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New Resources - June 2010

Call Number
A - General Works
AE5 .F865 db
Funk & Wagnalls new world encyclopedia [electronic resource]
Credo reference [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC AI3 .A76 db ArticleFirst [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC AI3 .A788 db Arts & humanities citation index [electronic resource]: A & HCI.
ELECTRONIC AI3 .D57 db Dissertations & theses [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC AP2 .A4745 db America's news magazines [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC AP2 .A56 db Annual reviews [electronic resource]
B - Philosophy, Psychology, Religion

BF441 .M65 2010
Diaminds : decoding the mental habits of successful thinkers

BP63.A35 B47 2003
The formation of Islam : religion and society in the Near East, 600-1800

BP65.A1 R3613 2004
Western Muslims and the future of Islam

BP70 .E86 2001
Makers of contemporary Islam

BP80.A8 A3 1992
The road to Makkah

 BP135.A3 A5 2001
A manual of Hadith

BP161.3 .G435 2005
Aspects of Islam

BP161.3 .I75 2004
An Islamic reformation?

BP161.3 .R53 2003
Islam in context : past, present, and future

BP173.6 .J34 2001
Islam, democracy and religious modernism in Iran, 1953-2000 : from B*azarg*an to Soroush

BP195.W2 D45 2008
Wahhabi Islam : from revival and reform to global jihad
C - Auxiliary Sciences of History

CB251 .B58 2005
The West's last chance : will we win the clash of civilizations?

CB353 .M42555 2009 Medievalisms in the postcolonial world : the idea of "the Middle Ages" outside Europe

CB482 .S65 2010 Water : the epic struggle for wealth, power, and civilization
D - History: General and Old World

D15.L35 A3 2009
Best of times, worst of times : memoirs of a political education

D804.65 .R84 2009
The Grand Mosque of Paris : a story of how Muslims rescued Jews during the Holocaust

D810.P7 A654 2009
Nazi propaganda for the Arab world
Eighteenth century collections online [electronic resource]

DD255.F7 F57 2009
Grand illusion : the Third Reich, the Paris Exposition, and the cultural seduction of France

DS62.4 .L488 2002
What went wrong? : Western impact and Middle Eastern response

DS559.44 .V85 2010
Officer, nurse, woman : the Army Nurse Corps in the Vietnam war

DS806 .W29513 2009
My Japan

DS919 .S775 2010
Striking back : combat in Korea, March-April 1951

DT380 .B45 2008
Ethiopian voices : Tsion's life
E - History: America
Archive of Americana [electronic resource]
America : history & life [electronic resource]

E99.C5 B8887 2002
Yonder Mountain : a Cherokee legend

E99.L5 M566 2009
Turning adversity to advantage : a history of the Lipan Apaches of Texas and northern Mexico, 1700-1900

E99.M8 H56 2010
The two Hendricks : unraveling a Mohawk mystery

E166 .P86 2009
A hairdresser's experience in high life

E169.1 .S5948 2010
Why America is not a new Rome
ELECTRONIC E183.7 .D474 db
Digital National Security Archive [electronic resource]

E184.M5 J56 2010
Replenished ethnicity : Mexican Americans, immigration, and identity

E185.61 .W356 2010
The Beatitudes : from slavery to civil rights

E185.97.W55 D73 2008
Yours for justice, Ida B. Wells : the daring life of a crusading journalist

E185.97.Y63 S54 2010
Black officer in a Buffalo Soldier regiment : the military career of Charles Young

E210 .A73 2010
As if an enemy's country : the British occupation of Boston and the origins of revolution

E664.H31 E55 2010
Isham G. Harris of Tennessee : Confederate governor and United States senator

E807.1.R48 R37 2009
Eleanor, quiet no more : the life of Eleanor Roosevelt

E840.8.E29 E23 2009
Resilience : reflections on the burdens and gifts of facing life's adversities

E840.8.P37 P48 2010
Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the new American politics

E902 .G743 2010
Bush on the home front : domestic policy triumphs and failures

E903 .G53 2009
How the left swiftboated America : the liberal media conspiracy to make you think George Bush was the worst president in history
F - History: America

F386.6 .D38 2010
Exploring the edges of Texas

F391 .H283 2009
Texas Ranger biographies : those who served 1910-1921

F697.R44 N45 2009
Bad news for outlaws : the remarkable life of Bass Reeves, deputy U.S. marshal

F826 .B87 1970
The Mountain Meadows massacre

F910.7.P35 C665 2009
The persecution of Sarah Palin : how the elite media tried to bring down a rising star

F2191.B55 L36 2010
Atlantic Creoles in the age of revolutions
G - Geography, Anthropology, Recreation
ELECTRONIC G156.5.B86 G56 db
Global road warrior [electronic resource] : the ultimate guide to the world

G530.T6 B756 2008
All stations! distress! : April 15, 1912, the day the Titanic sank
G550 .C787 2009
Cruise, Inc. [videorecording] : big money on the high seas

GA 1.13:AFMD-
Financial audit. United States General Accounting Office. U.S. Government Printing Office's financial statements for fiscal year ... : report to the Congress

GC221.5 .K37 2006
Tsunami : the true story of an April Fools' Day disaster
Environment complete [electronic resource]
GreenFILE [electronic resource]
Anthropological index online [electronic resource]

GV199.92.T46 B87 2006
Tiger of the snows : Tenzing Norgay : the boy whose dream was Everest

GV361 .S545 2010
Transforming play : teaching tactics and game sense

GV885.35 .M55 2009
Mike Procopio [videorecording] : 25 professional footwork drills

GV888 .A18 2004
8 essential defensive drills [videorecording]

GV979.S9 D56 2010
Fix your body, fix your swing : the revolutionary biomechanics workout program used by tour pros
H - Social Science
Econom*ia y negocios [electronic resource]

HB76 .H4 1999
The worldly philosophers : the lives, times, and ideas of the great economic thinkers

HC102.5.T86 O28 2010
Ted Turner : a biography

HD58.7 .L359 2009
Reframing change : how to deal with workplace dynamics, influence others, and bring people together to initiate positive change

HD8072.5 .G56 2010
Boosting paychecks : the politics of supporting America's working poor
HD9000.6 .S396 2009
Seeds of hunger [videorecording]
AV HD9349.S634 C6278 2009
Coca-Cola [videorecording] : the real story behind the real thing
AV HD9696.8.U64 G66345 2010
Inside the mind of Google [videorecording]
HD9992.U54 N58 2008
Swoosh! Inside Nike [videorecording] : exclusive courtside seats to an all-star business story
Business source complete [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC HF54.55 .B87 db
Business & company resource center [electronic resource]

HF5386 .T3195 2008
Creating success from the inside out : develop the focus and strategy to uncover the life you want
HF5429.215.U6 N49 2009
The new age of Walmart [videorecording]

HG179 .O458 2009
Live it, love it, earn it : a woman's guide to financial freedom

HG3851 .K57 2010
Exchange rate regimes in the modern era

HQ755.8 .N453 2010
Parenting out of control : anxious parents in uncertain times

HQ755.85 .K46 2005
You and me together : moms, dads, and kids around the world

HQ759 .B655 1999
I was a better mother before I had kids

HQ799.2.M352 H36 2010
Hanging out, messing around, and geeking out : kids living and learning with new media

HQ1061 .F346 2009
Families in later life : emerging themes and challenges

HS3353.G35 P76 2009
Scouting for girls : a century of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts

HT321 .P65 2009
The wealth and poverty of regions : why cities matter

HV551.2 .W88 2010
Be very afraid : the cultural response to terror, pandemics, environmental devastation, nuclear annihilation, and other threats
HV6695 .A46 2007
American greed [videorecording]

HV6773 .B75 2010
Cybercrime : criminal threats from cyberspace
J - Political Science
GPO access [electronic resource] : a service of the U.S. Government Printing Office
K - Law
ELECTRONIC K3178 .F43 db
The Federal register (FR) [electronic resource]

K3585 .H68 2010
Taking back Eden : eight environmental cases that changed the world

KBP2460 .M39 1999
Islam and human rights : tradition and politics
American state papers, 1789-1838 [electronic resource]

KF4225.A68 E53 2010
Encyclopedia of law and higher education

KF5060 .D57 2010 Zones of twilight : wartime presidential powers and federal court decision making

KF5060 .N44 2010 Justice in blue and gray : a legal history of the Civil War

KF9666.5 .K39 2010 The double helix and the law of evidence
L - Education
Education research complete [electronic resource]
eLibrary, curriculum edition [electronic resource]

LB1025.3 .F738 2010
The teacher's handbook : strategies for success

LB1025.3 .G438 2009
Straight talk to teachers : twenty insane ideas for a better classroom

LB1025.3 .G72 2009
Teach! Change! Empower! : solutions for closing the achievement gaps

LB1025.3 .S753 2010
Examining effective teacher leadership : a case study approach

LB1027 .J58 2010
Laughing and learning : an alternative to shut up and listen

LB1027.23 .G74 2010
Student teams that get results : teaching tools for the differentiated classroom

LB1027.23 .W86 2010
Teaching for experiential learning : five approaches that work

LB1028.3 .S59 2010
Harnessing America's wasted talent : a new ecology of learning

LB1029.R4 C354 2010
55 tactics for implementing RTI in inclusive settings

LB1029.T4 M86 2010
Collaborative teaching in elementary schools : making the co-teaching marriage work!

