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New Resources - August 2010

Call Number
B - Philosophy, Psychology, Religion
BF31 .R43 2009eb The Penguin dictionary of psychology [electronic resource]

BF299.S5 H55 2007 How big is it? : a big book all about bigness
ELECTRONIC BF311 .E53 2009eb Encyclopedia of consciousness [electronic resource]

BF575.T7 W56 2009 Whom can we trust? : how groups, networks, and institutions make trust possible

BF637.M45 C43 2010 Inspire, empower, connect : reaching across cultural differences to make a real difference

BF724.55.C63 S217 2010 Major issues in cognitive aging
ELECTRONIC BJ1012 .C584 2006eb The essentials of-- philosophy & ethics [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC BL900 .M4455 2006eb Myths and legends of the Celts [electronic resource]

BP42 .T43 2003 Teaching Islam

BP161.2 .F3 1987 Islam : beliefs and observances

BP173.6 .S22 2008 Islam and the political : theory, governance and international relations

BP173.7 .A875 2008 The many faces of political Islam : religion and politics in the Muslim world
C - Auxiliary Sciences of History
ELECTRONIC CT770 .D43 2010eb Debrett's People of today, anno MMX [electronic resource]
D - History: General and Old World
ELECTRONIC D112 .H88 2010eb The Hutchinson chronology of world history [electronic resource]

D748 .S26 2009 Allies against the rising sun : the United States, the British nations, and the defeat of imperial Japan

D783.5.P4 S46 2010 Lucky 73 : USS Pampanito's unlikely rescue of Allied POWs in WWII

D804.3 .B769 2000 Nazi policy, Jewish workers, German killers

D804.3 .W469 2003 Hitler and the Holocaust

D805.G3 S716 2010 In the neighborhood of zero : a World War II memoir

DC718.A44 Z547 2010 Cosmopolitan patriots : Americans in Paris in the age or revolution

DH186.5 .T73 2008 The founding of the Dutch Republic : war, finance, and politics in Holland, 1572-1588

DS36.7 .L35 2002 The Arabs : journeys beyond the mirage

DS79 .D39 2009 Iraq : a political history from independence to occupation

DS79.76 .S6315 2009 What after Iraq?
ELECTRONIC DS557.7 .E53 1998eb Encyclopedia of the Vietnam War [electronic resource]: a political, social, and military history

DS558 .J64 2010 Vietnam's second front : domestic politics, the Republican Party, and the war

DT3 .O58 1995 A is for Africa
ELECTRONIC DT18 .B76 2006eb An African biographical dictionary [electronic resource]

DT107.87 .E43 2009 The last pharaoh : Mubarak and the uncertain future of Egypt in the Obama age
E - History: America

E98.T77 R67 2009 Serving their country : American Indian politics and patriotism in the twentieth century

E169.12 .B35 2010 The victory album : reflections on the good life after the good war

E176.1 .K29 2010 The great Virginia triumvirate : George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, & James Madison in the eyes of their contemporaries

E176.1 .R644 2010 The dance of the comedians : the people, the president, and the performance of political standup comedy in America

E183.8.K6 S55 2010

One alliance, two lenses : U.S.-Korea relations in a new era

E185 .T797 2010 We ain't what we ought to be : the Black freedom struggle, from emancipation to Obama

E185.86 .F673 2010 'Til death or distance do us part : love and marriage in African America

E185.97.C59 C48 2009 Freedom's teacher : the life of Septima Clark

E302.6.A2 A38 2005 A picture book of Samuel Adams

E354 .B55 2009 The War of 1812 in the age of Napoleon

E443 .A33 2010 Love of freedom : black women in colonial and revolutionary New England

E580 .G74 2010 Why Texans fought in the Civil War

E761 .G68 2009 The William Howard Taft presidency

E836 .A64 2002 A picture book of Dwight David Eisenhower

E840.8.K4 S335 2010 President of the other America : Robert Kennedy and the politics of poverty

