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New Books June 2014

Call Number
A - General Works
ELECTRONIC AG5 .B78 2013eb Britannica concise encyclopedia [electronic resource].
ELECTRONIC AG5 .H87 2010eb The Hutchinson unabridged encyclopedia with atlas and weather guide [electronic resource].
B - Philosophy, Psychology, Religion
ELECTRONIC BD21 .P45 2011eb The philosophy book [electronic resource] / [contributors, Will Buckingham ... [et al.]].
REFERENCE BF51 .A53 2013 APA handbook of psychology, religion, and spirituality / Kenneth I. Pargament, editor-in-chief.
BF76.5 .S24 2012 Exploring research / Neil J. Salkind.
ELECTRONIC BF121 .P815 2012eb The psychology book [electronic resource] / [contributors, Catherine Collin ...[et al.]].
BF241 .S77 2012 Vision and brain : how we perceive the world / James V. Stone.
BF353 .A43 2013 Surfaces : a history / Joseph A. Amato.
DISPLAY BF378.A87 F47 2013 Pieces of light : how the new science of memory illuminates the stories we tell about our pasts / Charles Fernyhough.
BF441 .B36 2013 Thought : a very short introduction / Tim Bayne.
ELECTRONIC BF636 .E52 2004eb Encyclopedia of applied psychology [electronic resource] / editor-in-chief Charles D. Spielberger.
BF724.85.R45 D7313 2013 The nostalgia factory : memory, time and ageing / Douwe Draaisma ; translated by Liz Waters.
BF789.D4 B76 2013 Happier endings : a meditation on life and death / Erica Brown.
ELECTRONIC BJ63 .E45 2001eb Encyclopedia of ethics [electronic resource] / Lawrence C. Becker and Charlotte B. Becker, editors.
ELECTRONIC BQ130 .P75 2014eb The Princeton dictionary of Buddhism [electronic resource] / Robert E. Buswell Jr. and Donald S. Lopez Jr. ; with the assistance of Juhn Ahn, J. Wayne Bass, William Chu, Amanda Goodman, Hyoung Seok Ham, Seong-Uk Kim, Sumi Lee, Patrick Pranke, Andrew Quintman, Gareth Sparham, Maya Stiller, Harumi Ziegler.
C - Auxiliary Sciences of History
ELECTRONIC CT103 .C4 2011eb Chambers biographical dictionary [electronic resource].
ELECTRONIC CT120 .W5 2014eb Who's who in the world 2014 [electronic resource].
D - History: General and Old World
D421 .H26 2013 The world in the 20th century : a thematic approach / Stephanie A. Hallock.
D756.5.N6 R595 2014 D-Day through French eyes : Normandy 1944 / Mary Louise Roberts.
D756.5.N6 Z374 2013 The devil's garden : Rommel's desperate defense of Omaha Beach on D-Day / Steven Zaloga.
D760.8.L7 F45 2013 The love-charm of bombs : restless lives in the Second World War / Lara Feigel.
D767.99.O45 W35 2013 Big guns, brave men : mobile artillery observers and the battle for Okinawa / Rodney Earl Walton.
D783 .S46 2013 The war below : the story of three submarines that battled Japan / James Scott.
CURR-COLL D804.66.S46 R83 2011 Irena Sendler and the children of the Warsaw Ghetto / by Susan Goldman Rubin ; illustrated by Bill Farnsworth.
D810.J4 G554 2013 How the Jews defeated Hitler : exploding the myth of Jewish passivity in the face of Nazism / Benjamin Ginsberg.
ELECTRONIC D856 .A56 2013eb The 2013 annual register [electronic resource] : world events 2012 / edited by D.S. Lewis and Wendy Slater.
ELECTRONIC DA28 .D437 2013eb Debrett's people of today [electronic resource] / Laura Winter.
ELECTRONIC DE60 .C55 2010eb The classical tradition [electronic resource] / Anthony Grafton, Glenn W. Most, Salvatore Settis, editors.
CURR-COLL DS706 .J5818 2008 Conoce China / Robin Johnson y Bobbie Kalman.