LB1031 .K78 2010
Differentiation for real classrooms : making it simple, making it work

LB1032 .W66 2010
Team-building activities for the digital age : using technology to develop effective groups

LB1042 .T47 2009
Telling stories with photo essays : a guide for preK-5 teachers
ELECTRONIC LB1044.87 .E75 db
ERIC [electronic resource] : Education Resources Information Center

LB1048.5 .M57 2010
(Mis)Understanding families : learning from real families in our schools

LB1050.33 .M65 2010 Building classroom reading communities : retrospective miscue analysis and Socratic circles

LB1060 .T645 2010
The new science of teaching and learning : using the best of mind, brain, and education science in the classroom

LB1139.23 .W75 2010
Multifaceted assessment for early childhood education

LB1139.25 .I875 2010
Issues in K-12 education : selections from CQ researcher

LB1139.35.A37 D57 2010
Teaching the 3 Cs : creativity, curiosity, and courtesy : activities that build a foundation for success

LB1139.35.P37 B37 2010
Learning at home, preK-3 : homework activities that engage children and families

LB1555 .B445 2010
Promising practices for elementary teachers : make no excuses!

LB1573 .C55624 2010
Contemporary readings in literacy education

LB1731 .L37 2010
Teacher collaboration for professional learning : facilitating study, research, and inquiry communities

LB2802 .A87 2010 As good as it gets : what school reform brought to Austin

LB2805 .C427 2010 American schools : the art of creating a democratic learning community

LB2805 .J635 2009 Decision making for educational leaders : underexamined dimensions and issues

LB2805 .K368 2009 Building and connecting learning communities : the power of networks for school improvement

LB2805 .P33813 2009 Resilient leadership for turbulent times : a guide to thriving in the face of adversity

LB2806.15 .M35 2009 From mandate to achievement : 5 steps to a curriculum system that works!

LB2806.4 .A38 2010 Advancing the three-minute walk-through : mastering reflective practice

LB2822.8 .B74 2010 Breaking the mold of school instruction and organization : innovative and successful practices for the twenty-first century

LB2822.8 .E93 2010 Changing for good : sustaining school improvement

LB2822.8 .T39 2010 Leading learning : change student achievement today!

LB2822.82 .A32 2005 Redefining education in the twenty-first century :shaping collaborative learning in the age of information

LB2822.82 .D46 2010 Schools that succeed, students who achieve : profiles of programs helping all students to learn

LB2822.82 .M358 2010 Designing school systems for all students : a tool box to fix America's schools

LB2831.5 .E39 2010 Working with and evaluating difficult school employees

LB2831.92 .D35 2004 Beginning the assistant principalship : a practical guide for new school administrators

LB2840.2 .S56 2010 The teacher's ultimate stress mastery guide : 77 proven prescriptions to build your resilience

LB2844.1.R4 G88 2010 Literacy coaching to build adolescent learning : 5 pillars of practice

LB3013.3 .M2456 2009 Getting beyond bullying and exclusion, preK-5 : empowering children in inclusive classrooms

LB3013.3 .T76 2010 Cyber kids, cyber bullying, cyber balance

LB3013.4 .S355 2010 School social work : an evidence-informed framework for practice

LB3051 .S242 2009 Classroom testing and assessment for all students : beyond standardization

LB3067.4 .C43 2010 A gendered choice : designing and implementing single-sex programs and schools

LC212.862 .W66 2009 Women in academic leadership : professional strategies, personal choices

LC1099.3 .C365 2010 The cultural proficiency journey : moving beyond ethical barriers toward profound school change

LC2717 .T49 2010 The power of one: how you can help or harm African American students

LC4031 .S365 2010 The school counselor's guide to helping students with disabilities

LC4704.74 .R66 2010 Strategies for learning : empowering students for success, grades 9-12

LC4713.2 .F55 2010 Managing ADHD in the K-8 classroom : a teacher's guide

LC4802 .H86 2010 Tier 3 of the RTI model : problem solving through a case study approach

LC5148.P18 M67 2009 Listen to the wind : the story of Dr. Greg and Three cups of tea