E841 .B68 2010 Framing the sixties : the use and abuse of a decade from Ronald Reagan to George W. Bush

E842.Z9 A35 1991 A picture book of John F. Kennedy

E875 .S74 2010 Kennedy vs. Carter : the 1980 battle for the Democratic Party's soul
F - History: America

F7 .H36 2007 Pilgrims : New World settlers & the call of home

F158.9.F89 S26 2010 The diary of Hannah Callender Sansom : sense and sensibility in the age of the American Revolution
ELECTRONIC F213 .V65 2000eb Encyclopedia of the antebellum South [electronic resource]

F264.A8 C687 2006 Lady on the hill : how Biltmore Estate became an American icon

F395.M5 T453 2010 Tejano leadership in Mexican and revolutionary Texas

F436.C95 A4 1996 A picture book of Davy Crockett
G - Geography, Anthropology, Recreation
ELECTRONIC G155.A1 B38 2005eb A dictionary of travel and tourism terminology [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC G155.A1 E4296 2008eb The encyclopedia of tourism and recreation in marine environments [electronic resource]

G635.H4 W43 2008 I, Matthew Henson : polar explorer
ELECTRONIC GB447 .G46 2009eb Geomorphology and global environmental change [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GB451.2 .H38 2009eb Coastal systems [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GB581 .B45 2009eb Glacial geology [electronic resource] : ice sheets and landforms
ELECTRONIC  GB665 .S64 2008eb The science of water [electronic resource] : concepts and applications
ELECTRONIC GC11.2 .E53 2009eb Encyclopedia of ocean sciences [electronic resource] :elements of physical oceanography

GC30.C68 Y33 2009 The fantastic undersea life of Jacques Cousteau
ELECTRONIC GE10 .P67 2008eb Dictionary of environmental science and technology [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GE105 .E586 2009eb Environmental sciences [electronic resource] : a student's companion
ELECTRONIC GE170 .H84 2010eb Human footprints on the global environment [electronic resource] : threats to sustainability
ELECTRONIC GE516.4 .E58 2008eb Environmental geochemistry [electronic resource] : site characterization, data analysis and case histories
ELECTRONIC GF4 .D52 2009eb The dictionary of human geography [electronic resource]

GT2905 .S84 2009 Steeped in history : the art of tea

GV14.5 .B53 2010 Applied research and evaluation methods in recreation

 GV160 .K38 2010 Career development in recreation, parks, and tourism : a positioning approach

GV181.35 .R44 2010 Quality lesson plans for outdoor education

GV484 .S63 2010 Fitness on the ball : a core program for brain and body

GV838.K35 C76 2007 Surfer of the century : the life of Duke Kahanamoku
ELECTRONIC GV925 .W55 2010eb The Wisden archive of cricketers' lives, 2010 [electronic resource]
H - Social Science