CURR-COLL DT60 .S22 2004 Egyptology : search for the tomb of Osiris : being the journal of Miss Emily Sands, November 1926 / [text by the Templar Company ; illustration by Nick Harris, Ian Andrew and Helen Ward].
E - History: America
REFERENCE E76.2 .R4 2014 Reference encyclopedia of the American Indian / Barry T. Klein.
E83.89 .G74 2014 American carnage : Wounded Knee, 1890 / Jerome A. Greene ; foreword by Thomas Powers.
E98.R28 R44 2013 Trail sisters : freedwomen in Indian Territory, 1850-1890 / Linda Williams Reese ; foreword by John R. Wunder.
E99.D1 B43 2014 Murdering Indians : a documentary history of the 1897 killings that inspired Louise Erdrich's The plague of doves / Peter G. Beidler.
E162 .H3 1988 Everyday life in early America / David Freeman Hawke.
E173 .K87 2013 The Smithsonian's history of America in 101 objects / Richard Kurin.
ELECTRONIC E176 .W64 2014eb Who was who in America 1985-present [electronic resource].
ELECTRONIC E176 .W64232 2014eb Who's Who in America 2014 [electronic resource].
ELECTRONIC E176.1 .F215 2012eb The American presidents ranked by performance, 1789-2012 [electronic resource] / Charles F. Faber and Richard B. Faber.
E183.8.C5 H174 2013 America's first adventure in China : trade, treaties, opium, and salvation / John R. Haddad.
E183.8.C5 W3414 2013 The United States and China since World War II : a brief history / Chi Wang.
E183.8.C9 F69 2013 Cuban revelations : behind the scenes in Havana / Marc Frank.
E183.8.J6 H87 2014 The United States and Jordan : Middle East diplomacy during the Cold War / Clea Lutz Hupp.
E184.A65 B38 2014 The making of Arab Americans : from Syrian nationalism to U.S. citizenship / Hani J. Bawardi.
E184.V53 H68 1992 Hoang Anh : a Vietnamese-American boy / by Diane Hoyt-Goldsmith ; photographs by Lawrence Migdale.
ELECTRONIC E185 .B574 2013eb Black firsts [electronic resource] : 4,000 ground-breaking and pioneering historical events / [edited by] Jessie Carney Smith.
ELECTRONIC E185.61 .S636 2009eb Freedom facts and firsts [electronic resource] : 400 years of the African American civil rights experience / Jessie Carney Smith and Linda T. Wynn.
E185.615 .O47 2013 The Black power mixtape : 1967-1975 / by Gèoran Hugo Olsson.
E185.625 .H64 2013 Jim Crow wisdom : memory and identity in black America since 1940 / Jonathan Scott Holloway.
E185.86 .J647 2013 Fear of a hip-hop planet : America's new dilemma / D. Marvin Jones.
E302.5 .M19 2014 The founders at home : the building of America, 1735-1817 / Myron Magnet.
E342 .C48 2014 James Madison : a life reconsidered / Lynne Cheney.
E443 .D56 2013 Servants of Allah : African Muslims enslaved in the Americas / Sylvanie A. Diouf.
E457.962 2013 Abraham Lincoln : letters to his generals, 1861-1865 / edited and with annotation by Brett F. Woods.
ELECTRONIC E468.3 .H35 2010eb Every day of the Civil War [electronic resource] : a chronological encyclopedia / Bud Hannings.
E468.9 .J36 2013 Remembering the Civil War : reunion and the limits of reconciliation / Caroline E. Janney.
E469 .P47 2013 Lincoln in the world : the making of a statesman and the dawn of American power / Kevin Peraino.
E540.N3 S67 2013 Lincoln and the U.S. Colored Troops / John David Smith.
E635 .T87 2013 Freedom's witness : the Civil War correspondence of Henry McNeal Turner / edited by Jean Lee Cole ; with a foreword by Aaron Sheehan-Dean.
E744 .A5326 2003 American foreign policy : the twentieth century in documents / [compiled by] Gary  A. Donaldson.
