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October 2012

Call Number
A - General Works

B - Philosophy, Psychology, Religion

BF57 .S63 2010 The sociocultural turn in psychology : the contextual emergence of mind and self

BF315 .M56 2012 Subliminal : how your unconscious mind rules your behavior

BF408 .S284 2012 Explaining creativity : the science of human innovation

BF444 .M386 2008 Brain rules : 12 principles for surviving and thriving at work, home, and school

BF637.B85 K584 2012 The bully society : school shootings and the crisis of bullying in America's schools

BF818 .D43 2011 Out of character : surprising truths about the liar, cheat, sinner (and saint) lurking in all of us
C - Auxiliary Sciences of History

D - History: General and Old World

D13 .B377 2012 Presenting history : past and present

D743.23 .H84 2012 When eagles dared : the filmgoers' history of World War II

D756.5.N6 G74 1998 The greatest thing we have ever attempted : historical perspectives on the Normandy campaign

D756.5.N6 Z824 2012 Breakout from Juno : First Canadian Army and the Normandy Campaign, July 4-August 21, 1944

D757 .C59 2012 The Wehrmacht retreats : fighting a lost war, 1943

D767 .F583 2012 The Pacific War : clash of empires in World War II

D810.S2 P44 2010 The Tizard Mission : the top-secret operation that changed the course of World War II

D811.A2 N67 2004 No mission too difficult! : old buddies of the 1st Division tell all about World War II

D811 .K573513 2012 At the edge of the abyss : a concentration camp diary, 1943-1944
ELECTRONIC D861 .A567 2012eb The 2012 annual register [electronic resource] : world events of 2011.
E - History: America

E98.M6 C57 2009 Demons, saints, & patriots : Catholic visions of Native America through The Indian Sentinel, 1902-1962

E98.R3 M29 2010 The Peyote road : religious freedom and the Native American Church

E99.K25 L65 1993 Fire race : a Karuk coyote tale about how fire came to the people

E123 .W66 2000 Conquistadors

E169.12 .L76 2012 Time to start thinking : America in the age of descent

E176.1 .T785 2012 Why moderates make the best presidents : George Washington to Barack Obama

E178.1 .A49367 2007 The American promise : a compact history

E183.7 .P74 2012 Sword of the spirit, shield of faith : religion in American war and diplomacy

E183.8.S95 M68 2012 Syria and the USA : Washington's relations with Damascus from Wilson to Eisenhower

E184.C5 L338 2010 Chinese American transnational politics

E184.J3 R63 2012 After camp : portraits in midcentury Japanese American life and politics

E184.J3 T27 2012 Pacific citizens : Larry and Guyo Tajiri and Japanese American journalism in the World War II era

E184.M88 A39 2010 Journey into America : the challenge of Islam

E185.86 .H375 2011 Sister citizen : shame, stereotypes, and Black women in America

E185.86 .R378 2012 Redefining Black power : reflections on the state of Black America

E450 .G65 2012 Rambles of a runaway from southern slavery

E470.4 .H47 2012 The Civil War in the West : victory and defeat from the Appalachians to the Mississippi

E473.6 .B73 2012 The Peninsula Campaign and the necessity of emancipation : African Americans and the fight for freedom

E505.6 2nd .M66 2011 The story of my campaign : the Civil War memoir of Captain Francis T. Moore, Second Illinois Cavalry

E580.5.G73 L86 2012 Granbury's Texas Brigade : diehard western Confederates

E741 .S24 2004 Present tense : the United States since 1945

E841 .T28 2011 "Takin' it to the streets" : a sixties reader
F - History: America

F385 .R53 2011 Lone Star leaders : power and personality in the Texas congressional delegation

F1435.3.W75 C68 2001 Secrets in stone : all about Maya hieroglyphs
G - Geography, Anthropology, Recreation
G123 .U56 2012eb The CIA world factbook 2012-13 [electronic resource]

GA481 .M86 1996 The mapping of New Spain : indigenous cartography and the maps of the Relaciones Geogr*aficas
  GF75 .H45 2012 Wasted world : how our consumption challenges the planet
  GN320 .B25 2010 Anthropology and the racial politics of culture
  GV863.A1 F58 2012 Banzai Babe Ruth : baseball, espionage, & assassination during the 1934 tour of Japan
  GV863.A1 G87 2012 Transpacific field of dreams : how baseball linked the United States and Japan in peace and war

GV863.A1 N368 2012 A people's history of baseball

GV867.64 .L36 2012 Conspiracy of silence : sportswriters and the long campaign to desegregate baseball
ELECTRONIC GV925 .W55 2012eb The Wisden archive of cricketers' lives, 2012 [electronic resource].

