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Call Number
A - General Works

B - Philosophy, Psychology, Religion

BF78 .J39 2010 Cracking the GRE psychology subject test

BF311 .K386 2011 Sex, murder, and the meaning of life : a psychologist investigates how evolution, cognition, and complexityare revolutionizing our view of human nature

BF371 .K534 2012 Memory power 101 : a comprehensive guide to a better memory for students, businesspeople, and seniors

BF371 .O75 2012 Origins and development of recollection : perspectives from psychology and neuroscience

BF723.S43 K58 2011 The sibling effect : what the bonds among brothers and sisters reveal about us

BF723.T9 S436 2012 Born together, reared apart : the landmark Minnesota twin study
C - Auxiliary Sciences of History

D - History: General and Old World
D16.3 B373 2006eb Peterson's AP European history [electronic resource]
D21 .M394 2005eb Peterson's AP world history [electronic resource]

D752 .R58 2011 When Roosevelt planned to govern France

DA590 .H37148 2012 Her majesty : Queen Elizabeth II and her court

DS559.93.S2 V6 2011 Saigon : a history
E - History: America

E98.F39 W66 2011 American nations : a history of the eleven rival regional cultures of North America

E99.C5 S632 2011 An American betrayal : Cherokee patriots and the Trail of Tears

E99.C832 S73 2012 Across Atlantic ice : the origin of America's Clovis culture
E178.25 .M67 2002eb SAT II success [electronic resource] : U.S. history
E178.25 P484 2007eb Peterson's master AP U.S. history [electronic resource]

E179.5 .B66 2011 Fighting for America : the struggle for mastery in North America, 1519-1871

E179.5 .M67 2011 Lions of the West : heroes and villains of the westward expansion

E185.63 .F65 2009 For love of liberty [videorecording] : the story of America's black patriots

E312 .F558 2012 Washington & Napoleon : leadership in the age of revolution

E332.2 .S35 2011 The Jefferson-Hemings controversy : report of the Scholars Commission

E340.C6 A67 2011 The family legacy of Henry Clay : in the shadow of a Kentucky patriarch

E354 .H53 2012 The War of 1812 : a forgotten conflict

E457 .B954 2011 Lincoln and the Civil War

E457.5 .H325 2011 Protecting President Lincoln : the security effort, the thwarted plots, and the disaster at Ford's Theatre

E458.4 .J733 2012 Decided on the battlefield : Grant, Sherman, Lincoln, and the election of 1864

E467.1.S55 M66 2011 Demon of the Lost Cause : Sherman and Civil War history

E616.J7 M35 2011 I fear I shall never leave this island : life in a Civil War prison
F - History: America

F391.4.T39 A3 2011 Boy from Barnhart : times remembered

F392.M67 F464 2003 This soil will grow grapes : a history of Montague
County Italian families

F1219.1.T2 K66 2009 Lightning gods and feathered serpents : the public sculpture of El Taj*in
G - Geography, Anthropology, Recreation

G401.G3 C44 2011 Holy war : how Vasco da Gama's epic voyages turned the tide in a centuries-old clash of civilizations

GV508 .B57 2012 Stronger legs & lower body
  GV886.3 .K44 2011 The impact of athletic apparel company funding on grass roots basketball (2003-2008)
H - Social Science

HC110.C63 L54 2010 Dave Lieber's Watchdog Nation : bite back when
                        businesses and scammers do you wrong

HD30.28 .R927 2011 The Method method : 7 obsessions that helped our scrappy start-up turn an industry upside down
 ELECTRONIC HD30.413 P484 2010eb Peterson's official guide to mastering DSST exams [electronic resource]
  HD53 .M548 2012 Quick brainstorming activities for busy managers : 50 exercises to spark your team's creativity and get results fast
  HD58 .M69 2011 Pastoral capitalism : a history of suburban corporate landscapes
 ELECTRONIC HD1381.5.U5 P484 2010eb Peterson's master the real estate license exams [electronic resource]
  HD9018.D44 F6623 2008 Food for all [videorecording]
 ELECTRONIC HE6499 .G676 2003eb Postal clerk and carrier [electronic resource]
 ELECTRONIC HE6499 .M37 2005eb Master the postal exams [electronic resource]
 ELECTRONIC HF1118 .S748 2005eb Peterson's ultimate GMAT tool kit [electronic resource]
 ELECTRONIC HF1118 .S749 2011eb Peterson's master the GMAT 2012 [electronic resource]
  HF5387 .G555 2012 The ethics of business : a concise introduction

HF5415.1265 .S66 2012 Social media analytics : effective tools for building, interpreting, and using metrics
  HF5429.2 .A34 2008 The age of Wal-mart [videorecording] : inside America's most powerful company
  HM1206 .M623 2011 Mobile communication : bringing us together and tearing us apart
 ELECTRONIC HV40 .P484 2010eb Peterson's master the case worker exam [electronic resource]
 ELECTRONIC HV8143 .A736 2005eb Arco master the federal law enforcement exams [electronic resource]
 ELECTRONIC HV8143 .C655 2001eb Police sergeant, lieutenant, and captain promotion exams [electronic resource]
HV8143 .H366 2006eb Master the state trooper exams [electronic resource]
 ELECTRONIC HV8143 .R345 2005eb ARCO master the police officer exam [electronic resource]
 ELECTRONIC HV9304 .P774 2006eb Master the probation officer/parole officer exam [electronic resource]
HV9470 .S74 2006eb Master the corrections officer exam [electronic resource]
  HV9950 .C743248 2011 Criminal justice : the essentials
J - Political Science
 ELECTRONIC JK271 .M14 2007eb Master AP U.S. government & politics [electronic resource]
JK716 .T875 2009eb Master the civil service exams [electronic resource]
JK717.C54 N547 2010eb Arco master the clerical exams [electronic resource]
JK1758 .H698 2010eb How to become a U.S. citizen [electronic resource]

JK2356 .K33 2012 Rule and ruin : the downfall of moderation and the destruction of the Republican Party, from Eisenhower to the Tea Party

JK4816 .C67 2012 As Texas goes-- : how the Lone Star State hijacked the American agenda
JZ1480.A82 M378 2005eb Master the American foreign service officer exam [electronic resource]
K - Law

KF223.P56 P58 1997 Plessy v. Ferguson : a brief history with documents
KF285.Z9 S843 2007eb Peterson's countdown to the LSAT [electronic resource]

KF4550 .V55 2011 A companion to the United States Constitution and its amendments
KF8770.Z9 R874 2006eb Master the court officer exam [electronic resource]

KF9240 .I87 2012 "It's not my fault" [videorecording] : strange defenses
L - Education

LB1028.3 .W426 2012 Digital schools : how technology can transform education

LB1029.M75 M385 2011 A comparison of academic achievement for seventh and eighth grade students from Montessori and non-Montessori school programs

LB1031 .B54 2011 Differentiated instruction in literacy, math, & science

LB1050.455 .A427 2008 More tools for teaching content literacy

LB1050.46 .A36 2012 Understanding and using reading assessment, K-12

LB1050.46 .P38 1985 Informal tests for diagnosing specific reading problems

LB1062.6 .V55 2011 An analysis of the relationship of Lean Performance Management variables in Texas International Baccalaureate Middle Years Program schools and student achievement

LB1065 .P345 2007 3-minute motivators : more than 100 simple ways to reach, teach, and achieve more than you ever imagined

LB1139.5.L35 T66 2004 Sharing the pen : interactive writing with young children
  LB1139.5.L58 D65 2001 Using literature activities to teach content areas to emergent readers

LB1139.5.L58 H96 2012 Don't leave the story in the book : using literature to guide inquiry in early childhood classrooms

LB1570 .R55 2004 A guide for developing interdisciplinary thematic units

LB1570 .U49 1992 Using nonfiction trade books in the elementary classroom : from ants to zeppelins
  LB1573 .F645 2006 Teaching for comprehending and fluency : thinking, talking, and writing about reading, K-8
LB1573 .M375 2003eb Reading essentials for the pre-GED student [electronic resource]

LB1574 .G37 2004 The science of spelling : the explicit specifics that make great readers and writers (and spellers!)