F -- History: America
F386 .W46 2014 West Texas : a history of the giant side of the state / edited by Paul H. Carlson and Bruce A. Glasrud.
F595 .O73 2013 Oral history, community, and work in the American West / edited by Jessie L. Embry.
F869.S33 S74 2010 The unofficial guide to San Francisco / Richard Sterling ; revised by Elgy Gillespie.
G -- Geography, Anthropology, Recreation
ELECTRONIC G155.A1 C517 2008eb The Tourism Society's dictionary for the tourism industry [electronic resource] / Veritâe Reily Collins.
G155.R8 K78 2013 Club Red : vacation travel and the Soviet dream / Diane P. Koenker.
CURR-COLL G370.P9 T87 2011 Marco Polo : history's great adventurer : being an account of his travels, 1270-1295 / written by Clint Twist ; illustrated by Templar Books.
G535 .R46 2013 Treasure Neverland : real and imaginary pirates / Neil Rennie.
G1030 .H39 2011 The new atlas of world history : global events at a glance / John Haywood.
GA105.3 .K79 2011 Making maps : a visual guide to map design for GIS / John Krygier and Denis Wood.
ELECTRONIC GE300 .E5655 2012eb Environmental leadership [electronic resource] : a reference handbook / Deborah Rigling Gallagher, editor.
GF504.N7 O95 2009 Green metropolis : why living smaller, living closer, and driving less are keys to sustainability / David Owen.
ELECTRONIC GN20 .S84 2009eb Biographical dictionary of anthropologists [electronic resource] / William Stewart.
CURR-COLL GN333 .D64 2001 The Usborne book of peoples of the world : Internet-linked / Gillian Doherty and Anna Claybourne ; designed by Laura Fearn and Linda Penny ; additional contributors, Nathalie Abi-Ezzi ... [et al.] ; consultants, Michael Hitchcock ... [et al.].
ELECTRONIC GR98 .E56 2012eb Encyclopedia of Jewish folklore and traditions [electronic resource] / Raphael Patai, founding editor ; Haya Bar-Itzhak, editor.
GT511 .F365 2012 Fashion : the definitive history of costume and style / [produced in association with the Smithsonian ; Smithsonain consultant, Susan Brown].
GT525 .H69 2005 How the world dresses [videorecording] : clothing and global culture / Learning Seed.
GT2290 .C6 2012 Fashions in hair : the first five thousand years / Richard Corson.
GT2850 .F637 1998 Food [videorecording] : a multicultural feast / Learning Seed ; writer, Jeffrey Schrank.
ELECTRONIC GV11 .B53 2009eb The SAGE dictionary of leisure studies [electronic resource] / Tony Blackshaw and Garry Crawford.
ELECTRONIC GV576 .T66 2011eb The atlas of sports [electronic resource] : who plays what, where, and why / Alan Tomlinson.
ELECTRONIC GV721 .B45 2012eb Encyclopedia of international games [electronic resource] / Daniel Bell.
H -- Social Science
ELECTRONIC HB71 .E2683 2012eb The economics book [electronic resource] / [Niall Kishtainy, consultant editor ; George Abbot ... [et al.], contributors].
ELECTRONIC HB99.7 .E528 2013eb An encyclopedia of Keynesian economics [electronic resource] / edited by Thomas Cate.
ELECTRONIC HC59.15 .O33 2013eb OECD factbook 2013 [electronic resource] : beconomic, environmental and social statistics.
REFERENCE HD69.B7 E534 2013 Encyclopedia of global brands.
ELECTRONIC HD7255 .B78 2012eb Employment and work [electronic resource] / Susanne M. Bruyáere, Linda Barrington.
ELECTRONIC HD7287 .E53 2012eb The encyclopedia of housing [electronic resource] / Andrew T. Carswell, editor.
HD7287.92.U54 I53 2012 Independent for life : homes and neighborhoods for an aging America / edited by Henry Cisneros, Margaret Dyer-Chamberlain, Jane Hickie.
HE2791.A79 B79 1982 History of the Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe Railway / Keith L. Bryant, Jr.