GV951 .P38 2011 Texas high school football : more than the game

GV959 .B54 2012 College football awards : all national and conference winners through 2010

GV959.5 .I64 2012 The rise of gridiron university : higher education's uneasy alliance with big-time football

GV1132.L6 P46 2011 A nation's hope  : the story of boxing legend Joe Louis

GV1469.3 .A7656 2012 The art of video games : from Pac-Man to Mass Effect
H - Social Science

HB615 .L496 2012 Better capitalism : renewing the entrepreneurial strength of the American economy

HB3807.5 .M58 2011 Understanding the crisis in Greece : from boom to bust
 HC59.15 .C434 2010eb The changing wealth of nations [electronic resource] : measuring sustainable development in the new millennium.
HC59.7 .D344 2010eb The day after tomorrow [electronic resource] : a handbook on the future of economic policy in the developing world
  HC106.83 .B58 2011 Failure by design : the story behind America's broken economy
  HD69.T54 M66 2004 Time management from the inside out : the foolproof system for taking control of your schedule--and your life
  HD87 .A754 2012 Ascent after decline : regrowing global economies after the great recession
  HD1511.U6 M876 2010 Spirit of rebellion : labor and religion in the new cotton South
  HG221 .R563 2012 Future money : breakdown or breakthrough?
  HG2040.5.U5 G83 2011 Guaranteed to fail : Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and the debacle of mortgage finance
  HG3756.U54 H95 2012 Borrow : the America  way of debt
  HG4529 .M397 2011 Crapshoot investing : how tech-savvy traders and clueless regulators turned the stock market into a casino

HM535 .B47 2012 Damned lies and statistics : untangling numbers from the media, politicians, and activists
  HM548 .P67 2010 Economic sociology : a systematic inquiry
  HM656 .H377 2012 The age of distraction : reading, writing, and politics in a high-speed networked economy
  HM1033 .C596 2011 Classic and contemporary perspectives in social psychology : a reader
  HN90.R3 G62 2012 The new hate : a history of fear and loathing on the populist right
HQ9 2003eb .I54 2003eb International encyclopedia of marriage and family [electronic resource]

HQ12 .R93 2010 Sex at dawn : the prehistoric origins of modern sexuality
  HQ29 .M335 2011 Your daughter's bedroom : insights for raising confident women
  HQ30 .D65 2012 Sexuality & long-term care : understanding and supporting the needs of older adults
  HQ519 .C76 2012 Marriage matters : perspectives on the private and public importance of marriage

HQ536 .H628 2012 The outsourced self : intimate life in market times

HQ759 .V277 2012 Why have kids? : a new mom explores the truth about parenting and happiness

HQ769 .F212 2012 Siblings without rivalry : how to help your children live together so you can live too

HQ796 .B696 2012 Last season of innocence : the teen experience in the 1960s

HQ997.5 .D586 2009 We want for our sisters what we want for ourselves : African American women who practice polygyny by consent

HQ1155 .R67 2012 The end of men : and the rise of women

HQ1236.5.U6 S76 2012 A matter of simple justice : the untold story of Barbara Hackman Franklin and a few good women

HQ1410 .A35 2010 African Americans doing feminism : putting theory into everyday practice

HQ1410 .L375 1992 The female experience : an American documentary

HQ1438.W45 S337 2010 Home lands : how women made the West

HV12 .B37 2003 The social work dictionary

HV6250.4.W65 V5214 2010 Violence against Latina immigrants : citizenship, inequality, and community

HV6773 .P374 1998 Fighting computer crime : a new framework for protecting information

HV8699.U5 H374 2010 Executing democracy

HV9950 .H396 2012 Failed evidence : why law enforcement resists science
J - Political Science
  JC571 .W47224 2010 The divided world : human rights and its violence

JC573.2.U6 M349 2012 The case for polarized politics : why America needs social conservatism

JK421 .M346 2011 The myth of fair and efficient government : why the
                        government you want is not the one you get