HA32 .G743 2010 SPSS for dummies

HA32 .K74 2011 Practical statistics : a quick and easy guide to IBM SPSS statistics, STATA, and other statistical software
ELECTRONIC HB3711 .B947 2008eb Business fluctuations and cycles [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC HC435.3 .N67 2008eb Riding the Indian tiger [electronic resource] :understanding India--the world's fastest growing market
ELECTRONIC HD30.28 .C36 2010eb  Manager's guide to business planning [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC HD30.28 .W55 2009eb Strategic management [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC HD30.3 .C3564 2010eb The communication problem solver [electronic resource]: simple tools and techniques for busy managers
ELECTRONIC HD30.3 .L547 2010eb Leading across boundaries [electronic resource] :creating collaborative agencies in a networked world
ELECTRONIC HD30.4 .J656 2009eb 50 top tools for coaching [electronic resource] : a complete toolkit for developing and empowering people
ELECTRONIC HD31 .B36895 2009eb The 30 day MBA [electronic resource] : learn the essential top business school concepts, skills and language whilst keeping your job and your cash
ELECTRONIC HD31.D776 D783 2010eb The Drucker difference [electronic resource] : what the world's greatest management thinker means to today's business leaders
ELECTRONIC HD31 .F45 2009eb  The power of management innovation [electronic resource] : 24 keys for sustaining and accelerating business growth and profitability
ELECTRONIC HD31 .M365 2010eb Managing in changing times [electronic resource] : a guide for the perplexed manager
ELECTRONIC HD31 .O646 2008eb Operations excellence [electronic resource] : smart solutions for business success
ELECTRONIC HD31 .O778 2010eb Organizing and managing in the era of globalization [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC HD31 .R47 2010eb Accelerating out of the great recession [electronic resource] : how to win in a slow-growth economy
ELECTRONIC HD38.15 .A76 2009eb Armstrong's handbook of management and leadership [electronic resource] : a guide to managing for results
ELECTRONIC HD38.2 .H695 2008eb Simply a great manager [electronic resource] : the 15 fundamentals of being a successful manager
ELECTRONIC HD38.2 .R435 2010eb Comebacks [electronic resource] : powerful lessons from leaders who endured setbacks and recaptured success on their terms
ELECTRONIC HD38.7 .R83 2009eb Business intelligence success factors [electronic resource] : tools for aligning your business in the global economy
ELECTRONIC HD42 .R864 2010eb Developing your conflict competence [electronic resource] : a hands-on guide for leaders, managers, facilitators, and teams
ELECTRONIC HD45 .R28 2009eb Management of technology and innovation [electronic resource] : competing through technological excellence
ELECTRONIC HD45 .R392 2009eb Reshaping your business with Web 2.0 [electronic resource] : using the new collaborative technologies to lead business transformation

HD47.3 .G47 2010 The Lean Six Sigma guide to doing more with less : cut costs, reduce waste, and lower your overhead
ELECTRONIC HD50 .L84 2009eb The busy manager's guide to delegation [electronic resource]