ELECTRONIC HF5381 .U62 2014eb 2012-2013 Occupational outlook handbook [electronic resource] / U.S. Dept. of Labor ; Bureau of Labor Statistics.
HF5389 .M36 2006 Manners at work [videorecording] : etiquette in the workplace / Learning Seed ; writer and producer, Louise Welsh Schrank.
HG6046 .G373 2013 A trader's first book on commodities : an introduction to the world's fastest growing market / Carley Garner.
HJ2377 .T46 2013 Their fair share : taxing the rich in the age of FDR / Joseph J. Thorndike.
HJ4113 .P75 2013 A primer on property tax : administration and policy / edited by William J. McCluskey, Gary C. Cornia, Lawrence C. Walters.
HJ8015 .L46 2013 The public debt problem : a comprehensive guide / by Pierre Lemieux.
ELECTRONIC HM756 .B55 2010eb Key concepts in community studies [electronic resource] / Tony Blackshaw.
DISPLAY HN59 .T39 2014 The next America : boomers, millennials, and the looming generational showdown / Paul Taylor.
HN59.2 .N68 2006 50+ : igniting a revolution to reinvent America / Bill Novelli with Boe Workman ; foreword by Steve Case.
HN90.S6 S56 2013 The eclipse of equality : arguing America on Meet the press / Solon Simmons.
HQ536 .D85 2014 Growing up Duggar : it's all about relationships / Jana, Jill, Jessa, and Jinger Duggar.
HQ767.3 .M56 2014 Good Catholics : the battle over abortion in the Catholic Church / Patricia Miller.
HQ783 .S694 2014 Creating a learning society : a new approach to growth, development, and social progress / Joseph E. Stiglitz and Bruce C. Greenwald.
HQ1062 .L36 2013 How to age in place : planning for a happy, independent, and financially secure retirement / Mary A. Languirand and Robert F. Bornstein.
HQ1063 .B34 2012 Livable communities for an aging population : urban design solutions for longevity / M. Scott Ball.
HQ1063.2.U6 T76 2011 From sun cities to the villages : a history of active adult, age-restricted communities / Judith Ann Trolander.
HT166 .G24 2009 Albert Speer & Partner : a manifesto for sustainable cities : think local, act global / Jeremy Gaines & Stefan Jèager.
HT166 .K359 2011 Urban design : the composition of complexity / Ron Kasprisin.
ELECTRONIC HV1569.5 .B63 2013eb Assistive technology and science [electronic resource] / Cathy Bodine.
HV6025 .M393 2014 Crime as structured action : doing masculinities, race, class, sexuality, and crime / James W. Messerschmidt.
ELECTRONIC HV6779 .S63 2012eb The social history of crime and punishment in America [electronic resource] : an encyclopedia / Wilbur R. Miller, general editor.
ELECTRONIC HV7436 .G8783 2012eb Guns in American society [electronic resource] : an encyclopedia of history, politics, culture, and the law / Gregg Lee Carter, editor.
HV8073.3 .C73 2014 Credibility assessment : scientific research and applications / edited by David C. Raskin, Charles R. Honts, John C. Kircher.
HV8268.3.A2 S66 2013 Moroccan noir : police, crime, and politics in popular culture / Jonathan Smolin.
HV8699.A78 C66 2013 Confronting capital punishment in Asia : human rights, politics, and public opinion / edited by Roger Hood and Surya Deva.
HV8699.U5 S268 2014 Gruesome spectacles : botched executions and America's death penalty / Austin Sarat ; with Katherine Blumstein [and 3 others].
HV8886.U5 J69 2014 Grief, loss, and treatment for death row families : forgotten no more / Sandra Joy.
HV9471 .G76 2014 The growth of incarceration in the United States : exploring causes and consequences / Committee on Causes and Consequences of High Rates of Incarceration ; Jeremy Travis, Bruce Western, and Steve Redburn, editors ; Committee on Law and Justice, Division of Behavioral and Social Sciences and Education, National Research Council of the National Academies.
