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New Books and Resources - May 2011

Call Number
A - General Works
B - Philosophy, Psychology, Religion

BF175.5.I53 N53 2011 C.G. Jung and Nikolai Berdyaev : individuation and the person : a critical comparison

BF175.5.I53 P47 2011 Persons in context: the challenge of individuality in theory and practice

BF176 .H66 2007 Assessment in counseling: a guide to the use of psychological assessment procedures

BF175.5.I53 N53 2011 C.G. Jung and Nikolai Berdyaev : individuation and the person : a critical comparison

BF175.5.I53 P47 2011 Persons in context : the challenge of individuality in theory and practice

BF176 .H66 2007 Assessment in counseling : a guide to the use of psychological assessment procedures

BF321 .A82 2010 Attention and associative learning : from brain to behaviour

BF575.P9 T44 2007 Them and us [videorecording] : prejudice and self-understanding

BL80.3 .W6444 2009 World religions [videorecording] : a common journey

BP605.S2 H67 2010 How to use Dianetics [videorecording].
C - Auxiliary Sciences of History
D - History: General and Old World

D741 .O83 2010 1939 : countdown to war

D790 .R53 2001 The originals : the Women's Auxiliary Ferrying Squadron of World War II

D805.S55 U77 2010b The forgotten highlander : an incredible WWII story of survival in the Pacific

D805.S65 R395 2010 Looking for Mr. Smith : seeking the truth behind The long walk, the greatest survival story ever told

DA591.A45 C25 2009 Kate : Middleton : princess in waiting

DA591.A45 W55715 2010 William and Harry
E - History: America

E78.C2 S665 2006 Starblanket [videorecording] : a spirit journey

E78.S7 G75 2010 The Columbia guide to American Indians of the Southwest

E98.E2 H37 2010 Rich Indians : Native people and the problem of wealth in American history

E99.A7 F695 2010 Wives and husbands : gender and age in Southern Arapaho history

E169.12 .P483 2010 The Havana habit

E176 .P95 2010 Profiles in leadership : historians on the elusive quality of greatness

E184.S75 B49 2010 Beyond el barrio : everyday life in Latina/o America

E185.63 .H64 2010 A breath of freedom : the civil rights struggle, African American GIs, and Germany

E185.97.K5 J576 2011 Behind the dream : the making of the speech that transformed a nation

E354 .T39 2010 The civil war of 1812 : American citizens, British subjects, Irish rebels, & Indian allies

E406.M7 D57 2010 A perfect Gibraltar : the battle for Monterrey, Mexico, 1846

E436 .A47 2010 America on the eve of the Civil War

E443 .B45 2010 Beyond slavery : overcoming its religious and sexual legacies

E457.2 .F66 2010 The fiery trial : Abraham Lincoln and American slavery

E596 .W66 2010 A young Virginia boatman navigates the Civil War : the journals of George Randolph Wood

E843.K4 L57 2004 The men we became : my friendship with John F. Kennedy, Jr.

E876 .V44 2010 Neoconservatives in U.S. foreign policy under Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush : voices behind the throne
F - History: America

F130.M45 J64 2010 New York Amish : life in the plain communities of the Empire State

F215 .C75 2010 The Confederate and neo-Confederate reader : the "great truth" about the "lost cause"
G - Geography, Anthropology, Recreation

G155.A1 K684 2011 Managing and marketing tourist destinations : strategies to gain a competitive edge