LB1575 .H493 1990 Books alive! : using literature in the classroom

LB1576 .A9 1993 Literacy instruction in multicultural settings

LB1576 .B486 2011 Best practices in literacy instruction

LB1576 .B487 2007 Best practices in writing instruction

LB1576 .Y45 2000 Integrating the language arts

LB1584 .J3 2005 Social studies in elementary education

LB1584 .M77 2003 Social studies instruction incorporating the language arts

LB1585.3 .F855 2011 Writing in science in action : strategies, tools, and classroom video
LB1631.5 .R69 2003eb Writing essentials for the pre-GED student [electronic resource]
LB1631.5 M673 2008eb Peterson's master writing for the SAT [electronic resource]
LB1762 .L489 2007eb Arco master the Praxis II exam [electronic resource]

LB2353.48 .R425 2011 The real ACT prep guide : the only official prep guide from the makers of the ACT
LB2353.48 A736 2004eb ARCO master the ACT assessment 2005 [electronic resource]
LB2353.48 S749 2007eb Peterson's ultimate ACT tool kit [electronic resource]
LB2353.56 P484 2007eb Peterson's master the PSAT/NMSQT [electronic resource]

LB2353.57 .O34 2011 The official study guide for all SAT subject tests
 ELECTRONIC LB2353.57 .P48 2005eb Peterson's ultimate new SAT tool kit [electronic resource]
LB2353.57 P484 2008eb Peterson's master critical reading for the SA [electronic resource]

LB2353.68 .C586 2011 CLEP official study guide, 2012 : College-level Examination Program
LB2353.68 .C59 2010eb Peterson's CLEP success [electronic resource]

LB2367.4 .O34 2012 The official guide to the GRE revised general test
LB2367.4 S749 2010eb Peterson's master the GRE 2011 [electronic resource]
LB2367.75 A736 2007eb Arco master the Praxis I [electronic resource] : PPST exam

LB2831.744.T4 T35 2011 Why do superintendents stay? : components of organizational commitment and superintendent longevity

LB2840 .M55 2011 The degree of relationship between hiring practice information, job satisfaction, and academic performance

LB2861 .C725 2011 Small school district consolidation in Texas : an analysis of its impact on costs and student achievement
LB3060.24 M378 2011eb Master the Catholic high school entrance exams 2012 [electronic resource]

LB3060.33.G45 S749 2010eb Peterson's master the GED 2011 [electronic resource]

LB3060.33.S42 R635 2009eb Peterson's master the SSAT & ISEE [electronic resource]

LB3218.A1 D67 2011 A validation of the Effective Learning Environments

LC4015 .C655 2012 Creative learning for inclusion : creative approaches to meet special needs in the classroom

LC4069.4 .F73 2011 An analysis of the relationship of the AVID program on the educational outcomes attributed to college ready graduates

LC4717 .H55 2012 A step-by-step curriculum for early learners with autism spectrum disorders

LC6631 .D36 1994 Literature circles : voice and choice in the
                        student-centered classroom

LD5271.T33 M38 1998 The birth of Tarleton's spirit : the "heartbeat" of
                        our traditions, 1899-1999
M - Music and Books on Music
  ML423.K445 G36 2011 Hans Keller and internment : the development of an emigr*e musician, 1938-48
N - Fine Arts
  N6502.2 .D46 2011 Companion to Spanish colonial art at the Denver Art Museum
  ND2643.M66 R63 2011 Roadsworth
P - Language and Literature

P51 .K67 1992 Fundamentals of language education

PE1011 .N295 no. 28 Motivating reading and writing in diverse classrooms : social and physical contexts in a literature-based program

PE1128.A2 P39 1993 Reading, writing & learning in ESL : a resource book  for K-8 teachers

PE1128.A2 P393 2005 Reading, writing, and learning in ESL : a resource book for K-12 teachers

PE1128 .O44 2012 The official guide to the TOEFL test
PE1128 .P484 2006eb Peterson's master TOEFL vocabulary [electronic resource]
PE1128 .P484 2007eb eterson's master TOEFL reading skills [electronic resource]

PE1128 .W714 1989 When they don't all speak English : integrating the ESL student into the regular classroom

PL856.U673 Z7985 2011 From East to West and back again : Burkean identification and the work of Haruki Murakami
PN62 .M67 2002eb SAT II success [electronic resource] : literature

PN187 .S45 2011 Against the workshop : provocations, polemics, controversies

PN1009.A1 A464 2006 Elementary children's literature : the basics for teachers and parents

PN1992.5 .M87 2011 How television invented new media

PN1993.5.U65 E675 2012 The Hollywood economist : the hidden financial reality behind the movies

PN1995.9.E96 V48 2012 The avant-garde feature film : a critical history

PN4874.C26 F55 1998 Amon : the Texan who played cowboy for America

PN6725 .G3313 2010 Of comics and men : a cultural history of American comic books
PR87 .M673 2007eb Peterson's master AP English literature & composition [electronic resource]
PR87 .M673 2007eb Peterson's master AP English language & composition [electronic resource]

PR4034.N7 J66 2008 Northanger Abbey [videorecording]

PR4034.P4 S54 2008 Jane Austen's Persuasion [videorecording]

PR6005.O855 A97 2004 The avenging chance and other mysteries from Roger Sheringham's casebook

PR6057.E525 G6 1983 Golden witchbreed

PS3509.B453 D36 2007 Dead yesterday : and other stories

PS3539.R56 Z84 2011 Why Trilling matters

PS3552.A76 Z758 2011 Postmodern presentation of narrative in the short
                        fiction of Donald Barthelme

PS3553.O347 B55 2008 Blood memory

PS3553.O347 D76 2006 The drowning man

PS3554.O6745 G68 2009 Gott'im's monster

PS3555.L6274 Z46 2012 Conversations with James Ellroy

PS3556.O712 D7 1983b The dragon waiting : a masque of history

PS3558.A4215 U57 1987 The unschooled wizard : The ladies of Mandrigyn, The witches of Wenshar

PS3563.A4345 Z8 2011 Understanding David Mamet

PZ7.B6265 Do 2002 Double Fudge

PZ7.B73759 Gi 2005 Girls in pants : the third summer of the Sisterhood

PZ7.B73759 Se 2003 The second summer of the Sisterhood

PZ7.O81167 My 2000 My secret war : the World War II diary of Madeline Beck

PZ7.S1185 Sma 2006
Q - Science
QA39.3 .H47 2003eb Math essentials for the pre-GED student [electronic resource]
QA43 .B6995 2002eb SAT II math [electronic resource].
QA43 .P484 2008eb Peterson's master math for the SAT [electronic resource]
QA43 .S274 2006eb Master the SAT subject test math levels 1 and 2 [electronic resource]