LC5803.C65 U25 2009 Ubiquitous learning
M - Music and Books on Music
Classical music library [electronic resource]
Clarinet fantasy [electronic resource] : music from the Americas
Missa Virgo parens Christi [electronic resource] : Kyrie Paschale
Deep listening [electronic resource]
L'adagio d'Albinoni [electronic resource]
The rival queens [electronic resource] : opera arias and duets
ELECTRONIC M1.K86 A44 1994 DM American as apple pie [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M1.V53 A93 1988 DM Ave Maria ; Ave Maris Stella ; Ne timeas, Maria ; Sancta Maria succurre miseris ; Motet Vidi speciosam ; Missa Vidi speciosam [electronic resource]
The French ars antiqua [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M3.B11 R54 DM Harpsichord music by the young J. S. Bach [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M3 .B11 R54 v.2 DM Cantatas, BWV 4-6 [electronic resource] : Kantaten =Cantates
ELECTRONIC M3 .B11 R54 v.3 DM Cantatas BWV 7-9 [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M3 .B11 R54 v.4 DM Cantatas, BWV 10, 12, 13 [electronic resource] : Kantaten = Cantates
ELECTRONIC M3 .B11 R54 v.5 DM Cantatas, BWV 14, 16-18 [electronic resource] : Kantaten = Cantates
ELECTRONIC M3 .B11 R54 v.6 DM Cantatas BWV 19, 20 [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M3 .B11 R54 v.7 DM Cantatas, BWV 21, 22 [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M3 .B11 R54 v.8 DM Cantatas BWV 23-26 [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M3 .B11 R54 v.9 DM Cantatas BWV 27-29 [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M3 .B11 R54 v.10 DM Cantatas, BWV 30-31 [electronic resource] : Kantaten = Cantates
ELECTRONIC M3 .B11 R54 v.11 DM Cantatas, BWV 32-34 [electronic resource] : Kantaten = Cantates
ELECTRONIC M3 .B11 R54 v.12 DM Cantatas BWV 35-37 [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M3 .B11 R54 v.13 DM Cantatas, BWV 38-40 [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M3.B11 R54 V.38 DM Cantatas, BWV 119-121 [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M3.B11 R54 V.39 DM Cantatas, BWV 122-125 [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M3.B11 R54 V.40 DM Cantatas, BWV 126-129 [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M3.B11 R54 V.41 DM Cantatas, BWV 130-132 [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M3.B11 R54 V.42 DM Cantatas, BWV 133-135 [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M3.B11 R54 V.43 DM Cantatas, BWV 136-139 [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M3.B11 R54 V.44 DM Cantatas BWV 140, 143-145 [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M3.B11 R54 V.45 DM Cantatas, BWV 146, 147 [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M3.B11 R54 V.46 DM Cantatas, BWV 148-151 [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M3.B11 R54 V.47 DM Cantatas, BWV 152-155 [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M3.B11 R54 V.48 DM Cantatas BWV 156-159 [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M3.B11 R54 V.49 DM Cantatas, BWV 161-164 [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M3.B11 R54 V.50 DM Cantatas BWV 165-168 [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M3.B11 R54 V.51 DM Cantatas, BWV 169-171 [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M3.B11 R54 V.52 DM Cantatas, BWV 172-175 [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M3.B11 R54 V.53 DM Cantatas BWV 176-178 [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M3.B11 R54 V.54 DM Cantatas, BWV 179-181 [electronic resource] : Kantaten
ELECTRONIC M3.B11 R54 V.55 DM Cantatas, BWV 182-184 [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M3.B11 R54 V.56 DM Cantatas BWV 185-187 [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M3.B11 R54 V.57 DM Cantatas BWV 188, 190-192 [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M3.B11 R54 V.58 DM Cantatas, BWV 193, 194 [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M3.B11 R54 V.59 DM Cantatas, BWV 195-197 [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M3.B11 R54 V.60 DM Cantatas, BWV 198-200 [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M3.B12 H3 V.16 DM Cantatas BWV 46-48 [electronic resource]
Sacred music in latin [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M3.B12 H3 V.14 DM Cantatas, BWV 41-42 [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M3.B12 H3 V.15 DM Cantatas, BWV 43-45 [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M3.B12 H3 V.17 DM Cantatas BWV 49-52 [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M3.B12 H3 V.18 DM Cantatas, BWV  54-57 [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M3.B12 H3 V.19 DM Cantatas BWV 58-61 [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M3.B12 H3 V.20 DM Cantatas, BWV 62-64 [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M3.B12 H3 V.21 DM Cantatas, BWV 65-67 [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M3.B12 H3 V.22 DM Cantatas, BWV 68-70 [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M3.B12 H3 V.23 DM  Cantatas, BWV 71-74 [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M3.B12 H3 V.24 DM Cantatas, BWV 75-76 [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M3.B12 H3 V.25 DM Cantatas, BWV 77-79 [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M3.B12 H3 V.26 DM Cantatas, BWV 80-82 [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M3.B12 H3 V.27 DM Cantatas BWV 83-86 [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M3.B12 H3 V.28 DM Cantatas BWV 87-90 [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M3.B12 H3 V.29 DM Cantatas BWV 91-93 [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M3.B12 H3 V.30 DM Cantatas, BWV 94-96 [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M3.B12 H3 V.31 DM Cantatas BWV 97-99 [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M3.B12 H3 V.32 DM Cantatas BWV 100-102 [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M3.B12 H3 V.33 DM Cantatas BWV 103-105 [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M3.B12 H3 V.34 DM  Cantatas, BWV 106-108 [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M3.B12 H3 V.35 DM Cantatas BWV 109-111 [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M3.B12 H3 V.36 DM Cantatas BWV 112-114 [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M3.B12 H3 V.37 DM Cantatas BWV 115-117 [electronic resource]
Arrangements for lute, BWV 995, 1000, 1006a [electronic resource]
Harpsichord concertos BWV 1060-1062, 1061a [electronic resource]
The complete symphonies [electronic resource]
The Byrd edition [electronic resource]
Socrate [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M3.1.A76 J6 1995 DM Complete works for clarinet [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M3.1.B45 R58 DM River of ponds [electronic resource]
Clairi*eres dans le ciel [electronic resource]
O where shall wisdom be found [electronic resource] : turn thee unto me, o Lord
ELECTRONIC M3.1.B79 S43 1998 DM The secular masque [electronic resource] : 4 ode overtures
The orchestral works, 2 [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M3.1.C49 W3 2000 DM Due west [electronic resource] : music
ELECTRONIC M3.1.C523 B47 1996 DM Requiem in C minor [electronic resource] : Marche
Aaron Copland [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M3.1.C78 S48 1999 DM Star - child [electronic resource]
Flashbacks [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M3.1.D39 S4 2000 DM Sea changes [electronic resource] : [solo and chamber works]
Faint traces [electronic resource]
Dark blue circumstance [electronic resource]
Piano concerto no. 2 in C minor, op. 50 ; Piano concerto no. 3 in E minor, op. 60 [electronic resource]
Seeds of happiness [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M3.1.D87 T46 2004 DM La terre et le feu [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M3.1.F39 R47 1989 DM Requiem and other choral music [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M3.1.F45 T7 1996 DM Transience [electronic resource] : music by Joel Feigin
ELECTRONIC M3.1.F83 C3 1992 DM Canzoni da sonar [electronic resource]
Dark lab*yrinths [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M3.1.G8 R4 1994 DM Remede de fortune [electronic resource]