G155.M6 G64 2010 Made in Mexico : tradition, tourism, and political ferment in Oaxaca
  GA231 .U54 2010 Ships on maps : pictures of power in Renaissance Europe
  GB1205 .W64 2011
A world of rivers : environmental change on ten of the world's great rivers
  GT607 .S73 2011 Clothing through American history : the Civil War through the Gilded Age, 1861-1899
  GT720 .T35 2010
Fashioning fashion : European dress in detail, 1700-1915
H - Social Science
  HC60 .H8195 2009 The aid trap : hard truths about ending poverty
  HD58.82 .I45 2011
The fundamentals of workplace learning : understanding how people learn in working life
  HD9200.A2 C33 2010
Chocolate wars : the 150-year rivalry between the world's greatest chocolate makers
  HD9397.U6 B87 2011 Dethroning the king : the hostile takeover of Anheuser-Busch, an American icon
  HD9948.5.D87 O26 2011 Lycra : how a fiber shaped America
  HF1359 .T37 2008 America and the new global economy [videorecording]
  HF5415.5 .G353 2008 What to say to a porcupine : 20 humorous tales that get to the heart of great customer service
  HF5718 .Y686 2011
How audiences decide : a cognitive approach to business communication
  HG1272 .B79 2010 The gold standard at the turn of the twentieth century : rising powers, global money, and the age of Empire
  HG2040.5.U5 H643 2010 Mission expansion in the Federal Home Loan Bank System
  HG3368.A6 H347 2007 Handbook of Islamic banking
  HM1161 .L45 2011
Friend v. friend : the transformation of friendship : and what the law has to do with it
  HM1211 .C6485 2004
Communicating between cultures [videorecording]
  HM1271 .R465 2011 Responding to diversity [videorecording] : and respecting differences
  HN18.3 .B45 2010
What is social policy? : understanding the welfare state
  HN57 .R792 2010 A renegade history of the United States
  HN59 .H235 2011 American patriotism, American protest : social movements since the sixties
  HN90.R3 H53 2010 The hidden 1970s : histories of radicalism
  HQ759 .T946 2010
Twenty-first-century motherhood : experience, identity, policy, agency
  HQ759.4 .S717 2010
Surviving teenage motherhood : myths and realities
  HQ767.15 .K33 2011
The ethics of abortion : women's rights, human life, and the question of justice
  HQ796 .H659 2010
Young people, place and identity
HQ1032 .W55 2010 Global marriage : cross-border marriage migration in global context
HQ1726.7 .I75 2010 Headscarf politics in Turkey : a postcolonial reading
HV8079.W47 B65 2010 Fraud auditing and forensic accounting
HV8141 .F54 2010 SWAT madness and the militarization of the American police : a national dilemma
HV8699.U5 A745 2011 America's death penalty : between past and present
J - Political Science
  JC571 .T14445 2010 Human rights and human well-being

JC573.2.U6 D55 2010 The dilemmas of American conservatism

JC574 .A274 2010 Liberalism and human suffering : materialist reflections on politics, ethics, and aesthetics

JK1764 .J87 2010 The jury and democracy : how jury deliberation promotes civic engagement and political participation

JK1929.M7 M37 2010 Count them one by one : Black Mississippians fighting for the right to vote

JK1976 .S77 2011 Rethinking American electoral democracy

JK2281 .C58 2011 Presidential campaigns and presidential accountability
K - Law

KF740 .M66 2010 A practical guide to international philanthropy

KF3821 .F74 2009 Medical law and ethics

KF3821 .P68 2010 Legal and ethical issues for health professionals

KF4550 .C426 2010
The conservative assault on the Constitution

KF4575 .B73 2010 Making our democracy work : a judge's view

KFT1230.5.V4 T735 Vernon's Texas codes annotated. Transportation code.

KFT1729 .A197 Texas rules of court : State and Federal, with amendments.

KSK2095 .D83 2008 Exporting American dreams : Thurgood Marshall's African journey
L - Education
  LA227.4 .A78 2011
Academically adrift : limited learning on college campuses
  LB1028 .B624 2011
Conducting educational research : guide to completing a major project
  LB1028 .M775 2011
Doing quantitative research in education with SPSS
  LB1033 .G775 2002
Guidance and discipline. Teacher/child interaction [videorecording]
  LB1050.6 .L58 2011
Literacy research methodologies
  LB1139.25 .G84 2002
Guidance and discipline. #4, The teacher's view [videorecording]
  LB1139.4 .G85 2002
Guidance and discipline. Curriculum [videorecording]
  LB3013 .G83 2002
Guidance and discipline. #5, Coping with challen[g]ing behavior [videorecording]
  LB3013 .G833 2002
Guidance and discipline. Learning environment [videorecording]
  LB3013.32 .F84 2011
Lockdown High : when the schoolhouse becomes a jailhouse
M - Music and Books on Music
  ML410.M115 B44 2010
The words and music of Paul McCartney : the solo years
  ML410.M9 S6413 2010
Mysterious Mozart
  ML410.S54 G68 2009
Sibelius : a composer's life and the awakening of Finland
  ML420.B78 H68 2010 Blue smoke : the recorded journey of Big Bill Broonzy
  ML420.C265 S55 2010
Nine choices : Johnny Cash and American culture
  ML3470 .S635 2010
Sounding out pop : analytical essays in popular music
  ML3506 .R45 2010
Let freedom swing : collected writings on jazz, blues, and gospel
  ML3790 .D33 2010
Peer to peer and the music industry : the criminalization of sharing
N - Fine Arts
  N5760 .R66 2010
Roman art in the private sphere : new perspectives on the architecture and decor of the domus, villa, and insula
  N6530.T4 D88 2010
Texas traditions : contemporary artists of the Lone Star State
P - Language and Literature