HV9950 .B69 2014 Crime and justice : learning through cases / Carolyn Boyes-Watson ; contributions by Susan T. Krumholz and Aviva M. Rich-Shea.
J - Political Science
ELECTRONIC JA71 .P64185 2013eb The politics book [electronic resource].
JC571 .B678 2014 The breakthrough : human rights in the 1970s / edited by Jan Eckel and Samuel Moyn.
JC573.2.U6 B525 2014 Big tent : the story of the conservative revolution : as told by the thinkers and doers who made it happen / edited by Mallory Factor and Elizabeth Factor.
ELECTRONIC JK9 .W38 2010eb Dictionary of American government and politics [electronic resource] / Duncan Watts.
ELECTRONIC JK275 .T46 2007eb A glossary of US politics and government [electronic resource] / Alex Thomson.
JV6471 .M94 2007 Immigrants and boomers : forging a new social contract for the future of America / Dowell Myers.
K -- Law
ELECTRONIC KF4549 .R67 2010eb American constitutional law [electronic resource] / Ralph A. Rossum, G. Alan Tarr.
KF4755.5 .K46 2013 For discrimination : race, affirmative action, and the law / Randall Kennedy.
KF9227.C2 K37 2013 Murder stories : ideological narratives in capital punishment / Paul Kaplan.
L -- Education
LB1027.5 .H4367 2014 Motivational interviewing in schools : strategies for engaging parents, teachers, and students / Keith C. Herman [and 3 others].
ELECTRONIC LB1119 .H25 2012eb Handbook of research on the education of young children [electronic resource] / edited by Olivia N. Saracho & Bernard Spodek.
LB1576 .I65153 2006 Inside reading and writing workshops [videorecording] / with Joanne Hindley ; StrayLight Media ; producer/director, Stuart Williams.
LIMITED LB2351 .N39 2012 Logistic models for effective course placement : determining which factors influence success rates in freshmen undergraduate courses / by Afshan Aslam Nayani.
ELECTRONIC LB2391.G7 B75 2014eb British qualifications 2014 [electronic resource] : a complete guide to professional, vocational & academic qualifications in the United Kingdom.
ELECTRONIC LB2806.15 .C6923 2012eb Curriculum and instruction [electronic resource] / volume editor, A. Jonathan Eakle.
LB2806.36 .R38 2013 Reign of error : the hoax of the privatization movement and the danger to America's public schools / Diane Ravitch.
LB3013.3 .K488 2010 Kids and bullying [videorecording] / ABC News Productions.
LB3013.3 .L468 2004 Let's get real [videorecording] / New Day Films ; the Respect for All project ; Women's Educational Media ; a Debra Chasnoff, Helen S. Cohen, Kate Stilley film.
LB3409.U5 S23 2006 Safe and healthy school environments / edited by Howard Frumkin ... [et al.].
ELECTRONIC LC46.4 .A58 2012eb Alternative schooling and school choice [electronic resource] / volume editors, Allan G. Osborne, Jr., Charles J. Russo, Gerald M. Cattaro.
ELECTRONIC LC111 .R473 2012eb Religion in schools [electronic resource] / volume editor, Charles J. Russo.
LIMITED LC148.2 .T66 2012 An analysis of community college career and technical education course and completion rate / by Garry Douglas Tomerlin.
LC227 .F36 2010 Family-teacher partnerships in high poverty schools [videorecording / TMW Media Group.
LC1099.3 .C699 2006 Black ants and buddhists : thinking critically and teaching differently in the primary grades / Mary Cowhey ; foreword by Sonia Nieto.
ELECTRONIC LC1099.3 .D59 2012eb Diversity in schools [electronic resource] / volume editors, Frank Brown, Richard C. Hunter, Saran Donahoo.
LC4818.5 .P38 2014 Leaders, visionaries, and dreamers : extraordinary people with dyslexia and other learning disabilities / Paul J. Gerber and Marshall H. Raskind.
M -- Music and Books on Music
ELECTRONIC ML108 .T46 2012eb Musical terms, symbols, and theory [electronic resource] : an illustrated dictionary / compiled by Michael C. Thomsett.