Chamber music, Vol.3, Trio sonatas, op.2 [electronic resource]
The chamber music, Vol.4, Trio sonatas, op.5 [electronic resource]
The chamber music, Vol.5, Trio sonatas for two violins and basso continuo [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M3.1.H39 T9 1996 DM Two concertos for cello [electronic resource]
Everlasting light [electronic resource] : footprints in new snow
ELECTRONIC M3.1.H859 .H54 1989 Choral & organ music [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M3.1.J655 C53 1996 DM Chamber music [electronic resource]
Fairytale pictures [electronic resource] : and other orchestral music
Der sturm [electronic resource] : Cello concerto ; Arias from Die Kathrin, Der Ring des Polykrates, Das Wunder der Heliane
Fog tropes ; Gradual requiem ; Gambuh I [electronic resource]
Fantaisie pastorale op. 188 ; Suite proven*cale op. 152 ; Le Carnaval d'aix op. 83 ; Concertino d'hiver op. 327 [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M3.1.M55 I57 1992 DM Le carnaval d'Aix [electronic resource] : op. 83b ; L'apoth*eose de Moli*ere : op. 286 ; Le carnaval de Londres : op. 172 ; Le boeuf sur le toit : op. 58
ELECTRONIC M3.1 .M555 1994  DM The 6 little symphonies [electronic resource] : Le boeuf sur le toit ; L'homme et son d*esir ; Others
The sacred music, 1 [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M3.1.M6 S23 2003 DM The sacred music [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M3.1.N7 P53 1998 DM Piano quintet [electronic resource] : 13 Slovak songs; Songs of a winter night
ELECTRONIC M3.1.O534 H664 1992 DM Home (revisited) [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M3.1.P35 B4 DM Berliner Messe [electronic resource] : The beatitudes; Annum per annum ; Magnificat ; Sieben magnificat-antiphonen ; De profundis
Christmas music [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M3.1.R25 OP.77A 1994 DM The 2 serenades for flute, violin & viola [electronic resource] : The 3 suites for solo viola
Sun [electronic resource] : String quartet #3
ELECTRONIC M3.1.S27 M8 1994 The music of Satie [electronic resource]
Anthems [electronic resource]
 Musique de Table [electronic resource]
Persian folklore [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M3.1.W647 I2 1998 DM I like to think of Harriet Tubman [electronic resource] : chamber works
ELECTRONIC M3.1.W647 R4 2004  no.1-2 DM (Re): making music [electronic resource] : works 1962-1999
ELECTRONIC M3.1.X45 C65 1999 DM Complete works for solo piano [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M3.1.X45 M87 DM Music for strings [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M3.1 A76 DM The chamber music of Malcolm Arnold [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M3.1S85 S46 1995 DM
The American scene [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M5 .B373 S54 1996 DM
Siegfried Barchet (1918-1982) [electronic resource] : cellist and composer
Ovation [electronic resource]
Ovation, Volume 2 [electronic resource]
The flute album [electronic resource]
Just West Coast [electronic resource] : microtonal music for guitar and harp
Ionisation [electronic resource]
Organ fireworks II [electronic resource]
Organ fireworks III [electronic resource]
Organ fireworks VI [electronic resource]
Organ fireworks VII [electronic resource]
Organ fireworks, VIII [electronic resource]
Organ fireworks X [electronic resource]
Bach: The organ toccatas and passacaglia [electronic resource]
Toccate (Libro II) ; Aria detta "La Frescobalda" [electronic resource]
Le grand orgue h*ero*ique [electronic resource] : The heroic grand organ = Die grosse heroische orgel
Annum per annum [electronic resource]
Jane Parker-Smith at the grand organ of Armagh Cathedral [electronic resource]
Popular French romantics [electronic resource]
Organ symphonies nos. 3 & 6 [electronic resource]
The organ music of Petr Eben [electronic resource]
In*edits *a l'orgue [electronic resource] : Unedited organ works = Unbekannte Orgelwerke
Liebestraume and the songbooks [electronic resource]
A choice collection of lessons & ayres, 1663-1756[electronic resource]
An American excursion [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M21.B44 F38 1996 DM
Favorite encores [electronic resource] : Mes plus beaux bis
G*enia:unveiled [electronic resource] : music from Russia's women composers
ELECTRONIC M21.L53 A4 1992 DM American debuts [electronic resource] : piano music by American composers
Short piano works [electronic resource]
When they had pedals, vol. 1, The Pleyel [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M21.W64 W44 1998 DM
When they had pedals [electronic resource]
12 *etudes, op. 39 [electronic resource] : including symphony & concerto for solo piano
Bartok [electronic resource] : piano music
Bagatelles [electronic resource] : sonatas; trios
ELECTRONIC M22 .B41 OP. 120 1988 DM
33 variations on a waltz by A. Diabelli [electronic resource] : opus 120
ELECTRONIC M22.C33 P40 1996 DM
The piano works 2 [electronic resource]
The complete Chopin piano works [electronic resource]
Les derni*eres oeuvres [electronic resource]
Piano works [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M22.F25 N62 1983
Faur*e nocturnes [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M22.L58 C645 1986 v.24
Beethoven and Hummel septets [electronic resource] : and transcriptions of choral works by Mozart, Verdi, Rossini, Goldschmidt, Mendelssohn and Weber
Paralipomenes [electronic resource]
Ballades, legends and polonaises [electronic resource]
2 allegri di bravura [electronic resource] : 24 studi op. 70
ELECTRONIC M22.M95 A54 1998 DM
Angela Hewitt plays Olivier Messiaen [electronic resource]
Complete works for harpsichord [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M22.S427 C6 1994 DM
Complete piano music [electronic resource]
Alma Petchersky plays Villa-Lobos [electronic resource]
Compositions for piano [electronic resource] : 1920-1952
The six trio sonatas [electronic resource]
Alfred Brendel plays Beethoven [electronic resource]
So much to tell [electronic resource] : Copland, Barber,Gershwin
Escenas rom*anticas [electronic resource] : Valses po*eticas ; Allegro de concierto
Sonata for piano and violoncello in A minor op. 36 [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M23.S32 H37 1990 DM Harpsichord sonatas [electronic resource]
Complete sonatas [electronic resource]
Suites & variations for harpsichord [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M24.C9 M25 v.1-2 2004 DM Makrokosmos I & II [electronic resource]
French piano concertos [electronic resource]
The nocturnes nos. 8-13 ; Pi*eces br*eves [electronic resource] : op. 84
ELECTRONIC M27.B127 G64 1954 DM Goldberg variations [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M27.B127 G65 1992 DM The Goldberg variations [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M27.B75 C64 1994 DM The complete piano variations of Johannes Brahms [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M27.C37 W4 2001 DM We sing for the future [electronic resource] : Th*almann variations
Six sonatas for violin solo, op. 27 [electronic resource]
Anthem [electronic resource]
3 suites for cello, op. 131 [electronic resource]
La clarinette fran*caise [electronic resource]
25 etudes de genre pour la guitare, op. 38 [electronic resource]
Pot-pourri for flute & guitar [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M126.T157 A36 DM Acoustic counterpoint [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M127.S7 N4 DM New music with guitar [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M128.B377 T5 1991 DM  300 years of guitar masterpieces [electronic resource]
Awake, sweet love [electronic resource] : the music of John Dowland
Felicidade [electronic resource] : celebrated solos for classical guitar
ELECTRONIC M177 .C334 2002 DM
A cage of saxophones. I [electronic resource]
Dances and romances for violin [electronic resource] : Dances et romances pour violon
ELECTRONIC M178.B47 C4 2003 DM
Berkeley [electronic resource] : a centenary tribute
ELECTRONIC M178.B5 C52 1989 DM
Chamber music by William Bland [electronic resource]
Opere per pianoforte a quattro mani e per due pianoforti [electronic resource]