QA115 .O33 2011 Mastering the basic math facts in addition and subtraction : strategies, activities & interventions to move students beyond memorization

QA115 .O334 2011 Mastering the basic math facts in multiplication and division : strategies, activities & interventions to move students beyond memorization
QA139 .A736 2005eb Arco civil service arithmetic and vocabulary [electronic resource]
QA309 .K455 2007eb Peterson's master AP calculus AB & BC [electronic resource]
QC32 .G73 2002eb SAT II success [electronic resource] : physics

QD42 .F559 2012 Cracking the AP chemistry exam
QD42 .M3338 2007eb Master AP chemistry [electronic resource]
QK99.A1 R47eb Review of natural products [electronic resource]

QL628.T4 S76 2011 Spatial and temporal variation in fish assemblage structure along the Paluxy River, Texas

QL677.5 .D83 2011 In the field, among the feathered : a history of birders & their guides
QR181 .R57 2011eb Roitt's essential immunology [electronic resource]
R - Medicine
 R11 .A447 2012eb  AAFP conditions a to z [electronic resource]
R121 .T334 2009eb Taber's cyclopedic medical dictionary [electronic resource]
R123 .B835 2010eb 2011 HCPCS : level II [electronic resource]
R123 .J24 2009eb Dictionary of medical acronyms & abbreviations [electronic resource]
R129 .A276eb ACP medicine [electronic resource] : a publication of the American College of Physicians.
R723.7 A277 2007eb Acp pier & ahfs di essentials [electronic resource]
R726.8 .O9 2004eb Oxford textbook of palliative medicine [electronic resource]
R733 .A27 2009eb The ACP evidence-based guide to complementary & alternative medicine [electronic resource]

R838.5 .R685 2011 MCAT premier program
R838.5 B679 2005eb Peterson's MCAT success 2005 [electronic resource]
RA418.5.T73 P87 2009 eb Guide to culturally competent health care [electronic resource]
RA425 .O9 2009eb Oxford textbook of public health [electronic resource]
RA564.85 .W6668 2004eb Women's health [electronic resource] : a primary care clinical guide, third ed

RA777.3 .A43 2006 Mindful eating 101 : a guide to healthy eating in college and beyond

RB17.O94 S73 1990 May Owen, M.D. : the authorized biography
RB38.2 .D36 2010eb Delmar's guide to laboratory and diagnostic tests [electronic resource]
RB115 .I233 2006eb Icd-9-cm [electronic resource]
RB155 .F55 2005eb Oxford desk reference [electronic resource] : clinical genetics
RC46 .F36 2003eb Family medicine [electronic resource] : principles and practice
RC46 .I475 1994eb Internal medicine [electronic resource]
RC46 .O995 2010eb Oxford textbook of medicine [electronic resource]
RC55 .M4eb he merck manual of diagnosis and therapy [electronic resource]
RC55 .O94 2007eb Oxford American handbook of clinical medicine [electronic resource]
RC86.7 .B594 2007eb  Essentials of paramedic care - canadian ed., volumes i and ii [electronic resource]

RC86.7 .B867 2009 EMS scenarios [electronic resource] : case studies for prehospital providers
RC86.7 .P56 2008eb Evidence-based emergency care : diagnostic testing and clinical decision rules [electronic resource]
RC86.7 E953 2009eb Evidence-based emergency medicine [electronic resource]
RC86.9 P484 2010eb Peterson's master the EMT-basic certification exam [electronic resource]
RC111 .C562 2008eb Clinical infectious disease [electronic resource]
RC111 .D354 2007eb Infectious Diseases: The Clinician's Guide to Diagnosis, Treatment and Prevention [electronic resource]
RC258 .A33 2010 eb AJCC cancer staging manual [electronic resource]
RC261 .C2735 2009 eb Cancer medicine 8 [electronic resource]
RC347 .P743 2003eb Principles and practice of neuropathology [electronic resource]
RC440 .T69 2011eb Nursing diagnoses in psychiatric nursing : care plans and psychotropic medications [electronic resource]

RC455 .S79 2011 Madness is civilization : when the diagnosis was social, 1948-1980
RC455.2.C4 D536 2000eb Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders [electronic resource]

RC480.6 .M48 2012 Fundamentals of crisis counseling

RC480.6 .M48 2012 Fundamentals of crisis counseling

RC591 .S35 2012 Scientific basis of healthcare : asthma
RC630 .H36 2004eb Handbook of fluid, electrolyte & acid-base imbalances [electronic resource]
RC667 .E953 2010eb Evidence-based cardiology [electronic resource]
RC801 .T48 2009eb Textbook of gastroenterology [electronic resource]

RC933 .S297 2012 Scientific basis of healthcare : arthritis
RC952 .G393 2003eb Geriatric medicine [electronic resource] : an evidence-based approach

RC954 .C42 2012 Case studies in gerontological nursing for the advanced practice nurse
RC954 .C645 2005eb Delmar's geriatric nursing care plans [electronic resource]
RC961.6 .E33 2008eb Oxford handbook of tropical medicine [electronic resource]
RD31 .O94 2000eb Oxford textbook of surgery [electronic resource]
RD49 .A277 2002eb ACS surgery [electronic resource]
RD82.2 .O96 2006eb Oxford handbook of anaesthesia [electronic resource]
RD93 .S58 2010eb Skin and soft tissue injuries, and infections : a practical evidence based guide [electronic resource]
RD93.95 .T68 2009 eb initial assessment and management in the emergency department [electronic resource]
RD732.3.C48 E874 2005eb Essentials of musculoskeletal care [electronic resource]
RD732.5 A267 2009eb AAOS comprehensive orthopaedic review [electronic resource]

RE953 .O28 2012 OAT
RF46 .B25 2009eb Ballenger's otorhinolaryngology : head and neck surgery [electronic resource]
RG951 .O43 2012eb Olds' maternal-newborn nursing & women's health across the lifespan [electronic resource]
RJ45 .A447 2009eb American Academy of Pediatrics textbook of pediatric care : tools for practice [electronic resource]
RJ45 .A57 2009eb American Academy of Pediatrics textbook of pediatric care [electronic resource]
RJ50 .D447 2010eb American Academy of Pediatrics quick guide to pediatric care [electronic resource]
RJ245 .L89 2005eb Delmar's pediatric nursing care plans [electronic resource]
RJ245 .P435 2012eb Pediatric nursing : caring for children and their families [electronic resource]
RJ370 .S748 2009eb Tarascon Adult Emergency Pocketbook [electronic resource]
RJ401 .A47aeb Red book [electronic resource] : report of the Committee on Infectious Diseases
RJ418 .P75 2005eb Principles and practice of pediatric endocrinology [electronic resource]
RK27 .S744 2007 eb Stedman's medical dictionary for the dental professions [electronic resource]
RK60.5 M378 2011eb Master the dental hygienist exam [electronic resource]
RL71 .E95 2008eb Evidence-based dermatology [electronic resource]
RL71 .R744 2010eb Rook's textbook of dermatology [electronic resource]
RM1 .A64 2000eb APhA drug info link [electronic resource].