JK468.P64 B736 2012 Planning as if people matter : governing for social equity

JK2261 .P29 2013 The parties respond : changes in American parties and campaigns

JK2391.T43 S74 2012 Steep : the precipitous rise of the Tea Party
ELECTRONIC JN5231 .I73 2012eb The Italian renaissance state [electronic resource]
K - Law
K639 .C479 2010 Children and transitional justice : truth-telling, accountability and reconciliation
KF224.L39 C37 2012 Flagrant conduct : the story of Lawrence v. Texas : how a bedroom arrest decriminalized gay Americans
KF4530 .L48 2012 Framed : America's fifty-one constitutions and the crisis of governance
KF4755 .D454 2012  Critical race theory : an introduction
L - Education

LA217.2 .T75 2009 21st century skills : learning for life in our times

LB1025.3 .B67 2007 Effective teaching methods : research-based practice

LB1027.22 .M34 2009 The mindful teacher

LB1027.23 .S46 2012 Republic of noise : the loss of solitude in schools and culture
LB1119 .H25 2006eb Handbook of research on the education of young children [electronic resource]

LB1574 .W54 2008 Spelling strategies and patterns : what kids need to know

LB1576 .C7525 2011 Getting the buggers to write

LB1585 .A58 2010 Picture-perfect science lessons : using children's books to guide inquiry, 3-6

LB1607.5 .W34 2010 The global achievement gap : why even our best schools don't teach the new survival skills our children need--and what we can do about it
  LB1763.T4 T49478 2011 no. 160 TExES [electronic resource] : Texas examinations of educator standards : preparation manual. 160 pedagogy and professional responsibilities EC-12

LB2343.32 .J35 2010 The secrets of college success

LB2343.32 .N47 2009 Are you really ready for college? : a college dean's 12 secrets for success : what high school students don't know : be one of the few college students to actually graduate on time! : a guidebook for students (as well as parents, counselors, teachers, advisers, and others in education)

LC1099.3 .B46 1999 Comprehensive multicultural education : theory and practice
M - Music and Books on Music
  ML410.M2715 C36 2012 Henry Mancini : reinventing film music

ML410.S4 J45 2012 Schumann
  ML418.C76 G63 2011 Crowe on the banjo : the music life of J.D. Crowe
  ML420.B3435 M85 2011 Musical echoes : South African women thinking in jazz
  ML420.D98 S5 2011 No direction home : the life and music of Bob Dylan
  ML420.R663 D54 2012 Twentieth century drifter : the life of Marty Robbins
  ML429.G696 H47 2011 Norman Granz : the man who used jazz for justice
  ML3479 .A36 2010 Ain't nothing like the real thing : how the Apollo Theater shaped American entertainment
  ML3506 .S287 2012 The Ellington century
  ML3531 .N38 2011 Native tongues : an African hip-hop reader
N - Fine Arts
  N5963.B35 W359 2011 The medieval world : the Walters Art Museum
  N6263.N4 M47 2011 Masterpieces from the Department of Islamic Art in the Metropolitan Museum of Art

N6493 1980 .M65 2012 This will have been : art, love & politics in the 1980s

N6494.W5 C4313 2011 The Viennese Secession

NA2750 .A6155 2011 Architectural design
NC1866.C5 A44 2011
American Christmas cards, 1900-1960
ND249.A77 A4 1992 Aska's birds
ND653.G7 B6913 1997 Visiting Vincent van Gogh
P - Language and Literature

P96.W352 U5565 2012 American militarism and anti-militarism in popular media, 1945-1970
PA4037.A5 H58 2011eb The Homer encyclopedia [electronic resource]
PL853.W335 D65 2003 Where are you going? To see my friend!