P91.3 .L56 2011 Qualitative communication research methods

P96.L5 G63 2010 Beautiful circuits : modernism and the mediated life

P96.W35 H67 2010 War and media : the emergence of diffused war

P140 .D475 2010 Through the language glass : why the world looks different in other languages

PE1431 .R33 2010 Writing arguments : a rhetoric with readings

PE1441 .F57 2011 How to write a sentence : and how to read one

PE1628 .F65 2009 A dictionary of modern English usage

PN56.3.J4 B37 2010 The image of the Jews in Greek literature : the Hellenistic Period

PN1993.5.S7 G34 1985 Historia ilustrada del cine espa*nol

PN1993.5.S7 T68 1997 El cine espa*nol en 119 pel*iculas

PN1995.9.F44 F46 2010 The femme fatale : images, histories, contexts

PN1997.2 .E44 2006 Elizabethtown [videorecording]

PN2062 .S7513 2010 An actor's work on a role

PN2067 .T37 2007 Costume craftwork on a budget : clothing, 3-D makeup, wigs, millinery, & accessories

PN6120.R2 B58 2009 The casebook of Gregory Hood : radio plays

PQ6097.E94 B46 2010 Bodies in motion : Spanish vanguard poetry, mass culture, and gender dynamics

PR4038.C49 S45 2010 Jane Austen and children

PR4581 .S6155 2009 Charles Dickens

PR6045.O72 Z86545 2009 Virginia Woolf's ethics of the short story

PR6068.O93 Z8888 2010 The ultimate Harry Potter and philosophy : Hogwarts for Muggles

PS228.S36 C48 2010 Real phonies : cultures of authenticity in post-World War II America

PS374.S5 F33 2010 The Facts on File companion to the American short story

PS1302 .F5 2010 Mark Twain's book of animals

PS3535.A547 Z79 2010 100 voices : an oral history of Ayn Rand

PS3601.L375 O73 2010 Orange alert : essays on poetry, art, and the architecture of silence
Q - Science

Q295 .W34 2010 Thriving systems theory and metaphor-driven modeling

QA76.4 .C37 2010 Technology for modelling : electrical analogies, engineering practice, and the development of analogue computing

QA76.6 .E58 2010 The computer boys take over : computers, programmers, and the politics of technical expertise

QA76.7 .D6713 2011 Introduction to the theory of programming languages

QA76.76.C66 H36 2010 Composing software components : a software-testing perspective

QA76.76.S46 L46 2010 The comingled code : open source and economic development

QA76.76.S64 S625 2010 Software automatic tuning : from concepts to state-of-the-art results

QA76.9.A25 K397 2010 Adaptive cryptographic access control

QA76.9.A25 K536 2010 Encryption for digital content

QA76.9.A25 P747 2010 Privacy and anonymity in information management systems : new techniques for new practical problems

QA76.9.D343 X8 2011 Web mining and social networking : techniques and applications

QA76.9.E57 C44 2010 Art and technology of entertainment computing and communication : advances in interactive new media for entertainment computing

QA76.9.H85 V516 2011 Human-tech : ethical and scientific foundations

QA76.9.N38 B35 2011 Final Jeopardy : man vs. machine and the quest to know everything

QA76.9.S88 S275 2010 A practical introduction to hardware/software codesign

QA95 .S724 2010 Cows in the maze

QA99 .S45 2010 Proofiness : the dark arts of mathematical deception

QA276 .K246 2010 Theoretical statistics : topics for a core course

QA276.6 .J53 2010 Large sample techniques for statistics

QA278.2 .B56 2010 Regression : linear models in statistics

QA303.2 .K59 2010 Counterexamples in calculus

QA303.2 .O94 2010 The calculus diaries : how math can help you lose weight, win in Vegas, and survive a zombie apocalypse

QA316 .C47 1983 Optimization--theory and applications : problems with ordinary differential equations