ML410.B499 K37 2013 God bless America : the surprising history of an iconic song / Sheryl Kaskowitz.
ML423.M53 J67 2012 Torn between cultures : a life of Kathi Meyer-Baer / David Josephson.
CURR-COLL ML3930.B444 R87 2011 For the love of music : the remarkable story of Maria Anna Mozart / by Elizabeth Rusch ; paintings by Steve Johnson and Lou Fancher.
MT85 .S473 2013 Inside conducting / Christopher Seaman ; illustrations by Michael Richards.
MT733.7 .T43 2008 Teaching music through performance in jazz / compiled and edited by Richard Miles and Ronald Carter ; [contributions by] Ronald Carter ... [et al.].
N -- Fine Arts
ELECTRONIC N5300 .M278 2013eb Masterworks [electronic resource].
N6655.6 .M68 2013 Blind field / Tumelo Mosaka and Irene V. Small.
ELECTRONIC NA200 .A73 2008eb Architectural excellence [electronic resource] : 500 iconic buildings / general editor, Paul Cattermole.
NA2542.36 .M67 2010 The original green : unlocking the mystery of true sustainability / Stephen A. Mouzon ; foreword by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.
NA2545.A3 L37 2008 Residential design for aging in place / Drue Lawlor, Michael A. Thomas.
NA9050.5 .P37 2008 Form-based codes : a guide for planners, urban designers, municipalities, and developers / Daniel G. Parolek, Karen Parolek, Paul C. Crawford.
ELECTRONIC NC997 .L54 2012eb The Thames & Hudson dictionary of graphic design and designers [electronic resource] / Alan and Isabella Livingston.
P -- Language and Literature
ELECTRONIC P29 .C28 2011eb The Cambridge encyclopedia of the language sciences [electronic resource] / edited by Patrick Colm Hogan.
FT-WORTH P37 .L435 2013 A history of psycholinguistics : the pre-Chomskyan era / Willem J.M. Levelt.
DISPLAY P94.5.C45 R43 2014 Celebrity and the media / Sean Redmond.
P96.E25 E53 2013 Blockbusters : hit-making, risk-taking, and the big business of entertainment / Anita Elberse.
ELECTRONIC P118.2 .C356 2013eb The Cambridge handbook of second language acquisition [electronic resource] / edited by Julia Herschensohn Martha Young-Scholten.
PA4177.C64 B434 2012 Speech presentation in Homeric epic / by Deborah Beck.
ELECTRONIC PE1628 .A623 2011eb The American Heritage dictionary of the English language [electronic resource].
ELECTRONIC PE1628 .M36 2003eb Merriam-Webster's collegiate dictionary [electronic resource].
PG3476.B2 Z796 2012 Babel' in context : a study in cultural identity / Efraim Sicher.
ELECTRONIC PG6640 .C65 2006eb eb Collins English-Polish dictionary [electronic resource] / editor-in-chief, Jacek Fisiak.
ELECTRONIC PN43 .B65 2012eb Brewer's dictionary of phrase & fable [electronic resource] / edited by Susie Dent.
CURR-COLL PN159 .L44 2004 Look at my book : how kids can write & illustrate terrific books / written and illustrated by Loreen Leedy.
ELECTRONIC PN1009.A1 K48 2011eb Keywords for children's literature [electronic resource] / edited by Philip Nel and Lissa Paul.
PN2067 .M67 2001 Costumes & chemistry : a comprehensive guide to materials and applications / Sylvia Moss.
PN2091.S8 S513 2006 Scene painting projects for theatre / Stephen Sherwin.
PQ8549.P35 Z757 2012 Teresa de la Parra : a literary life / by RoseAnna Mueller.
PR2894 .C27 2013 Who was William Shakespeare? : an introduction to the life and works / Dympna Callaghan.
PR3562 .H66 2013 Reading Paradise lost / David Hopkins.
PR6056.O85 Z696 2013 John Fowles / edited by James Acheson.
PR9450.9.V58 F46 2002 The feng shui detective / Nury Vittachi.