RM237.7 .D37 1994 In the kitchen with Rosie : Oprah's favorite recipes
RM300 .D784 2007eb Drugpoints system [electronic resource]
RM300 .U83eb Detailed Drug Information for the Consumer [electronic resource]
RM301.12 .D44 2013eb Davis's drug guide for nurses [electronic resource]
RM721 .M378 2011eb Master the massage therapy exams [electronic resource]
RM725 .K53 2007eb Therapeutic exercise : foundations and techniques [electronic resource]
RS131.2 .A47 2011eb AHFS drug information 2011 [electronic resource]
RT48.6 .D64 2010eb Nurse's pocket guide : diagnoses, prioritized interventions, and rationales [electronic resource]
RT48.6 .S66 2011eb Nursing diagnosis reference manual [electronic resource]
RT51 .A628 2010eb Fundamental & advanced nursing skills [electronic resource]
RT51 .S66 2011eb Diseases and disorders : a nursing therapeutics manual [electronic resource]
RT62 .P484 2009eb Peterson's master the NCLEX-PN [electronic resource]
RT79 .G663 2008eb Peterson's master the nursing school & allied health entrance exams [electronic resource]
RT81.5 .N54 2012eb Foundations of nursing research [electronic resource]

RT82 .N8684 2011 The nursing profession : development, challenges, and opportunities

RT90 .N68 2012 A nuts-and-bolts approach to teaching nursing
ELECTRONIC RT120.F34 F75 2003eb Family nursing [electronic resource] : research, theory, & practice
S - Agriculture
   S539.C6 H83 2011  Postsecondary agricultural education and instructional delivery methods in a Chinese university : a case study
SB118.6 .G74 2011 Greenhouse and nursery safety [videorecording]
SB119 .P56 2007 v.1 Plant propagation with Jim Harrigan. Volume one, Propagation by seed, specialized parts, division, micro-propagation [videorecording]
SB119 .P56 2007 v.2 Plant propagation with Jim Harrigan. Volume two, Cuttings, layering, grafting & budding [videorecording]
SB123.6 .P5185 2011 Plant tissue culture series [videorecording]
SB123.65 .B83 2012 Budding and grafting [videorecording]
SB125 .A38 2012 Advanced pruning [videorecording]
SB378 .S76 2011 Stone fruit harvest & packing [videorecording]
SB411 .P76 2011 The professional pruning series. Roses [videorecording]
AV SB415 .I58 1999 Introduction to greenhouse management [videorecording]
AV SB416 .I58 2012 Introduction to greenhouse design and construction [videorecording]
AV SB418 .P68 2009 Potted plant production [videorecording]
AV SB423.7 .B42 2009 Bedding plant production [videorecording]
AV SB431 .F637 2009 Foliage plant production [videorecording]
SB433 .P755 2006 Professional turf management [videorecording]
AV SB437 .P926 2011 The professional pruning series. Informal and formal hedges [videorecording]
SB454.3.E53 C55 2010 The climate conscious gardener
AV SB472.45 .L36143 2011 Landscape design presentation [videorecording]
AV SB472.45 .P56 2004 Plant usage in landscape design [videorecording]
AV SB472.45 .S87 2004 The sustainable landscape [videorecording]
AV SB472.5 .L36 2011 Landscape maintenance management [videorecording]
SB472.565 .E88 2011 Estimating for landscape maintenance [videorecording]
AV SB608.L27 D57 2012 Diseases of landscape plants [videorecording]
AV SB950 .I45755 2005 Integrated pest management in the landscape [videorecording]
AV SB951 .P4356 2012 Pesticide safety in the landscape [videorecording]
SB998.N4 M55 2011 Response of root-knot nematode (Meloidogyne incognita) to silicon
SF105.25.U6 S53 1900a The study of breeds in America : cattle, sheep and swine
SF384.3 .B85 2011 Effect of condensed tannins from two herbaceous sources on goat average daily gain, F:G ratio, carcass percentage, ruminal ammonia-nitrogen, and blood urea-nitrogen
SF426.5 .R668 2011 The extraordinary spirit of Green Chimneys : connecting children and animals to create hope
ELECTRONIC SF774.4 M378 2011eb Master the veterinary technician national exam (VTNE) [electronic resource]
T - Technology
ELECTRONIC  TH9157 .R345 2005eb  Arco master the firefighter exam [electronic resource]

TL220 .R48 2012 Revenge of the electric car [videorecording]
ELECTRONIC TL725.3.T7 P484 2007eb Peterson's master the air traffic selection and training test (AT-SAT) [electronic resource]

TP371.44 .U85 2010 Using microbes in food [videorecording]

TX353 .D558 2011 Diet [videorecording]
TX531 .H243 2009 HACCP in action [videorecording]
TX945 .S573 2000 Texas old-time restaurants and cafes
U- Military Science
ELECTRONIC U408.5 O887 2008eb Master the ASVAB [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC U408.5 O887 2009eb Peterson's master the officer candidate tests [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC UG638 .O887 2009eb Peterson's master the military flight aptitude tests [electronic resource]
V - Naval Science