HD53 .P73 2010a Manager's guide to fostering innovation and creativity in teams [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC HD57.7 .A2746 2010eb Develop your leadership skills [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC HD57.7 .A43 2010 The AMA handbook of leadership [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC HD57.7 .B38 2009eb The transparent leader [electronic resource] : how to build a great company through straight talk, openness, and accountability
ELECTRONIC HD57.7 .F694 2010eb How to be a fierce competitor [electronic resource] : what winning companies and great managers do in tough times
ELECTRONIC HD57.7 .J635 2009eb Leaders make the future [electronic resource] : ten new leadership skills for an uncertain world
ELECTRONIC HD57.7 .L589 2010eb Leading with cultural intelligence [electronic resource] : the new secret to success
ELECTRONIC HD57.7 .S245 2010eb Leading after a layoff [electronic resource] : reignite your team's productivity in just 12 weeks!
ELECTRONIC HD57.7 .S67 2010eb The leadership brain for dummies [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC HD57.7 .S738 2009eb Leadership under pressure [electronic resource] : tactics from the front line
ELECTRONIC HD57.7 .T724 2010eb How the best leaders lead [electronic resource] : proven secrets to getting the most out of yourself and others
ELECTRONIC HD57.7 .Z464 2009eb The inspiring leader [electronic resource] : unlocking the secrets of how extraordinary leaders motivate
ELECTRONIC HD58.5 .G35 2009eb Designing matrix organizations that actually work [electronic resource] : how IBM, Procter & Gamble, and others design for success
ELECTRONIC HD58.6 .M656 2010aeb Handbook of global and multicultural negotiation [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC HD58.8 .F57 2008eb A culture of rapid improvement [electronic resource] : creating and sustaining an engaged workforce
ELECTRONIC HD58.8 .K34 2010eb Getting change right [electronic resource] : how leaders transform organizations from the inside out
ELECTRONIC HD58.8 .M89 2010eb Make work great [electronic resource] : supercharge your team, reinvent the culture, and gain influence--one person at a time
ELECTRONIC HD58.8 .O77 2009eb Change leadership [electronic resource] : developing a change-adept organization
ELECTRONIC HD58.87 .J47 2008eb Management by process [electronic resource] : a roadmap to sustainable business process management
ELECTRONIC HD59 .B59 2009eb 100 great PR ideas [electronic resource] : from leading companies around the world
ELECTRONIC HD59 .D558 2010 The AMA handbook of public relations [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC HD59 .P455 2009eb Online public relations [electronic resource] : a practical guide to developing an online strategy in the world of social media
ELECTRONIC HD59 .T43 2009eb I need a killer press release--now what? [electronic resource] : a guide to online PR
ELECTRONIC HD59.2 .G35 2008eb  Corporate reputation [electronic resource] : 12 steps  to safeguarding and recovering reputation
ELECTRONIC HD59.2 .H38 2008eb  Taking brand initiative [electronic resource] : how companies can align strategy, culture, and identity through corporate branding
ELECTRONIC HD60 .A22 2007eb The A to Z of corporate social responsibility [electronic resource] : a complete reference guide to concepts, codes and organisations
ELECTRONIC HD62.4 .C847 2009eb International business [electronic resource] : strategy and the multinational company
ELECTRONIC HD62.4 .G88 2009eb The global environment of business [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC HD62.4 .M4 2009eb International management [electronic resource] : culture and beyond
ELECTRONIC HD62.4 .S6779 2009eb Managing across cultures [electronic resource] : the seven keys to doing business with a global mindset
ELECTRONIC HD66 .D472 2010eb  90 days to a high-performance team [electronic  resource] : a complete problem-solving strategy to help your team thrive in any environment
ELECTRONIC HD66 .G88 2008eb Great business teams [electronic resource] : cracking
ELECTRONIC HD69.B87 P63 2009eb The business analyst's handbook [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC HD69.P75 K4973 2009eb What functional managers need to know about projec tmanagement [electronic resource] 
ELECTRONIC HD70.C5 S957 2010eb Inside the Chinese business mind [electronic resource] : a tactical guide for managers
ELECTRONIC HD2365 .O82 2009eb The handbook of global outsourcing and offshoring [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC HD2368.I4 M47 2009eb Working with India [electronic resource] : the softer aspects of a successful collaboration with the Indian IT & BPO industry
ELECTRONIC HD2741 .T78 2009eb Corporate governance [electronic resource] : a practical guide for accountants
ELECTRONIC HD2755.5 .A223 2008eb Contemporary challenges to international business [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC HD2755.5 .O745 2008eb The organization of firms in a global economy [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC HD2755.5 .S36 2008eb Going global [electronic resource] : international outlook for private companies
ELECTRONIC HD2756 .K46 2009eb Diversification strategy [electronic resource] : how to grow a business by diversifying successfully
ELECTRONIC HD2844 .J65 2009eb Business insights, Europe [electronic resource] : a practical guide to company formation, employment law and taxation across the EU
ELECTRONIC HD4904.7 .H285 2008eb  The new human capital strategy [electronic resource] : improving the value of your most important investment-- year after year
ELECTRONIC HD4904.7 .R33 2009eb The ROI of human capital [electronic resource] : measuring the economic value of employee performance
ELECTRONIC HD5481 .D57 2008eb The essential guide to workplace mediation & conflict resolution [electronic resource] : rebuilding working relationships

HD8039.R12 K67 2010 Railroads in the African American experience : a photographic journey
ELECTRONIC HD8066 .H57 2004eb Historical encyclopedia of American labor [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC HF1008 .K68 2009eb 100 great business ideas [electronic resource] : from leading companies around the world