ELECTRONIC PS92 .N39 2009eb A new literary history of America [electronic resource] / edited by Greil Marcus and Werner Sollors.
PS648.D4 S5635 1992 Sisters in crime 5 / edited by Marilyn Wallace.
CURR-COLL PS2234 .S55 2011 Liberty's voice : the story of Emma Lazarus / Erica Silverman ; illustrated by Stacey Schuett.
PS3552.U75 Z6813 2013 The stray bullet : William S. Burroughs in Mexico / Jorge Garcâia-Robles ; translated by Daniel C. Schechter.
CURR-COLL PS3563.Y48 W4 2011 We are America : a tribute from the heart/ Walter Dean Myers, Christopher Myers.
PS3566.L27 Z967 2013 Pain, parties, work : Sylvia Plath in New York, summer 1953 / Elizabeth Winder.
CURR-COLL PZ7.B81984 Go 1983 Gorilla / Anthony Browne.
CURR-COLL PZ7.D15195 Rdb 2009 Ross the Reader and the adventure of the pirate's treasure / by Reid Dailey ; illustrated by Ross Edgerley.
CURR-COLL PZ7.D15195 Rgr 2011 Ross the Reader and the great balloon race / written by Reid Dailey ; illustrated by Alan F. Stacy.
CURR-COLL PZ7.K1256 Ro 1993 Roarr : Calder's Circus / a story by Maira Kalman ; photographs by Donatella Brun ; designed by M&Co.
CURR-COLL PZ7.P27653 Mi 2011 Middle school, the worst years of my life / James Patterson and Chris Tebbetts ; illustrated by Laura Park.
CURR-COLL PZ7.S1226 Man 2011 A mango in the hand : a story told through proverbs / by Antonio Sacre ; illustrated by Sebastiáa Serra.
CURR-COLL PZ7.S6538 Is 2010 It's a book / Lane Smith.
CURR-COLL PZ7.W5355 Nas 2013 Nasreddine / Odile Weulersse, Râebecca Dautremer.
CURR-COLL PZ8.A54 Fai 1992 Fairy tales / Hans Christian Andersen ; translated by Reginald Spink ; with illustrations by W. Heath Robinson.
Q -- Science
ELECTRONIC Q123 .A5178 2011eb The American heritage science dictionary [electronic resource].
ELECTRONIC Q123 .N46 2009eb The Penguin dictionary of science [electronic resource] / editor, M.J. Clugston ; author team, N.J. Lord ... [et al.].
ELECTRONIC Q141 .H88 2013eb The Hutchinson dictionary of scientific biography [electronic resource].
ELECTRONIC QA76.15 .G59 2013eb BCS glossary of computing and ICT [electronic resource] / BCS Academy Glossary Working Party.
QA275 .H278 2013 Least squares data fitting with applications / Per Christian Hansen, Vâictor Pereyra, Godela Scherer.
ELECTRONIC QD5 .H28 2007eb Hawley's condensed chemical dictionary [electronic resource] / [revised by] Richard J. Lewis, Sr.
QD181.P1 P484 2013 Phosphorus, food, and our future / edited by Karl A. Wyant, Jessica E. Corman, Jim J. Elser.
ELECTRONIC QE522 .E53 2000eb Encyclopedia of volcanoes [electronic resource] / editor-in-chief, Haraldur Sigurdsson ; associate editors, Bruce F. Houghton ... [et al.] ; forword by Robert D. Ballard.
CURR-COLL QE523.S23 L38 1986b Volcano : the eruption and healing of Mount St. Helens / Patricia Lauber.
QH323.5 .S43 2013 A primer on mathematical models in biology / Lee A. Segel, Leah Edelstein-Keshet.
QH332 .K323 2013 A defense of dignity : creating life, destroying life, and protecting the rights of conscience / Christopher Kaczor.
QH353 .S56 2013 Invasive species : what everyone needs to know / Daniel Simberloff.
ELECTRONIC QH360.2 .C36 2013eb The Cambridge encyclopedia of Darwin and evolutionary thought [electronic resource] / edited by Michael Ruse.