Z - Library Science

U. S. Documents
ELECTRONIC A 1.36:1918 eg Equilibrium displacement mathematical programming models [electronic resource] : methodology and a model of the U.S. agricultural sector
ELECTRONIC A 1.36:1930 eg USDA agriculture and forestry greenhouse gas inventory [electronic resource] : 1990-2008.
ELECTRONIC A 1.68:1769/2009 eg Emerald ash borer [electronic resource] : the green menace.
ELECTRONIC A 1.68:1769/2009/HMONG eg Tus kab tho ntoo av tshauv ntsuab [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC A 1.68:1933/2010 eg Preventing the spread of raccoon rabies [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC A 1.68:1950 eg The Centers for Epidemiology and Animal Health [electronic resource]
ELECTONIC A 1.68:1963 S eg Evite las enfermedades de las aves de corral [electronic resource].
ELECTRONIC A 1.68:1973-S eg Ejercico de an*alisis SWOT [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC A 1.68:2002 eg On the watch for wildlife diseases [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC A 1.68:2020 eg Prevented planting insurance provisions [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC A 1.68:2026/2026 S eg Cleaning and disinfecting checklist for backyard poultry owners [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC A 1.68:2056 eg Biotechnology Quality Management System Program [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC A 13.110/18:2011-04 eg Implementation and status of biological control of the hemlock woolly adelgid [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC A 13.13:C 26/3 eg Cascade Lakes National Scenic Byway [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC A 13.13:G 76/7/2007 eg Granite Basin Recreation Area
ELECTRONIC A 13.151/5:RMRS-P-63 eg The future of high-elevation, five-needle white pines in western North America [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC A 13.2:C 58/7 eg Travel planning [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC A 13.2:C 61/4 eg Climate change and water [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC A 13.2:D 54/2 eg Diameter caps and forest restoration [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC A 13.2:F 45/6 eg Field guide for managing Malta starthistle [electronic resource].
ELECTRONIC A 13.2:IN 8/18 eg Research and Development national invasive species strategy [electronic resource].
ELECTRONIC A 13.2:T 48/58 eg Timber management field book [electronic resource].
ELECTRONIC A 13.78:NRS-17 eg Ten-year results from the Long-Term Soil Productivity Study in aspen ecosystems of the northern Great Lakes region [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC A 13.78:NRS-19 eg Tree species migration studies in the White Mountains of New Hampshire [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC A 13.78:RMRS-RP-91 eg The Boundary Waters Canoe Area wilderness [electronic resource] : examining change in use, users, and management challenges
ELECTRONIC A 13.79:FPL-RN-0316 eg Criterion 6, indicator 25 [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC A 13.79:FPL-RN-0317 eg Criterion 6, indicator 28 [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC A 13.79:FPL-RN-0318 eg Criterion 6, indicator 32 [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC A 13.80:SRS-167 eg North Carolina harvest and utilization study, 2007 [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC A 13.88/6: eg Proceedings ... U.S. Department of Agriculture Interagency Research Forum on Invasive Species [electronic resource].
ELECTRONIC A 13.88/6: eg Proceedings [electronic resource].
ELECTRONIC A 13.88:FPL-GTR-195 eg Development of a smart timber bridge--a five-year plan [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC A 13.88:NRS-65 eg Urban and community forests of the Pacific Region
                        [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC A 13.88:NRS-68 eg Culturally and economically important nontimber forest products of northern Maine [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC A 13.88:NRS-89 eg Best management practices for creating a community wildfire protection plan [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC A 13.88:PNW-GTR-828 eg A tale of two cedars [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC A 13.88:PNW-GTR-849 eg Gathering in the city [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC A 13.88:PNW-GTR-858 eg Forage resource evaluation system for habitat--deer [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC A 13.88:PNW-GTR-859 eg Overview and example application of the landscape treatment designer [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC A 13.88:RMRS-GTR-245 eg The forest inventory and analysis database [electronic resource]
ELECTONIC A 13.88:RMRS-GTR-261 WWW eg Multicentury fire and forest histories at 19 sites in Utah and eastern Nevada [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC A 13.88:RMRS-GTR-266 eg Modeling wind adjustment factor and midflame wind speed for Rothermel's surface fire spread model [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC A 13.88:RMRS-GTR-270 eg The Missoula Fire Sciences Laboratory [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC A 13.92/2:AS 3/2 eg Draft supplemental environmental impact statement, Mt. Ashland Ski Area expansion [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC A 13.92:M 99 eg Mystic Range project [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC A 57.2:B 39/3 eg Before & after [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC A 57.2:IO 9/2/2007 eg Interseeding [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC A 57.2:R 16/8 eg Conservation benefits of rangeland practices [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC A 57.2:SA 5/2 eg Prairie sandreed (Calamovilfa longifolia) and sand  bluestem (Andropogon hallii) performance trials [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC A 57.2:T 71 eg Trees and shrubs tested in western North Dakota and South Dakota [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC A 57.6/2:T 41 eg Threatened & endangered species [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC A 57.81/34: eg Conservation communicator [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC A 67.46: eg Agricultural export assistance update quarterly report [electronic resource].
ELECTRONIC A 77.724/3:SO 3/2/ eg A laser system for high-resolution soil surface and standing residue analysis ... annual report [electronic resource].
ELECTRONIC A 77.725/4-3:B 52/ eg Development and validation of biomass cropping management tools for sustainable harvesting of energy production feedstocks ... annual report [electronic resource].
ELECTRONIC A 77.725/4-3:B 52/2/ eg
Impacts of biofuel development on carbon management
 and agricultural conservation practices ... annual report [electronic resource].
ELECTRONIC A 77.725/4-3:B 52/3/ eg Implementation of sustainable bioenergy production systems ... annual report [electronic resource].
ELECTRONIC A 77.725/4-3:B 73/ eg Effects of elevated atmospheric CO2, environmental stress, and edaphic conditions on bioactive compounds in brassica crops ... annual report [electronic resource].
ELECTRONIC A 77.725/4-3:C 18/ eg USDA Black Carbon Initiative [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC A 77.725/4-3:C 29/ eg Characterization and measurement of air emissions from  large open cattle feedlot  ... annual report [electronic resource].
ELECTRONIC A 77.725/4-3:C 41/ eg Investigating the environmental chemistry, fate, and transport of agrochemicals and other pollutants ... annual report [electronic resource].
A 77.725/4-3:C 42/ eg Discerning the fate of atmospheric agricultural emissions in the Chesapeake Bay Region ... annual report [electronic resource].
ELECTRONIC A 77.725/4-3:C 42/2/ eg Modeling cost-effective farm management to improve Chesapeake Bay water quality ... annual report [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC A 77.725/4-3:C 45/ eg tilizing sustainable remediation technologies to  reduce bioavailability and transport of chlorinated organic compounds ... annual report [electronic
ELECTRONIC A 77.725/4-3:C 76/ eg Reducing contamination from agricultural chemicals ... annual report [electronic resource].
ELECTRONIC A 77.725/4-3:C 78/ eg Cooperative research for joint projects in basic and applied research having regional or national application ... annual report [electronic resource].
ELECTRONIC A 77.725/4-3:C 87/ eg Response and adaptation of crops and weeds to elevated C02 and global warming ... annual report [electronic resource].
ELECTRONIC A 77.725/4-3:D 14/ eg Air quality impacts of dairy facilities in central California  ... annual report [electronic resource].
ELECTRONIC A 77.725/4-3:F 22/ eg Managing farms for environmental stewardship and profit ... annual report [electronic resource].
ELECTRONIC A 77.725/4-3:F 96/ eg Function of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi in organic and conventional agriculture ... annual report  [electronic resource].
ELECTRONIC A 77.725/4-3:F 96/2/ eg Enhancement of crop growth through utilization of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi ... annual report
ELECTRONIC A 77.725/4-3:IN 8/ eg Evaluating effects of nitrogen deposition and ambient ozone on an invasive plant in the national Capitol region ... annual report [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC A 77.725/4-3:IN 8/2/ eg Emission inventories of particulate matter, ammonia,  greenhouse gases, and VOCs from cattle feedlots ...annual report [electronic resource].
ELECTRONIC A 77.725/4-3:L 23/ eg Landscape-based crop management for food, feed, and bioenergy... annual report [electronic resource].
ELECTRONIC A 77.725/4-3:M 31/ eg Evaluation of the impact of improved management on corn-soybean production systems ... annual report [electronic resource].
ELECTRONIC A 77.725/4-3:M 58/ eg Controls on microbial community structure and function in soil and rhizosphere ... annual report [electronic resource].