PN56.W3 F38 2010 War at a distance : romanticism and the making of modern wartime
PN81 .E435 2011eb The encyclopedia of literary and cultural theory [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC PN1021 .N39 2012eb The Princeton encyclopedia of poetry and poetics [electronic resource]
PN1993.5.U65 T68 2011 Stardust monuments : the saving and selling of Hollywood
PN1995 .S514 2011 New philosophies of film : thinking images
PN1995.9.C515 B53 2011 Classics on screen : ancient Greece and Rome on film
PN1995.9.J8 I53 2011 Imagining legality : where law meets popular culture
PN1995.9.S6 Q37 2011 American film and society since 1945
PN1995.9.S68 J46 2012 The CIA in Hollywood : how the agency shapes film and television
PN1995.9.W4 B255 2012 Ride, boldly ride : the evolution of the American western
PN2067 .S83 2012 Staging fashion, 1880-1920 : Jane Hading, Lily Elsie, Billie Burke
PN2266 .S29 2011 American theatre : history, context, form
PN2287.H43 C37 2011 Just being Audrey
PN2287.T18 S65 2012 Elizabeth Taylor
PR4581 .A4 2012 The selected letters of Charles Dickens
PR4584 .R45 2012 Dickens and the workhouse : Oliver Twist and the London poor
PR6013.R44 Z631895 2011 Dangerous edges of Graham Greene : journeys with saints and sinners
PR6051.D345 M3 1985 Maia
PR9619.4.R625 S53 2003 Shantaram
PS121 .H22 2011 Handbook of research on children's and young adult literature

PS2124 .H54 2012 PS2124 .H54 2012
A historical guide to Henry James
PS2638 .P68 2012 Edgar Allan Poe and the mystery of the universe
PS3535.A547 Z975 2012 Ayn Rand nation : the hidden struggle for America's
PS3545.H5187 Z526 2012 E.B. White : the essayist as first-class writer
PS3545.I5365 Z8355 2012 My friend Tom : the poet-playwright Tennessee Williams
PS3552.A473 Z46 2012 Conversations with Toni Cade Bambara
PS3552.U75 Z48 2012 Rub out the words : the letters of William S. Burroughs, 1959-1974
CURR-COLL PS3566.R36 I828 2000 It's raining pigs & noodles : poems
PS3603.A43 C57 2010 City of tranquil light : a novel
PS3603.R35 E29 2002 The good men : a novel of heresy
PS3604.R5645 B76 2011 Broken Ashes
PS3625.E15 S66 2011 Song of the Silk Road
CURR-COLL PZ7.C446263 Nam 2001 The name jar
CURR-COLL PZ7.D15195 Leg 2007 The legend of Ross the Reader : a story of how a smart cowboy saved the prairie one book at a time
CURR-COLL PZ7.D32915 Carse 1995 Carl's birthday
CURR-COLL PZ7.H4364 Le 2009 Letters from Rifka
CURR-COLL PZ7.K8352 Mym 2007 The mysterious edge of the heroic world
CURR-COLL PZ7.S55987 Unw 2007 Unwind
CURR-COLL PZ7.S5772 Bas 2005 The baseball card
CURR-COLL PZ7.S66475 Har 2003 The hard-times jar
CURR-COLL PZ7.W78036 To 1999 Tough cookie
CURR-COLL PZ8.S248 Lk 2003 Little Pierre : a Cajun story from Louisiana
CURR-COLL PZ8.3.P55867 Tw 1990 'Twas the night before Thanksgiving
ELECTRONIC Q141 .H88 2012eb The Hutchinson dictionary of scientific biography [electronic resource].
Q - Science

QA11 .P6325 2011  Teaching mathematics creatively

QA76.17 .C67 2012 The digital flood : the diffusion of information technology across the U.S., Europe, and Asia
QA76.575 .E5368 2003eb Encyclopedia of new media [electronic resource] : an essential reference to communication and technology

QA76.76.A65 M462 2012 Professional Android 4 application developmen

QA76.76.T48 W475 2012 How Google tests softwar

QA135.5 .O933 2010 Math wise! : over 100 hands-on activities that promote real math understanding, grades K-8

QC981.8.G56 E47 2012eb Encyclopedia of global warming and climate change [electronic resource]

QH324.8 .L46 2007 Optimal control applied to biological models
QH447 .F7313 2011 My beautiful genome : exposing our genetic future, one quirk at a time
QH455 .H34 2004 Introduction to population genetics
QK86.4 .P53 2012 Plant reintroduction in a changing climate : promises and perils
QK711.2 .N54 2012 Plant physics
QL496 .W336 2012 How not to be eaten : the insects fight back
CURR-COLL QL668.E2615 M37 2010 Hip-pocket papa
QL696.P2438 R37 2012 The Kirtland's warbler : the story of a bird's fight against extinction and the people who saved it
QL696.P4745 W55 2012 The double-crested cormorant : symbol of ecological conflict
QL737.P96 H358 2012 The song of the ape : understanding the languages of chimpanzees
QM556.5.P53 C66 2011 Controversial bodies : thoughts on the public display of plastinated corpses
QR181 .A355 2012 Elsevier's integrated review. Immunology and microbiology
QR359.72.P56 A3 2012 No time to lose : a life in pursuit of deadly viruses
R - Medicine