ELECTRONIC QH367 .P85 2014eb The Princeton guide to evolution [electronic resource] / Jonathan B. Losos, Harvard University, editor in chief ; David A. Baum, University of Wisconsin, Madison, Douglas J. Futuyma, Stony Brook University, Hopi E. Hoekstra, Harvard University, Richard E. Lenski, Michigan State University, Allen J. Moore, University of Georgia, Catherine L. Peichel, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Dolph Schluter, University of British Columbia, Michael C. Whitlock, University of British Columbia, editors.
QH430 .T483 2013 Thrive in genetics / Alison Thomas.
QH432 .B44 2013 Behavioral genetics of the mouse / edited by Wim E. Crusio [and 3 others].
QH442 .G4535 2013 Genetic engineering / Noèel Merino, book editor.
QH448.4 .L38 2013 Lateral gene transfer in evolution / Uri Gophna, editor.
QH499 .R378 2014 Regenerative medicine ethics : governing research and knowledge practices / Linda F. Hogle, editor.
ELECTRONIC QH541 .P742 2012eb The Princeton guide to ecology [electronic resource] / Simon A. Levin, editor ; associate editors, Stephen R. Carpenter ... [et al.].
QH541.5.F6 A82 2014 Saving the world's deciduous forests : ecological perspectives from East Asia, North America, and Europe / Robert A. Askins.
QH588.S83 H98 2013 Bioethics and the future of stem cell research / Insoo Hyun.
QH603.C4 B37 2012 Barriers and channels formed by tight junction proteins / issue editors, Michael Fromm, Jèorg-Dieter Schulzke.
QH608 .M33 2014 Biology of aging / Roger B. McDonald.
QK570.2 .M6813 2013 Seaweeds : edible, available & sustainable / Ole G. Mouritsen ; photography, layout & design, Jonas Drotner Mouritsen ; translation & adaptation to English, Mariela Johansen.
QL495 .K57 2013 Physiological systems in insects / Marc J. Klowden.
CURR-COLL QL568.A6 R547 2009 Honeybees : an amazing insect discovery book / written by Susan Ring ; illustrated by Kim and James Neale.
CURR-COLL QL644.2 .C357 2005 Can lizards disappear? : reptiles and birds.
QL666.O6 L724 2014 How snakes work : structure, function, and behavior of the world's snakes / Harvey B. Lillywhite.
QL698.9 .R37 2013 The avian migrant : the biology of bird migration / John H. Rappole.
ELECTRONIC QL701.2 .P75 2009eb The Princeton encyclopedia of mammals [electronic resource] / edited by David W. Macdonald.
QL737.C2 L336 2014 Large carnivore conservation : integrating science and policy in the North American West / edited by Susan G. Clark and Murray B. Rutherford.
CURR-COLL QL737.C23 E79 2012 Cheetah / Suzi Eszterhas.
QL737.C25 J32 2014 Wild again : the struggle to save the black-footed ferret / David Jachowski.
QL737.U53 E88 2014 The gnu's world : Serengeti wildebeest ecology and life history / Richard D. Estes.
QL785 .W95 2013 Animal cognition : evolution, behavior and cognition / Clive D.L. Wynne, Monique A.R. Udell.
CLS-FWORTH QM551 .L38 2014 Lippincott's pocket histology / Lisa M.J. Lee.
QR111 .M597 2013 Molecular microbial ecology of the rhizosphere / edited by Frans J. de Bruijn.
QR201.T53 T685 2014 Toxoplasma gondii : the model Apicomplexan : perspectives and methods / edited by Louis M. Weiss and Kami Kim.
R -- Medicine
ELECTRONIC R121 .M89 2013eb Mosby's dictionary of medicine, nursing & health professions [electronic resource].
ELECTRONIC R134.8 .A93 1998eb The Cambridge encyclopedia of human paleopathology [electronic resource] / by Arthur C. Aufderheide & Conrado Rodriguez-Martin ; including a dental chapter by Odin Langsjoen.
R726.8 .B96 2013 The best care possible : a physician's quest to transform care through the end of life / Ira Byock.
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