HF1040.8 .C37 2010 Cold War on the home front : the soft power of midcentury design
ELECTRONIC HF1359 .M87 2008eb International economic relations [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC HF1416.5 .J64 2010eb Export/import procedures and documentation [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC HF3788.U6 N45 2008eb Doing business in India [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC HF5385 .C73 2010eb Manager's guide to mentoring [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC HF5386 .B53 2010eb Everything counts! [electronic resource] : 52 remarkable ways to inspire excellence and drive results
ELECTRONIC HF5386 .L267 2010eb Thriving in the new economy [electronic resource] : lessons from today's top business minds
ELECTRONIC HF5415 .B54 2010eb The big book of marketing [electronic resource] : lessons and best practices from the world's greatest companies
ELECTRONIC HF5415 .B59 2009eb 100 great marketing ideas [electronic resource] : from leading companies around the world
ELECTRONIC HF5415 .C3553 2010eb Manager's guide to marketing, advertising, and publicity [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC HF5415.1255 .J67 2010eb The experience effect [electronic resource] : engage your customers with a consistent and memorable brand experience
ELECTRONIC HF5415.1265 .B758 2010eb Social media 101 [electronic resource] : tactics and tips to develop your business online
ELECTRONIC HF5415.1265 .C48 2009eb The digital handshake [electronic resource] : seven proven strategies to grow your business using social media
ELECTRONIC HF5415.1265 .D87 2009eb The mobile marketing handbook [electronic resource] : a step-by-step guide to creating dynamic mobile marketing campaigns
ELECTRONIC HF5415.1265 .F673 2010eb Turn clicks into customers [electronic resource] : proven marketing techniques for converting online traffic into revenue
ELECTRONIC HF5415.1265 .F678 2010eb Marketing in the age of Google [electronic resource] : your online strategy is your business strategy
ELECTRONIC HF5415.1265 .J23 2009eb Cult of analytics [electronic resource] : driving online marketing strategies using Web analytics
ELECTRONIC HF5415.1265 .L57 2009eb Mastering Web 2.0 [electronic resource] : transform your business using key website and social media tools
ELECTRONIC HF5415.1265 .R93 2009eb Understanding digital marketing [electronic resource] : marketing strategies for engaging the digital generation
ELECTRONIC HF5415.1265 .S393 2010eb The new rules of marketing and PR [electronic resource] : how to use social media, blogs, news releases, online video, & viral marketing to reach buyers directly
ELECTRONIC HF5415.1265 .S65 2010eb Engage! [electronic resource] : the complete guide for brands and businesses to build, cultivate, and measure success in the new web
ELECTRONIC HF5415.1265 .S7419 2010eb Social media metrics [electronic resource] : how to measure and optimize your marketing investment
ELECTRONIC HF5415.127 .G76 2008eb The age curve [electronic resource] : how to profit from the coming demographic storm
ELECTRONIC HF5415.13 .C855 2009eb Prove it before you promote it [electronic resource] : how to take the guesswork out of marketing
ELECTRONIC HF5415.13 .M664 2009eb Marketing [electronic resource] : the basics
ELECTRONIC HF5415.153 .B725 2010eb Robert's rules of innovation [electronic resource] : a 10-step program for corporate survival
ELECTRONIC HF5415.2 .H96 2010eb Marketing research kit for dummies [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC HF5415.2 .J44 2010eb Data-driven marketing [electronic resource] : the 15 metrics everyone in marketing should know
ELECTRONIC HF5415.3 .B683 2008eb Questionnaire design [electronic resource] : how to plan, structure and write survey material for effective market research
ELECTRONIC HF5415.32 .C64 2010eb Buy me! [electronic resource] : new ways to get customers to choose your products and ignore the rest
ELECTRONIC HF5415.32 .L35 2009eb Consumer behavior for dummies [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC HF5415.525 .Z53 2010eb Game-based marketing [electronic resource] : inspire customer loyalty through rewards, challenges, and contests

