probe
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.26:177403 eg Development of ROT22
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.26:177421 eg Controlled ecological life support systems (CELSS)
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.26:177422 eg Controlled ecological life support systems (CELSS)
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.26:177534 eg Efficiency of N use by wheat as a function of influx and efflux of NOb3
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.26:177838 eg Space station data system analysis/architecture study Task 1, functional requirements definition, DR-5
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.26:177839-41 eg Space station data system analysis/architecture study Task 2, options development, DR-5
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.26:177842-3 eg Space station data system analysis/architecture study Task 3, trade studies, DR-5
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.26:178628 eg Engineering and programming manual
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.26:181903 eg A high-order Lagrangian-decoupling method for the incompressible Navier-Stokes equations
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.26:2003-212098 eg Noise generation by fans with supersonic tip speeds
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.26:2003-212196 eg Large-eddy/Lattice Boltzmann simulations of micro-blowing strategies for subsonic and supersonic drag control
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.26:2005-213910 eg Transmitter signal measurements, Task 5C report
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.26:2005-213911 eg Enhancements of tow-steering design techniques
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.26:2005-213923 eg Violations of temporary flight restrictions and air defense identification zones
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.26:2011-216299 eg Upgrade summer severe weather tool phase III
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.26:2011-216301 eg 30 WS north base wind study
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.26:2011-217158 eg The fast scattering code (FSC)
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.26:4066 eg Aerodynamic analysis for aircraft with nacelles, pylons, and winglets at transonic speeds
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.26:4160 eg Rule-based air combat simulation
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.26:4250 eg Interpretation of F106B and CV580 in-flight lightning data and form factor determination
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.26:4252 eg Approaches toward a blue semiconductor laser
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.26:4253 eg Rapidly solidified titanium alloys by melt overflow
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.60:2011-216146 eg Analog assessment tool report
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.60:2011-216300R eg Evaluation of cable harness post-installation testing. Part B
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.60:2011-217167 eg Energy navigation
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.60:2439 eg Nacelle-pylon-wing integration on a transport model with a natural laminar flow nacelle
ELECTRONIC PREX 1.2:AS 4 eg Guide to federal agency resources
ELECTRONIC PREX 15.2:R 29 eg Federal rental alignment
ELECTRONIC PREX 2.36:H 94/ eg Oversight of Gulf Coast hurricane recovery
ELECTRONIC PREX 2.4/2: eg OMB circular A-133 compliance supplement
ELECTRONIC PREX 2.8: eg Budget of the United States Government Object class analysis
ELECTRONIC PREX 2.8: eg Balances of budget authority
ELECTRONIC PREX 26.2:N 81 eg National northern border counternarcotics strategy
ELECTRONIC PREX 6.2:SP 3 eg The economic benefits of new spectrum for wireless broadband
ELECTRONIC SI 1.27:10 eg Checklist of amphibians and reptiles of Barro Colorado Island, Panama
ELECTRONIC SI 1.27:11 eg Habitats, flora, mammals, and wasps of Gebel *Uweinat, Libyan Desert
ELECTRONIC SI 1.27:13 eg An illustrated key to the families of the order Teuthoidea
ELECTRONIC SI 1.27:14 eg Indian Ocean Kinorhyncha
ELECTRONIC SI 1.27:15 eg A monograph of the Cephalopoda of the North Atlantic
ELECTRONIC SI 1.27:16 eg Bredin-Archbold-Smithsonian biological survey of Dominica
ELECTRONIC SI 1.27:17 eg The taxonomic status of the controversial genera and species of parrotfishes with a descriptive list (family Scaridae)
ELECTRONIC SI 1.27:18 eg Nearctic Walshiidae notes and new taxa (Lepidoptera: Gelechioidea)
ELECTRONIC SI 1.27:19 eg Life history notes on some Egyptian solitary wasps and bees and their associates (Hymenoptera: Aculeata)
ELECTRONIC SI 1.27:20 eg Five species of deep-water cyclopoid copepods from the plankton of the Gulf of Alaska
ELECTRONIC SI 1.27:21 eg Ten Rhyparus from the Western Hemisphere (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae: Aphodiinae)
ELECTRONIC SI 1.27:22 eg A revision of the Melanesian wasps of the genus Cerceris Latreille (Hymenoptera: Sphecidae)
ELECTRONIC SI 1.27:23 eg Bredin-Archbold-Smithsonian biological survey of Dominica
ELECTRONIC SI 1.27:7 eg Recent ostracodes of the family Pontocyprididae chiefly from the Indian Ocean
ELECTRONIC SI 1.27:8 eg Morphology, ontogeny, and intraspecific variation of Spinacopia, a new genus of Myodocopid Ostracod (Sarsiellidae)
ELECTRONIC SI 1.27:9 eg An analysis of nesting mortality in birds
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