ELECTRONIC A 77.725/4-3:P 25/ eg Mitigating agricultural sources of particulate matter and greenhouse gas emissions in the Pacific Northwest ... annual report [electronic resource].
ELECTRONIC A 77.725/4-3:P 43/ eg Developing improved pesticide management systems to reduce environmental effects ... annual report [electronic resource].
ELECTRONIC A 77.725/4-3:P 91/ eg Support for the USDA-ARS area wide project for integrated methyl bromide alternatives for interior-valley production systems ... annual report [electronic resource].
ELECTRONIC A 77.725/4-3:SO 3/2/ eg Soil management for enhanced agricultural productivity and sustainable biofuel feedstock production ... annual report [electronic resource].
ELECTRONIC A 77.725/4-3:SY 8/3/ eg Predicting impacts of climate change on agriculturalsystems and developing potentials for adaptation ... annual report [electronic resource].
ELECTRONIC A 77.725/4-3:SY 8/4/ eg Development of crop production systems and alternative bio-energy crops for the central Great Plains region... annual report [electronic resource].
ELECTRONIC A 77.725/4-3:V 88/ eg Reducing emissions of volatile organic compounds from agricultural soil fumigation ... annual report
ELECTRONIC A 77.726/3:D 14/ eg The Southern Great Plains Dairy Consortium ... annual report [electronic resource].
ELECTRONIC A 77.726/3:EM 4/2/ eg Air quality [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC A 77.726/3:G 99/ eg Ecological revitalization risk evaluation for beneficial use of FGD-gypsum ... annual report [electronic resource].
ELECTRONIC A 88.2:P 84 eg Marketing Maine tablestock potatoes [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC A 88.73: eg  Fruit & Vegetable Programs news [electronic resource].
ELECTRONIC A 93.2:B 39 eg Cow-calf beef production in Mexico [electronic
ELECTRONIC A 93.2:B 52 eg Next-generation biofuels [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC A 93.2:F 94 eg Fruit and vegetable planting restrictions [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC A 93.73/2:89 eg Major uses of land in the United States, 2007
ELECTRONIC A 93.73/2:91 eg Changing farm structure and the distribution of farm payments and federal crop insurance [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC A 93.73/2:92 eg Trends in U.S. farmland values and ownership [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC A 93.73/2:94 eg The future of environmental compliance incentives in U.S. agriculture [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC A 93.73/2:96 eg Are healthy foods really more expensive? [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC A 93.73/3:9 eg Productivity growth in U.S. agriculture [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC A 93.73:132 eg Alleviating poverty in the United States [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC A 93.73:96 eg Promoting fruit and vegetable consumption [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC A 101.31:L 76/2010 eg Living with wildlife [electronic resource].
ELECTRONIC A 112.15:B 52 eg Biomass Crop Assistance Program [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC B 1.1/5: eg Technology, services, & innovation annual performance report [electronic resource].
ELECTRONIC B 1.16: eg Highlights [electronic resource].
ELECTRONIC E 1.177:DOE/GO-102011-3243 eg Assessing and improving the accuracy of energy analysis for residential buildings [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC E 1.177:DOE/GO-102012-3456 eg Measure guideline [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC E 1.177:DOE/GO-102012-3475 eg Expert meeting report [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC E 1.177:DOE/GO-102012-3515 eg Laboratory testing of aerosol for enclosure air sealing [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC E 1.177:DOE/GO-102012-3531 eg Measure guideline [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC E 1.177:DOE/GO-102012-3532 eg An in-depth look at ground source heat pumps and other electric loads in two GreenMax homes [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC E 9.16:NREL/TP-50000-52920 eg 2010 cost of wind energy review [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC E 9.16:NREL/TP-5200-43208/REV. eg Opportunities and challenges for development of a mature concentrating photovoltaic power industry [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC E 9.16:NREL/TP-550-43188 eg The NREL/Habitat for Humanity zero energy home [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC E 9.16:NREL/TP-5500-53637 eg Long-term wind power variability [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC E 9.16:NREL/TP-6 A 2-45041 eg An examination of the regional supply and demand balance for renewable electricity in the United States through 2015 [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC E 9.16:NREL/TP-6 A 20-50400 eg Economic development impact of 1,000 MW of wind energy in Texas [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC E 9.16:NREL/TP-6 A 20-52739 eg Preliminary analysis of the jobs and economic impacts of renewable energy projects supported by the [section] 1603 Treasury Grant Program [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC E 9.16:NREL/TP-670-43512 eg State clean energy practices [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC E 9.16:NREL/TP-7 A 20-53756 eg Design and evaluation of a net zero low-income residential housing development in Lafayette, Colorado [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC E 9.17:NREL/CP-5000-54572 eg Experimental investigation of the power generation performance of floating-point absorber wave energy systems [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC  E 9.17:NREL/CP-520-42525 eg Damp-heat induced degradation of transparent conducting oxides for thin-film solar cells [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC E 9.17:NREL/CP-520-42537 eg ZnO:Al doping level and hydrogen growth ambient effects on CIGS solar cell performance [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC E 9.17:NREL/CP-520-42546 eg Optimization of conductivity and transparency in amorphous In-Zn-O transparent conductors [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC E 9.17:NREL/CP-520-42550 eg Optimizing carbon nanotube contacts for use in organic photovoltaics [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC E 9.17:NREL/CP-5200-50685 eg Modeling thermal fatigue in CPV cell assemblies [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC E 9.17:NREL/CP-5200-51745 eg Overcoming degradation in organic photovoltaics [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC E 9.17:NREL/CP-550-43292 eg Energy design guides for Army barracks [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC E 9.17:NREL/CP-590-42538 eg Spray deposition of high quality CuInSe2 and CdTe films [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC E 9.17:NREL/CP-670-42971 eg Impacts of array configuration on land-use requirements for large-scale photovoltaic deployment in the United States [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC E 9.18:NREL/SR-500-43472 eg The potential for reducing blade-tip acousticemissions for small wind turbines [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC E 9.18:NREL/SR-520-43191 eg High-efficiency amorphous silicon and nanocrystalline  silicon-based solar cells and modules [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC E 9.2:M 38 eg Investigating the influence of the added mass effect to marine hydrokinetic horizontal-axis turbines using a general dynamic wake wind turbine code [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC E 9.22:NREL/PR-270-43277 eg Do the defects make it work? [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC E 9.22:NREL/PR-520-43255 eg Stability of CIS / CIGS modules at the outdoor test facility over two decades [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC E 9.22:NREL/PR-520-43256 eg Damp-heat induced degradation of transparent conducting oxides for thin film solar cells [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC E 9.22:NREL/PR-520-44201 eg High-efficiency solar cells for large-scale electricity generation [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC E 9.22:NREL/PR-5200-52312 eg Modeling the ranges of stresses for different climates/applications [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC E 9.22:NREL/PR-5200-54467 eg Biological systems for hydrogen photoproduction [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC E 9.22:NREL/PR-5200-54566 eg Cell data sheet specification [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC E 9.22:NREL/PR-5200-54567 eg A giant leap forward toward quality assurance of PV