Chamber music [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M178.C94 A4 1999 DM
Afatsim [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M178.D95 H38 1991 DM
Hausmusik [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M178.E25 O8 2004 DM
Out of chaos [electronic resource]
The complete chamber music [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M178.Z55 S32 2002 DM
Schatten der Ideen [electronic resource] : Ursache und Vorwitz ; Distentio ; Shadows of Cold Mountain
ELECTRONIC M183.S77 T78 1974 DM
Trumpet and organ at Liverpool Cathedral [electronic resource]
Arensky [electronic resource] : 4 Suites for 2 Pianos
ELECTRONIC M214.C78 Z4 2001 DM
Zeitgeist [electronic resource] : Music for a summer evening
ELECTRONIC M214.D28 C65 1999 DM
Complete music for two pianos [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M214.M69 C6 1992 DM
Complete piano duets [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M216 .B33 2000 DM
Trio sonatas [electronic resource]
Tiffaney [electronic resource] : Estrellita
ELECTRONIC M219.I96 no.1-4 1991 DM
The sonatas for violin and piano [electronic resource]
Cello sonatas & variations [electronic resource]
Cello sonatas [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M237.B68 V57 1989 DM
The virtuoso double-bass [electronic resource]
The flute sonatas [electronic resource]
Flute sonatas [electronic resource]
Concerts royaux [electronic resource]
Encores [electronic resource]
Encores 2 [electronic resource]
English music for bassoon and piano [electronic resource]
Adagio & allegro [electronic resource] : German romantic works for horn
ELECTRONIC M270.R4 V4 A7 1989 DM The art of the recorder [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M292.D87 C45 2007 DM Celebrated duos for classical guitar [electronic resource]
Piano trio no. 2 [electronic resource] : Arpeggione sonata ; [Der J*ungling an der Quelle]
Sextet [electronic resource] : 3 piano trios
Kiss on wood [electronic resource]
Clarinet trios by Beethoven, Brahms, Glinka [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M322.F45 H67 1988 DM Horn trios [electronic resource]
Crippled symmetry [electronic resource]
For Philip Guston [electronic resource]
Pi*eces de clavecin en concerts [electronic resource]: 1741
Four baryton trios [electronic resource]
String quartets nos. 1, 2 & 3 [electronic resource]
Music for brass, piano and percussion [electronic resource]
Piano quartet no. 1 [electronic resource] : Dvor*ak: piano quartet op. 87
ELECTRONIC M412.S91 op.13 2000 DM Strauss, Turina [electronic resource]
Memorias tropicales [electronic resource]
The 8 string quartets [electronic resource]
Beethoven string quartets, op. 59, Nos. 1-3, "Razumovsky" [electronic resource]
String quartet in G minor (1818) [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M452.B95 no.1-3 2002 DM Three string quartets [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M452.C65 A4 1995 DM American string quartets 1950-1970 [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M452.I74 T86 1999 DM The two string quartets [electronic resource] : The holy boy
ELECTRONIC M452.J26 O.2 1986 DM Quatuor no 2 [electronic resource] : Lettres intimes = Intimate pages
ELECTRONIC M452.J33 NO.1 1991 DM The two string quartets [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M452.L68 T45 1997 DM The 3 string quartets [electronic resource] : Duo for violin & viola
The Lindsays [electronic resource] : world premiere : a recreation of the historic concert
Evensongs [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M452.M939 S5 1991 DM The six Haydn string quartets [electronic resource]
The 2 string quartets [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M452.T39 OP.54 1987 DM The three string quartets "Tost I" op. 54 [electronic resource
ELECTRONIC M454 .B2 BMV 1080 1985 DM Art of the fugue [electronic resource] : Kunst der Fuge : (BMV 1080)
ELECTRONIC M485.A33 S77 2005 DM Strange and sacred noise [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M485.W66 V55 1995 DM Village burial with fire [electronic resource] : Spirit festival with lamentations
ELECTRONIC M512.E42 1988 DM Piano quintets [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M551.M84 S8 1990 DM String quintets [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M698 A4 2000 DM Affairs of the heart [electronic resource] : music of Marajan Mozetich = musique de Marajan Mozetich.
ELECTRONIC M722.H93 op.114 1983 DM Septet in C major, op. 114, for flute, clarinet, trumpet, violin, 'cello, double bass and piano [electronic resource] : The military
ELECTRONIC M722.H93 op.74 1989 DM Septet in D minor, op. 74, for piano, flute, oboe, horn, viola, cello and double bass [electronic resource]
Shaker loops ; Light over water [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M852.M36 S9 1985 DM String octet
ELECTRONIC M946.T47 T56 2000 DM Timbre hollow [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M952.W66 U4 1998 DM Ulysses awakes [electronic resource] : A leap in the dark ; Four concert arias ; It is midnight, Dr. Schweitzer ; The theatre represents a garden : night
ELECTRONIC M959.S77 C64 1993 DM Complete music for winds [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M985.B73 C64 1992 DM Composition no. 165 [electronic resource] : for 18 instruments
Serenade [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M1000 .A784 2003 DM Arthur Farwell, Henry Hadley, Victor Herbert, Edward MacDowell, Horatio Parker [electronic resource] : recordings of the Society for the Preservation of the American Musical Heritage
Music of Michael Conway Baker [electronic resource] : Musique de Michael Conway Baker
The art of Robert Black [electronic resource]
Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, Thomas Schippers, conductor [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M1000.D43 B75 1990 DM Brigg fair, etc. [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M1000.E79 B4 2004 DM Frenergy [electronic resource] : the music of John Estacio
ELECTRONIC M1000.I15 V58 1992 DM Vive Ibert [electronic resource] : orchestral works of Jacques Ibert
ELECTRONIC M1000.L35 B8 1990 DM Symphony in G minor, etc [electronic resource]
The enchanted lake & other orchestral works [electronic resource]
Milhaud, Maurice, Forsyth, Sowande [electronic resource]
Symphony for timpani & strings [electronic resource] : Theme and variations ; Poem epitaph
ELECTRONIC M1000 .P656 S66 DM Concerto in E major (WQ 14) ; Concerto in G major (WQ 43 no. 5) [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M1000.R33 M38 1990 DM Masters of the English musical renaissance [electronic resource]
Orchestral works [electronic resource]
Musica Mexicana [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M1001.B69 OP.2 1979 DM The eight symphonies [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M1001.B739 1990 DM The 3 symphonies [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M1001 .C49 1992 DM The complete symphonies [electronic resource]
The complete orchestral works Volume 1 [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M1001.E41 OP.63 1992 DM Symphony no. 2 ; Serenade for strings [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M1001.G65 L3 1992 DM Rustic wedding symphony ; Sakuntala [electronic resource] : overture
ELECTRONIC M1001.K46 S9 1993 DM Symphony no. 2 in E minor [electronic resource] : the bell ; The battle of Stalingrad : suite
The early Beethoven transcriptions [electronic  resource]
ELECTRONIC M1001.M21 no.1 2003 DM
Symphony no. 1, D major [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M1001.M21 no.2 1986 DM
Symphony no. 2 [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M1001.M21 no.3 1969 DM
Symphony no. 3 [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M1001.M21 no.4 1986 DM
Symphony no.4 [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M1001.M21 no.5 1989 DM
Symphony no.5 [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M1001.M21 no.5 1996 DM
Symphony no. 5 in C sharp minor [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M1001.M21 NO.5 2003 DM
Symphony no. 5 [electronic resource] : Symphony no.6
ELECTRONIC M1001.M21 no.10 1998 DM
Kindertotenlieder [electronic resource] : adagio from Symphony no. 10
ELECTRONIC M1001.M34 NO.1 1992 DM
Symphony no. 1 [electronic resource] : Titan
ELECTRONIC M1001.M4556 NO.4 1999 DM
Symphony no. 4, "Of time and the river" [electronic resource] : Flute concerto
Sinfonietta ; Aubade [electronic resource] : concerto chor*eographique for piano and eighteen instruments
ELECTRONIC M1001.R34 OP.177 1997 DM
Symphony No. 5 [electronic resource] : Lenore ; Cavatina ; Scherzino ; Canzona ; Tarantella
ELECTRONIC M1001.R583 NO.2 1998 DM
Symphony, no. 2 [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M1001.S56 S8 NO.1 & 8 DM
Symphony no. 1 [electronic resource] : Symphony no. 8
ELECTRONIC M1001.S586 NO.3, D24 1994 DM
Symphony no. 3 [electronic resource] : Symphony no. 5
ELECTRONIC M1002.G43 S75 1994 DM
Symphony no. 3 [electronic resource] : Stenka Razin ; 2 serenades
Hiver-printemps [electronic resource] : Po*emes d'automne ; In the night ; Pr*elude-Psaumes 114 & 137; Psaume 22
The symphonic poems [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M1002.S15 S9 1987 DM
Symphony no. 2 ; Suite alg*erienne ; Pha*eton [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M1003.B45 C43 1998 DM
Classique tentation [electronic resource] : ballets, ouvertures & suites
London suites [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M1003.D99 op.39 1991 DM
Czech suite, op. 39 [electronic resource] : Legends, op. 59
The French connection [electronic resource]
Grand gala de musique francaise [electronic resource]
Excerpts [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M1003.K46 V3 1993 DM
Valencian widow [electronic resource] : suite ; Gayaneh : suite no. 2
Lieutenant Kij*e [electronic resource] : Cinderella ; The love for three oranges
Antar' [electronic resource]
Bacchus et Ariane/Symphonie No.3 [electronic resource]
Overture to an unwritten comedy [electronic resource]
Festive overtures [electronic resource]
Symphony in D major [electronic resource]
Piano concerto in C major, op. 39 [electronic resource]
Piano concertos [electronic resource]
Piano concerto no. 1 in F minor [electronic resource]: Piano concerto no. 2 in B major
ELECTRONIC M1010.H79 T4 1998 DM 3 Chinese piano concertos [electronic resource] : Ancient & modern Chinese piano music
ELECTRONIC M1010.H95 op.10 1997 DM Piano concerto in B major, op. 10 [electronic resource]
Piano concerto in C minor, op. 55 [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M1010.M57 T8 1983 DM Turangal*ila-symphonie [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M1010.S25 T96 1996 DM The 2 piano concertos [electronic resource] : Variazioni sulla "Follia di Spagna" ; Les Horaces & Semiramide overtures