HF5429.215.U6 L35 2009 The price of a bargain : the quest for cheap and the death of globalization
ELECTRONIC HF5438.25 .S35 2008eb Stephan Schiffman's sales essentials [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC HF5548.32 .V45 2009eb Web copy that sells [electronic resource] : the revolutionary formula for creating killer copy that grabs their attention and compels them to buy
ELECTRONIC HF5549 .E796 2010eb  Managing the millennials [electronic resource] : discover the core competencies for managing today's workforce
ELECTRONIC HF5549 .L2886 2008eb Talent [electronic resource] : making people your competitive advantage
ELECTRONIC HF5549 .R54 2009eb Going global [electronic resource] : managing the HR function across countries and cultures
ELECTRONIC HF5549.5.C53 G67 2009eb The coaching connection [electronic resource] : a manager's guide to developing individual potential in the context of the organization
ELECTRONIC HF5549.5.M3 R662 2010eb The manager's guide to maximizing employee potential [electronic resource] : quick and easy strategies to develop talent every day
ELECTRONIC HF5549.5.M5 D553 2008eb Diversity at work [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC HF5549.5.M63 K373 2010eb Leading outside the lines [electronic resource] : how to mobilize the (in)formal organization, energize your team, and get better results
ELECTRONIC HF5549.5.M63 L383 2009eb Becoming the evidence-based manager [electronic resource] : making the science of management work for you
ELECTRONIC HF5549.5.P35 C65 2009eb Performance management [electronic resource] : integrating strategy execution, methodologies, risk, and analytics
ELECTRONIC HF5549.5.R3 A758 2009eb Armstrong's handbook of performance management [electronic resource] : an evidence-based guide to delivering high performance
ELECTRONIC HF5549.5.T7 B757 2009eb The theory & practice of training [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC HF5635 .B818 2010a Accounting best practices [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC HF5636 .B83 2009eb Accounting control best practices [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC HF5636 .M42 2010eb Mastering financial accounting essentials [electronic resource] : the critical nuts and bolts
ELECTRONIC HF5636 .R46 2009eb How to prepare business cases [electronic resource] : a practical guide for accountants
ELECTRONIC HF5668.25 .G724 2008eb Internal controls [electronic resource] : guidance for private, government, and nonprofit entities
ELECTRONIC HF5681.A27 S36 2008eb Fraud in accounts payable [electronic resource] : how to prevent it
ELECTRONIC HF5681.B2 I5788 2009eb International financial statement analysis workbook [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC HF5686.M3 B68 2009eb Just-in-time accounting [electronic resource] : how to decrease costs and increase efficiency
ELECTRONIC HF5718.3 .T35 2009eb Executive writing skills for managers [electronic resource] : master word power to lead your teams, make strategic links and develop relationships
ELECTRONIC HF5813.C5 W37 2008eb Brand new China [electronic resource] : advertising, media, and commercial culture
ELECTRONIC HF5822 .S84 2008eb Advertising and the mind of the consumer [electronic resource] : what works, what doesn't, and why
ELECTRONIC HF5822 .V57 2008eb Visual marketing [electronic resource] : from attention to action
ELECTRONIC HF5823 .S76 2009eb Ads to icons [electronic resource] : how advertising succeeds in a multimedia age
ELECTRONIC HF5825 .M37 2010eb The copywriting sourcebook [electronic resource] : how to write better copy, faster--for everything from ads two websites
ELECTRONIC HF5827.95 .C35 2010eb Implementing word of mouth marketing [electronic resource] : online strategies to identify influencers, craft stories, and draw customers
ELECTRONIC HG173 .T346 2009eb Risk management in finance [electronic resource] : six sigma and other next-generation techniques

HG221.5 .A346 2009 Money madness

HG1660.A3 S53 2010 Striving to save : creating policies for financial security of low-income families