                        modules [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC E 9.22:NREL/PR-5200-54569 eg CIGS material and device stability [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC E 9.22:NREL/PR-5200-54636 eg Humidity, temperature and voltage [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC E 9.22:NREL/PR-540-43567 eg Ethanol production, distribution, and use [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC E 9.22:NREL/PR-5400-50082 eg Development of a novel test method for on-demand internal short circuit in a li-ion cell [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC E 9.22:NREL/PR-5500-51149 eg Estimating heat and mass transfer processes in green roof systems [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC E 9.22:NREL/PR-5500-52430 eg NREL variability analysis for the western interconnect [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC E 9.22:NREL/PR-5500-54318 eg Heat pump water heater modeling in EnergyPlus [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC E 9.22:NREL/PR-6 A 20-52311 eg An economic analysis of photovoltaics versus traditional energy sources [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC E 9.22:NREL/PR-7 A 40-54591 eg Getting from goals to projects in the ground [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC E 9.22:NREL/PR-7 A 40-55091 eg The path to zero [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC E 9.22:NREL/PR-7A 40-54965 eg Net zero installations [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC E 9.221:NREL/PR-7 A 40-54590 eg Algal biofuels can make a difference [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC ED 1.102:P 94/5 eg NAEP-TIMSS linking study [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC ED 1.2:M 74/3 eg Need money for college? [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC ED 1.302:SCH 6/55 eg Baseline analyses of SIG applications and SIG-eligible and SIG-awarded schools [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC ED 1.302:T 68/5 eg America's youth [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC ED 1.302:T 72/2/2011 eg Trends in high school dropout and completion rates in the United States, 1972-2009 [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC ED 1.302:V 81/3 eg Impacts of a violence prevention program for middle schools [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC ED 1.328/3:D 63/2/2009-10 eg Distance education courses for public elementary and secondary school students, 2009-10 [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC ED 1.8:C 83/21 eg Exit counseling guide for federal student loan borrowers [electronic resource].
ELECTRONIC EP 1.2:C 42/40/EXEC.SUM. eg Strategy for protecting and restoring the Chesapeake Bay Watershed [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC EP 1.2:C 73/37 eg Promising practices to improve community performance and sustainability [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC EP 1.2:G 79/13 eg Review of Great Lakes restoration initiative action plan [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC EP 1.2:N 63/16 eg eview of the draft near-road nitrogen dioxide monitoring technical assistance document [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC EP 1.2:R 24/26/2011 eg Do you need help reducing harmful pollution in your community? [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC EP 2.2:C 82/3 eg Expert workshop on full cost pricing of water and wastewater service [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC EP 2.43/3: eg Draft National Water Program guidance [electronic resource].
ELECTRONIC EP 4.52:AM 1/4 eg Final regulatory impact analysis (RIA) for the SOb2 National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS) [electronic resource].
ELECTRONIC EP 4.58:F 59 eg School flag program coordinator handbook [electronic resource].
ELECTRONIC EP 6.52:B 64 eg Bond requirements for nonroad spark-ignition engines [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC EP 6.52:C 74/2 eg Transportation conformity rule restructuring amendments comparison table [electronic resource].
ELECTRONIC EP 6.52:EM 4/29 eg Development of emission rates for light-duty vehicles in the Motor Vehicle Emissions Simulator (MOVES2010) [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC EP 6.52:G 83/3 eg Greenhouse gas business rules for VERIFY greenhouse gas and fuel economy testing [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC EP 6.52:G 83/5/2011 eg Greenhouse gas emissions standards and fuel efficiency standards for medium- and heavy-duty engines and vehicles [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC EP 6.52:G 83/6 eg Light-duty greenhouse gas [electronic resource].
ELECTRONIC EP 6.52:IM 7/4/DRAFT eg  Draft regulatory impact analysis [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC EP 6.52:L 62/5 eg Computer simulation of light-duty vehicle technologies for the greenhouse gas emission reduction in the 2020-2025 timeframe [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC EP 6.52:R 24 eg Reducing more than your carbon footprint... now that's smart [electronic resource].
ELECTRONIC EP 6.58:EX 7 eg Guide to exporting/importing data into SmartWay tools [electronic resource].
ELECTRONIC EP 6.65:F 95/6 eg New fuel economy and environment labels for a new generation of vehicles [electronic resource].
ELECTRONIC EP 10.2:D 84 eg A citizen's guide to drycleaner cleanup [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC EP 13.2:R 29 eg Siting renewable energy on contaminated properties [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC FR 1.2:H 75 eg What you should know about home equity lines of credit
                        [electronic resource].
ELECTRONIC FR 2.1/2: eg Consumer response annual report [electronic resource].
ELECTRONIC FT 1.32/4:SCA 5/2 eg Spotting an imposter [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC FT 1.37:AD 9/2 eg Children's exposure to TV advertising in 1977 and 2004 [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC FT 1.37:C 76/11 eg Consumer fraud in the United States [electronic
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13/21:GAO-12-110 SP eg Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics education [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13/21:GAO-12-17 SP eg Risk retention groups [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13/21:GAO-12-198 SP eg Real estate appraisals [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13/21:GAO-12-370 SP eg School improvement grants [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13/21:GAO-12-91 SP eg Death services [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-11-347 eg Environmental Protection Agency [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-12-108 eg Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics education [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-12-112 eg Department of Energy [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-12-115 eg Prescription pain reliever abuse [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-12-126 eg Medicare [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-12-135 eg Coast Guard [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-12-136 eg Health care quality measurement [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-12-147 eg Real estate appraisals [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-12-154 eg Defense health [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-12-182 eg Homeless women veterans [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-12-188 eg Nuclear weapons [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-12-21 eg Military child care [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-12-218 eg Antibiotics [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-12-237 eg Bank capital requirements [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-12-237 eg Dodd-Frank Act [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-12-244 eg Oil and gas [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-12-247 eg National Credit Union Administration [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-12-256 eg Crop insurance [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-12-261 eg Diesel pollution [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-12-266 eg Checked baggage screening [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-12-272 eg Chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear risk assessments [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-12-274 eg Immigrant integration [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-12-294 eg U.S. Export-Import Bank [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-12-303 eg Homeland Security [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-12-312 eg Foster Care program [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-12-350 eg K-12 education [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-12-352 eg Army Corps of Engineers [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-12-364 eg Motor carrier safety [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-12-366 eg KC-46 tanker aircraft [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-12-388 eg Pipeline safety [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-12-390 eg Nursing homes [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-12-402 eg Federal Employees' Compensation Act [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-12-433 eg U.S. Postal Service [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-12-434 eg Federal Protective Service [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-12-439 eg Private health insurance [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-12-475 eg Tobacco taxes [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-12-486 eg Missile defense [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-12-487 eg Federal Emergency Management Agency [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-12-500 eg Prescription drugs [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-12-518 eg Border security [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-12-524 eg Tactical aircraft [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-12-533 eg FBI counterterrorism [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-12-58 eg Capitol Police [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.41:GAO-12-191 R eg Military training [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.41:GAO-12-281 R eg Air Force and Interior can benefit from additional guidance when deciding whether to lease or purchase equipment [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC  GA 1.41:GAO-12-409 R eg Medicare Advantage [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.41:GAO-12-494 R eg Maritime security [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.41:GAO-12-496 R eg To date, DISH network is cooperating with the court-appointed special master's examination of its compliance with the Section 119 statutory license [electronic resource]