RA395.A3 D385 2010 Still broken : understanding the U.S. health care system

RA395.A3 L4125 2011 Phantom billing, fake prescriptions, and the high cost of medicine : health care fraud and what to do about it

RA412.3 .P47 2011 Overhauling America's healthcare machine : stop the bleeding and save trillion

RA649 .H29 2009 The burdens of disease : epidemics and human response in western history

RA651 .K75 2011 Epidemiology and the people's health : theory and context
RB155.5 .G55 2011 Genes, chromosomes, and disease : from simple traits, to complex traits, to personalized medicine
RC111 .N38 2012 Netter's infectious diseases
RC339.52.C453 H87 2011 Medical muses : hysteria in nineteenth-century Paris
RC348 .S396 2008 Special tests for neurologic examination
RC455.4.O23 C45 2010 Fairbairn's object relations theory in the clinical setting
RC550 .S53 2003 Achilles in Vietnam : combat trauma and the undoing of character
RC553.A88 S55 2012 Understanding autism : parents, doctors, and the history of a disorder
RC569.5.I54 A26 2011 Virtually you : the dangerous powers of the e-personality
RC1230 .C59 2012 Run, swim, throw, cheat : the science behind drugs in sport
RT42 .S38 2012 Concept mapping : a critical-thinking approach to care planning
S - Agriculture
  S494.5.S86 J37 2011 Nature as measure : the selected essays of Wes Jackson

SB434 .H64 2000 Perennials for every purpose : choose the plants you need for your conditions, your garden, and your taste

SB473 .S8423 2007 Better homes and gardens step-by-step landscaping

SB945.B3 N55 2011 Empire of the beetle : how human folly and a tiny bug are killing North America's great forests

SD397.M25 R68 2011 The mangrove tree : planting trees to feed families
T - Technology

T58.64 .T34 2012 Taming information technology : lessons from studies of system administrators

TJ163.2 .H626 2010 Energy, the environment and climate change

TJ163.2 .M37513 2010 Beyond the age of oil : the myths, realities, and future of fossil fuels and their alternatives

TJ808 .R458 2012 Renewable resources and renewable energy : a global challenge

TJ808 .S328713 2012 The energy imperative : 100 per cent renewable now
TL789.8.U6 M428 2011 Selecting the Mercury seven : the search for America's first astronauts
TL790 .S428 2012 Astronauts for hire : the emergence of a commercial astronaut corps
TT502 .C355 2011 Roberto Capucci : art into fashion
TT507 .G863 2012 Tim Gunn's fashion bible : the fascinating history of everything in your closet
U- Military Science

UA23 .M17 2012 Drift : the unmooring of American military power
UB323 .M6 1975 Building a volunteer Army : the Fort Ord contribution
V - Naval Science

Z - Library Science

Z666.6 .Z48 2009 Implementing FRBR in libraries : key issues and future directions
  Z711.2 .B66 2011 Reflective teaching, effective learning :instructional literacy for library educators
U. S. Documents

Texas Documents

American journal of botany.
OFFSITE American journal of nursing. [serial]
ELECTRONIC Journal of education for business. [serial].
ELECTRONIC The Journal of environmental education. [serial].
OFFSITE Journal of social psychology. [serial].
OFFSITE Journal of psychology. [serial].
OFFSITE Journal of popular film and television. [serial].
ELECTRONIC Kappa Delta Pi record. [serial].
OFFSITE Journal of aquatic animal health. [serial].
OFFSITE Alcoholism treatment quarterly. [serial].
OFFSITE American gardener. [serial].
OFFSITE American history. [serial].
OFFSITE American secondary education. [serial].
ELECTRONIC Journal of the Air & Waste Management Association.
OFFSITE NA7571 .A447 American bungalow. [serial]
OFFSITE LB1715 .A39 Action in teacher education. [serial]
ELECTRONIC HV6201 .J68 Journal of crime & justice [online]
ELECTRONIC HV6001 .N2 Crime and delinquency. [online]
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