Piano concerto in A major, op. 15 [electronic resource]
The age of anxiety [electronic resource] : symphony no. 2
ELECTRONIC M1011.D275 F3  DM Fantaisie pour piano et orchestre [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M1012.G884 V56 1998 DM Violin concertos [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M1012.K97 V56 2005 DM Violin concerto trilogy [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M1012.L63 A7 DM L'arte del violino [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M1012.S93 C6 1991 DM Violin concerto [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M1012.V58 V5 1984 DM Violin concertos [electronic resource]
Japanese silhouettes [electronic resource] : for soprano, viola d'amore and ensemble ; Viola concerto
Harold en Italie [electronic resource]
Galax [electronic resource] : music for viola da gamba
The silver swan [electronic resource]
Metamorphosis [electronic resource]
Bottesini [electronic resource]
 The clarinet in my mind [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M1030 .B37 1993 DM Baroque trumpetissimo [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M1030.H39 T7 1980 DM Trumpet concerto [electronic resource] : horn concertos no.1 & no.2
Suite im hexachord [electronic resource] : Quintet with voice ; Piece in three parts
Les immortels classiques de la guitare (Michel Dintrich) [electronic resource]
Paganini variations [electronic resource] : guitar concerto no. 2 ; The city in the sea ; Anima : cello concerto no. 2
ELECTRONIC M1040.B27 D6  1974 DM The Baroque concerto in England [electronic resource]
20th century concerti [electronic resource]
Music of Samuel Barber [electronic resource]
Orchestral works [electronic resource]
Bol*ero [electronic resource]
Symphonie no. 1, op. 10 ; concerto for piano, trumpet and strings, op. 35 ; the age of gold ballet suite, op. 22 [electronic resource]
Strings a-stray [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC  M1101.S18 F4 1994 DM The complete early symphonies [electronic resource]
 Scandinavian serenade [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M1105.V58 V5 DM Violinconcertos opus 8 nos. 11 and 12 ; Concerto for flute RV 429 ; Concerto for cello RV 424 [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M1112.F65 V5 1980 DM Violon pour les jours de f*ete [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M1124.5 C78 J647 1986 DM Crusell [electronic resource] : Clarinet concerto No.2
Italian recorder concertos [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M1136.D45 D36 1989 DM  French impressions [electronic resource] : Debussy, Ravel, Roussel
ELECTRONIC M1136.M6 1991 DM Procession [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M1200 H35 C359 1994 DM
Canadian impressions [electronic resource]
Brass links [electronic resource]
The Canadian Brass encore [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M1366.L3 P33 1995 DM
Packet [electronic resource]
Newband [electronic resource]
The key to songs ; Return [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M1473.X4 E54 2005 DM
The electronic works I, La l*egende d'Eer [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M1490.E675 A7 1989 DM
Ars magis subtiliter [electronic resource] : secular music of the Chantilly Codex
Serenade to music [electronic resource] : Fivemystical songs ; Fantasia on Christmas carols ; Flos campi
Albert Herring [electronic resource] : opera in three acts
Imelda de' Lambertazzi [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M1500.G43 B3 1991 DM
The Beggar's opera [electronic resource]
La cantarina [electronic resource] : The diva
Jacquerie [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M1500.R56 Z5 2001 DM La zingara [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M1500.R635P39 O77 2001 DM Le pays [electronic resource]
Axur, re d'Ormus [electronic resource]
La locandiera [electronic resource]
Capriccio [electronic resource]
Le devin du village [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M1505.C28 V58 2003 DM Viva Enrico Caruso [electronic resource] : 25 great opera arias & songs
L'art de Nikola*i Ghiaurov [electronic resource] : The art of Nikola*i Ghiaurov = Die Kunst des Nikola*i Ghiaurov
Suites & overtures [electronic resource]
Opera arias and overtures [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M1505 .N44 DM 19th century famous Italian arias [electronic resource]
Romeo and Juliet suites nos. 1 & 2; etc. [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M1505.S86 F5 2001 DM Die fledermaus [electronic resource] : the gypsy Baron
L'art d'Anna Tomowa-Sintow [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M1505.W66 J48 1993 DM The jewels of the Madonna [electronic resource] : and other orchestral music from the operas
ELECTRONIC M1506.H25 B3 1994 DM Handel arias [electronic resource]
Le dit des jeux du monde [electronic resource] : Concerto da camera
Much ado about nothing [electronic resource] : Abschiedslieder ; Einfache Lieder ; Tomorrow ; Prayer
The hunchback of Notre Dame [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M1520.H2 A3 1990 DM Acis and Galatea [electronic resource] : Look down, harmonious saint
ELECTRONIC M1520.L34 N3 1998 Namouna [electronic resource] : ballet suites
ELECTRONIC M1520.S91 P4 1984 DM Petrushka [electronic resource] : the firebird suite
Sylvia [electronic resource] : Lakm*e; Le Roi s'amuse; Copp*elia
Musiques de ballet. [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M1528.H2 D84 1990 DM Italian duets [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M1528 .P87 1996 DM Airs & duets [electronic resource]
Duet for soprano and tenor after Tchaikovsky's Fantasy-Overture Romeo and Juliet [electronic resource]
Ode for St. Cecilia's Day [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M1530.H3 A5x 1999 DM L'Allegro, il Penseroso ed il Moderato [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M1530.H65 G65 1995 DM The golden goose [electronic resource] : The morning of the year ; King Estmere
ELECTRONIC M1530.P83 C6 1988 DM The complete odes and welcome songs of Henry Purcell [electronic resource] : (1659-1695)
ELECTRONIC M1530.3.H39 S4 1992 DM The seasons [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M1547.K97 U6 1995 DM Unseen rain [electronic resource]
Songs of the lights [electronic resource]
Balli and dramatic madrigals [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M1582.9.L45 A64 1997 DM Apologetica [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M1611.C94 S45 2002 DM Shu Hai practice javelin [electronic resource] : music for text by Zohar Eitan
ELECTRONIC M1611.H2 A75 1998 DM
Handel arias [electronic resource] : fury, with red sparkling eyes
The great works for voice [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M1613.B85 W56 1999 DM
Winter poems [electronic resource] : music of Glenn Buhr = Po*emes d'hiver : musique de Glenn Buhr
ELECTRONIC M1613.M212 K67 1987 DM
Des Knaben Wunderhorn [electronic resource] : [R*uckert lieder]; Kindertotenlieder]
Musicians' Accord perform[s] chamber music with voice (& a little jazz) [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M1613.3 .T94 1995 DM
20th century voices in America [electronic resource]
Jan DeGaetani in concert [electronic resource]
Felicity Lott s*amuse d'Offenbach *a Poulenc [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M1619.5.P64 T6 2001 DM
To a poet [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M1630.18.F37 M3 1994 DM
Margaret maybe [electronic resource]
  A mediaeval banquet [electronic resource] : music from the age of chivalry
Romancing rebellion [electronic resource] : 1798 and the songs of Thomas Moore
Musiques nuptiales [electronic resource] : Wedding music
ELECTRONIC M1999 .E54 1994 DM
14th and early 15th Century English Polyphony [electronic resource]
Serenade to music [electronic resource]
 L'enfance du Christ [electronic resource] : trilogie sacree, op. 25 = The childhood of Christ : sacred trilogy, op. 25
ELECTRONIC M2000.H26 A43 1997 DM
Alexander Balus [electronic resource]
Alexander Balus [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M2000.H35 S54 1991 DM
Die sieben letzten Worte [electronic resource] : The seven last words = Les sept derni*eres paroles
 English arias [electronic resource]
Requiem, opus 48 ; Messe basse [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M2010.B885 M55 2001 DM
Missa Et ecce terrae motus [electronic resource]
Lord Nelson mass [electronic resource]
Mass in C minor, K. 139, Benedictus Sit Deus, K. 117, veni sancte spiritus, K. 47 [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M2011.O3 M5 1994 DM
Missa mi-mi [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M2011.O3 P6 1997 DM
Missa De plus en plus [electronic resource] : Missa Fors seulement
ELECTRONIC M2011.O3 P7 1995 DM
Missa prolationum [electronic resource]
Missa aeterna Christi munera [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M2011.T98 W4 1982 DM
The Western Wind mass [electronic resource] : anthems, motet and votive antiphon
ELECTRONIC M2013.P244 M5 1986 DM
Missa brevis ; Missa Nasce la gioja mia [electronic resource]
Gradualia: The Marian masses [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M2020.B226 C3 1980 v.1
Cantatas, BWV 1-3 [electronic resource]
Motets & offertoires [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M2020.S46 W4 1990 DM
Weinachtshistorien [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M2020.S59 S7 2003 DM
Spem in alium [electronic resource]
Spem in alium [electronic resource]
Sacred music [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M2062.G46 T8 1982 DM
Tudor church music [electronic resource]
Gloria and other sacred music [electronic resource]
Anthems & motets [electronic resource]
Sir Christ*emas [electronic resource]
 St. Mark Passion [electronic resource]
Les B*eatitudes [electronic resource]
Miserere [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M2082.B97 C31 1983 DM
Cantiones sacrae [electronic resource] : 1589
Robert Fayrfax [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M2082.G4 T45 1987 DM
 Tenebrae responsories for Holy Saturday [electronic resource]
Sacred choral music [electronic resource]
Lamenta [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M2082.W44 T8 1995 DM
Tudor church music [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC M2083.D8 R4 2002 DM
Requiem mass & motets [electronic resource]
Christmas carols and motets [electronic resource] : Weihnachtscarols und Weihnachtsmotetten = Canti di Natale e mottetti = Motets et chants de No*el
ELECTRONIC M2092.L624 C3 1994 DM Le cantique des cantiques [electronic resource] : Messe du jubil*e
Peter Grimes [electronic resource]
*** More digital music is available in catalog ***