QA402.3 .F527 1975 Deterministic and stochastic optimal control

QA402.5 .K32 1981 Dynamic optimization : the calculus of variations and optimal control in economics and management

QA402.5 .P613 1986 The mathematical theory of optimal processes

QA481 .B237 2009 The fifth postulate : how unraveling a two-thousand-year-old mystery unraveled the universe

QA691 .K4 2004 A course in the geometry of n dimensions

QA807 .F65 2005 Analytical mechanics

QC23.2 .H65 2006 Physics for dummies

QC903 .F58 2010 An introduction to climate change economics and policy

QD462.6.S25 D56 1993 Dimensional scaling in chemical physics

QE28.3 .Z35 2010 The planet in a pebble : a journey into Earth's deep history

QH541.5.F7 C65 2010 Climate change impacts on freshwater ecosystems

QH541.5.S3 M279 2009 Marine ecoregions of North America

QH541.5.S3 M279 2009 Marine ecoregions of North America

QH595 .N85 2011 The nucleus : a subject collection from Cold Spring Harbor perspectives in biology

QH603.C4 C455 2010 Cell-cell junctions : a subject collection from Cold Spring Harbor perspectives in biology

QL666.C536 S688 2011 Saving sea turtles : extraordinary stories from the battle against extinction
QL676.56.W3 W55 2010 Seeking refuge : birds and landscapes of the Pacific flyway
QL737.L32 L858 2011 Rabbits : the animal answer guide
QP519 .N54 2007 Lab manual in biochemistry, immunology and biotechnology
QP552.N46 N4 2010 NF-[kappa] B : a network hub controlling immunity,inflammation, and cancer : a subject collection from Cold Spring Harbor perspectives in biology
QR186 .I475 2011 Immunoreceptor signaling : a subject collection from Cold Spring Harbor perspectives in biology
QR201.A6 J66 2010 Death in a small package : a short history of anthrax
R - Medicine

R724 .P82 2011 Ethical dimensions in the health professions

RA395.A3 B285 2010 Health care turning point : why single payer won't work

RA785 .S546 2010 Stress less : the new science that shows women how to rejuvenate the body and the mind

RA1155 .F63 2011 Forensic nursing science

RB43 .C37 2009 Histotechnology : a self-instructional text

RC183 .W47 2010 Angel of death : the story of smallpox

RC268.44.P16 P2 2010 The p53 family : a subject collection from Cold Spring Harbor Perspectives in biology

RC930.4 .F68 2010 Bone marrow pathology

RJ206 .Z52 2008 Eat this, not that! for kids! : thousands of simple food swaps that can save your child from obesity!

RJ504 .I565 2011 Innovative interventions in child and adolescent mental health

RT37.N5 N68 2010 Notes on Nightingale : the influence and legacy of a nursing icon

RT73 .E38 2010 Educating nurses : a call for radical transformation
S - Agriculture

SF915 .E945 1983 Veterinary pharmacology and toxicology : proceedings from the 2nd European Association for Veterinary Pharmacology and Toxicology held at Toulouse,13th-17th September, 1982
T - Technology

TD434 .I54 2011 Information technology in water and wastewater utilities

TD758.5.N87 N87 2011 Nutrient removal

TK7895.E42 S96 2010 Synthesis of embedded software  : frameworks and methodologies for correctness by construction

TK7895.M3 E98 2010 Extreme statistics in nanoscale memory design

TK7895.P68 P694 2010 Power-efficient system design

TL789.8.U5 L64 2010 John F. Kennedy and the race to the moon

TL789.8.U6 A52433 2010 Moon men return : USS Hornet and the recovery of the Apollo 11 astronauts

TR897.7 .M62 2010 Modeling and simulating bodies and garments

TT505.A1 Z44 2010 The Ellements of personal style : 25 modern fashion icons on how to dress, shop, and live

TX415 .C64 2011 Coffee : philosophy for everyone : grounds for debate

TX649.A1 I26 2011 Icons of American cooking

TX723 .M328185 2011 How Italian food conquered the world

TX911.3.M27 H395 2011 Revenue management for the hospitality industry
U- Military Science
Z - Naval Science
  Z103 .B535 2010
Secret language
Z - Library Science
U. S. Documents
Texas Documents

Register of the Kentucky Historical Society.


Journal for research in mathematics education : JRME