HG2491 .G674 2010 Slapped by the invisible hand : the panic of 2007
ELECTRONIC HG4012.5 .C53 2010eb Corporate financial analysis with Microsoft Excel [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC HG4026 .F518 2010eb Effective financial management [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC HG4026 .H274 2009eb Fundamentals of enterprise risk management [electronic resource] : how top companies assess risk, manage exposures, and seize opportunities
ELECTRONIC HG4026 .M384 2010eb

Mastering corporate finance essentials [electronic resource] : the critical quantitative methods and tools in finance

ELECTRONIC HG4026 .V467 2009eb Corporate finance [electronic resource] : theory and practice
ELECTRONIC HG4028.B8 S558 2009eb Budgeting basics and beyond [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC HG4028.C4 F38 2010eb Essentials of corporate and capital formation [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC HG4061 .S48 2008eb The vest pocket CFO [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC HG5784 .B87 2008eb Business insights, China [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC HM511 .C77 2005eb Key concepts in critical social theory [electronic resource]

HM621 .C355 2010

Empathy in the global world : an intercultural perspective

HM621 .G57 2001

Stealing innocence : youth, corporate power, and the politics of culture

HN79.T43 R38 2010

The Texas Left : the radical roots of Lone Star liberalism

HQ755.8 .F69 2009 When couples become parents : the creation of gender in the transition to parenthood

HQ756 .M98 2010 The myth of the missing black father

HQ759 .P564 2010 the transformation of motherhood in modern America

HQ759.5 .T46 2010 Birthing a mother : the surrogate body and the pregnant self

HQ766.5.U5 K54 2009

Revolutionary conceptions : women, fertility, and family limitation in America, 1760-1820

HQ1236.5.U6 F45 2010 Feminist frontiers : women who shaped the Midwest

HQ1438.S63 E58 2010

: Entering the fray : gender, politics, and culture in the New South

HS529 .H357 2010 The better angels of our nature : Freemasonry in the American Civil War
HV675.5 .B76 1995 Dinosaurs, beware! : a safety guide

HV690.U6 G76 2009 social work practice and regulation : an overview

HV741 .G587 2009
Reforming child welfare

HV4505 .W26 2010 At home on the street : people, poverty, and a hidden culture of homelessness

HV6250.4.W65 H85 2009 Human rights along the U.S.-Mexico border : gendered violence and insecurity
ELECTRONIC HV6432.7 .A85 2008eb The 9/11 encyclopedia [electronic resource]

HV6545 .E87 2003 The encyclopedia of suicide

HV6691 .P43 2010 Anatomy of a fraud investigation : from detection to prosecution
ELECTRONIC HV6769 .M37 2006eb A financial history of modern U.S. corporate scandals [electronic resource]

HV7431 .H378 2009 Smart on crime : a career prosecutor's plan to make us safer

HV7921 .S656 2010 Spatial policing : the influence of time, space, and geography on law enforcement practices

HV9950 .A437 2010 The new Jim Crow : mass incarceration in the age of colorblindness
J - Political Science

JK311 .L33 2010 The ideological origins of American federalism

JK1726 .S74 2010 Demanding democracy : American radicals in search of a new politics

JK1896 .R32 2010 Go get mother's picket sign : crossing spheres with the material culture of suffrage

JV6475 .S64 2009 Clandestine crossings : migrants and coyotes on the Texas-Mexico border

JZ1480 .R57 2010 Globalization and the national security state
K - Law

K721.5 .P448 2010 Property outlaws : how squatters, pirates, and protesters improve the law of ownership

K3243 .C68 2010 Gender stereotyping : transnational legal perspectives
K5514 .L63 2008 Locked up abroad [videorecording]

KF517 .B68 2009 Almighty God created the races : Christianity, interracial marriage, & American law

KF3030.1 .L56 2003 Copyright law on campus

KFT1458.A1 S57 2002 Broken trusts : the Texas Attorney General versus the oil industry, 1889-1909
L - Education