ML82 .L35 2010
Women singer-songwriters in rock : a populist rebellion in the 1990s

ML410.B13 L383 2009
Unaccompanied Bach : performing the solo works

ML3479 .B364 2010
Cultural codes : makings of a Black music philosophy : an interpretive history from spirituals to hip hop

ML3508.8.N5 S65 2009
The jazz loft project : photographs and tapes of W. Eugene Smith from 821 Sixth Avenue, 1957-1965

ML3534 .P6248 2009 By the time we got to Woodstock : the great rock 'n' roll revolution of 1969

ML3531 .P38 2010
In the heart of the beat : the poetry of rap

ML3918.R63 H35 2010 Punks : a guide to an American subculture

ML3918.R63 M65 2010 Sells like teen spirit : music, youth culture, and social crisis

ML3930.P73 S73 2010 Shake, rattle & turn that noise down! : how Elvis shook up music, me and mom
N - Fine Arts

N72.R4 H84 2009
A place for meaning : art, faith, and museum culture : learning from the Five Faiths Project at the Ackland Art Museum

N6537.S382 A4 2009
Jean Seidenberg : paintings, drawings, sculpture

N7433.9 .A98 2010
String, felt, thread : the hierarchy of art and craft in American art

N8530 .G53 1998
The art box

NA737.P63 A4 2009
John Portman : art and architecture

NC993.E32 L33 2006 The illustrator's notebook

ND237.D333555 A4 2009 Charles Deas and 1840s America

ND237.R786 A4 2008 The tree show

ND553.C33 B87 2006 Paul C*ezanne : a painter's journey

ND588.S454 F37 2009 Julius Seyler and the Blackfeet : an impressionist at Glacier National Park

NK1140 .A64 2009 Apostles of beauty : arts and crafts from Britain to Chicago
P - Language and Literature

P92.U5 W525 2010
100 media moments that changed America

P94.5.Y722 U74 2010
Teen media : Hollywood and the youth market in the digital age

P94.65.I8 B49 2010
Beyond monopoly : globalization and contemporary Italian media

P96.A44 A85 2010
Alternative media and politics of resistance : a communication perspective

P96.T42 I45 2010
Immersed in media : telepresence in everyday life

P96.W352 D56 2009
When media goes to war : hegemonic discourse, public opinion, and the limits of dissent

PE64.W5 S45 2009
Noah Webster : weaver of words

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Empower English language learners with tools from the web

PE1404 .G399 2009
Genre in a changing world

PN147.L45 2010
The writing & critique group survival guide : how to give and receive feedback, self-edit, and make revisions

PN147.N69 2009
Now write! nonfiction : memoir, journalism, and creative nonfiction exercises from today's best writers and teachers
Gale literary databases [electronic resource]
Literary index [electronic resource]

PN1993.5.G4W357 2009
Weimar cinema : an essential guide to classic films of the era
PN1997 .G59 2009
Gone with the wind [videorecording]

PN2071.S65 M68 2009
The audio theater guide : vocal acting, writing, sound effects and directing for a listening audience

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The death and life of American journalism : the media revolution that will begin the world again

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The media's role in defining the nation : the active voice

PN4888.S6 H55 2010
The muckrakers and the Progressive Era

PN4899.C37 K53 2009
Chicago journalism : a history

PR2829 .A845 2010
The improbability of Othello : rhetorical anthropology and Shakespearean selfhood

PS228.G45 B76 2009
Glamour in six dimensions : modernism and the radiance of form

PS3057.P64 .M37 2010
Thoreau's democratic withdrawal : alienation, participation, and modernity

PS3515.U274 N34 2009
The Negro speaks of rivers

PS3545.A748 Z785 2009
Robert Penn Warren after Audubon : the work of aging and the quest for transcendence in his later poetry

PS3553.Y49 H68 2005
Hotel deep : light verse from dark water

PS3556.L42268 B54 2000
Big talk : poems for four voices

PS3558.A6657 P57 2008
Pirates : poems

PS3560.A465 W56 2006
Wing nuts : screwy haiku

PS3562.E9465 M66 2005
Monumental verses

PS3563.O73 C64 1996
Confetti : poems for children

PS3565.L82 Z86 2010
Tillie Olsen : one woman, many riddles

PS3619.C265 A79 2009
All the world

PS3625.O9654 R15 2006
R is for rhyme : a poetry alphabet

PZ7.A2688 Bab 2008
The baby in the hat

PZ7.B911135 But 2009
But who will bell the cats?

PZ7.G751577 Um 2009
Umbrella summer

PZ7.H31115 Jam 2006
Jamaica's find

PZ7.H36 Pqr 2009
Princess Hyacinth : the surprising tale of a girl who floated

PZ7.H389 Bg 2009

PZ7.K15645 Wgp 2009
Ready for anything

PZ7.K296184 Evo 2009
The evolution of Calpurnia Tate

PZ7.K684 Dy 2009
Dying to meet you

PZ7.L6634 Co 2003
A color of his own

PZ7.M42355 Aad 2009
11 birthdays

PZ7.M47841418 Adi 2008
Ad*ele & Simon in America

PZ7.M84696 Squ 2007
Squirrel's world

PZ7.M992 Pat 2002
Patrol : an American soldier in Vietnam

PZ7.N43773 Wh 2009
Who will I be, Lord?

PZ7.P2744 Hig 2009
Higher! higher!

PZ7.P2843 Mu 2009

PZ7.P3856 Sp 2009
Sparrow girl

PZ7.P52112 Mo 2009
The mostly true adventures of Homer P. Figg

PZ7.P75186 Inaao 2009
In our mothers' house

PZ7.R33213 Bac 2010
Back of the bus

PZ7.R6498 Jak 2009
Jake Ransom and the Skull King's shadow

PZ7.R752 Shc 2009
Shades of people

PZ7.R935 Cab 2008
The Cabinet of Wonders

PZ7.R982 Lo 2004
Long Night Moon

PZ7.S15225 Cal 2009
Calvin Coconut : trouble magnet

PZ7.S37645 Je 2008
Jack wants a snack

PZ7.S80857 Wh 2009
When you reach me

PZ7.S8179 Po 2009

PZ7.Y78 My 2009
My Uncle Emily

PZ8.C498 Ugl 2008
The uglified ducky

PZ8.L6215 Wh 2009
Where the mountain meets the moon

PZ8.M4577 Hin 2008
The Hinky-Pink : an old tale

PZ8.1.A887 Mit 2009
The mitten

PZ8.1.M159 Pig 2009
Pig-Boy : a trickster tale from Hawai*i

PZ8.2.P456 Li 2009 The lion & the mouse

PZ8.3.D28942 Jaz 2007 Jazz cats

PZ8.3.F8245 He 2009 Hello, baby!

PZ8.3.K96 So 2005 So, what's it like to be a cat?

PZ73 .M635 2009 Book fiesta! : celebrate Children's Day/book day
Q - Science
Cell Press [electronic resource]

Q127.I742 T78 1995
Science in medieval Islam : an illustrated introduction

Q175 .O4555 2002
Philosophy of science : a very short introduction
Computers & applied sciences complete [electronic resource]

QA90 .N26 2000
Tiger math : learning to graph from a baby tiger
QA135.6 .M384 2009
Mathematics learning in early childhood : paths toward excellence and equity

QA276.8 .G65 2006
Great estimations

QA303.2 .D46 2010
Advanced calculus : a transition to analysis

QA484 .N48 1999
Sir Cumference and the dragon of pi : a math adventure

QB209.5 .N34 2002
Chimp math : learning about time from a baby chimpanzee

QC477 .B29 2009
The Day-Glo brothers : the true story of Bob and Joe Switzer's bright ideas and brand-new colors
GeoRef [electronic resource]
BioOne [electronic resource]

QH31.D2 H42 2009
Charles and Emma : the Darwins' leap of faith

QH83 .D87 2009
Every living thing : man's obsessive quest to catalog life, from nanobacteria to new monkeys

QH541 .D64 2009
Laws, theories, and patterns in ecology

QH541.15.R4 F73 2010
Remote sensing for biodiversity and wildlife management : synthesis and applications

QH541.2 .I65 2010
An introduction to methods & models in ecology, evolution, & conservation biology

QH581.2 .C47 2010
Cell and molecular biology

QH588.S83 S7455 2008
Stem cells, human embryos and ethics : interdisciplinary perspectives

QK188 .I458 2006
Illustrated flora of east Texas

QL122.2 .J46 2009
Down, down, down : a journey to the bottom of the sea

QL645.3 .C37 2009
The rise of amphibians : 365 million years of evolution

QL645.6 .A47 2010
Amphibian ecology and conservation : a handbook of techniques
The birds of North America online [electronic resource]

QL737.C27 M3452 2009
How many baby pandas?