ELECTRONIC GA 1.5/2:GAO-11-374 T eg Border security [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.5/2:GAO-12-443 T eg Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business Program [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.5/2:GAO-12-525 T eg Joint strike fighter [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.5/2:GAO-12-526 T eg Managing preparedness grants and assessing national capabilities [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.5/2:GAO-12-541 T eg Transportation Security Administration [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.5/2:GAO-12-563 T eg Space acquisitions [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.5/2:GAO-12-587 T eg NASA [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.5/2:GAO-12-600 T eg Missile defense [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.5/2:GAO-12-601 T eg Entrepreneurial assistance [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.5/2:GAO-12-651 T eg Tax gap [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.5/2:GAO-12-652 T eg Internal Revenue Service [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.5/2:GAO-12-666 T eg Cybersecurity [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC HE 1.1/5: eg Strategic plan [electronic resource].
ELECTRONIC HE 1.2:AD 7/5 eg Adoption USA [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC HE 1.2:AL 9/2 eg National plan to address Alzheimer's disease [electronic resource].
ELECTRONIC HE 1.2:C 49/4 eg OCR, Oficina de Derechos Civiles [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC HE 1.2:C 79 eg Coping in hard times [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC HE 1.2:D 54/2 eg Two reasons I find time to prevent diabetes [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC HE 1.2:D 54/2/VIET. eg Th*uc hi**en c*ac bu*oc nho b*ay gi*o d**e [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC HE 1.2:IN 3/2 eg North American plan for animal and pandemic influenza [electronic resource].
ELECTRONIC HE 1.2:IN 3/3 eg Review of recent studies shows predominantly positive results for health information technology [electronic resource].
ELECTRONIC HE 1.70: eg Healthy minorities, healthier America [electronic resource].
ELECTRONIC HE 20.3002:B 52/9/2008 eg Women in biomedical research [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC HE 20.3002:D 54/17/2010 eg What I need to know about diabetes medicines [electronic resource].
ELECTRONIC HE 20.3002:D 54/27 eg We have the power to prevent diabetes [electronic resource].
ELECTRONIC HE 20.3002:L 11/5 eg What I need to know about lactose intolerance
ELECTRONIC HE 20.3002:OR 1/2 eg The oral cancer exam [electronic resource].
ELECTRONIC HE 20.302:W 42/2 eg Healthy weight for life [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC HE 20.308:N 95 eg Step-by-step guide to Medicare medical nutrition therapy (MNT) reimbursement [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC HE 20.3152:F 96/2 eg Funding opportunities for epidemiology and genetics research [electronic resource].
ELECTRONIC HE 20.3152:G 29/2 eg Geographic-based research and applications at the National Cancer Institute [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC HE 20.3152:R 11/8/NAUSEA/2010 eg hat to do about feeling sick to your stomach and throwing up (nausea and vomiting) [electronic resource].
ELECTRONIC HE 20.3152:SM 7/12/2008 eg Clearing the air [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC HE 20.3202:AS 8/12 eg Take action, stop asthma today! [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC HE 20.33002:D 54/31 eg 4 steps to control your diabetes for life [electronic resource].
ELECTRONIC HE 20.3302:D 54/18/2011 eg Tips to help you stay healthy [electronic resource].
ELECTRONIC HE 20.3302:D 54/36 eg Diarrhea [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC HE 20.3302:EA 8/3/2012 eg Helping your child [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC HE 20.3302:F 73/4 eg How to read a food label [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC HE 20.3302:H 61 eg What I need to know about Hirschsprung's disease [electronic resource].
ELECTRONIC HE 20.3302:K 54/13 eg The kidneys and how they work [electronic resource].
ELECTRONIC HE 20.3302:K 54/16/2011 eg Eating right for kidney health [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC HE 20.3302:OB 2/3 eg Medical care for patients with obesity [electronic resource].
ELECTRONIC HE 20.3302:P 91/2/2009 eg Healthy eating & physical activity across your lifespan [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC HE 20.3302:SI 9/2010 eg Active at any size! [electronic resource].
ELECTRONIC HE 20.3302:T 28 eg Your kidney test results [electronic resource].
ELECTRONIC HE 20.3302:UR 3/7 eg Urinary tract infections in children [electronic resource].
ELECTRONIC HE 20.3308:P 91/2009 eg More than 50 ways to prevent diabetes [electronic
ELECTRONIC HE 20.3323/2:IN 7/2008 eg Insulin resistance and pre-diabetes [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC HE 20.3323/3:N 95/2/2011 eg Nutrition for early chronic kidney disease in adults [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC HE 20.3323:L 75/2 eg Liver transplantation [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC HE 20.3323L 11/2/ENG./SPAN. eg Lactose intolerance [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC HE 20.3352:N 21/2 eg Healthy Native babies project [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC HE 20.3502:H 34/4/2009 eg Headache [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC HE 20.3668:C 64/2011 eg Cochlear implants [electronic resource].
ELECTRONIC HE 20.3952:D 84/8 eg Test your knowledge on drugs and drug abuse by taking the national drug IQ challenge [electronic resource].
ELECTRONIC HE 20.402:P 92/6 eg The abuse of prescription and over-the-counter drugs [electronic resource].
ELECTRONIC HE 20.4053/2:SU 7/2010/ eg Sunscreens and tanning [electronic resource].
ELECTRONIC HE 20.6209/3-2:51 eg Fertility of men and women aged 15-44 years in the United States [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC HE 20.6524:186 eg Family history and improving health [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC HE 20.6524:193 eg Preventing Alzheimer's disease and cognitive decline [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC HE 20.6524:197 eg Alcohol consumption and cancer risk [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC HE 20.6524:B 12 eg Complementary and alternative therapies for back pain [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC HE 20.7002:D 84/3 eg Prescription drug overdose [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC HE 20.7002:IN 3/24 eg Key facts about seasonal flu vaccine [electronic resource].
ELECTRONIC HE 20.7615:Y 8/2012/EXEC.SUM. eg Preventing tobacco use among youth and young adults [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC HE 20.7952:M 85 eg Motorcycle safety [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC HE 20.7952:P 75 eg Alcohol impaired driving [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC HE 20.7952:P 75/2 eg Teen driver safety [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC HE 20.7952:SU 3/2 eg Suicides due to alcohol and/or drug overdose [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC HE 23.1202:AB 92/2/2008 eg Child abuse and neglect [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.15:2011-215883 eg Requirements for an advanced ocean radiometer [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.15:2011-215965 eg High-temperature modal survey of a hot-structure control surface [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.15:2011-216476 eg Advanced x-ray timing array mission [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.15:2011-217072/ eg Space Shuttle Program (SSP) orbiter main propulsion system (MPS) gaseous hydrogen (GHb2) flow control valve (FCV) poppet eddy current (EC) inspectionprobability of detection (POD) study [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.15:2011-217114 eg Thermal energy for lunar in situ resource utilization [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.15:2011-217143 eg A risk management architecture for emergency
                        integrated aircraft control [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.15:2011-217266 eg Space Telecommunications Radio System (STRS)
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.15:2011-217321 eg Doppler radar profiler for launch winds at the Kennedy Space Center (phase 1a) [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.15:2011-217353 eg Investigating the relationship between personality traits and astronaut career performance [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.15:2012-217324 eg Awareness and detection of traffic and obstacles using synthetic and enhanced vision systems [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.15:2012-217411 eg Materials selection for aerospace systems [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.21:2011-3421 eg Probabilistic risk assessment procedures guide for NASA managers and practitioners [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.26:2011-216413 eg Investigating the nature of and methods for managing metroplex operations [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.26:2011-217323 eg Constitutive soil properties for mason sand and Kennedy Space Center [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.60:2011-216147 eg Preventing decompression sickness over three decades of extravehicular activity [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.60:2011-217174 eg Autonomous flight rules [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.83:2012-01-835-HQ eg Celebrating 30 years of the space shuttle program [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC PREX 1.2:AF 8 eg U.S. strategy toward Sub-Saharan Africa [electronic resource].
ELECTRONIC PREX 1.2:C 68 eg A promising approach to addressing America's biggest challenges [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC PREX 1.2:C 78 eg United States-Mexico High-Level Regulatory Cooperation Council Work Plan [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC PREX 1.2:F 26 eg Promoting responsible fatherhood [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC PREX 1.2:H 34/14 eg 2012 progress report [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC PREX 1.2:J 57 eg Pay for success [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC PREX 1.26/2: eg Intellectual property spotlight [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC PREX 2.2:D 56 eg Digital government [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC PREX 2.6/2:F 49 eg The federal government's financial health [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC PREX 23.2:AN 8 eg More and better science in Antarctica through increased logistical effectiveness [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC PREX 23.2:P 93 eg Implementation of Federal Prize Authority [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC PREX 26.16:D 84/2 eg Consequences of illicit drug use in America [electronic resource].
ELECTRONIC PREX 26.2:D 84/10 eg Advancing a new approach to drug policy [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC PREX 44.2:OB 1/2 eg The Obama administration and community health centers [electronic resource].
ELECTRONIC PREX 6.2:R 88/2 eg Strengthening rural communities [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC SI 1.29:98 eg Catalogue of seed plants of the West Indies [electronic resource]
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