LA217.2 .T727 2010 Fallacies in education : why schools are mired in mediocrity

LA227.4 .T865 2010 Next generation course redesign

LB1025.3 .F37 2010 Teaching as leadership : the highly effective teacher's guide to closing the achievement gap

LB1027 .P27 2010 Teaching tech-savvy kids : bringing digital media into the classroom, grades 5-12

LB1027 .P365 2009 Text me a strategy : how to encourage students to develop the skills they need to become independent learners
LB1028.3 .H355 2008 Handbook of research on educational communications and technology
LB1031 .C346 2008 Handbook of differentiated instruction using the multiple intelligences : lesson plans and more

LB1031 .S62 2007 Differentiating instruction with technology in K-5 classrooms

LB1031 .S623 2009 Differentiating instruction with technology in middle school classrooms

LB1065 .L39 2010 Saving students from a shattered system : igniting the passion for learning

LB1065 .W49 2010 Why boys fail : saving our sons from an educational system that's leaving them behind
LB1574.5 .D53 2006 Vocabulary handbook
LB1576 .H2337 2009 Handbook of research on literacy and diversity
LB1576 .W486155 2006 When students write [videorecording]
LB1632 .H363 2009 Handbook of adolescent literacy research

LB2335.875.U6 D46 2010 Labor relations in education : policies, politics, and practices

LB2805 .B49 2010 Beyond school improvement : the journey to innovative leadership

LB2805 .L98 2010 Working for kids : educational leadership as inquiry and invention

LB2805 .P87 2010 From conflict to conciliation : how to defuse difficult situations

LB2806 .D265 2010 Data enhanced leadership

LB2806 .F788 2010 All systems go : the change imperative for whole system reform

LB2806.15 .C6915 2010 Curriculum 21 : essential education for a changing world

LB2822.82 .H5 2010 It's the classroom, stupid : a plan to save America's schoolchildren

LB2831.92 .C66 2009 What they never told me in principal's school : the value of experience cannot be overestimated

LB2845.7 .G87 2010 Developing standards-based report cards

LB3051 .M4575 2010 Formative assessment & standards-based grading

LB3051 .T32 2009 The teacher as assessment leader

LC1085.2 .S26 2010  Social entrepreneurship in education : private ventures for the public good

LC1090 .P45 2009 Global education : using technology to bring the world to your students

LC2330 .M66 2009 Stones into schools : promoting peace with books, not bombs, in Afghanistan and Pakistan

LC2672.4 .F67 2010 Forbidden language : English learners and restrictive language policies
FTWORTH LC3731 .C558 2000 Dual language instruction : a handbook for enriched education
FTWORTH LC3993.9 .H35 2003 Handbook of gifted education
ELECTRONIC LC5225.L42 M47 2007eb Learning in adulthood [electronic resource] : a comprehensive guide

LC5803.C65 H63 2010 Copyright clarity : how fair use supports digital learning
M - Music and Books on Music
ELECTRONIC ML102.P66 C66 2005eb Continuum encyclopedia of popular music of the world [electronic resource] : locations

ML410.M595 G45 2010 Performing Messiaen's organ music : 66 masterclasses

ML420.S77 M365 2010 Working on a dream : the progressive political vision of Bruce Springsteen

ML3521 .M85 2010 Long lost blues : popular blues in America, 1850-1920

MT1 .Y63 2010 Enhancing the professional practice of music teachers: 101 tips that principals want music teachers to know and do
N - Fine Arts

N6490.4 .A373 2008 Art now. Vol. 3, A cutting-edge selection of today's most exciting artists

N8795.3.E85 E37 2006 Rescuing da Vinci : Hitler and the Nazis stole Europe's great art : America and her allies recovered it

NA735.H68 S77 2010 Houston lost and unbuilt

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Q - Science
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R - Medicine
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S - Agriculture

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T - Technology

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U- Military Science

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Z - Library Science

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