QP376 .H317 2010
Get smart : Samantha Heller's nutrition prescriptionfor boosting brain power and optimizing total body health

QP624 .P485 2009
The phylogenetic handbook : a practical approach to phylogenetic analysis and hypothesis testing

QR56 .I54 2010
March of the microbes : sighting the unseen

QR185.5 .A23 2010
Cellular and molecular immunology
R - Medicine
CINAHL with full text [electronic resource]
Health & wellness resource center [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC R118.4.U6 H42 db
Health reference center academic [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC R723.7 .C63 db
The Cochrane library [electronic resource]

R860 .L325 2006
Laboratory documents : development and control : approved guideline

R864 .I53 2010
Information discovery on electronic health records
Alt HealthWatch [electronic resource]

RA440.9 .A38 2003
Advancing healthy populations : the Pfizer guide to careers in public health : a must-have guide that profiles the life and work of professionals in public health

RA645.D5 D4925 2010
Diabetes and health disparities : community-based approaches for racial and ethnic populations

RA645.D5 H87 2010
Diabetes rising : how a rare disease became a modern pandemic, and what to do about it

RA645.5 .P37 2010
Making rapid response real : change management and organizational learning in critical patient care
RB36.3.F55 V37 2008
Medical laboratory management and supervision
RB38.3 .D68 2011
Mathematics for the clinical laboratory

RB45 .D79 2010
Integrated hematopathology : morphology and FCI with IHC
Consumer health complete [electronic resource] : powered by EBSCOhost

RD123.5 .A86 2009
The BMT data book

RG652 .K46 2010 Born southern : childbirth, motherhood, and social networks in the old South

RJ242 .B45 2008 Harry goes to the hospital : a story for children about what it's like to be in the hospital

RJ499.34 .W37 2010 We've got issues : children and parents in the age of medication

RM735.7.G37 B775 2004 Gardening projects for horticultural therapy programs : a guide for horticultural therapists and activity coordinators

RT120.T73 L36 2010 Fast facts for the travel nurse : travel nursing in a nutshell
S - Agriculture
Journals indexed in AGRICOLA [electronic resource]

S400.3 AN78 2000
Annual report of savings and loan associations

SB191.W5 W96 2009
The Viking in the wheat field : a scientist's struggle to preserve the world's harvest

SB450.95 .B68 2001
Botanica's gardening encyclopedia : over 1,000 pages & 2,000 plants listed

SB453 .S588 1998
The big book of gardening secrets

SF140.L65 L57 2010
Livestock in a changing landscape

SF336.M784 T76 2006 Perfect timing : how Isaac Murphy became one of the world's greatest jockeys

SF767.B57 S55 2010 Radiology of birds : an atlas of normal anatomy and positioning

SH380.6 .R83 2010 Shrimp : the endless quest for pink gold
T - Technology

T385 .V3325 2010
GIMP bible

TJ211 .S794 2010
Self-reconfigurable robots : an introduction

TJ223.P76 P78 2010
Programming and customizing the multicore propeller microcontroller : the official guide

TK6547 .F76 2010
Early FM radio : incremental technology in twentieth-century America

TK6635.F3 K78 2009
The boy who invented TV : the story of Philo Farnsworth

TK7885.7 .Z86 2010
Digital system design with SystemVerilog

TP557 .E83 2009
Texas wineries

TR681.M86 M3726 2009
Trust : photographs of Jim Marshall

TS1968 .H36 2010
Handbook of poultry science and technology

TT507 .M39 2009
American beauty : aesthetics and innovation in fashion

TX173 .S44 2009
Perfection salad : women and cooking at the turn of the century
U- Military Science

U21 .L524 2010
Nothing less than victory : decisive wars and the lesoons of history
Z - Library Science

ZTA265B873 no.6020 
Characteristics & marketing practices of Texas pecan growers
Cabells directory of publishing opportunities [electronic resource]
Fuente acad*emica [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC Z1035.1 .G35 db
Gale databases [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC Z1035.1 .G35 db Gale virtual reference library [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC Z1037.A1 C494 db Children's literature comprehensive database [electronic resource]

Z1039.B67 S86 2010 Serving boys through readers' advisory
ELECTRONIC Z1209.2.N67 B353 db Bibliography of native North Americans [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC Z1215 .E27 db Early American imprints. Series I, Evans, 1639-1800 [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC Z1215 .E271 db Early American imprints. Series II, Shaw-Shoemaker (1801-1819) [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC Z1215 .R73 db Global books in print [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC Z1223 .G66 db GPO [electronic resource] : U.S. government publications
ELECTRONIC Z6941 .E275 db EBSCOhost electronic journals service [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC Z6941 .O25 db OCLC electronic collections online [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC Z6944.S3 D57 db Directory of open access journals [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC Z7163 .C53 db ClasePeriodica [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC Z7164.E2 E172 db EconLit with full text [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC ZA4251.F57 F57 db FirstSearch [electronic resource]
Texas Documents
   C2600.8 T312FOAR txdocs  Texas in focus : Alamo region
   L1400.4 C766 2009 txdocs  Texas Constitution : includes amendments through the November 3, 2009 constitutional amendment election

P400.4 W291A 2009 txdocs
Texas Water Safety Act : September 2009 through August 2011

Veterinary record. [serial]

Journal of the American veterinary medical association

Animal behaviour. [serial]

American journal of physiology

High School journal

Hudson review

Huntington Library quarterly

The drama review : TDR

Journal of experimental psychology. Learning, memory, and cognition

College music symposium

Animal science : an international journal of fundamental and applied research

Journal of personality and social psychology

Studies in romanticism

TESOL quarterly

Administrative science quarterly

American journal of mathematics

American journal of psychiatry

American literary realism, 1870-1910

Journal of social work education

Botanical gazette

Critical inquiry.

Critique : Studies in Contemporary Fiction



Foreign affairs

Harvard business review

Journal of animal science

Journal of applied psychology

Journal of biological chemistry

Journal of dairy science

The Journal of dairy research

Journal of counseling psychology

Journal of educational psychology

Journal of heredity

Journal of health and social behavior

Journal of forestry

Journal of experimental psychology: human perception and performance

Journal of experimental psychology: general

Journal of experimental psychology: animal behavior processes

Journal of marketing research

Journal of retailing

The Journal of wildlife management

Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science

New Yorker


Psychological review

Psychological bulletin

Public personnel management

Publishers weekly

Reading teacher


THE journal : technological horizons in education


Theory into practice

The Journal of consumer research

American economist

California management review

H R Magazine

MIS quarterly : management information systems

Management international review

Columbia journal of world business

The Journal of product innovation management

Quality progress

International studies of management & organization

Journal of engineering and technology management : JET-M

Journal of athletic training.

HR focus : American Management Association's human resources publication

Organizational dynamics

Journal of Spanish studies: twentieth century

TESOL journal


CAA news : the newsletter of the College Art Association of America

The journals of gerontology. Series B, Psychological sciences and social sciences

International journal of electronic commerce : IJEC

Rangeland ecology & management

AWI quarterly


Bulletin. - Council for Research in Music Education

Academy of Management learning & education

Journal of Omicron Chi Epsilon

Eastern economic journal.

Emerging markets finance & trade

Russian & East European finance and trade

Soviet and Eastern European foreign trade

The American review of Soviet and Eastern European foreign trade

Estudios econ*omicos

Marketing letters

Management international review

Management international

Small business economics

TESOL journal

Utopian studies

American literary realism

Studies in bibliography

African music

The African Music Society newsletter

Newsletter / African Music Society

Anales de la literatura espa*nola contempor*anea

Anales de la narrativa espa*nola contempor*anea

Anales de la novela de posguerra


Aula-historia social

Bulletin van het Rijksmuseum

Diderot studies

 Fine arts journal; devoted to art, music and literature

Historia social

History of philosophy quarterly : HPQ

L'homme / publi*ee par l'*Ecole pratique des hautes *etudes-Sorbonne, sixi*eme section, Sciences *economiques et sociales

Journal of education for library and information science

Journal of education for librarianship

National Academy notes and complete catalogue ... Spring exhibition, National Academy of Design, New York

Illustrated art notes upon the annual exhibition of the National Academy of Design, New York

American academy notes

Oregon historical quarterly

The quarterly of the Oregon Historical Society


Revista chilena de literatura

Papers of the Bibliographical Society, University of Virginia

The collector

The economic bulletin

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The New York Latin leaflet

American Indian law review

Edutopia : the new world of learning

Illinois historical journal

Memoirs of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences

Journal of medieval religious cultures
AE5 .F865 db